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  1. First, I appreciate any help I can get as this project has been evolving over two years and, as these kinds of projects to, has become more involved and complicated over that time. I've posted related questions, but exploring other parts of my project. As I'm not a programmer, but a sort of user nerd, my inquisitive mind wants to learn, but sometimes simple concepts elude me. Feedback, both on the specific goal at hand as well as the project overall is always appreciated. Performers is one piece of a much larger project, but I'm trying to enhance the project and working on a piece at a ti
  2. We have a Filemaker Go on iPads and there is a layout with portal rows, when scrolling through it hesitates and you must wait to scroll down. We have offline files on the iPad, although it happens when we connect to the Filemaker server as well. Any suggestions? Thank you, Caroline
  3. I'm hoping someone might be able to help, or at least point me in the right direction. I'm creating a portal that displays a student photo, but would like the ability to navigate forward/backward through the photographs in the portal without the vertical scroll bar. My < and > buttons currently point to a Go to Portal Row - Previous/Next script step. It works great when "Allow vertical scrolling" is turned on, but does not work with it turned off. It does work with Allow vertical scrolling turned on and show scroll bar set to "When scrolling", however, the scroll bar appears o
  4. Hi everyone,i have an issue, maybe one of you could guide me, I have grouped a set of records into a portal (it could be more than 1000 records), each row has a pop-over button that display some actions over the record, but the popover is too slow when i try to open it, does anyone know the reason of this behavior? how can i solve it? Thanks, Jhon
  5. Hello there. First of all im newbie in fm. I use the filemaker 16. I want to make a new base that keeps track of pages and especially registerstations and log ins. So i created 5 tables: "sites, user_names, passowrds, emails and account_descripion) I linked the tables with relationships. I created a portal witch have fields from three different tables, a field user_name from table user_names, a field password form table passwords and a field email from emails table. When i insert the first line(raw) in the portal ιτ seems to work. but if i try to insert values in the second l
  6. FileMaker Coaches' Corner - Tip 5 - Portal Record Moving via Sort https://youtu.be/pVt432ZlTVs For this Coaches’ Corner tip, Kristian Olsen explores using sorts to move a portal record up or down. The key is Sorts! Grab the sample file here: http://bit.ly/2FTJn3k http://www.fmcoachescorner.com Most Recent Upload https://goo.gl/Dbn9fm Get up to speed with the FileMaker Pro 16 Video Training Course! Top Rated Course by FileMaker Expert, Richard Carlton. http://learningfilemaker.com/fmpro16.php Experience Richard's dynamic and exciting teaching format, whil
  7. For this Coaches’ Corner tip, Jonathan Lai demos a simple technique for creating a hierarchical portal i.e. a portal with dynamic sub-summaries. You can actually display or hide sub-summary groups! Very cool technique. Link to the demo file used in the video: http://bit.ly/2zaI9zo FileMaker Coaches' Corner - Tip 2 - Portal Filtering - Portal Sorts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJiQ-50Hps8 www.fmcoachescorner.com Most Recent Upload https://goo.gl/Dbn9fm Get up to speed with the FileMaker Pro 16 Video Training Course! Top Rated Course by FileMaker Expert, Richard Ca
  8. I am trying to make a checklist for tasks that attaches to different records. Ideally I would have a table that keeps track of the tasks but I also need it to connect to each object. So for example, on November 1 , 2017: -Object 102 was washed and wax -Object 103 was dusted -Object 104 was washed with power hose -Object 105 didn’t have any work done to it. All the objects (102-105) are in a table that I'd like to remain static, and acting as a primary key. I’d like to create another table that has a record of what was completed for each day instead of creating a n
  9. I am struggling with something that should be simple, but cannot figure it out. Below are three tables: Contacts, MaterialsTransactions, and MaterialsTransactionLineItems Within a layout showing records from the Contacts table, I created a portal showing records from MaterialsTransactionLineitems (so contacts could see each item and not just each transaction) Layout = Contacts Table; Portal = MaterialsTransactionLineItems The field on the left is MaterialsTransactionLineItems::Transaction_fk; the field on the right is MaterialsTransactions::TransactionDate Given
  10. Hello everyone, I have found a stange behaviour with filemaker. I have two tables linked by a third one. I want to navigate using the portal. But if I use a script on layout exit, then the behaviour is abnormal. Please have a look at the enclosed database and try normal, then abnormal layout. Please tell me if you consider that it is a bug or not. If it is a bug, should I report it to Filemaker Inc. and how? Thanks for your help, Regards Possible bug.fmp12
  11. Hello, I am back to working in FMP after a multi-year hiatus, and I am rusty and am currently stuck. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I hope I am posting in the right topic. I am building a solution where we have a number of many-to-many relationships that are being used via portals. This is the issue that I am having that I am stumped on. In this instance I have the following db graph: Workshops <--=--> WorkshopStaff <--=--> Staff Each workshops may have multiple Staff and Staff may participate in Multiple workshops On the Work
  12. I am so frustrated after two solid days of working on this really simple join table example. I am trying to create a little iphone application in which I can quickly track my homeless outreach contacts on the fly. I have been so frustrated. I made a lot of progress at one point by just deleting the portal and starting over. I attached two databases, test which works just the way it is supposed to. A simple widget model based on something I saw on youtube. and Client test which is my attempt. Test works fine. Client test is very similar with a couple of extra fields including a calculat
  13. My database has only three tables... ITEMS - Which is an inventory of tools for the company. • BOOKED - Which records an audit of each time each item is booked in or out of the stores • TESTED - Which records an audit of each time an electrical tool is PAT tested [safe to use] The individual Items are displayed in a list layout called 'Item List' which is basically the 'Home Page'. The BOOKED events are displayed in a portal in a 'form layout' called 'Item Booking'. I've set the sort order in the portal to show the last 'booking' at the top. The easiest way to
  14. Hi i have an event table and a coordinator table. Until now each event had only one coordinator. There has now become a need that at some large events require more coordinators - could be upto 5. I have a login for the coordinators where they could see events which are assigned to them. The relationship is that the cordinatorID in the coordinator table matches the coordinatorIDF in the event table. I created a coordinator2IDF in the event table and tried to relate it aswell to the coordinator table but what happens that it even breaks the first relationship. How could
  15. Hi Guys, I've been trawling google and many forums for the last couple of days after numerous failed attempts, I'm now relying on the expertise of all of you. I currently have the following calculation: If ( IsEmpty ( Invoices::Search ) ; Invoices::Product Category Filter Popover = All Products | Popover::Category ; PatternCount ( List ( All Products | Popover::Item ; All Products | Popover::Supplier ; All Products | Popover::Internal ID ; All Products
  16. for some reason my portal field has stopped showing the scroll bar and will not create new records, but alters the last record, effectively wiping it out. This is hell on the billing, since these are essentially purchase orders. I have scroll checked in the portal layout box, but no joy. When I invoke the inspector, the appearance and position tabs work fine, but EVERYTHING in the data tab is grayed out and I cannot check the scoll bar function there, or any other box. Adding to the mystery, when I duplicated the layout and replaced the portal with a new one, the scoll bar reappears, but as so
  17. Good morning guys, I am relatively new in filemaker however it is amazing how quickly you can develop an application that saves us a lot of time. However, it is a week that I got stuck in development. I am creating a database for the management of some recipes, for which I need to select all of the ingredients (in a portal) and make sure to display on another portal the list of the nutritional elements. For this I created three tables "Recipes", "ingredients", "nutritional elements", plus 2 join tables "Recipes & Ingredients" and "Ingredients & Nutritional elements".
  18. Is it possible to have the first line in a portal blank for data entry, rather than scroll for the next blank line. If one were to have two years of data, who would care about seeing two years ago data always on the first line?
  19. OK Here goes an question that I hope makes sense. The small POS that i am working on is progressing however, I have just noticed an issue with a popover portal display that i am not sure is correct or how to work around it. I will try and explain. If I create a new transaction record and dont put any data into the portal where the dummy product is In the image i.e. it is blank then when i click on the Green fruit /veg button to the right and the popover displays, i get a blank portal display. whereby i am looking to get When the popover displays. The popover is
  20. I have a portal showing items, i want to have a column that displays serial number for each item, serial number has to start from 1,2,3,etc. i want the serial number to adjust accordingly when the user deletes any item, i.e. if user deletes item no. 3 i want all the items to shift up and fill the space left by number 3. How do i achieve this.? Am using filemaker pro 13.
  21. GOAL: I would like to either click on a button within main portal and in doing so the Sub Portal FK activate those records that match the Portals PK. CURRENT PROBLEM: When I am within the Main Portal if I want to time-stamp PK record 6 I would have to manually type it into the FK. In addition, it would get confusing because it is showing TimeStamps from both of the Main Portals PK. HELP REQUESTING(Thanks in advance): I would like to write a script that when I click on a button within the Main Portal it only SHOWS those records within the sub portal that are related to that PK. EXAMPLE:
  22. I'm designing and working with my first Filemaker database using Filemaker 12 Advanced and Ipads using the Filemaker Go app (self hosted). I am having issues with random records going missing from the whole database (in each table and TO). There is no evidence that the record was ever in the database at all and this only happens every once it a while and is not restricted to a single Table; it happens in multiple tables, randomly, with no correlation between the instants. I would say 1 record in 50 goes missing daily. I have 9 main tables that are connected with a key. Each table has TO of ev
  23. I have a portal that I will call LIST OF CUSTOMERS. (Photos #1 & 2) My desire is to type the first few letters of a company's name in the global field CallReport::ChooseCustomer and click on a red square button (Photo #4) to populate the portal LIST OF CUSTOMERS with an alpha-sort of my customers' names starting with Customer2::CustomerName >= CallReport::ChooseCustomer at the top and ending with Zywux on the bottom. Everything works PERFECT except the portal does not refresh such that Customer2::CustomerName >= CallReport::ChooseCustomer is listed in the first row of the portal no
  24. I am adding a new table to a system. The purpose of the new table is to be a personalized gateway into this rather large existing system. I am trying to define a relationship where the current projects for the user are presented in a portal on the gateway layout. So far so good, and it is working… with a catch. The problem is the user might be assigned to one of three different functions in the existing file the data is pulled from. The user's name could appear in one of three discrete fields, in any of thousands of records. I have it working based on a relationship to one of these th
  25. Hi, Am doing my first project as a beginner with Filemaker Pro 12 and am stuck at a point. Please help me out on what to do. am using these fields in a portal: Opening Stock, Closing Stock, Quantity Received, Quantity Sold and Stock Balance So for the first step: Opening Stock = Stock Balance then for the other steps or next inputs: Stock Balance is to = Quantity Received - Quantity Sold. Now, at the end inputs (say for 10 rows), the last value of the Stock Balance is automatically the Closing Stock. Please how can I do this? Is it possible in portal and if not, how can I achieve this
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