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Found 4 results

  1. I have a report I want to print that looks fine in browse mode. It has a white background with some field boundaries displaying as well (attached image one). When I enter preview mode or save a PDF of the report all of a sudden the background is grey and some of the field boundaries are gone (attached image 2). Any idea what I have setup incorrectly? Other list reports in the database print fine. Â "Show field frames when record is active" and "Delineate fields on current record only" are both unchecked in layout setup. Â Thank you
  2. SCGetContainer is not previewing the first page of the pdf. Its just showing the icon. It works with graphic files just fine. This used to work. SERVER: Running Mac OS 10.8.3 for server Filemaker 11.0.5 server SuperContainers 2.871 Server Standalone. CLIENTS: Mix of windows 7 and MAC 10.8 FileMaker Client 11.03 Supercontainers plugin 2.871 I've tried SCGetContainer( url ) and SCGetContainer( url; 0; 0; 72). My client is upset about this change and does not want to pay for me to change the container fields into web viewer. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Todd Dignan
  3. I am running 12 v 3 advanced in Windows 7  The situation is pretthy simple.  I am on a layout. But pressing a button, the user goes into PREVIEW. This works.  However, in Windows the printer icon at the top of the formatting bar / tool bar is grayed out and not functional.  In OSX it works as expected.  Same script   Ideas are appreciated.  Thanks    Â
  4. Hello I'm having issues accessing a file that was added to Digital Docs tab of the Accounts Table. Both methods drag and drop and insert button were tested to add a PDF FILE and give the same issue. Manage Containers indicate on STORAGE the following [database location]/DB_Documents and on THUMBNAILS Generate and store thumb for images checked, Permanent storage checked. When I try to double click inside the container NOTHING HAPPEN and when I hit the button OPEN it shows the message on the image BUT NOTE that the text on the message is referring to a PNG file and not to a PDF Well using debugger and data watch the container has the correct name of the file "ASAKI prices list 2014.08.26.pdf" not PNG If I open the folder DB_Documents/T01_ACCOUNTS/account_container the files(attached) ASAKI prices list 2014.08.26.pdf AND ASAKI prices list 2014.08.26.png (generated- apparently the thumb nail with the internal storage) are present and when double clicked open without any problems in Preview. FINALLY this doesn't happen if the container has an Excel file or a word doc (non preview) Any help will substantially reduce my level of stress ! Cheers Beto Boton Australia ASAKI prices list 2014.08.26.pdf
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