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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, we recently switched gateways from Plug n' Pay to PayTrace, but we are suddenly finding that the returned raw response has significantly less data. If a card fails it does not even give us the reason why it failed. Also I've tried capturing the transaction data using CCLast___ and nothing seems to give any good information. Am I missing something? Is this something to discuss with the gateway? Have any other people using 360works with PayTrace found a way to handle this?
  2. Hi Folks, I'm having a problem canceling a subscription. I've got a sandbox account set up on Authorize.net. My script in FileMaker registers the plugin first I've tried setting the gateway as both: CCSetGateway("Authorize.net") and CCSetGateway("Authorize.Net"; "url=https://apitest.authorize.net/soap/v1/Service.asmx") Test Mode is off: CCSetTestMode(0) I've verified that the Merchant Account, password and Subscription ID being passed are correct for my sandbox account and the Subscription. Then the script calls a variable: $Cancel = CCCancelSubscription( $MechantAccount; $MerchantPassword; Globals_and_Prefs::g_Cancel_Subscription_ID ) After executing, $Cancel gets no value, neither a 1 or ERROR. CCLastError comes up empty too. In the Authorize.net transaction report, the subscription stay as Active. Where have I gone wrong? D
  3. I have had 2 transactions that come back with the error "Declined: 15005" - which means the transaction is declined by the card issuer. This is a card not present, simple transaction so the only info being passed is the cardholder name, credit card number, expiration date, verification code and card type. Both customers called their banks and the transaction is being declined in one case because the address doesn't match and the other because the zip code didn't match. This makes no sense because that info is not even being passed in the transaction. Both cards that gave the 15005 error were ran via ICVerify outside of FM and they were immediately approved. Any idea why Plastic can't get them to go through?
  4. Since this morning we have been receiving an Error when trying to process credit cards using Plastic. Anyone else using Payeezy and experiencing this issue? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I'm new to using the Plastic plugin under FMS. I placed it in the specified /library/filemaker server/database server/extensions folder, but it kept showing up as Not Loaded. I thought it might be a permissions problem, so I changed the owner, group, and permissions as follows: Owner: fmserver Group: fmsadmin Permissions: RWX,R-X,R-X. When I did this, the plugin disappeared form the list of server plugins altogether. I have tried stopping and starting FMS, reinstalling the plugin (including re-downloading it), reverting the permissions back to how they were at the beginning - but under no circumstances will the plugin show up in the server plugins list. FMS 12.0.4, Mac OS X Server 10.8.2, Latest download of Plastic plugin. Thanks, Bob
  6. Client has been using 360Works Plastic for years to process credit card payments. They just recently started getting the error: The transaction failed because of an error: SSL peer shut down incorrectly. They say ' It happens intermittently and if you wait for a bit it will eventually go through.' Any thoughts on what this could be due to? Thanks!
  7. I have seen the below statement in other responses, but I do not understand the script steps necessary to achieve this. I have the latest Plastic plugin Please help "But using Plastic can help make your practices PCI compliant. For example, if you use Authorize.net as your gateway, Plastic can submit payment card and ACH account numbers to Authorize.net's PCI-complient CIM database in exchange for a token, which is PCI-compliant to store in your database. Plastic then lets you run charges against these tokens, and Authorize.net looks up the corresponding account information in their CIM to complete each transaction"
  8. Hi There, Â I am getting the following error (see attachment) on a new account in Authorize.net. Â It says the account has not been given permission to handle the request. Anyone know what this means? Â Thanks, Â Mark Lemm FileMaker Pro Custom Development Solution Sales and Consultation Over 20 years experience FileMaker Tech Net Member Learn more at www.lemmtech.com Â
  9. Hello, I am working with 360 works' 'Plastic' plug-in (Demo) with Authorize.Net. I am testing with Card Present transaction. When I swipe the card and pass the track data to CCProcessPayment() It shows the error "The Market type is invalid." I think this is because the used Gateway ID and Transaction key is for 'card not present' transaction NOT for the 'card present' transaction. The current Gateway ID and Key I am using were bundled with the demo file of 'plastic' plug-in. And the plug-in does NOT support the Authorize.Net test accounts. So for testing swipe transactions I need test Gateway ID and Key that is compatible with 'Card present transactions'.
  10. Hi, Yesterday I had tested the CC not present script (somewhat modified) that comes with Plastic from a WebDirect connection. The script worked perfectly 20 or so times over several hours and in previous tests over the past few months. This morning, the FM client still gets the proper results but the WebDirect connection never seems to connect to Authorize.net. Both are using the exact same script from the same layout. Instead of a response with some message or error in it, all I get in the $result variable (and raw response, etc.) is a question mark (?). I'm not sure what that means - is the request not making it to Authorize.net? If not, why not? You can see what I mean at this link: https://monosnap.com/file/OPmsuOmK1IBxIh8Yt9dCnXkBldHtxi I am using FM client 16 on a Mac running High Sierra using Chrome. I also tested it from Chrome on Windows. Again, it runs fine from the client, so I think it is a WebDirect issue. The server is FM 16.3.304 (the latest) running Windows 2012R. The server is running Plastic 2.33, but I upgraded it to V 3.06 on the server to see if that would fix it (no luck, obviously). I also double checked the java version (144), the firewalls and the security setting on the AWS server. All is normal. Any help is appreciated, as this db goes live on Tuesday morning. I have been testing this for a couple of months without any issues. Thanks, Don
  11. We started work this morning, and all our plastic 2 processing is failing with java errors. They have been working well up to now since they were implemented over a year ago. We run a FM12 server, but all the scripts are run client side. Most clients are FM13, I run FM14 Adv. Everyone is OS X, mostly 10.9, a couple on 10.10. I don't update java unless forced to, so there haven't been any updates to that in a long while either. What is happening is when we try to either submit a new token stored card, or process an existing stored token: java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not generate DH keypair When we try to process a new card payment we get java.lang.NullPointerExceptionI've tried updating the plugin to the latest version 2.33 and also Java to the latest Version 8 update 45, but no change to the outcomes. There hasn't been any change on either the clients or server that I'm aware of.
  12. I am using 360Works Plastic with Filemaker Pro Advanced 14 on Windows 10. The gateway is FirstData and I have the following fields set: Gateway Name (FirstData); Gateway Alias (FirstData); Merchant Account Name (our FirstData username, but also tried with our FirstData storename) & Merchant Account Password (our password); TestMode (tried checked & unchecked). When I attempt to run any kind of transaction, I get the response: "An error occurred while initializing the client-side certificate settings" And the Result Code: "java.lang.NullPointerException" Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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