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Found 13 results

  1. I have a parent table which has 3 child tables all of which have a date field. I would like to have a field in the parent table which tells me what is the latest date in the 3 child tables so I know the last time there was activity relating to the parent record. I can figure it out.
  2. Hi all I'm trying to find the Client that has the most Job time over the last 30 days, divided by the number of seats that they have. The tables are: Clients Client_ID, Seats Jobs Client_IDF, Job_time, Job_Date The best I've managed so far is to find the distinct Client_IDF from all Jobs: ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT DISTINCT j.log_client_IDF FROM Jobs J WHERE j.Log_date >= ?"; ""; ""; $date_30_days_ago) And then loop through the list and perform the 'divide by seats' calculation for each line Or to do something similar but from the Clients table: ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT SUM (j.labour_units), c.Name FROM Clients C JOIN Jobs J ON j.log_client_IDF = c.Client_ID WHERE l.Log_date >= ?"; ""; ""; $date_30_days_ago) But no joy in either case when it comes to actually performing calculations within SQL. Is this possible in FM SQL? Many thanks
  3. Hello I am trying to relate multiply records in the same table. I have a table called Jobs with each record having a unique serial id as well as a job number. Often a new jobs comes in that is a revision of a previous job (or jobs) that has been billed and closed. My database users would like to link the new jobs to the old ones. I have created a second instance called Jobs_related and also tried putting a join table in between, but nothing I do to join them works. Thanks
  4. LS, I find charting confusing. Anyway... My goal is to do a product year over year comparison on how many times it has been sold given a date. Two products can be picked and a reference date will be entered. A product has a date in it so it will be unique. That's why I am comparing two products I found the related table example in the training series and I got it to work. However, the 2016 product comes in the first column and the 2015 in the second. I would like to change that so that 2015 comes first. I've tried sorting the relationship, that didn't work.
  5. Hi, I have a DB I'm working on and I'm stuck on something that I think will be pretty simple but I cant seem to get my head around it. Its for a school, so you have courses,locations,students etc. Students can take many courses at many locations. So I have a course layout, with a portal to the participants. This works well apart from I cannot get to open the related record from the portal without it showing me all of the records relating to the student in question. I need to create and reprint a certificate for each student \ course. I have created a button on the portal row to open another related layout up (the cert) to allow them to be printed or emailed, but it always shows me all of the course certificates for the student in question. I have another button on the form for printing all of the certificates for that particular course and that works fine. I had setup some scripts (shown below) but have gone back to a simple related record button to see if I can figure out whats wrong, I have tried all sorts of changes for hours! and I'm getting no where, any help would be greatly appreciated edit: Also I realise it shows in the script "records being browsed" but I also did try current record only. Being playing around
  6. Background. A record in a table is related by a field to a field in another table. To select the related record, I use a dropdown box that shows all the relevant field values that can be selected from. The issue is, if the desired value is not there, you want the user to be able to enter a new value, and then automatically create a record for that new value in the related table.  I was having trouble with this issue previously, and decided to take another look at it. I came across the following solution, which is worth reposting here.  http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/d11c45f9f8  Here's the relevant section.   Now, for whatever reason, this doesn't work for me unless I add a "Commit Record" at the very top of the suggested script, and then it works like a charm!  My previous solution was to force the user to press a "plus" button next to the dropdown to add a new record (via a popover). I think this approach is cleaner.  Â
  7. Hi, I'm trying to achieve something I expected to be straightforward, but after banging my head on a brick wall for 24 hours it's time to aask for help. I have a fairly straightforward company table and a contact table. Related one to many as you'd expect. When browsing a layout based on the companies table, I can see all the related contacts via a portal. I've never really done any reporting, but I wanted to create a report layout that gives me the company details at the top, and lists the contacts underneath. I expected this to be relatively simple, but I can't get it to work. I have the folowing report layout based on the companies table. Parts: Header - cust has freetext field as a title and the date Sub-summary by txt_Surname (Leading) - This contains all the company address details as merge fields Body - contains the contact details as merge fields (name, job title, email, telephone and so on) Footer - page number Now I have tried all manner of different combinations to try and get what I want. Basing it on the contacts table, different sorting and so on. When doing test prints it often shows just one contact under a company when I know there are more, and it some cases it shows too many. This is the first time I've tried reporting of any sort in FileMaker, so I'm really stumped by this so any help you can give me would be appreciated...I do keep thinking about a portal for the contacts, but I can see how this would work if the portal isn't big enough to accomodate a company with a hundred contacts in it, where other companies may only have one contact. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
  8. I have a parent table that contains a global variable named gStartDate. In a child table I have placed a global variable with the identical name. It has a calculated value: ParentTable::gStartDate However, it appears that it never copies the date from ParentTable::gStartDate. How can I correct this? Thanks in advance to all for any info.
  9. I have layout called (studentinfo). Studentinfo layout show records from "STUDENTS" table from database. when I run the code below I get all fields data expect: inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::BB_studentID inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::BB_ParentA_ID inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pa_first inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pa_last inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::BB_ParentB_ID inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pb_first inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pb_last inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::BB_ParentA_ID inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pa_first inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pa_last P2b_relation inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::BB_ParentB_ID inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pb_first inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pb_last On filemaker pro I noticed the ones that are showing have data displaying from: STUDENTS::NameFirst STUDENTS::NameLast STUDENTS::Sex STUDENTS::Grade_current STUDENTS::Adm_enr_status STUDENTS::P1a_relation STUDENTS::P1b_relation STUDENTS::P2a_relation STUDENTS::P2b_relation How do I get those fields to show? I am using filemaker pro server 11 <?php include('config.php'); ?> <style> .dataTable td{ border-bottom:1px solid #ccc; border-right:1px solid #ccc; padding:1px; } </style> <? $findCommand =&$fm->newPerformScriptCommand('studentinfo','Find Enrolled'); // Execute find command $result = $findCommand->execute(); if (FileMaker::isError($result)) { echo "Error: " . $result->getMessage() . "n"; exit; } // Get array of found records $records = $result->getRecords(); echo '<table width="100%" border="0" class="dataTable" cellspacing="0">'; echo "<tr><td>BB_studentID</td><td>NameFirst</td><td>NameLast</td><td>Sex</td><td>Grade_current</td><td>Adm_enr_status</td> <td>P1a_relation</td><td>BB_ParentA_ID</td><td>Pa_first</td><td>Pa_last</td> <td>P1b_relation</td><td>BB_ParentB_ID</td><td>Pb_first</td><td>Pb_last</td> <td>P2a_relation</td><td>BB_ParentA_ID</td><td>Pa_first</td><td>Pa_last</td> <td>P2b_relation</td><td>BB_ParentB_ID</td><td>Pb_first</td><td>Pb_last</td> </tr>"; foreach ($records as $record) { echo "<tr style=''>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('BB_studentID') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('NameFirst') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('NameLast') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('Sex') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('Grade_current') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('Adm_enr_status') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('P1a_relation') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::BB_ParentA_ID') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pa_first') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pa_last') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('P1b_relation') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::BB_ParentB_ID') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pb_first') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 1 [c]::Pb_last') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('P2a_relation') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::BB_ParentA_ID') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pa_first') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pa_last') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('P2b_relation') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::BB_ParentB_ID') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pb_first') . "</td>"; echo "<td> " . $record->getField('inq_FAM Family 2 [c]::Pb_last') . "</td>"; echo "</tr>"; $row++; } echo "</table>"; echo '<pre>'; //print_r($records); echo '</pre>'; ?>
  10. Hello, this is my first post. I have a table (Employees) that contains some employees. Another table (Qualifications) contains some qualifications. The third table (EmpQualRelate) relates the two tables mentioned above, but also includes a "ranking value". Example: John Doe, has been related to the qualification "PHP" vith the ranking "3", and "HTML" vith the ranking "1". Jane Doe, has been related to the qualification "PHP" vith the ranking "2", and "jQuery" vith the ranking "4". I have a layout for Employees records, containing a Portal with the EmpQualRelate records. Everything working nice and dandy. My problem is: I want (read: need) to be able to sort the Employees record, by Qualification Ranking, ie. "PHP" ranking or "HTML" ranking or whatever is needed in the current situation. I must also provide this option in a userfriendly manner, and all 3 tables will be constantly updated. I used to keep al the data in the Employees table, as PHP ranking, HTML ranking etc. but this is no longer possible, as the number of Qualifications is rapidly growing out of hand. Help is very much appreciated.
  11. Hi everyone! I've been reading lots of post about printing a portal.. but I didn't find a solution which could solve my problem. The problem is the following: I have a table in my DB which is storing bills. Each bill is composed by products. Products are represented in a different table. Both tables are linked by billID. In the layout which is going to be printable, It has a header and a footer where I am placing all the stuff I want to be replicated in every page. Plus, I have a body part which is just composed by the products which are composing the bill. Right now, I am using a portal to place those products. My problem, which I guess is a common problem: I don't know if one page of products is going to be enough so I would like to dynamically generate more pages in case they are needed. Thank in advance. I hope I clearly expressed myself. Manuel
  12. In one layout, I have a formula that auto enters a serial # and assigns it to each new record. The layout contains a portal to another table that I would like to link to this serial #. Is there a way to make the contents of the portal saved as it's own record automatically whenever a new record is created in the main layout? They would be related by the serial number. I want the portal record to be all automatically filled out and not directly editable by the user. It's just a "record" of what was entered into the main layout.
  13. I have a database that keeps growing larger and larger (the number of fields, not the number of records). I want to reorganize before things get out of hand, but I don't know if I should create related tables for different categories of information or if there is a better solution. The main content of my records comes from an outside source, which sends me an excel sheet with applicants for the program where I work. This is all demographic information and contact information. Next, I begin analyzing applicants, and marking the applicants in various ways, creating new fields based on their qualities, status, etc. The issue is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to import the excel sheet when I receive it (on a weekly basis), because of all the fields I've added. I also have to admit that I haven't quite mastered the recurring import function, yet, but mainly because the person who sends me this file never uses the same headers, so I've been afraid to try this. Basically, it takes way too long for me to match up these records every time I want to import new records, and update the existing records, and I was thinking that I could have only the items on the excel sheet in the main table, and then have all my added fields in related tables matched by an auto-created serial number. Additionally, this would make it easier to locate fields if they are categorized in separate tables based on their specific use. I suppose the question is: Is it stupid to make related tables for the sake of field organization? If so, how can I better organize these fields to prepare for import?
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