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Found 92 results

  1. Summary field

    Hi, I've generated a Php site that generates a simple report and makes the total of one of the fields. How can I add the total of one of the other fields? Let me give an example Employee 1 / Age / Weight Bert / 30 / 55 Geert / 24 / 78 Now i only get a total for the weight but I would to display the total for the age as well. With all the classes I gues it should be fairly simple but can't get my head around it. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Summary field

    Hi, I've generated a Php site that generates a simple report and makes the total of one of the fields. How can I add the total of one of the other fields? For example Employee 1
  3. Summary field

    Hi, I've generated a Php site that generates a simple report and makes the total of one of the fields. How can I add the total of one of the other fields? For example Employee 1
  4. Need leads on finding an open-source guest management system for a hostel/Bed and Breakfast. Google has not come through.
  5. I have a mac server and desktop where I have installed 11.x.5 just to be able to use PHP Site Assistant. I cannot get the "generate" or "view" site to work on either machine (server 10.7.5 w/java 7 21) and on the desktop (10.8.3 / java 7 21). When I go through the process (I've done it many times before) and select generate site it opens a dialog box asking where I want to save the site (files). Regardless of the platform/machine/folder when I navigate to a location the dialog box will not permit me to designate that folder (or any folder anywhere) as the location into which to generate the site. I can't make it past this dialog box on either machine. I have reinstalled several times, flushed the java cache, used the full installer ( or the newer 11.xxx.5 full or the updater) in either case I get to this same dialog box and it refuses to allow me to select a folder into which I need to save the generated files. This is making me crazy. Has anyone else run into this? Sounds like a permission thing, but when it happens on two machine with different OS?? JAVA thing maybe?? The PHP and IWP test pages work fine
  6. Does anyone know a good solution for: Error: 7 - Running out of memory I'm publishing a db to the web and I am getting this error message. I've reduced the amount of fields to 3 simple text fields and I'm still getting this message. Thanks, Scott
  7. Hello all, I'm wondering if this is the right board for my inquiry or if you can refer me to the right place. I'm looking for some advice on how to set up an online platform containing a form and directory accessible by a secure member login. I only have FileMaker Pro 11, but my office is willing to upgrade, purchase the server, and invest in a developer if necessary. I am wondering if FMP server will give us the capability to provide a secure login for our alumni members, giving them the capability to — 1. Access a directory-type database with the ability to search for fellow alumni by different criteria 2. Update their own contact information in a form Is this something that would require more than the server? Does one need extensive knowledge of PHP and XML? Any words of advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi, all. I'm trying a sample in v11 and used the assistant to generate a site. I have noticed that the "error.php" file has a function Authenticate() and the body of that function has the line include "authentication.php"; but this file is not found in the folder with the other php files. A reasonably lengthy Google search has not shown much in the way of useful information, but I did see a snippet in a pdf covering FMSA v9 that the file is generated by the assistant. What gives? Mac OS X v10.5, FMSA v11.0.1.99
  9. I have a simple FM11 database of inventory. I have set the Privilege Set's (File>Security>Privilege Set) Custom Records Privileges "View" "Limited" to the calculation "On Web = 1" (without quotes) - where "On Web" is the checkbox field that has the boolean of 1 or 0. So, if the record has "On Web" checked, the record shows up on the website. All this is working fine, as long as the person enters a variable in the find, but if they just click "Find Records", all the records in the database show up. Here's the kicker - all the records that are are not "On Web" are there, it is just that their contents are blank - so, FM is being literally correct, they are not allowed to "view" the record, but it still includes it in the result - albeit, in a blank row. How can I get FM to not include these records? The site is at: http://mobayen.macusa.net/findrecords.php I hope I am being clear here - only took me 30 minutes to write the two paragraphs above... I am not a php coder (sorry) - this just may be a bug? Or does something in my method look suspicious? Thanks for any help -- Don
  10. I've got a simple order form in FM 11 that works fabulously with the client. However, in the PHP site-generated version, the look up fields do not bring any data in. It's a single database containing 5 tables. Can anyone offer some assistance? Thanks.
  11. im in trouble to connect the filemaker databased from the php scripts.. so could any one please share the supported files like filemaker.php, fm.php... if possible please share the download link... and it would more better to share the sample of code.. Thanks in advance..
  12. We have some collection of fields to get a input from user by using the php scripts and backend as filemaker.. like name, age, phone..etc. via web browser.. Here we need to Upload the image to filemaker by using the php scripts... but i dont have much knowledge with the php scripts uploading image to filemaker container field.. I request you to share your suggestion.. if possible example code that would be a great support Thanks in advance
  13. I'm having great success with the PHP site assistant aside from one major issue. I'm not able to display images stored in Supercontainer. The code below will return a broken link. If I take the reference link and paste it into any web browser on any computer on any network, the link works fine. What obvious step am I missing? <td rowspan="8" class="field_data"> <?php echo "<img src='' title='Error' alt='Error' />";?> </td>
  14. Hello, I have a filemaker DB that I want to expose via PHP. It has one script that executes from a button click (the script is only using web compatible commands). When I used the PhP Site Assistance, and I chose that layout , it did not add my custom button (that I had in the filemaker layout), to the PHP form when I clicked "View Site". I'm assuming this is normal and that I can just change the generated PHP to call the script. can someone post an example of doing that? The script references files on the current layout and navigates to a child layout adding records. Thanks,
  15. I am using the PHP Site Assistant to allow my users to browse and edit their forms. They are authenticated against an AD external account. I can set the Authentication to direct the user to the SearchRecords.php page, and from there the user can type in their username to find the records they need, but I would like to automate this. I have a field in FileMaker called StaffID which is their username when logging in. I would like them to authenticate and have the PHP script to a quick find on their username and take them either to recordlist.php or browserecord.php Each of my users has only 1 record (this year), so browserecord.php would work. Next year though, each of my users will have 2 records, so recordlist.php would be a better solution. Problem is, I am not sure where the 'auto find' commands should be placed. Do I put them in the Authentication.php page? FMView.php page? and where? I tried putting $findCommand =& $fm->newFindCommand('www_Goals'); $findCommand->addFindCriterion('StaffID', $userName); $result = $findCommand->execute(); in the function checkStoredFile() area in the CGI class after else{ but that didn't work. It actually broke the solution. Any guidance appreciated.
  16. Edit Record Error

    I have created a Full Site using FileMaker PHP Site Assistant. Everything works well (including authenticating to external AD/OD server) EXCEPT… When I edit a record (using a FileMaker Layout where all fields are editable) with the editrecord.php file, and attempt to Save the modification, I get a Error: 509 - Field requires a valid value Yet when I use FileMaker and login as the same user, I can edit the fields with no issues. So either there is some issue with the FileMaker PHP Site Assistant which creates useless editrecord.php files, or something else, but I cannot figure out what. Has anyone been successful using the FileMaker PHP Site Assistant and editing records with authentication?
  17. When accessing a newly created site my browser says' invalid type of compression' or 'cant encode raw data". The FM sample site works fine. The obvious difference between these two files is mine requires authentication to enter. Any ideas? thanks
  18. omitting records in PHP form

    I created a search form using the PHP Site Assistant and would like to limit the results to those records that have a "yes" value in the "Publish to Web" field. I tried adding this at the top of the source code between the php open and close tags: $find =& $fm->newFindCommand('Web'); $find->addFindCriterion('Publish to Web', 'yes'); $result = $find->execute(); That didn't work; the find commands were ignored. I then tried adding: <input type="hidden" name="<?php $fieldName = 'Publish to Web';?>" value="yes"> to the top of the form, which also didn't work.I know pretty much nothing about PHP (hence using the Site Assistant to generate the site). But there must be a simple way for omitting these records. Any advice? Site can be viewed here: http://lrc-fms.iss.l...20the%20catalog Thanks.
  19. Not sure if this is the right forum. I apologize if it’s not. We developed an in house solution that creates and updates records on a website that uses php and MySQL. We know little about php, MySQL or website development and the company that developed our site knows little about FM. But working together we came up with a solution that allowed us to create and update records on our website using the open url script step. This has worked beautifully for over 6 years with XP OS. But we are starting to replace some of our computers with newer Windows 7 OS and the same script will not work. Of course the website developer claims everything is working correctly on his in and the problem is with Windows 7 and/or Filemaker, which may be the case. We are using FM9, Windows 7 professional , IE8, and MS Security Essentials for our AV. We concatenate a web link (www.organization.com/admin/submitphp?) with a field identifier plus the field data. We then upload the concatenated field using the open url script step. Works great with XP. Below is a sample part of the field calculation. There is actually about 25 fields of data. When we want to update an existing record from FM we used the same calculation but substitute “/update.php?” for “/submit.php?”. "www.organization.com/admin/submit.php?" & "u" & "=" & MasterID & "&" & "fn" & "=" & FName & "&" & "mn" & "=" & MName & "&" & "ln" & "=" & LName …….etc. When we call the script in Windows 7 the screen flashes but nothing happens, not even an error from FM. BTW, I tried using Fire Fox and Chrome. Same result. I’m guessing it has something to do with the heighten security built into Window 7. I did check to be sure FM was allowed through the firewall. I don’t know what else to do at this point. I’m hoping someone might offer some suggestions. I appreciate any help.
  20. need some help troubleshooting this. when I open up the site assistant it will not find the filemaker Server we have the database hosted on. even if I run site assistant from the machine server is hosted on. any thoughts on things to look at?
  21. Hello all, I've been really frustrated in finding a way to push a field from the backend. When I first created the site, using the PHP wizard, I did not add all the fields I would need. Now whenever I try to add a field in the PHP file (addrecord.php) I receive error 102. The field name is exactly the same as in the specified layout. Is there a way to make this work? Or will I have to remake this wizard to give access to the new fields that were added to the layout? any help would be great, thanks!
  22. Mac 10.6.7 client and unable to launch the java site assistant - get message "unable to launch application". Admin Console works fine. Any tips? thanks
  23. opening script bypassed?

    I'm just dipping my toe into custom web publishing. I've got a little site up and running using the Site Assistant. It doesn't appear that my opening script is running. I've got a script set to run (via File Options) on startup to log session data in a table. When opening in an FMP client it logs fine. When using CWP, it does work. Do open scripts not run when accessing via CWP? David
  24. Hello Everybody, I am new to Working with Filemaker with PHP. My query is "Is it possible to add image/document file from webpage (that will be generated by PHP Coding) to filemaker database container field?" If yes then please explain me with detail. Lots of Thanks, :mellow:
  25. I'm a total noob, so please forgive the question if it is inappropriate or unintelligible. I've created a php site with fm php site assistant. It has a single container field. I would like to be able to populate the field with an image captured from the iPhone or iPad camera like I'm able to do in Filemaker Go, but it isn't working that way. I would like to be able to do this with an Android smartphone camera as well which is the reason for trying to do the database in php rather than use FM Go. Is there some command to prompt the container field entry of a photo from the camera? Thanks for any help!

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