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  1. Crestline, CA - 2empowerFM Developer Assistant and Hands-Free Printer updates are now available to correct incompatibilities with FileMaker 17. All other 2empowerFM plug-ins have been tested as FileMaker 17 ready. Developer Assistant v3.3 is available immediately at developer.2empowerfm.com. This is a free and recommended update for licenses purchased Feb 10, 2016 and later. In addition to FM 17 fixes, a number of bugs and errors that affect earlier FM versions were also fixed. Full details of fixes and changes can be found in the release notes. Hands-Free Printer v3.66 is available imme
  2. Hello! I have a report setup with a sub summary sort, and it works great. When I go to print the report, I would like the sub summary row to print at the top of each page - is this doable? I already have it set to do a page break after each section, but if the pages get mixed up, there would be no way to tell what sub section they belong to. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks! Using Filemaker Pro 15 Advanced on a Mac
  3. I am not sure if I should be in this forum or the printing forum. Here is what I have. I have an inventory database. Everything is done but I need to be able to print a receipt for any inventory not turned in. It is a student database so the primary key is the Student ID. I have nine fields that are filled out with either: 1. Not, Received, or Not issued. I want to be able to print out a receipt showing the student what they still owe us before they are cleared. I am just not sure how to do that. I was thinking maybe a script that looks at the field and only picks out the "Not" , ta
  4. I have a filemaker solution that is used to print out invoices. For the last few years, the invoices have been printed on pre-made triplicate forms on a dot matrix printer. This was slow, unreliable, and has caused a lot of headaches, so the company recently invested in a laser printer that prints and staple 3-part carbonless forms. The problem is that for the stapling to work, the print job needs to be sent as one 3-page document (not 3 copies of 1 page). My initial thought was to append to a pdf and then print that, but from what I read, Filemaker won't print multipage PDFs from container fi
  5. I would like to start by thanking the developers for such a wonderful solution. Our organization has been successfully adapted FM starting point to our current needs. However one of the biggest challenges we have right now comes from having the invoices and Estimates List more than 18 items when they print. I have read in another discussion that was solution for it however I wasn't able to truly grasp the meaning of it. Any help I could get to solve this would be truly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. In our database solution we have a table that holds other documents relating to the data. The enduser might insert a PDF or a JPG. So the table is made up of a container field, a job number (unique identifier). To view the file the user clicks in the container (script exports field contents and automatically opens). The thing we would like to do is when printing a job report if there are any "external documents", would like them to print as well. We want it be be part of the complete report. The container is setup for interactive content and start playback automatically. The script export
  7. I recently upgraded to 14.0.3 For some reason the information in the portal is not printing. I only print these award certificates once a year. It printed fine in version 13. If someone could take a look or let me know if there are known issues that would be appreciated. TJ trendsetter certificate fmpa14dot03.zip
  8. Hope someone can shed some light on my problem. I have a print layout which is for receipts from a till the layout itself is fine except how the heck do I get the footer to slide up (to reduce the massive White Space) I have attached screens of the layout mode and browse mode to show.I have tried all possible options as far as I can make out.
  9. I have completed the setup of a Filemaker kiosk system on an iPad, and it's printing nicely via Wifi to a Brother label printer — but I am unable to prevent the dialog box from showing up on the iPads. In the script steps both the Page Setup and the Print steps have the dialog box disabled. Any ideas? Is this a known issue? How can I prevent the dialog boxes from showing up on the iPad kiosk? Filemaker Server 14, Filemaker Go 14 Thanks!
  10. I have a web viewer set up in my FM that displays FedEx tracking. Â Previously, using FM11, I was able to adjust the scroll bars to display the parts of the FedEx tracking I wanted to show on a printout. (Scroll to the right and down, to eliminate some of the FedEx header and sidebar.) Â This would allow my printout to show the ship date and the delivery date and tracking progress through the web viewer, as well as the order information fields I have above the web viewer. Â Since upgrading to FM12, the scrolling does not work when I print or go into the Preview mode. Â Now, when I
  11. Hello, I am in a bit of a pickle here. I have a small database implemented in FM11 that records information about clients and some notes made by staff. I have to add a print out feature that produces a print out of certain information from the database, however, the document produced must also allow for additional hand written notes to be written - it will later be used in an interview and/or filed in a paper file. The first page of the document is just information from database so is fine. Page 2 however consists primarily of 2 boxes (two different sets of notes) and a small section a
  12. I have recently setup a Brother QL-710W printer for making labels from Filemaker Go, but have run into a strange page setup problem. It is a label printer that is AirPrint enabled, which allows printing from iOS devices. The printer seems to be working fine, but I have a strange problem when printing the same layout from FM Go (on an iPhone), whereas it is fine using FM Pro. The problem seems to be that the FM Go inappropriately rotates the page from landscape to portrait causing the page to get truncated. (I run a page setup script ahead of time to set the non-standard page size and o
  13. I have a weird problem in printing from a container file, that I haven't seen any mention of in the forums. I want to present a stored PDF, which is the help file for my solution. I can navigate to a layout with the container presented as optimised for interactove content. The container is large enough to shows a readable interactive PDF with the adobe interface buttons appearing allowing, save, print, zoom in or out and 'show adobe toolbar'. All these functions work as expected EXCEPT print. The print dialogue box opens, but is non-responsive, as if a script step is stuck (this in not scr
  14. We use FMP to record donations and print acknowledgement letters. The latter is done from a layout into which I've inserted a PDF of our letterhead - actually, a link to that PDF, so I can update the letterhead from time to time by replacing the original PDF. I chose PDF because (a) the letterhead is mostly text, which makes for a small file, ( it's resolution-independant, and © the original letterhead is done in InDesign, which exports to PDF. The layout was done in FMP10. We recently upgraded to FMP13, and now, when I print the layout, the letterhead elements are pixelated. The graphic i
  15. I work in a print shop, so there are many, many printers around here. Pretty much everyone with a desk has his or her own printer, not to mention the dozens of other printers around the office and on the shop floor. I have a script that prints multiple forms in rapid succession, generally using other scripts as subroutines. I would like to have FileMaker show the Print dialog when the first form is printed, so the user can select which printer to send the forms to. However, I’d prefer if the user weren’t presented with the same dialog for each of the multiple (potentially many) forms to be
  16. We have several iMacs running snow leapord. Each has 8gb ram. FMServer 11 is running on a windows server 2008 r2. The iMac users are using FMPro ver. 11. Each time they print, filemaker crashes when finished. If they try to print to the network printer or print to a pdf, it crashes. Any suggestions?
  17. We need a script that will print a multipage PDF within a printing sequence from filemaker pro. We use a filemaker PRO database that is rough around the edges but general works for our processes. We are trying to automate some workflows but continue to run into gaping glitches that have stumped us and held back our productivity with this application. It appears that filemaker is unable to print multipage PDF's that are stored in it's container fields. Further complicating the mater filemaker pro for mac has a frequent problem crashing on larger files when using Adobe as the default web pl
  18. We have an Evolis Dualis 3 ID Card printer. I'm integrating the creation and printing of ID Cards into our current solution. Everything is going great except for one problem. The printer can print single sided or double sided, but I can't seem to Get File Maker to print a double sided card. It prints single sided just fine. We've been using MS word to print from, and as long as the front and the back are on separate pages it prints double sided as it should. So I set up a layout for double sided cards where the front and back are on separate pages. When I print to anything else or save as
  19. I've got a layout that's used for printing invoices. It's a single page letter size 8.5" x 11" with a portal with the line items on it. This has allowed me to put a full page watermark image on the layout. I'd like to switch to layout mode Is it possible to accomplish this with list view mode? Thanks!
  20. I have a report I want to print that looks fine in browse mode. It has a white background with some field boundaries displaying as well (attached image one). When I enter preview mode or save a PDF of the report all of a sudden the background is grey and some of the field boundaries are gone (attached image 2). Any idea what I have setup incorrectly? Other list reports in the database print fine. Â "Show field frames when record is active" and "Delineate fields on current record only" are both unchecked in layout setup. Â Thank you
  21. Hi Guys, I've built a iPad registration kiosk for a client at his business place. Everything seems to be working just fine, but on the last step to complete the registration I need the iPad to print the registration out for the back office. That also works fine, but the Print Dialog box on ipad is un-avoidable according to FileMaker Go Documentation. This dialog throws off most customers and hinders the registration process. I need to find some type of work around for this so customers are not prompted with the print dialog. Also, my client doesn't want to have to have to print manuall
  22. Crestline, CA, April 30th, 2013 -- Dracoventions has released 2empowerFM Hands-Free Printer 3.0, the first FileMaker plug-in to let you control almost any individual printer setting. HFP lets you control settings ranging from standard portrait vs. layout orientation to less common staple and hole punch. Save money by turning on toner saver, black & white, and double sided and make complex print jobs a snap. The new HFP can even keep the printer dialogs hidden while your job runs. HFP 3.0 is available immediately at print.2empowerFM.com for both Macintosh and Windows. More Reasons
  23. Does anyone know the precedence of the the OSX print dialog's saved print configuration settings (IE. "last used" or "custom saved print presets") vs. print setting in FMP print script step? I am setting up "print setup" and "print" script steps however it seems some settings are still followed by OSX setting such as two sided. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks,<redacted>
  24. Using the Starter Solution in FMPRO 12 called "Contacts" I have conditionally formatted the Work Address & Home Address Tabs (in the "Contact Details" layout) to color the tab label's text green IF there is anything in the "Work Address 1" field or the "Home Address 1" field. Since you can only see EITHER the Work Address OR the Home Address at one time (in that layout) this color change let's me know if the currently unselected tab has any data or not. If both are empty, they remain white; if one or the other has info, that tab ("Work Address" or "Home Address") is green; if both have i
  25. I am working in FM pro 11 advanced. i have a layout using Monotype Corsiva, but it is printing in something like Arial. It looks correct in Preview, and the sizes and spacing are correct. Why is this happening, and what can i do to correct it?
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