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Found 11 results

  1. To begin, I have about 100,000 records (and growing) in a "Parent" table. Each Parent will have at least one "Child" (usually about 2 or 3, but can be 5 or 6). Each Child has a "Quantity" calculation field {sum( in - out)} which is related to the "Transactions" table.  I'm trying to filter a table (in list view) of the "Product" aka. parent to show only products that have any "Inventory" items aka. child that have quantity > 0.  I'm able to generate the results, my problem is the speed at which it calculates  For instance, "Prod A" might have three children: A_1, with qty 1 A_2, with qty 0 A_3, with qty 0  "Prod B": B_1, with qty 0 B_2, with qty 0  "Prod C": C_1, with qty 0 C_2, with qty 0 C_3, with qty 5 C_4, with qty 7  Therefore, I created a calculation field called "invQty"in the Product table as such: sum (inv::quantity). I have a button on my product layout attached to a script that looks for a value > 0 in the invQty field.  The result of the above example will display "Prod A" and "Prod C" only, which is great but it takes about 45 seconds. (Script is performed on client, file is hosted on FMS)  Would this be a time to use executeSQL, if so, how would the calculation be written (I have yet to use this function) from what i've read it isn't much faster? Otherwise, is there a faster way to do this? You guys always come up with some clever stuff, hope you can help me.  Additional thoughts: I've been working with PSoS lately, and it's been amazing, but not sure if this can work here to get a found set to display on client. I've also been looking into the "MasterDetail" setup by Todd Geist. Pretty awesome stuff, just not sure if it's the right solution for me yet.  Thanks in advance to everyone.. I also attached an image of the relationship for this example. I put a lot of information for this simple task, just wanted to be clear as possible.   Â
  2. I need help. For some reason the Perform Find I am currently doing does not work. However, the records do exist. I did a Show Custom Dialog to view the content of the $FactureNo variable and it displayed "214321" which is the correct information. However, the find does not find any records with N°Facture being equal to $FactureNo. Why, am I missing something ? I've attached images showing different outcome while performing this operation. I am really lost here. Many thanks for your help! Daniel 1 - Faire CommandeCLient_Facture.tiff 2 - PauseResume Script.tiff 3 - After Perform Find.tiff 4 - After Find - Show All.tiff
  3. Hi. I seem to find variating answers to this topic, so here I try again. How do I use a variable to perform a find in a script? I want to use the field contents of the current record to search for similar records. Background: We send a lot of people out to different countries and I want to make a script that makes an excel sheet with various data based on the country field of the current record. Hence, if the current record is going to France, I want to see everybody that we currently have in France etc. However, we have two return dates so I need to do two searches: 1. Country+ departure date <=// + arrival date >=// 2. Country+ departure date <=// + Extended arrival date >=// Is it really true that perform find cannot handle a variable? Hope you can help.
  4. I have a script that performs a find based on related fields. Here's a very simplified version of script Go To Layout ["Primary_Table"] Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [related_table::name] Perform Find I have the <<related_table::name>> field on the Primary_Table layout. If I run this within Filemaker Pro it works and finds desired subset. If I run it as a Server script it works and finds desired subset. But, if I trigger it from PHP it finds ALL the records in the Primary_Table. The following, however, does work and finds a subset of records from Primary_Table: Go To Layout ["Primary_Table"] Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [Primary_Table::id] Perform Find In other words, I can trigger scripts with PHP that successfully do finds when all the find fields are native to the Primary_Table, but as soon as I try to add criteria that's in a related table to Primary_Table it finds ALL Primary Table records. I've tried authorizing all layouts to the php user so I don't think it's a permissions issue. Is this a known issue, or should it work in principal and I'm missing something? Hopefully not since otherwise it's going to mean a much longer script to find what I need (the actual script does a search using fields from 3 different related tables, 2 of which are 3 tables away from Primary_Table, so I'll need to do a ton of Go To Related Records steps. Thanks for the help!
  5. I am relatively new to Filemaker so please help. I have a Filmaker solution that imports data regularly from various SQL sources. At certain times I require to delete all imported data in the Filemaker solution and then re-import. The Filemaker solution is hosted on an FM Server and contains no forms, only tables (These tables are accessed via various other FM solutions). The import is handled via ODBC and is scheduled using the schedule function on the server. All this works fine. When I require to delete the imported data, I use the 'Delete All Records' function in the script proceeded with the 'Perform Find' function as follows: Perform Find [Restore] Delete All Records [No Dialog] When I execute the script, I get the following message: 'This operation could not be completed because the target is not part of a related table.' The correct table is selected in the Perform Find criteria but there are no forms (Layouts ) in the solution. Has anyone got any ideas please. Regards
  6. Hi There, I did a google search to learn more about displaying find results in a portal i.e. perform a find and only those resluts should be displayed within a portal and I found a couple of ideas. One was the concept of multi-key fields but I noticed the video was done with an older version of Filemaker. With FM 11, we have the ability to do a filter within a portal based on a calcualtion and I wonder whether there isn't an easier way now with FM11 to use this portal filter functionality to produce a portal with only the find results? Is Multi-keys still the best way or is there a better way with Portal filters? Thanks so much for your advice and time. Maria
  7. Hi Guys, I am having trouble with Find Operation getting slower and slower each day. There are some design consideration as per some articles i have read recently which i will be doing as well. I inherited this solution from another developer, Find is based on some Calculation fields which are based further on some other calculation fields (both calculation fields have 'Do not store results' option checked) I know its not the best of designs, i wanted to ask for any possible improvement to Find process as its getting clumsy now. I have indexed relevant fields though, data in the table isn't huge, around 2000 records with 50 fields but Find is based on unstored calculation fields mainly. Can PSOS be used in Find Operation? Is there any other thing i must do at the beginning. Thanks much,
  8. why is it that sometimes in find mode, finding on find enabled plain text field , the perform find icon [ button ] is not active ? what causes "perform find" to be dimmed out?
  9. I have a field that is a List of values I want to match records to. The field in the target table is also a List values. So my search parameters might be this list "A|B|F" (pretend | is a new line making a List) and my target search field might be "A|G|N". Since they both share the A, the record should match. I tried looping through each item in the search parameters list and doing a Perform Find on each, but each find overwrites the last. Apparently multiple search criteria do not add to the result set unless part of the same Perform Find. I tried some creative Find Requests like OneField = Length( FilterValues($SearchValues, ChildStatuses) ) > 0 - where OneField is the value 1, but that finds all records. How do I perform this find from a script? Thanks, Brad
  10. I'm having an issue when running a script on the server. I have a variable set called $filterDate. I run a Perform Find [Restore] finding in a field on one layout with the criteria $filterDate. This find works. However, later in the same script, I use the same Perform Find [Restore] on another date field on a different layout and it returns a 500 error (I set a send mail step just after this to trap the error and notify as you cannot debug on the server side). The strange this is if I run this script on the client side, it works perfectly. I then disabled the Perform Find and replaced it with three steps. Enter Find Mode, Set field x to $filterDate, and Perform Find [ ]. Strangely enough, even on the server this works. Any ideas? Attached is the script in a pdf format. Starting on page 3, the pink highlighted line is the find that works. The yellow is the broken one, and the orange lines are the fix.
  11. Hi There, I have a database with 1000's of children's games. I have teachers in other parts of the world classifying the games into categories. When they log in, a find is performed to bring up a specific 100 games for that teacher to categorise based on topic. The teacher categorising the Games to teach the animals (100 games) has a readout telling the teacher that s/he is on E.g. Game 4 out of 100 which is a calcualtion I made. Once they are done they check the 'Done' box in the Games::Done field. The teachers have requested that there is a readout telling them how many games they have completed and I am struggling to create a formula to acheive this. I imagine I need the count function to find not only the Games::Done that have been checked 'Done' but only those within the Games::Topic = Animals. I have to admit, I am bit amiss as to how to create such a formula. Would it be a summary field or a count function? Thanks so much for all your advice, Maria
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