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Found 16 results

  1. Dogged by a Slow FileMaker Database? Cache in on this Quick Tip to Improve Layout Load Times & Report Generation By Joe Cellino, FileMaker Developer Have you ever wondered, “What is taking this report so long to generate?” or “Why does this layout take so long to load?” It may be that your FileMaker fields are set up inefficiently. If you have unstored calculation or summary fields on your layout, this will most certainly be the issue. Just as the names indicate, “unstored” calculation fields and “summary” fields don’t store any data. They must calculate the data each time the field is displayed. It may be easier to use unstored calculations in order to get your database functionality working, but this will inhibit your system from scaling with your business in the long run. The good news is — you can improve FileMaker performance with this data caching trick. Read More - > https://excelisys.com/dogged-by-a-slow-filemaker-database-check-out-this-data-caching-tip/
  2. I have a simple report that lists Faculty by their Credential (Doctorate, Masters, Degree, etc) The goal is to have a list, by name, of all faculty that have a specific credential. The list is Counted as well. The problem is that many faculty have more than one credential of the same type (eg. two Degrees). I want to see the description of the credential (so I know what it is for) and a count of faculty that have it. What I have lists all the faculty with that credential and it shows multiple credentials for those that have them but I can not get an accurate count of the number of faculty. What I get is a count of the Credentials. The tables involved are: (abbreviated for your sanity :-) Faculty -FacultyID -FirstName -LastName -Name_Last_First (calculation) FacultyEducation -FacultyEd_ID -FacultyID -CredentialType -CredentialDescription -CredentialType_Count The report layout is assigned to the FacultyEducation table. Sub-summary part1: FacultyEducation::CredentialType Contains fields: CredentialType and CredentialType_Count Sub-summary part2: Faculty::Name_Last_First Contains fields: Name_Last_First Body Contains fields: CredentialDescription Footer Sort order: FacultyEducation::CredentialType (ascending) Faculty::Name_Last_First (ascending) How can I get a proper count of the Faculty ?
  3. balooka

    Grouping summary

    Hi I'm currently working on a database where photo's are ordered on a website and need to be managed (via .csv imports) in FM12. This is all working pretty well so far but my problem is with the reporting/summary. The setup is that a FMdb (iPad/FMgo) generates the data that is imported into the site CMS where customers can order specific prints. That works fine. The modified data is exported (CSV) from the CMS and imported into another FMdb, that is related to the initial FMdb (where the data is generated). This second FMdb is the one that will generate invoices and ordertickets and so on. The structure is: VENUE (keyA) -> GROUP (keyA) | (keyB) -> ARTIST (keyB) | (keyC) -> PHOTO (keyC) When I generate an orderticket I use summary sort like: -VENUE -- GROUP --- ARTIST--> PHOTOS Which is perfect! But... If an artist has multiple images and also orders multiple it will list all ordered items like above. So Artist1 order 5 images and I'll and up with 5 lines (--- ARTIST--> PHOTOS). That is fine for the orderticket but not for the invoice (unspecified for a reason). Is there a way to only show one instance of Artist1, where the costs are grouped. So even if Artist1 has ordered 10 photo's of 1 dollar each, it will not list 10 lines, but just one with a value of 10 dollar? If I make a selfjoin on the PHOTO-table I can see in the portal that the amounts are added nicely to one sub-summary, but in the report I have no clue on how to omit all the instances but one with the summarized (sp?) price... I hope this made sense, my English isn't all that Thanks a lot!
  4. Our system now has about 30 reports and the way I manage them is by haveing a layout with buttons on it that run those reports. I need to simplify it and its really hard to keep it looking neat and tidy. Ideally I could create a table which I could name each report and give a description and when the user clicks on a button it runs the relevant script. Anyone got any ideas?
  5.  YZY SOFT today announced the launch of Benroy Business App is an all-in-one solution for business management and higher productivity purposes. Benroy was developed using the world leading FileMaker Platform.   The application is especially convenient to organize and track daily work in the following business areas: Sales, Creative agencies, Real estate companies, Construction companies, Photography, Employment agencies, Legal professionals and others.  Benroy Business App is the ideal solution to manage your Contacts, Projects, Job Orders, Estimates, Project discrepancies, Leads, Proposals, Contracts, Products, Warehouses, Incomes, Expenses, Payments, Documents, and Tasks, Events with Calendar, Timesheets. It’s great all-in-one business application.   On Benroy's Dashboard you have all the most important information in a single window: projects, revenue, daily tasks... The CrossTab reports let you slice you business data in the way you like it. Chosen data can be printed, saved as PDF or exported to Excel.  Benroy enables a Handy Project Management - distribution of tasks, documentation related to the project and much more. The Calendar helps you to check the availability of the teams and plan meetings. Sales management is a part of the application as well.  Benroy includes an extremely easy to use financial module with an overview of all the buying and selling activities, all in one place. You can also calculate the cost of goods or services easily. 'Benroy' also has a convenient billing module with a mailing to customers function.  Benroy key features:  • CRM: Organize your whole business in one place. • Contacts and Companies management. • Calendars and activities: Individual or multi-user calendars. • Activity Sets: Ideal feature for a perfect business process management. Prepare activity sets (Event and/or Task) and assign them easily to a Contact, Company, Project or Sales Lead. • Projects, Tasks and Job orders: the Project module allows you to define projects, tasks, and roles, track project activity; assign tasks to individuals or groups; prepare job orders and estimates; quickly prepare invoices and track project expenses. • Sales management and Quotes/Proposals: Track your leads and prospects, quickly prepare quote/proposal and send it to the customer. When leads are won prepare the contract with one click, create project and track process later on. • Product catalog, Warehouses and Inventory management: Store all your products and services, manage prices, prepare beautiful catalogs and pricelists directly for customers. Manage multi warehouses, reorder levels, quantity on hand, etc. • Invoices and Expenses: overview of all the buying and selling activities, all in one place. Convenient billing and mailing to customers. Calculate the cost of goods or services easily. • Document management: Secure document storage means everyone has access to the information they need and no one can overwrite another user’s updates. Link documents to any module within the application. • Dashboard & Reports: the Dashboard shows current business status and CrossTab reports let you slice you business data in the way you like it. Chosen sliced data can be printed, saved as PDF or exported to Excel. • Multi-platform support: Whether you have a Windows PC or a Mac, Benroy works seamlessly in all platforms, including on iPads for technicians and project teams or sales reps at remote locations. • iPad version: Full featured iPad version with barcode scanner and signature capture. Control your warehouse, sign and take clients signatures on invoice, job order or contract on the go.   Benroy Business App can run as a single-user application, especially when you start your business. But if you need a multi-user environment or want to use Benroy on your iPad you can do it with a multi-user version. You can always upgrade from single-user application to multi-user environment. Benroy was developed using the world leading FileMaker Platform, which allows running business applications as multi-platform solutions. If you upgrade to multi-user version you will be able to run Benroy on Mac, Windows and iPad. Multi-user environment requires FileMaker software.  Benroy has been approved by FileMaker technical team as a complete solution and is listed on the FileMaker web site’s showcase “Made for FileMaker”. “We are so excited about that and hope everyone will like the App as we do…” said Giedrius Godelaitis, YZY SOFT’s founder.  Pricing and Availability: Benroy Business App is just $79 as a single-user application and $899 for the 5 user multi-user version. FileMaker software is not included.  Get theApp right now and dedicate your time to business!  Useful links: http://solutions.filemaker.com/made-for-filemaker/detail.jsp?id=solution.10000004154 http://www.yzysoft.com http://www.BenroyApp.com   About FileMaker Inc. (www.filemaker.com) FileMaker, Inc., an Apple subsidiary, delivers innovative software to easily create custom business solutions for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web. Millions of people, from individuals to some of the world’s largest organizations, use the FileMaker Platform to streamline their business processes, manage information, and boost overall productivity.   About YZY SOFT (http://www.yzysoft.com) YZY SOFT is a privately held company founded in 2010 and located in beautiful Vilnius, Lithuania. YZY SOFT focuses on the easy to use business management solutions and its add-ons.   © 2015 FileMaker, Inc. All rights reserved. FileMaker is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All Rights Reserved. YZY SOFT and Benroy are registered trademarks of YZY SOFT, Lithuania     Â
  6. I'm trying to create a report that shows mee all Tutors that are not tutoring a course. The tables involved are: Tutor --> TutorCourse --> Course Where TutorCourse is a join table. It's easy to see which tutors have courses as that is prcisely what is stored in the join table. The approach seems to be to interate through the Tutor IDs in the Tutor table and see which one's do not have a relation to TutorCourse... but I don't know how to do this. Is this even a good approach?? Jason
  7. Is there a method of copying a list of records for a report? basicly here is my situation: My client sends out an invoice with a customized front (designed in form view) of the summaries of the charges. Following this, is the detail list (individual line item entries) They currently run these seperatly, print them out, compile them, rescan them, then send to client. I'm looking to cut all that out and generate the detail list right under the customized front first page. I know I could use a portal, but I read where it will not autogrow to the number of records only shrink with sliding (there could be more records than I allow for) I have 4 different tables that I need to provide details on, would be wonderful if I could get filemaker to pull in all 4 detailed lists and have them autogrow / shrink no matter the number of records. then my client just slaps a button :)
  8. I have a report set up in 4 parts (due to the way the data and photos are sorted and shown). Right now, the script saves them as 4 different pdf files, which I need to combine in Acrobat. Is there a way to combine the pdfs in the script, or have Filemaker somehow combine the reports before saving as pdf? (The reports involve different find sets, so the latter seems unlikely.) I'm using Filemaker 12.
  9. I have a report I want to print that looks fine in browse mode. It has a white background with some field boundaries displaying as well (attached image one). When I enter preview mode or save a PDF of the report all of a sudden the background is grey and some of the field boundaries are gone (attached image 2). Any idea what I have setup incorrectly? Other list reports in the database print fine. Â "Show field frames when record is active" and "Delineate fields on current record only" are both unchecked in layout setup. Â Thank you
  10. Good Morning, I need help trying to create this report as I can not figure out the best method of doing this. Here is what I need the report to do. My report is a sorted list of technology assets by location name. In each sub summary I need to list the count of all different types of devices. The device types are a value list which has all the items such as “Desktop, Laptop, Firewall, Cellphone” in the list. How can I get the totals for each location of each of these devices to appear? Please see the image below for an idea of what I am talking about. Thank you in advance for your help!
  11. I have a database made up of 3 tables, Company, Event, and Registration. I have created a report showing all of the events each company attend, summarized by Company. What I am trying to figure out is how to create two different reports One Report showing only the Companies that are attending only one event and One Report showing companies that will be attending more than one event. Each report should be able to show the name of the company and the event or events they are attending Can anyone offer me a suggestion or guidance as to how to accomplish this? Thanks Elliot
  12. We just installed an HP LaserJet M525c printer and every report that FileMaker 11 prints to it has enlarged logos/fonts (see attached image). We haven't had this issue printing from any other program -- Word, Excel, even printing to a PDF from FM and then printing that PDF with Adobe. I've run different reports from different databases and each time, the report is printed faintly in the background with gigantic wording (the correct field headers and data fields) are blown up over top of it. Has anyone ever had this experience? Any ideas for a solution?
  13. I have a customer database and with a customer table and a service call table. I am looking to create a report that would summarize total payment received in each month and a total for any given year with a grand total of every year. Not sure how to set up the layout part for the Year and Month so that they will produce the desired result. Thank you for any assistance. Greg
  14. Hi All, Â I have a report that shows a bunch of detail records in the body, and in the "Leading Grand Summary", it displays a Notes field from the header table that the detail records are related to. Â My customer asked me to move that Notes field to the end of the report. Seemed simple enough. Unfortunately, that field is blank if it is in the Trailing Grand Summary, the Footer or the Title Footer. Is there any reason for this behavior and is there any way to fix it? Â (I have included screenshots of where this field is currently when it works) Â Thank you, Ryan Â
  15. This is going to be tough to describe, never mind solve but please bear with me. We have roughly 100 departments in our university, most of which submit funding proposals every year. Each proposal is designated one of ten category types. I have a database which includes the department name, proposal date, proposal type and proposal amount. I need to produce a report which sums the proposal amounts for every category by department, as well as the total for each department, and to list the results side-by-side for each year from 2008 going forward. Using a report layout it's very simple to get the results for a single year at a time by searching from 1/1 ... 12/31 and running subsummaries sorted by department and proposal type. My problem is how can I show and compare the results for every year in the same layout? I can print out the results for a year at a time and just hold the printouts next to each other with the departments aligned but that's hardly elegant. Also, not every department submits a proposal every year, and not every proposal category is present for each department so even printing out yearly reports and sticking them side-by-side doesn't give a perfect alignment. Is there any way to show the total amount for each category by department, by year, with everything on the same layout, short of writing individual calculation fields for 100 departments x 10 categories x 5 years = 5,000 fields? Any hints or pointers greatly appreciated. Colin Hunter
  16. I have several reports which I'd like the user to be able to select from a list and then have FM print overall upon one button press, rather than the current set up I have which is a button on each report which fires the relevant print script. To add a little layer of complexity to the process, the reports need a letter index added to them prior to printing. This is because, depending on the circumstances, in one instance Report XYZ could have an index position of say, 'D', but the next time, due to an additional report being required, Report XYZ would have the index position of 'E'. This index position needs to be visible on the report. The reason I'm posting is because I'm not really certain where to start on this one. The one thing I do have is a table which lists all the reports and currently allows a user to enter any report via a portal list based on that table. Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated on this! Thanks
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