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Found 13 results

  1. FileMaker Developer 7. Normally I use my SetCell custom function to create a vector or matrix of cells with data. However, I'm in a situation where I must use a repeating field for purposes of screen layout and alignment. And no, a portal won't work here. I can use a script to populate the repeating field one element of a time--there appears to be no way to increment the element index and loop. Is there? Also: is there a way to clear the repetitions all at once (at the beginning) without having to step through each element? I have formatted the repeating field to have scroll bars--but these won't display! I can see the first 27 repetitions on the screen (the maximum which will fit on my layout) but I cannot see the remainder. What's up with this?
  2. Hi, My setup is a portal displaying a repeating field. This repeating field is an unstored calculation evaluating SCGetContainer (mypath ; id on SC). When my id value on SC is the first repetition of the field, SCGetContainer displays correctly. When I am using the second value, I get a blank display. Is this something that can be done with the SCGetContainer Function? Thanks for everyones help. ole
  3. Ah, okay that makes sense! Thanks so much for all your advice. Okay, my next issue is as follows.... So I have a layout for 'Tracking Sessions' which contains details of each time someone went out to find a particular individual/group of cheetahs. Within this layout, I have a Tab that contains different portals to different tables of information that could be (but not always) collected during a specific tracking session (e.g. kills found, supplemental feeding, and 'Tracking Notes'). Now, because of the Join table how can I set these portals up to allow for record creation in these child tables while also creating the necessary records for the join tables? I've included a screenshot of the layout. Everything under 'Kill Details' is contained within a single portal row, as there is usually only a single kill during a single tracking session (though I guess in theory there could be more than one at some point in the future). From my experience and what I've read, you can't place a portal within a portal so how do I solve this issue while maintaining the current format (or if there is a better way of doing this, I'm all ears!) I've also included an updated screenshot of my relationship table, so you can see where tracking sessions lies in relation to kills and cheetahs.
  4. Hi, I have a repeating text field listing services. I need to make a report with all the values set in the repeating field. So, the calculate field will be a text field with coma seperated values. I tried several way without result, any help will be very much appreciated
  5. Hi folks. I am creating a solution in Filemaker 11 where one of the stipulations from the client was that one particular layout was in the form of a spreadsheet. I have figured out how to get around the lack of horizontal portals, and make it look how they want it. However the title for each column (there are 14 in all) is a date that is taken from a related table with 14 records, each with a date in it. I figured that rather than create 14 one line portals each starting from a different record number to create the column labels, it would be far less fiddly to create a calculation field with 14 repetitions where each repetition uses the GetNthRecord function to get a different date which I can then use as a label to run across the top of the "Spreadsheet". Problem I am having is as I have always steered clear of repeating fields wherever possible, I have never tried to create a repeating calculation field before. I am not sure how to create 14 different GetNthRecord calculations within one field with each result going to a different repetition. My guess is it has something to do with the Extend function, but I have not been able to get an answer by searching online. Hoping someone can help James
  6. I know. Don't use them. But There is a simple task and a repeating field would be a quick solution. Field 1: a number Field 2: a calculated repeating field, each repetition adds the repetition number to the value of Field 1. Can it be done? Thanks
  7. I've got a repeating field as a calculation and need to put a value into a specific repetition value/location, but I don't want to have to run a script every time to accomplish this. For example, I have two fields, NumberField and RepeatingField[10] When NumberField = 5 I need a 5 to show up in RepeatingField[5] Can I do this in a calculation? If not, what's the best way to do this? This seems to trivial to me, but I'm looking for a elegant solution.
  8. Can you help? I am trying to use a calculation to populate a repeating field. I did it with a script... and now I want to do it as a calc to speed up the process. I have a file name... I'm trying to identify all the positions of the character / in the file path. So I have a repeating field with 15 repeats. I set the field as a calc... and then the first calc is Position ( server_string ; "/" ; 0 ; 1 ) Works great, now I want repeating field 2 to grab the position of the 2nd instance, repeat 3 to grab the position of the 3rd instance and so on. I know how to get data from repeating fields, but how do I put the data in it as part of the calculation? thanks for any help. steve
  9. Now I know you are all going to say “don’t use repeating fields to store editable data!” but I am running into all sorts of other problems with my solution using a separate table of records that I thought it may just be that repeating fields could offer a solution. Contacts table with multiple addresses. Pop List for field AddressType based on editable custom value list - Address 1 street, Address 2 Postal, Address 3 Billing, Address 4 - Shipping, Address 5 Other …Edit to generate a dynamic relationship. The current solution uses a separate Contact_Addresses table and the dynamic relationship is based on a calculation field in Contacts - AddressTypeAbs = Abs(AddressType), which returns just the numeric value from the value list. A transparent portal then displays the related address fields on the Contacts layout. This is an elegant way to save space on the Contacts’ layout as only one address is displayed at any one time but unlimited addresses are possible. My problem is however that many other tables in my solution have a relationship to Contacts, e.g. Invoices, Purchases, Quotes, Personnel and on and on and on. So in order to display address details in these other tables each has to have another relationship to Contact_Adresses. The deeper it goes the more complex it gets with relationships, workaround scripts and key fields. I thought that maybe using repeating address fields in the Contacts table itself might simplify the database by drastically reducing the need for the extra relationships, key fields etc. but I cannot seem to find a way of achieving my goal to display each repletion in a portal. What would fit my needs perfectly would be to have say 10 repetitions of each of the address fields in the Contacts table itself. The relationship key AddressTypeAbs would remain the same but relate to the address fields’ repetition number. It doesn’t seem possible to relate to a repetition number but I might just have missed something. Just thought to post this before giving up entirely. Any thoughts?
  10. I'm working on a database to store/organise data pertaining to Radio/GPS collared cheetahs (e.g. movements, kills they've made, etc.). Within the database, my main table is 'Released Cheetahs' which contains all the information about an individual cheetah and their local ID number, which is called 'AJU#'. AJU# is the field relating 'Released Cheetahs' to the other main tables within the database (Fix Data, Kills, Tracking Sessions, Parturitions, Releases, Captures, etc.). Some of these cheetahs (and thus the records within 'Released Cheetahs') are in groups of a few individuals, which is delineated by 'Group Name'. My problem is that when I make a entry into one of the other tables, let's say 'Kills' (which contains info about the prey they have successfully hunted), with my current design I would need to duplicate this record for every cheetah within the group, but I would rather be able to just list all of the cheetahs (i.e. AJU#s) within a single field of the 'Kills' table so that there is only one entry per kill. So, my question: What would be the best way of tying each kill record (single 'child' record) back to each of the cheetahs (multiple 'parent' records) it pertains to? I know I could just look at this from cheetah group rather than individual, but even though there is a group each kill record does not always pertain to each cheetah within a given group. I have tried playing around with repeating fields (e.g. using a repeating AJU# field within the Kills table) but I can't quite seem to get this to work as hoped. Any advice is most welcome! I've attached an image of my relationship graph in case that helps.
  11. Report relationship problem I have a difficulty in creating a relationship for a report and am thinking that a repeating field my be what I need. I've searched the forum but can't find a similar post but was wondering if a relationship can be based upon a repeating field? The problem I have is this We are trying to measure the value of sending out mailers to customer based upon them returning back to one of our stores. We have the three tables based on this relationship Mailings = group record that defines mailing activity i.e. letters posted in january Mailing records = a record for each individual that has been sent a mailing Invoices = invoices - the proof that a customer has returned back to store The report I am generating is based upon the mailing records in order to get the totals amongst other things: Store name Qty Mailed Orders Store 1 January Mailings 200 February Mailings 150 Store 2 January Mailings 180 February Mailings 190 I have the above working fine so far, where I'm having trouble is getting the order count through as the only relationship between a mailing and an order from what I can see is the unique customer_ID. My thinking was do I create a repeating field in the Mailings table and fill it with all of the customer_ID's then base a relationship on this field to the orders table(as well as some global date stuff) in order to pull through matching orders. Or is there a better way without using repeating fields? Although I don't even know if this repeating fields method would work anyway and if it did - it sounds like it may be a little intensive! All help is much appreciated.
  12. I came across a bug today when using Set Field [] where you sum up the first rep of a repeating field without explicitly stating it is the first rep and the target being another repeating field regardless of if it is in the same field or not. In other words, if you do not explicitly state the field with rep 1 such as MyField[1] or GetRepetition (MyField; 1) but rather just refer to it as MyField it will ignore the value. However if you use it in a calculation field or the target field is non repeating field it works as I would expect. I made a test file and I tested it both with FM11 and 12. Whether you use the + sign or the Sum function the results are the same: 1. If you do not explicitly set the repetition for rep 1 then A. It will ignore the value in rep 1 B. Set the target rep with evaluation of the rest of the calculation without the rep 1 value C. If you hit the button subsequent times the value will keep adding the same amount without overriding the existing value 2. Everything works fine when using a calculation or another field as the target repeating_field_sum_bug.zip
  13. In part one, we built a basic navigation bar made from repeating fields. In this followup article we take the formatting of the navigation bar further by introducing highlights. We also adjust the construction of the navigation, and introduce a custom menu implementation that can be used in conjunction with, or in place of the navigation bar. Read the Full Article Here…
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