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Found 194 results

  1. So I have a hosted solution, with a dashboard with a couple portals. When I go to scroll a portal, scrolling even one portal screen has a delay of a few seconds, ie I click the scroll bar or try to drag it, and it takes about 3 seconds before it moves. Running locally, it's instantaneous. Running on a dev server on my LAN, there's a slight delay, but minimal. Having read various threads about this situation, my first thought was it's due to a filtered portal, so I removed filtering, but that made no difference. I also read various posts about unstored calcs and other factors that would cause all the data to have to be transferred to the client over the WAN. But here's the thing - at the moment, there are about 20 records in the database, related to the particular portal. Clearly, moving that data can't be the primary issue - right? I do have a lot of Execute SQL calculations in related tables, and I've read that can cause poor performance. But wouldn't that only be a factor when there are a lot of records? Are there design /schema choices that would cause significant lag regardless of the amount of data? Thanks, Michael
  2. I have a portal that has about 100 'names' in it. This list is longer than the portal is 'tall' so the user must scroll down to find a name. After the user scolls down to find 'Smith' and clicks it, the portal 'scroll elevator' jumps back to the top. I would like the portal 'elevator' to stay showing 'Smith' I have set "Reset scroll bar when exiting porgram" OFF but it doesn't help. Thanks for your thoughts. Ron
  3. rtor451

    Portal in Web Direct

    I have developed an work order intake form on Web direct. The problem I'm having is that some users can't see a portal I have to enter certain information. Whereas most users do not have this problem. This is occurring on window users using Chrome. I am using FMP 16 and Server 16. Does anyone has any idea why this is occurring. Is this a chrome or windows problem?
  4. Hi, I am using this calculation in portal which calculates days in portal Date - (GetNthRecord ( Date ; Get ( RecordNumber ) - 1 ) ) how can i modify or do something else to avoid (?) in the first row. Sample file attached for any modification/help. Thanks for any help DateCalc.fmp12
  5. Assalam u aliqum dear Brothers I am creating a database for a Bricks Kilns. Though me being a beginner i have managed to make it somewhow but now i am stuck in making a portal of customers where i enter bills and the record should go tot heir related filed. I have following tables Customers (linked to with foreign key) Challan (further liked to) Challan Items The portal shows only one customer related record where as i want a portal where when i cretae record it goes automatically to related customer record. Sample file is attached Mushtarka_Bricks.fmp12
  6. Panagiotis Alexoula

    Portal with four fields from different tables

    Hello there. First of all im newbie in fm. I use the filemaker 16. I want to make a new base that keeps track of pages and especially registerstations and log ins. So i created 5 tables: "sites, user_names, passowrds, emails and account_descripion) I linked the tables with relationships. I created a portal witch have fields from three different tables, a field user_name from table user_names, a field password form table passwords and a field email from emails table. When i insert the first line(raw) in the portal ιτ seems to work. but if i try to insert values in the second line (say in a site you vave two accounts like facebook one ofiicial and the other one "a fake account") it seems that something is not working properly. I upload a 3m12sec video to show you what i mean. Please check it if you have the time. Also, the source file that im working on is in this link (filemaker 16 file): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zW1jC6-dL1I9zEplo7Xw0dL3Wy8onKkl Thanks for your time
  7. enquirerfm

    Get data from a field in a portal

    I have set up a portal which correctly shows the records I need. I want to be able to select the data from one of the fields - say there are 5 fields across one row of the portal and there are 5 rows of data showing. Is it possible to create a script which I can assign to a button which would copy the data in field 3 row 2, say? Thank you.
  8. The Problem: I have a filterable portal (1) displaying contact names from a staff table. I need to click on a contact to add them to a separate portal of invitees (portal 2) on the same layout (Events) . I then need the original portal to either hide (or in some other way denote) the people already added to the second portal. In other words, it needs to be clear that a person already invited can't be invited again. The layout is from the table: Events Portal 1 is showing records from Staff (filterable via a global search field) Portal 2 is showing records from EventInvitees I need Portal 1 to only filter through those staff who haven't been invited yet. Any help would be gratefully received. I am struggling around using 'conditional formatting', 'hiding when…' options and non-matching field relationships!! Thanks in advance! Fumblewinter
  9. Lowermountain

    Personnel Availability

    Hello, New to Filemaker and new to this forum. Hoping someone can help me out. I am working on a personnel planning system with, among others, the tables Employees, Shifts and Availability. tblEmployees has fields like Employee ID tblShifts has the fields Employee ID, Start Timestamp, End Timestamp tblAvailability has the fields Employee ID, Start Timestamp, End Timestamp and Status When in the layout Shifts I want to open a portal in a popup and I want this portal to be sorted by Availability and I want the portal rows with employees to be 'greyed out' when status = 0, green when status = 1 and normal when no Availability is given. I basically need to know which records from tblAvailability match records from tblShifts and then which records from tblEmployees match records from tblAvailability. How do I go about this? Do I need SQL? Hope this is a somewhat clear question. Many thanks!
  10. L&G, I have read the guidelines for posts in this forum. Therefore I did not enter the Post title that came first in mind: Do I understand portals (aka do I understand Filemaker) and I do not emphasize now on being new in Filemaker issues. I am trying to achieve something simple at a first step of a big plan: Entering recipes in a Filemaker testversion database. The longterm goal should be a database in which I can enter my collected recipes. Followed by tool for a weekly menu plan for my family and a shopping list coming out of the database after taking care of my fridge's stock => so far so good, but currently this is a plan for the next ten years I realized starting with Filemaker. I searched different apps and database programs, and Filemaker seems to be my solution as I did not find anything that fits exactly my expectations. So back to the first problem: how to enter my recipes? I created a table of recipes with an unique ID_pk (I learned already about pk and fk), Name and How-To-Make-it as well as IDs(fk) from the other tables which are Zutaten (Ingredients) with the name and the amount, Form_Zutaten (how the ingredients are used i.e. chopped, sliced, etc.) and Einheit_Zutaten (unit i.e. cup, liter, etc.). Why I have choosen this structure: because all ingredients must be combinable with different units and how the are used. otherwise I have to enter e.g. avocado sliced, avocado mashed, etc. or make rules like liquids can only be liter or mililiter or cups while flour can only be gramms etc. So a combination of all three tables should be possible. What I though might be an easy task is to create a recipe layout than with recipe ID recipe name and a dynamic portal depending on the number of ingredients constisting of: Zutat - Form - Menge - Einheit in english: Name of the ingredient - how is it, which kind/form - how much (qty) - which unit so I related the tables via pk and fk, created the layout and bam: complete disaster. after needing a couple of days to make the values appearing in the dropdown (learned about the value list), some fields in the portal do show the all entries of the ingredients, while the kind/form and unit fields do always show the first value of the table? and although I locked the fields, the first entry is always shown and is getting overwritten by the choice I choose from the dropdown... and nothing is dynamic, meaning that 7 ingredients will make 7 lines and it always starts with one empty line, etc. I am not sure if my descriptions do make sense, therefore I am attaching my work, hoping someone could help me with how to use the portal for a convenient data entry. thx in advance! br HJS 2017_09_Essensplan.fmp12
  11. Hello! Just migrated from FM6 to 12 and am enjoying all the power and flexibility! I have two tables (Materials and Restrictions) that are "joined" in a many to many relationship through a third table (MatRest_JOIN). The primary table contains information on organic materials, the second table is a listing of all the possible restrictions a material might have. That middle, joined table which allows the many to many relationship can be understood as... 1. A material can have one or many restrictions 2. A restriction could apply to one or many materials at one time 3. MatRest_JOIN table has an index (ID) of it's own records and then for each record has the fields MaterialID and the RestrictionID At present, I can select one restriction at a time to be added to the joined MatRest_JOIN table via a portal. However what I'd like to give user's the ability to do is see a list of ALL the restrictions possible, choose via a checkbox beside each of the ones they want and then add all those restrictions in one step to the joined table. So back in my main layout for Materials that has the Restrictions portal, they'd see all the restrictions they chose/applied to that organic material. I do have a couple ideas how to accomplish this, such as a loop in the script that looks at each record in the Restrictions table to see if the user checked it....then as it comes across those, it creates a new record in the joined table tying the ID's of the Materials and Restrictions table records, then it continues through the Restrictions list performing the same task until it hits the last record. That seems like the way to do it, however it also seems like a might be a big clunky...going step by step through one table (which at most would only ever have like 30 records/restrictions in there) and checking a flag, and creating a new record in the joined table, on and on. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated...thanks so much! Joshua FM12_Script_MultipleRestrictions.pdf
  12. I'm having an issue with a set of portals that I have created. We wanted a horizontal display of different related records, with tall vertical areas. We are showing up to 3 boxes of details across a single row, so to speak. The layout is based on "TableA". TableA is related to "TABLEA_portals", which is just a table-occurrence of TableA (it's a self join). The layout is based on TableA. The portals all use TABELA_portals relationship. These are scratch records, so we create and destroy them regularly. The one record created at the start of the process is used to tie other related records in the set together, via the relationship. The detail box, on the left, isn't a portal, but just fields from the local table/record the layout is based on. It is intended that this would be the first record of all the related records, the master-record so to speak. The next detail box is a portal to TABLEA_portals, starting at Row 2, showing only 1 row. (See attached image; only 2 out of a possible 3 'boxes' are shown. Each portal only shows 1 row, and each is individually defined to start at a different row.) Part of the purpose here was to make this modular, so that more/less detail-areas could be added at will, without having to edit a bunch of script parameters or some such. The portal row being shown would take care of all the context issues as to which record was being edited. My problem comes along when I click a button (text label w/ button action) in one of the portals: I want it to toggle the checkbox/field for that record in that portal row. The label is a text label that spans over the field itself - using the field label as the button hitzone makes it a better user experience. The button action is simply: "Set Field [ TABLEA_portals::FieldA ; 1 (or 0)]". The intent is to use the portal relationship to set a field for that displayed record, but the context isn't updating to reflect the portal-row that the actual button is in, like I thought it would. (And if you hit a button on the far left, looking through that relationship should be the first record, i.e. itself, so it should also update correctly - even though it isn't a portal.) For example, if the context is currently in box1 and I click the button in portal2, the field for portal1 gets updated, not the field in portal2. Now, if I happen to click into an actual FIELD that is in that row, the context updates to reflect that portal row, and the buttons work as expected. But then the buttons in the other areas only update this new context...until a field is clicked in the other detail-box...etc. And nearly everything in these detail-boxes is a button, not a field, so the user hardly ever is actually clicking into a field. (My screenshot shows a field that I copied to the side just so I could have one to click into.) Anyone have any ideas on how to make this work? Thanks, Justin
  13. I have portal with related records.In portal row record I need find specific text (patterncount) from a field and sum up that records cost field. How do i do that? Do I need to do a loop every portal row and use patterncount to check correct record and sum that record cost field($costs = $costs + table::cost)? Thank you for your help.
  14. I currently have a portal showing all invoices attributed to a given client. At the moment, I use the following portal filter calculation to filter based on the 'Amount due' balance (i.e. invoice status) for each invoice (using a drop-down list Client::InvoiceFilter, on the layout); Client::InvoiceFilter = "Show All" or Client::InvoiceFilter = "Show Paid" and Invoice::Amount Due = 0 and not IsEmpty (Invoice::_pk_InvoiceID) or Client::InvoiceFilter = "Show Unpaid" and Invoice::Amount Due < 0 and not IsEmpty (Invoice::_pk_InvoiceID) or Client::InvoiceFilter = "Show In Credit" and Invoice::Amount Due > 0 and not IsEmpty (Invoice::_pk_InvoiceID) What I want is for the user to be able to also filter based on a date range. This date range filter would be mutually exclusive of the above filter. Scenario would be; Layout opens with portal showing all invoices. User has the choice to set a date range (using global startdate and enddate fields shown on the layout) - default is 'all' User has additional option to filter remaining items in portal using the above 'invoice status' filter. Should I be trying to incorporate the date range into the above calculation? e.g add a line to the above calculation like; and Set Field [VisitNotes::Date; DateRangeGlobal::gStartDate & "…" & DateRangeGlobal::gEndDate] or is there another way of having an additional portal filter using another means? Alternatively, should I be using, say, a List layout (not a portal), to implement these two filter types (date range, invoice status)? TIA
  15. I have a dashboard in my school Information Management database. I have used the technique of single portal rows to display Aggregate data such as how many total classes there are during the week and a differnt portal (& table) to display how many students attend classes (Some once a week, some twice). Ok, so far so good, 36 classes, 193 class attendees. How on earth's name can I create a calculation that shows me the average no. of students per class. (5.36) because as soon as I take this summary aggregate field out of the portal it displays just a single records data? Mmmm, I'm a bit lost here. Thanks in advance for all your help.
  16. jimlongo

    portal across page break

    Hi, I have 2 related questions. I have a portal in my invoice. It is followed by a closing paragraph which slides up to where the portal ends. I am producing a pdf to mail to the user. The portal may grow to 25 lines which would take it across the page break. Q1. How do I get the break in the portal to respect the page margins? It seems to print the first line on the second page half cut off by the top of the page. Q2. If the portal is only a few lines is there any way to eliminate the blank page 2 of the pdf?
  17. Hi, My setup is a portal displaying a repeating field. This repeating field is an unstored calculation evaluating SCGetContainer (mypath ; id on SC). When my id value on SC is the first repetition of the field, SCGetContainer displays correctly. When I am using the second value, I get a blank display. Is this something that can be done with the SCGetContainer Function? Thanks for everyones help. ole
  18. Hi,  I've been hired to modify a database that was built to archive the work of a visual artist. She has a number of works that are related to each other (studies for a piece, or variations on a work). The primary metadata for her works are stored in a table called "inventory", for which the unique ID (and match field) is titled inventory_id. I need to figure out a way to relate various works in the "inventory" table to each other. In order to do so, I created a table occurrence of "inventory" called "inventory_2", and then set up a join table between "inventory" and inventory_2" called "related_records" with these two fields:  inventory_id  Inventory_id_2  I then related "inventory" and "inventory_2" like this (with the ability to create and delete records from either table):  inventory::inventory_id = related_records::inventory_id  inventory_2::inventory_id = related_records::inventory_id_2  So far, so good - all of this works just fine. The problem that I'm running into is that when I display these related records in a portal, I am only able to see one side of this relationship. I realize that this is because I can only display one side of the related record. In other words, when I relate a work to another work, I can see that relationship in the portal from the record where I created it, but the relationship does not display in the portal from the page of the related record.  (I have the portal set up to show related records from the "related_records" table. The portal contains the following fields: related_records::inventory_id_2, inventory_2::title, inventory_2::image). I can see all of this info from the record that I have added this info to, but when I look at the portal from a related record, the info isn't there. I realize that this has to do with how the portal is set up (alternately, when I look at the "related_records" layout, I'm able to see both records at once). I'm just having trouble figuring out how to set the portal up so that the relationship can be displayed in both records. Any suggestions/insights would be immensely helpful.  Thanks Â
  19. ryansapp

    Filtering for fields in a portal

    So I'm fresh & new to FileMaker but am fairly savvy with MS Access. Struggling to setup a form/report that can display some fields by a drop-down calender (date range). • Currently I've got a small portal setup on my home page that I can select the date (already made a field that generalizes the month/year) from although ideally I want the selection to stem from the drop-down calendar range, and below it I'm initially wanting to see a total amount of "shop tickets" within that given date range. Following the completion of this, I aim to try to figure out how to add more filters so that I can then possibly see the amount of tickets that are tied to a particular "pump tech" or amount of tickets in the date range that were "repaired","new","junked",etc. I've read up on multiple solutions that should've at bare minimum addressed the initial situation, and mimicked the exact way (or so I thought) of how they set things up in other databases and yet I still end up counting the total tickets in the database and rather than having it tied to the date filter above the portal as I had hoped for. Any help is monumentally appreciated, thank you! -Ryan
  20. I am using FM 12 04 advanced. I have a Membership application. This script and problem revolves around two tables:  Members -->>DES  DES is represented by a portal on Members.   I have a fairly simple script (Just a bunch of If... Else if...). It works well.  The problem is that after my script ends (I can watch it in debug), the record pointer jumps to another record (most of the time... but not always).  I have added a Commit Record. No help. I have removed the Commit Record. No help. I have removed the Goto Object command and ... 'No help'....  Has anyone any idea why this happens? Looks pretty straight forward and yet it happens... I am stuck and perplexed.  Thanks for considering this.  Ron
  21. Hi, I'm having trouble conceptualising how to do this, but I'm pretty sure it's best accomplished with a script, and I'd appreciate any help you guys could give on how to set it up or any additional information. I have a product table related to a child tasks table. For each product, there is a list of related tasks. Many of the products come out on essentially identical schedules, which means there is a lot of redundant entering of the same tasks over and over again for each product. Ideally, I'd like to script a few buttons on the product layout that will add a pre-defined set of task records (each including a description and due date) to the tasks portal based on a variable (in this instance, the release date of the product). For different kinds of products there are different kinds of schedules, hence the multiple buttons. Hopefully this makes sense. Would love to get any help I can get.
  22. Hi, I hope that someone on this community is able to assist me in a rather complex dynamical filtering of portals... I am working on a pretty complex CRM based on this demo for dynamical filtering of portals by Sara Severson: http://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/2013/03/dynamically-filtering-filtered-portals But I have an issue when trying to dynamically filter the portal based on several relationships, that someone here maybe can answer... This is my situation: Filemaker file A (the CRM) contains a portal which I filter. The portal show posts from file B (Contact database) with the use of a relationship X. The relationship match fields in the two files are global fields containing just "1" - which matches all posts. The filtering of the portal here is working great. I can filter posts from the Contact database without any issues. But I would like a second dynamical filter field in relationship with a file C (an Order database) so I can narrow down the contacts in regards to what they ordered. So I made, in file A, another relationship between file B (relationship X) and file C (Order database). Here I match a client ID in file B with a client ID in file C. And adjusted the portal filter criterias accordingly, so it took notice of this second filter field. And yes, now it seemed that I could filter out specific orders, to find, for example, only clients in city X (from the file B, the contact database) which has bought item A (from the file C, the order database). But I noticed it didn't find every client with a particular order - after some debugging I found out that this procedure did only find the latest order a client made, in file C. In other words: If client A (from contact database) ordered item A and then later item B (posts in the order database), the filter did only find the client's order of item B. If I try to filter for item A, it found other clients that ordered this item, but not the client which ordered both A and B. It seems that the relationship between file B and C only matches the latest match, which seems a little odd. If I put a portal in file B (the contact database), with relationship of Client ID with file C (the order database), Filemaker found all orders, but only the first row in this unsorted portal here is found by the filter in file A. Any ideas? How can I make the relationship between file B and C in file A to find all orders? Here an image of the tables in file A, with some complementary information: https://postorder-hstrom.tinytake.com/sf/MTUxODk5N181Mjg2NDAz With kind regards, - Johan.
  23. I'm currently designing an iPhone client for a database with many thousand records. I'm looking for a possibility to only load 100 portal records at first, then allow the user to load more if desired. Apple is doing the same in their iOS Mail application for IMAP connections. At the bottom of the list there's a button which allows the user to "load more messages from server" (or similar). I think this could be very useful for mobile FM development in general. After many hours I sort of gave up... the portal in question is based on a join-table. See image attached. Any ideas and input most appreciated!!
  24. Is it possible to sync data in a Filemaker portal to an external MySQL database? For example, an invoice listing multiple products stored in another table (assuming I only want the information in the portal, such as qty, name, price). Or do we have to manually sync all related tables behind the scenes and then re-create the relationships using joins later? Thank you!
  25. zeak.smith

    Adding New Record To a Portal

    Hi There, Â I am totally new to Filemaker but have a bit of experience making Access databases, My issue is as follows; Â I have two tables Subscriptions & Family Members, one ambulance subscription can have many family members covered. Â I have created a subscription layout with a portal to the family members in it, what I am trying to do is using a button popover add a new family member to the subscription. Â however when I add the popover and all the related fields inside it and create a button to add a new record, it first shows the family members already entered and when I click the add new record it adds a new subscription not a new family members. Â Best Regards Zeak

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