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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I need help with portal show records. I have attached the example solution. There are four tables. Office, Staff, Asset and Assign (Asset assigned to staff). On Asset layout i have portal based on Assign table i want the portal to show only staff members which are related to specific/related office not all staff. Maybe its already answered or its simple to solve but i couldn't find any after searching/googling. If any answer is already in forum please give me link or modify this solution i shall be very thankful. Thanks in advance for help. Assets.fmp12
  2. Is there a way to count the number of records in a portal (got that part figured out in a sum field) AND account for if a record has a specific field entry? I have a portal that displays games and sometimes the games are paired together in one record. I want to be able to count the paired games as 2, not 1. I'm thinking something like If ( Qty = 2 ; ( Get ( TotalRecordCount) * 2 ) ; 1 ), but currently what I get is ALL the records, times 2.
  3. Is there a way to populate a portal with related records and then be able to change values in the fields of the portal records without changing the original record they came from? This would be easiest to explain as an inventory/invoice database. Say I have an "Invoice" table that contains a portal which displays records from an "Inventory" table. In my case the items in the portal are populated automatically based on a field outside the portal. This would be similar to a case were Customer A always places the same order, and choosing Customer A in the Invoice:Customer field would get all related records and fill out the items in the portal. I would like to be able update certain fields in the portal after it has been populated without altering the original record that the field values in the portal came from- like altering an item description on a particular invoice, without having that change show up on all previous and future invoices that contain that item. I can make the records in the portal editable, but then every invoice with that inventory item in it reflects those changes. I think it could be done by having a copy of the "Invoice" layout that doesn't use a portal and have the values from the first layout/portal copied to the second layout into new records. Would this be the right approach or is there a better way? Perhaps something that "breaks" the related records link the portal has to the "Inventory" table so that once it's populated it can be edited without affecting the original.
  4. I have a DB with about 50,000 records that is shared over a FMP server. It opens extremely slow but runs fine once all the records are sorted. There are years worth of records which don't necessarily need to be easily accessed in the same database so I am considering removing the majority of the records and archiving them into another copy of the database. But rather than have two copies on the server, I was just wondering if there are any better options before I go that route. A little more info on the setup- Records are viewed in a Portal on the main layout that opens when the DB launches. Portal is not set to sort records. DB is shared over the FMP server feature only (not IWP or anything else). I have tried to minimize the fields that are indexed and only index ones that are needed for the DB to function properly. Although the portal is not set to sort records, the portal is based on a TO that is related to another TO via a single field that basically filters the records shown in the portal. I think this is the part that is slowing down the opening. I could remove all the records greater than a year old and store them in another copy of the DB on the server but I'd rather not have two copies of the DB floating around. Is there a way to tell FM to NOT load all the records (at least not initially) so it will open faster? Or can I archive the records so they aren't referenced, but keep them contained within the original DB somehow?
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