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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, I want to create a Dropdown List of numeric options to select a range of records. For example, the Dropdown list would contain: 5 10 20 50 100 ------- edit... Each option would select the next 5;10;20;50 or 100 records to the right. A Checkbox would be populated (with an X) in the selected number of contiguous records; Then, a Find Selected Checkboxes would return the selected records. The contiguous selection should be independent of whatever the current state of Found (Sorted/Unsorted) is. Any help will be gratefully acknowledged.
  2. I am new to filemaker and am using Filemaker 14 with starting point. I am connected remotely to my network. I am in the account section of starting point and for some reason when I click the create new record button it is randomly adding data from another record in the database and linking a contact to it. Specifially in the Tabs at the bottom "contacts" "projects" Does anyone know how to change this and make the new record completely blank?
  3. I am sure this is one of those simple ones… that has me bamboozled for nearly 2 days now. I need to limit access of my users viewing only a limited set of "Company" records after they log in. The companies that they are allowed to see are listed in each respective user's profile. My opening script goes to the user's profile and creates a global variable for each company that they are allowed to view. When I go to the "Manage Security > Edit Privilege Sets > Records > Custom Privileges > Limited > Script", and use any of those variables (e.g. $$Company01"), the rec
  4. Hi Anyone have an idea on how to display the Record number in a field? I want the field to display the record number every time I got to the "Next or Previous" (scroll through) record. Thanks in advance for any help. pyorkie
  5. I have two identical tables only one of them has data inputted into it the other table has no user access. After a user has created a new record in Table A i want all of the data to be duplicated into Table B and just stored there. This is because Table A can later have individual records deleted and we need to keep a backup of all the data entered into Table A I did write and export script which exported the record from Table A to excel and then imported the excel file into Table B but this does not work very well over our network. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. I'd like to hear folks' ideas about the best way to edit some related records in a script. I have a layout based in TableA, with 3 portals each showing related records from TableB. There's a simple relation TO from A to B via an ID from A. Each portal only shows one record, so I can view 3 records at a time. There are buttons that set a few fields between records, though, or copy from one record to another. E.g. a button to assign a name in Record2 to the same name as in Record1. My current process is to use an 'Edit' relationship: TableA is related to a new TO of TableB via a key field
  7. Hi, I have a portal with five fields - 3 text, 1 date, 1 number; the first row displays all five fields correctly and the following rows display only the text fields. Any ideas as to what I'm missing here?
  8. I have a little database that the sales people here can access via IWP (it's a FM 12 Advanced database). I have provided a function where they can look at a list of new companies, and assign themselves to those companies. This has the effect of showing that company on their Dashboard. I have also provided the rather useless function of hiding the portal row when they're looking at the list of companies. Useless, because as soon as they revisit the list, anything they've hidden comes back again. I would like to provide a feature where they can click the same 'hide' button, and that
  9. hi everyone. i'm new at this forum and i'm beginner user of fm. i'm not sure about this is the right topic for that , if it's not sorry about that.  as you see i have file including 1656 record. i have to split that records as  0 to 1243 and  1243 to 1656. i can't find way to this. could you help please?  thank you already.
  10. Fellow developers, a question I must ask (I'm sorry if this seem so unusual; my filemaker development is not the most common) I have a database of paragraphs. The idea being, each paragraph is a record, in a Table named Reference. The whole idea of this database, which has more tables but could work with just one, is to make a manual, a handbook for the company I work for. Let me give a example: we have a specific instruction on how to deal with taxes at importation. We create a record named: taxes at importation, and we related this record to another record in our self-related table (taxe
  11. Hello,   Trying to add records in a portal and have them link to a specific foreign key. Normally filemaker would do this automatically, but the layout I am on is not the table I am trying to link these new records to. The reason is because I already have another portal on this layout, and I need to add records to it as well. That portal, is the one I need to link my second portal to.  So I have my first portal, which is working fine, called levels ( as in levels of a house ie Basement), then I have my second portal, rooms. I have a select button on the first portal which, when c
  12. Hey guys, I have a layout called "Aircraft Hours" where I enter in details for an aircrafts flight. The field I am interested in this one is [date]. I have another layout called "Maintenance" where the maintenance for the aircraft show up. I wish to have this layout display the last time that aircraft flew. I am new to this kind of stuff. I am using from what I have read I need to use the 'lookup' function but I am guessing I need an "IF" function as well? I want the calculation to look up the last record entered on the "Aircraft Hours" layout and grab the date from the date fi
  13. I am working on a web page that displays portal records that allow user to update record fields. Once the data is entered I have a button that runs a script that sets variables from the contents of the active records fields then preforms a scripts based on the variables created. My problem is that IWP is not recognizing the active record. Most of the time it uses the last portal record and occassionaly it uses the active portal record. The script works fine in Filemaker without a problem. What do I do to make IWP recognize the active portal record?
  14. I have a table called Patients that stores a variety of information, including a list of medications being taken and a checkbox field indicating all drug classes represented by the medications listed. Each record in this table represents a patient. Per another user’s advice when I first attempted to solve this problem, I have created a new table MedLibrary in which each record represents a different medication and contains two fields: DrugName and DrugClass. I wanted to be able to search all records in that table to match existing medication name/class entries, so I watched this video an
  15. In one layout, I have a formula that auto enters a serial # and assigns it to each new record. The layout contains a portal to another table that I would like to link to this serial #. Is there a way to make the contents of the portal saved as it's own record automatically whenever a new record is created in the main layout? They would be related by the serial number. I want the portal record to be all automatically filled out and not directly editable by the user. It's just a "record" of what was entered into the main layout.
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