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Found 8 results

  1. I was wondering, what to do to make the calculation engine do the same calculation with every repeating field. The case is: I have field A, which is of type number and has 6 repetitions. I have field B, which is of type calculation and has 6 repetitions as well. Now I want the algorithm take every repetition of field A to calculate and put it into the same repetition of field B. It may be very simple, but still, I don't manage... Thanks a lot!
  2. The main database I work with contains thousands of records - one for each customer we have ever worked with, and a new record is created for each new customer. And there are dozens of layouts similar to the one I am working on now - all available for, and unique to, each customer record. The portion of this layout I am working on is much like an Excel spreadsheet, with a header row of values across the top, a column of ages down the left side, and a grid of values each calculated based on the value above it and the age to the left of it. See the attached example. I make use of repeating fields for every row on the grid to avoid having to create hundreds of individual calculation fields. To do this, I have a repeating global field (let's call it g_Benefits) that contains a list of numbers: 10, 20, 30, ..., 100 for the example shown. The header row is another global repeating field that calculates values by multiplying the values in g_Benefits by 1,000 and displaying the results as dollar amounts. Each row below that is another repeating, but non-global, field that calculates and displays values based on the values in g_Benefits, the number displayed to the left of that row, and other variables specific to the customer in that record. So, while the header row and the Age column seen in the attached example remains the same for every record in the database, the non-bold values in the grid will differ from record to record. But, now I need to allow for the possibility of entering a number in a custom value field that will replace the corresponding value in g_Benefits. (10 repetitions in g_Benefits means there will be 10 custom value fields.) And the custom value must be constrained to the record it is entered in (so g_Benefits can no longer be global). If I entered 25 in the 2nd custom field in one record, g_Benefits would change to 10, 25, 30, ..., 100; while the other records (and any newly created records) would keep the original values. And 2nd column of values in this layout's grid for just this record would change based on the custom value entered. This creates two issues. 1. I need to configure g_Benefits so it populates with the default list of values whenever a new record is created and keeps those values in all existing records. 2. And I need to configure g_Benefits so that, if a value is entered into a custom field in one record, the corresponding cell in g_Benefits changes for only that record. I've been working with the Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) function, but I haven't been able to get it to populate any more than the first repeating field. Even then, I'm not sure that would allow me to replace values with custom values. This is all done in Form view. There are no portals involved, no scripts, no virtual lists, and no related tables. Any thoughts? Screenshot attached.
  3. Hi there I am on the hunt for a function or calculation that will operate like the native Extend () function but I need it to grab the data from another related REPEATING field instead for a non-repeating field which is the limit of the Extend () function. To give a bit of background on what I am doing, I have built a responsive image grid and a responsive notes grid very akin to the Facebook interface. I am at the finish line. The last thing I need to do is add "Edit" and "Delete" options to the bottom of each repetition in the portal (like a Facebook post). All other items in the grid are populated using the extend function and it works as it should of course because they are non-repeating unique data points. The structure is simple. I have a Contact table, a notesdisplayrows table, and a notes table. All data points are calculated in the displayrows table. Example: GetNthRecord (Extend(CONTACTS_NOTESGRID::ID); Get(CalculationRepetitionNumber)) However, where the "Edit" and "Delete" options are concerned I need something that will grab both the 1st and 2nd repetition of a field so that they will display as lower menu options for each repetition (I.e. Facebook). I currently have a repeating field in the notes (notesgrid) table and the 1st rep is "Edit" and the 2nd rep is "Delete". Any suggestions?
  4. I understand all of the issues associated with using repeating fields. I have an application where I have three fields - A, B, and C. A and B are defined as a number. C is defined as a calculation with a repetition of 2. I want to populate the first repetition of C with the value of A and the second repetition of C with the value of B. Calculation result would be a number. Thanks!
  5. Is there away to get a repeating fields value with a sql select statement. If so, what would proper structure of the select statement. I have tried the following. Let( ~sql = "SELECT "Tab Names" FROM PREFERENCES"; ExecuteSQL ( ~sql ; "" ; "" ) ) and Let( ~sql = "SELECT "Tab Names[17]" FROM T14_PREFERENCES"; ExecuteSQL ( ~sql ; "" ; "" ) ) Thanks, Todd Dignan.
  6. Hello Everyone; I have never had a reason to do this, but now i do. I have some repeating fields that store global storage for questions being asked. In my form , i have another repeating fields for the answers. NOw when user is finished answering questions i am confused as to how to print this via a list as the questions are quite long>! I want just the header to have user & question / answer date In the body i want Question [1 ] Answer [1] -------------------------------- Question [2 ] Answer [2] _______________________ etc But i don't know how to do that! Calculation repeating field, script that loops through the records and creates another table to show the records? help with this would be awesome. thanks, -i
  7. Hey Gang, I am new to this so please comments are welcome as well as assistance from any of the experts in the field. These vids are based on an article written by Will M. Baker a while back. Link is here.http://buzz.beezwax....epeating-fields enjoy.. -ian part 1: part 2:
  8. I'm updating an existing database to add some functionality and unfortunately, I'm stuck dealing with a lot of repeating fields. I know they can be a pain to work with and should be avoided but the database is already in use and there are years worth of records that I have to maintain backwards compatibility with. So, on to the question... The database is for a log (similar to a captain's log) that has fields for date, time, operator's name, log comment, comment ID, and comment category. The date is a single field (1 repetition) but all the other fields are in repetitions of 30. So a given record is viewed by the date, with up to 30 log entries for the day. I have added a second table with nearly identical fields that will be used to track outstanding issues (log entries that should be carried forward to the next days log, such as broken equipment). I would like the 2nd table for outstanding issues to auto-fill the first available blank repetition with any log entries from the daily log that are outstanding (Log:Category=Outstanding). So the daily log should be used as it has been, and the outstanding issues table/layout will be used to view and store any daily log entries of importance (auto-entered whenever a daily log entry is created with Log:Category=Outstanding) that should always be viewable no matter what Date's daily log is being viewed. That way the operator doesn't have to go searching through all previous logs to find important issues that should be noted. I think I have the problem about half figured out but the repeating fields are complicating things. I want to give every record in the daily log a unique comment # that is auto-entered as (Get (Log:Date) & Get (activerepetitionnumber)). The comment # field will be auto-filled via a script trigger when the comment text field is saved. Then, when the category is selected, a script trigger would copy the comment # and paste it in the first blank repetition of the outstanding issues:comment# and the rest of the fields would be lookups. The part I'm not sure about is how to reference the first blank repetition in the outstanding issues table.
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