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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Filemaker developers, I need some help. I have a portal that could have one or many lines. I need to build a calculation field on the main table that can have all the lines of the portal row. The result will be used on and email that will be sent to the client. The result should be like this. Ref. 06125654 IMac 24 1,250€ Ref. 06125654 iPad Mini 750€ Ref. 06125654 iPhone 5 650€ Ref. 06125654 iPhoto 250€ What king of calculation can I use to build this portal row report inside a calculation field? Thanks for you help and support. Best regards, Joao Coutinho
  2. ron G

    Selecting 1st portal row field

    This is a 'quickie'. My application has a tabbed object. Each tab has a portal. One Tab [Membership] has another tabbed interface. One 'tab' on that interface is 'DDESNDP'. On DDESNDP is a portal. Everything works well. However, to check user validity on startup a script is run which is supposed to check the TOP DDESNDP portal row field and then evaluates it. My script steps are: Go to object [ Object Name; "Member Tab"] Go to object [ Object Name: "DDESNDP"] Goto portal row [select; first] In debug, when Goto portal row [first] is run, FM jumps out of the portal and goes to the Top Left Most tab and drops into it's portal. Huh? How can I 'pick off' the top row field of the portal on the "DDESNDP" tab? [NPD in the screen capture above] Thanks
  3. My boss asked me to make conditional list fields for a portal, that when I choose a value in a field, I can choose its own options in the other field. For example: There are too many products, with diferent suppliers. What I want is to can choose a supplier in the "supplier" field in a portal row, to then choose in the "product" field all the products that sells the specific supplier. I still don't have acces to the DB to view the tables.
  4. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me out with what I thought would be a simple task. I can't figure out how to insert a portal row between exisiting items. I'm using the starter invoice template and just as there is "X" to delete a row I want a "+" button to add a row after the line item. So a user can add a row anywhere on the invoice layout wether it's between rows 1 and 2 or 10 and 11. Can someone point me in the right direction? I have attached the sample file I've been working with. thanks, Robert orginial invoice.zip
  5. John D Sebastian

    Insert Portal Row

    FileMaker friends, could someone please teach me a new trick I'm building an interface for composing "counsel" documents with each sentence it's own related record Sometimes I need to move the portal rows around, like in my "Old McDonald" example I think they call this kind a thing a "custom search order" Is it possible to "Drag and Drop"? If not, no problem, how about a scripted button? What would you do?
  6. FranciscoMtz

    New portal row script in specific portal

    Sorry if "Portals" is not the correct forum for this question (For some users, that's better important than help us) maybe belongs to Scripts I have a layout with some portals to calculate a Statement, and I want to have scripts to add new portal row to an especific portal. The original layout is named "Enterprise" The portals shows info from "Statement" Table This is the script for the "Sales" Portal on "Enterprise" layout: Set variable [$StatementID; Value Enterprise::Statement_ID] Go to Layout ["Statement" (Statement)] New Record/Request Go to Layout (Original) Go to portal row [Last] Set Field [statement::id_edo_result; $StatementID] it works, but not so well, starts from "date" field if I make another script for "Costs" Portal with "Costs" field, it returns a new portal for the "Sales" Portal how can I to do it for each one ? This is the file, I can't attach it https://www.dropbox.com/s/okceur6b6cdl6ua/Estado-Resultados%20%28copia%29.fp7.rar?m
  7. ron G

    Portal Fields not being read...

    I am using FM12 adv in windows  The situation is pretty simple but I find it perplexing. I have 2 tables: Members and DES  Members-->>DES  DES is a portal on Members  I wrote a script that deletes a potal row in DES but when I run debug it clearly shows that despite using 'go to portal row (first) when I look at the values in what I think is the first portal row, I am actually getting the values in another portal row.  How can this be?  BEFORE The Delte Script   AFTER / During the Delte Script: Â
  8. Hi, using a "count of id" summary field in the enclosing layout/table I can get the current total number of rows in the portal based on the portal relationship. But I have three or four filters defined in the portal so that the portal only shows a subset of this total. How can I possibly get the correct number of portal rows that are displayed at any time — outside of the portal on the enclosing layout? Preferably in a global field? I can insert a Record Number Symbol on each portal row that displays the current record number down to the last number. That works fine. But I can't get this value into the enclosing layout/table, whatever means I try. I could probably use a couple of ExecuteSQL queries (one for each case), but because my filters are quite complex these would be also very complex and cumbersome, especially because SQL treats the data a little bit differently than FileMaker (empty fields vs NULL fields, etc.). Any suggestions how to achieve this? Thanks a lot! Gary
  9. Hi everyone I have a script trigger in a field inside a portal on 'Layout 1'. The script goes off to a related table (same file), does some calculations, then returns to Layout 1. When it returns, I want it to scroll down TO THE PORTAL ROW IT STARTED FROM, so that that portal row is visible and active, and the user can see that the calculations have been done. Some records have 25 lines in the portal, so it’s tiresome for the user if the script comes back and display portal row 1 instead of (say) portal row 16, because he/she then has to hunt for the correct portal row. My script in the original layout starts: Set Variable [$ActivePortalRow; Value: Get(ActivePortalRowNumber)] and then when it gets back to Layout 1, it says: Go to Portal Row [Select ; no dialog ; $ActivePortalRow] the choice of portal row being defined as a calculation and the calculation simply being: $ActivePortalRow. It’s not working! The script successfully returns to Layout 1, but doesn’t go to the original portal row and, in fact, doesn't seem to go to any portal row. I’ve tested by changing to ‘Go to portal row [Last]’’ and that doesn’t work either. It just does not seem to want to take any instruction on 'Go to portal row' at all. I’ve tried various things. e.g. inserting a step saying ‘Go to Object’ where the object is the portal name. I’ve also inserted a 'Go to field' step, using a field which is inside the portal (and only inside the portal). Again, no joy. Any know where I'm going wrong? Thanks Philip

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