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  1. Good day all, I have a script that collects several reports from different tables and assembles them to email via the following code. How do I clear all the reports after the reports have been sent,(or before the next set of reports are compiled). Set Variable [ $Path; Value:Get (TemporaryPath) &"Products Active" & " " & Year ( JobCardItems::DateNextServ )& "-" & Month ( JobCardItems::DateNextServ ) & ".pdf" ] Save Records as PDF [ File Name: “$Path”; Create folders:No; Records being browsed ] [ Document - ] [ Pages - Number Page
  2. I have several customers that utilize our MarinaPro Marina Dockage Management solution. All are running Windows 10 Pro 64Bit and Filemaker Pro 11.0v2. All the MarinaPro solutions are functioning well with exception to the one marina that is using an HP LaserJet Professional M1217nfw MFP printer. The printer has been named "HP LaserJet". The problem is that scripted reports will not print after an updated/revised solution is installed on the computer. However, a test page can be printed from the Windows default printer. Print scripts are utilized by more than one report and th
  3. Good morning everyone I'm creating a database where I have to print a report. I created the whole structure but I'm at a block. The report is on several pages and I do not find the solution to be able to have at the bottom of each page the subtotal. The section is inserted, in fact at the end of the list I find the result. But if the list is longer than a page, I do not have the data of the subtotal but I find it on the second page at the end of the list. I tried to change the field settings by setting total progressive in the options and inserting it in the footer section but I
  4. I have several reports that use Google Charts displayed through a web viewer to display a "'gas gauge" type of chart. This is a very popular style for our dashboard reports to the point where it is a requirement. I originally started using them in FileMaker 14 and they worked great. When FileMaker 15 came out they wouldn't work at first but then did after an update to the code. I'm now testing Filemaker 16 and they're back to not working properly. They do display on the screen just fine but if you try to print preview, print, or Send to PDF they do not show. Does anybody ha
  5. Hi there. I have a list view layout that gets saved to PDF and print. On my computer everything looks good. However, on clients computer, the right side is cut off. I have the margin view showing and everything seems to be within the lines. I am using windows and client on Apple.
  6. Running Filemaker Pro 11 and Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced under Windows 10 in compatibility mode for Windows 7. A customer has purchased a new HP LaserJet MSP426FPW that would not print reports from a filemaker solution I call MarinaPro. Everything works well on other customers Windows 10 computers connected to several different but older HP LaserJet printers. I found that the "Print" commands (Restore & No Dialog is set) within virtually all my associated scripts were set to a an HP LaserJet 4L printer I used at one time when creating solutions and that was moved to the trash heap
  7. I have a database, which has two printable forms. One has been designed in portrait, and the other in landscape. Both of them are only ever printed using buttons tied to script steps, never manually. I was hoping that there would be some way to specify orientation via the script. However, after some poking around of my own and light Google searching I am thinking this may not be so easy. I am able to go into Print setup to change the orientation just fine, however this sets it for the entire database which is not all around helpful. While specifying the options in the print step, I am able
  8. Hey all; I'm working with a client who has a multi-file .fmp12 solution. Every time she attempts to print from one specific file, it prints out in B&W, despite her selection of colour from the printer drivers. Printing from other .fmp12 files is fine, and printing from other applications is fine too though. I've gone through all of the Preferences and File Options, and couldn't find anything that fit the bill, so I went so far as creating a clone of that file, and resetting the print setup options... still to no avail. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Got any suggesti
  9. We recently bought an Evolysis Card Printer, which prints Front and Back of the card automatically. (Current Situation: We are using a Corel Draw template, the front is on page 1, while the back side is on page 2.. when we want to print, we simply select page 1 and 2 and the printer prints the ID Card front and Back automatically) However, with filemaker, we print the front and then inserts the card back to the printer so as to print the back side. Thus, the layout design of our database has the Front Side on one layout, and then the Back side on another layout. With this n
  10. I am showing a layout in Preview prior to printing. However once one this layout (in Preview mode) I can not figure out a way for the user to actually print it. 1. I have set the Available Menu Commands to Editing, as I do not want the users to accidentally delete all records. However this greys out the Print and Save as PDF options. This also seems to remove the ability to select File > Print. 2. Additionally because I am in Preview mode I can not add any buttons to the layout without having them appear on the print out. I am want to avoid the work of creating custom menus
  11. Hi please can someone help me solve my issue. in my solution i want to allow my user just to print one field which is a container field which has a pdf attached. how would i script this, however i do it i get the entire record how ever i only need the content of this field. please can someone help me out.
  12. dear fmforums, i have a printer that is attached to my airport express. i am printing from my iphone via "handy print app". is there a print option, script or something that would allow me to print directly to my printer through my airport without using that "handy print app"? i guess that creating a script which would print to the printers MAC address would work. any ideas? rr
  13. Rosalie

    Pop up windows

    Hello All, I have two tables: Materials Table and Label Table What I want to accomplish is when Click my Print Label Button but I want to see my Label Table in a Separate window. For Now I have a the following script: Freeze Window Go to Layout ["Labels"(Labels)] Show all Records Delete All Records [No Dialog] Loop New Record/Request Set Variable [X; Value (GetFondCount)] Set variable [$_Text; Value Material Description:".........] Set Field [Labels::Label; $_text] Set Variable[$_text; Value"Location: & $Location] Exit Loop if $X≥$_MatnContainers End Loop Enter Preview M
  14. I have several reports which I'd like the user to be able to select from a list and then have FM print overall upon one button press, rather than the current set up I have which is a button on each report which fires the relevant print script. To add a little layer of complexity to the process, the reports need a letter index added to them prior to printing. This is because, depending on the circumstances, in one instance Report XYZ could have an index position of say, 'D', but the next time, due to an additional report being required, Report XYZ would have the index position of 'E'. This i
  15. Hi there I've created several sub summary reports which require a column set up which needs to be aligned to the right, ensuring it's straight, good looking and professional. I have to put percentage figures alongside the values and when these are viewed on the normal layout, they're (mostly) ok. When I print preview, or when I print, the percent sign gets chopped straight down the middle, as if either the cell is too small or the padding is incorrect. I've tried adjusting both the size and the padding, to no avail. When I remove the right align on the percent cell, the problem goes. How
  16. We just installed an HP LaserJet M525c printer and every report that FileMaker 11 prints to it has enlarged logos/fonts (see attached image). We haven't had this issue printing from any other program -- Word, Excel, even printing to a PDF from FM and then printing that PDF with Adobe. I've run different reports from different databases and each time, the report is printed faintly in the background with gigantic wording (the correct field headers and data fields) are blown up over top of it. Has anyone ever had this experience? Any ideas for a solution?
  17. View File Setof_Print_Vlight.fp7 And Setof_Print_V1.fmp12 Hello, Here is a file that allows - To have a foot in the final page, the very end of the last page. - To manage page breaks and reorganize its document the version fp7 it is the "ligth" version, the version fmp12 ( you will find here ) adds the ability to make pdf via a "robot filemaker" with WebDirect and go one can easily transpose it into any database. Do not hesitate to create records, test and tell me any bugs or curiosity. The file is opened 100% and any feedback is welcome! v9 - v14 Compatible. Thanks Agnès Submi
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, Here is a file that allows - To have a foot in the final page, the very end of the last page. - To manage page breaks and reorganize its document the version fp7 it is the "ligth" version, the version fmp12 ( you will find here ) adds the ability to make pdf via a "robot filemaker" with WebDirect and go one can easily transpose it into any database. Do not hesitate to create records, test and tell me any bugs or curiosity. The file is opened 100% and any feedback is welcome! v9 - v14 Compatible.
  19. I need to print labels for items (products), and the number of labels (copies) for each product is calculated in a field of the database. Each record calls for a number of items to be labeled with specific instructions for packing (date, location, etc.). For example: Record 1 calls for 3 items type no.1 Record 2 calls for 1 item type no.2 Record 3 calls for 7 items type no. 5, and so on... I have duplicated the number of records in a separate database just for printing, but is so tedious (I have to process one record at a time) and is error sensitive. The databases I work wi
  20. Crestline, CA, Oct 6, 2014 - Dracoventions has released the only printer plug-in on the market that can restore the previously-selected printer after automating a print job. The new 2empowerFM Hands-Free Printer v3.4 has also been updated to support the upcoming OSX Yosemite release. All other 2empowerFM plug-ins were tested to already work with Yosemite. Dracoventions continues to innovate in printer automation technology and stay ahead of the curve in supporting new OSX and FileMaker versions as they're released. Our latest batch of plug-ins eliminate warnings when one person uses a singl
  21. Hi all, I have a filemaker customer database and one layout includes a webviewer to display the map from google-maps for a customer's location. While the map is displayed perfectly in browse mode I am having the problem that when I print the record or enter preview mode, the content of the web viewer is blank. I have fiddled with all options in Inspector but I cannot find a way around this and am finding it very challenging! One time only, for no apparent reason it displayed correctly in preview but since then nothing - Is this a known bug? Any help would be very greatly appreciate
  22. I have a FM Go13 database that requires me to print a report. I've scripted the print routing with both a page setup and print command. In the print command I request a PDF be created. I understand, after reading the FM 13 user manual that FM GO doesn't support creation of a PDF format. Is there any way that I can create a document that can be emailed? The mobile users won't have any access to a local printer. Without a PDF type solution, the database is really compromised
  23. Hi gang, I'm desperately looking for solution or workaround described in this thread http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/e880a9da7b?page=1 with no luck :-( In short: if you print or export webviewer all the content looks jagged, compressed Any ideas more than welcome. Thank you. AD
  24. Crestline, CA, Oct 24, 2013 -- Dracoventions has released 2empowerFM Hands-Free Printer v3.1 to fix issues with the new OS X 10.9 Mavericks. No Mavericks compatibility problems were found with the remaining plug-ins in the 2empowerFM family. Updates are available immediately at 2empowerFM.com for both Macintosh and Windows. This release also brings a new licensing policy: Plug-in updates have always been free for a year, but now you also get minor updates beyond that year. Since OS X changed to a yearly release schedule, we found that too many people had to purchase a license upgrade almost
  25. Hello, Any tips about getting about this global setting of page orientation? Looking at a few plugins but it looks like I am paying for a whole bunch of extra features I don't want. Thanks!
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