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Found 5 results

  1. I'm having a problem with the EmailSetBody function when run on the server. I have a script that generates some report information into a text variable that will be the email body. The text is passed via parameter to a Send Mail script using Perform Script on Server. Eventually this will be a scheduled script that runs entirely on the server. The Email plugin is installed on both my Mac and the server. If I set the info generation script to simply Perform the Send Mail script, it works perfectly. If I set the info generation script to run the same Send Mail script via Perform Script on Server, the EmailSetBody portion returns ERROR. I broke up each part of the email generation sequence in Send Mail so it would exit and return any error at any step. EmailRegister, EmailConnectSMTP and EmailCreate all work fine and return 1. EmailSetBody always returns ERROR. I thought it might be something in the text I'm passing over, but it returns ERROR even if I simply hard code EmailSetBody( "This should be plain text" ; "plain" ). To make sure, I verified that the Email plugin can be accessed by the server scripts. I was able to call EmailVersion in a server side script and have it return 1.973. What am I missing here? Is there a difference or restriction between calling EmailSetBody locally and on the server?
  2. I have a fairly decent size FMdb; everything seems to be working as I want it, as far as calculating and presenting the information I want. However, it's really slow on generating Summary Reports when I'm connected to it on a WAN, or on a FMGo. The reports has a lot of calculation fields; Some values are ExcuteSQL for some Dynamic value changes, and some are TO related calculations. I wanted to try the Perform Script on Server, but I can not wrap my head on how to get started. The reports I'm running, is basically doing a Find and Sort. I don't understand how the Get(Result)?? to get the found and sorted information to the Layout I want to display. Any help/resource would be great. Thanks.
  3. Can anyone offer an explanation for this scenario. A script on the client creates a new record in table A. Within that same script, Perform script on server is called with two parameters. Parameter 1 is the serialized id of the record just created ( the id is created upon record commit.), and parameter 2 is a global field from a different table. The Psos script goes to a layout for table B. Parameter 2 is used to find the correct record. A field in the found record is then set to parameter 1. The problem is the field set to parameter 1, has the value of parameter 1 and a carriage return. I don't know where the carriage return is coming from. Parameter 2 is fine with no carriage return. I have tried List( param1; param2) and switching to List(param2; param1) and it produces the same results. I am parsing using "MiddleValues( Get( ScriptParameter); 1; 1)" and "MiddleValues( Get( ScriptParameter); 1; 2) Since the Id field is not editable by any user, I know it is not an input error by a user. What is going on?
  4. Hello, I am still very amateur on Filemaker so i hope my question does make any sense. I am trying to write a script that would basically import order information from an email and convert it, first in a new account (if the customer does not exist) and later create a Sale Order. So far, I have managed to do that, but the problem i find is when trying to convert the sale order into an invoice. Since this order comes from our webshop when we receive the email means it is paid, so my aim is that when creating the invoice from the Sale order, this would be marked as paid and set the amount due to zero. This would sound a very easy task, but since our solution incorporates a payments module to manage the payment of an invoice, when i try to incorporate the payment entry within my script, there is when all the trouble starts. For some reason, it gets lost in its way when runnig the script and returns a partial payment all the time. The weirdest thing is thet if I run the script on debug mode, then all works perfectly, so my guess is that the issue may be related to the speed of the script. So, is there any recomendation as for where to put a pause script step so the script will work also when run automatically? I have tried every possible combination of long script, shorter with other scripts inside, perform script on server... and all the time something is wrong ;( Thanks a lot for any insight thst would help us move forward, since we have been trying to solve this for a week already. Best Luis
  5. I have a Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (64bit, 48gb ram) running FileMaker Server and we have a problem where PSOS 'clients' are not getting disconnected after the script runs. They eventually fill up the activity 'client' window and over a few days the server eventually stopped accepting new connections since we hit the 'maximum simultaneous script sessions' limit. I have been watching this over a few months and the problem seems to go away after a reboot ... it seems to work fine for a few days disconnecting the session after the script runs, but then we go back to the same issue where it seems to never disconnect their session. we have a handful of psos scripts that have the same result when the problem happens, it doesn't disconnect any of them. What's odd is that the users quit at night, so they are no longer connected and we have a 4 hour disconnect idle client setting ... and these ghost clients still are connected. and they stay connected until i forcefully "disconnect" them (in the activity screen) or reboot the server. the scripts that are running normally take about 5-10 seconds to complete normally ... they are a basic script that finds records and creates new records based on the found set. I don't see any odd records appearing in the database (like an infinite loop occurring), and if an infinite loop was occurring I assume this wouldn't be a random situation but would always consistently not work. Also in the log i see no reference to the session after the first minute of the script running even though it is still listed in the activity ... which implies to me that the session is not doing anything. these scripts have the "exit script" step at various junctures, as an example ... if none found ... exit script, so the script rarely finishes without a true exit. scratching my head on this one and wondering if anyone else has seen similar issues
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