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Found 35 results

  1. Has catalina broken scribe?
  2. I am trying to get the new feature of inserting an image into word document. I am using the following format below but the result produces the filepath to the image in the container not the image itself ScribeDocSubstitute("[placeholder]" ; myTable::myContainer )Result looks like this remote:7onwjqa8uf.jpgsize:461,64PNGf:Secure/98/C6/B9742F96/C1E5C3E5/2E9E6584/6695
  3. I have been using the Scribe plugin to insert text into word-based tables as part of an annual report. I am using FM 16 on both Mac and Windows and have the very latest version of the Plugin. I am able to insert the text into multiple tables throughout the document quite well. What is not happening is that the new data is not maintaining the formatting of the table. I would be fine with just holding the correct font and size. Should the data insert into the word based tables retain the formatting and if so what determines that formatting because inserting the data into a fully preformatted table removes all the formatting and sets the data back to some kind of default font of Cambria 12 vs. the Helvetica 9 that is in the table? Any Thoughts? Thanks, Todd
  4. Hi, I am trying to write to a .xlsx file which has embedded documents in it using scribe. When I go to open the .xlsx file it has unreadable content and the embedded file is lost. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  5. I have a client who currently has a report using multiple portals. The report is based on a table with many child records but those related records are all first generation children, not child, grandchild, etc. Thus, the report cannot be created on the last child table. Can I use Scribe to create a MS Word document that will contain these multiple portal records? I looked at the documentation but didn't see anything for "Portal" or "Related Records".
  6. I've seen the following issue with two forms. If the field in the PDF document that you want to replace has a parenthesis in it, ScribeDocWriteValue returns an error. For example, in the attached PDF, there's a form entitled, "A petition for an extension of time under 37CFR 1.136 (a)". I believe that the problem is that acrofields are delimited by using parentheses. The way to include a parenthesis in text is to using back slash ("\") before the parenthesis, but this doesn't work. Has anyone else experienced this issue and found a way around it? I'm about 99% certain that there is a bug in the plug-in at this point. PTOAIA31.pdf
  7. Hello group, I was wondering if there's a way to know if the scribe plugin can help me with my project. Using FMA11 I want to populate a PDF that have permission to write, fill and save the form. My problem is that I have on my PC Acrobat professional but the reste of the office only have Reader. So when I test on my PC it work, since I have Pro When other user are doing it, when the file is created, data are populate from FM and the file is open so user can enter remaining information... but the new created file lost the permission to fill the form and save it. The way it's configure, I'm not using a container field, but I link it to a template file located on the server (so any change to the file can be done easely) it open the file, fill the forms, save the file to a new location with a specific name. I don't think having 2 container fields as the demo show it, would change anything, unless you tell me otherwise, but keep in mind the resulted filled PDF must be save in the server after it as beeing fully filled by the user. The only reason I don't want to use container is the problem with using global field over a network file (close the server file, importe the PDF into field, every time I need to change the main PDF file). So can this be done without haing Acrobat Pro on every station = lost of more $$$ Now I'm using a demo of the scribe plug for testing. Thank you JF
  8. The title says it all. I want to be able to replace some text strings in a Word document with text built from data in FileMaker, and I'd like to maintain the style applied to the data in the field. It doesn't look like there's any straight-forward way to do this, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks, -jb
  9. When updating any 360works-plug-in it is deactivated after any update. Sometimes it does not even is replaced. I have created batch-scripts to shut off FileMaker and then remove any 360works-plug-in. After that my user(s) have to restart the application again and the new version of (any) 360works plug-in is installed correctly and activated automatically. I also use other plug-ins by Troi, Dacons en Goya simultaniously and these work perfectly fine and also will be updated and activated when a newer version is being installed. Only the 360works-plug-ins fail to update everytime. I use the script-step "Install plug-in file" so nothing exotic is done there. The problems occur on windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 2008 and 2012. On the 32 and 64 bits versions (2012 - 64-bit only) Any suggestions or anyone else has the same trouble?
  10. I am trying to get a page count from a PDF file stored in a container field. ScribeDocLoad is successful. Next I'm attempting to use ScribeDocReadValue to get the PDFPageCount. The variable $LastPage is set to ScribeDocReadValue( "PDFPageCount" ) This parameter, or any other of the metadata values listed in the documentation, results in an error like "Reading values is not supported for the file PDFPageCount" The documentation reads like this: Am I fundamentally misunderstanding what this is supposed to do? The PDF file has no formal "fields." Its just a scanned PDF. D
  11. I was wondering if anyone has noticed any issue using Scribe to populate and save an Excel 2013 spreadsheet. I had previously created this FileMaker application for my client that gathers and aggregates data for selected reports and then uses Scribe to populate and save predefined Excel templates with that data. To get the final Excel reports, FileMaker then kicks off a VBScript file that runs an Excel macro to handle the appropriate formatting steps for each report. The process was created using FileMaker 12 and Excel 2010 and has been running for quite some time without any problems. We are currently in the stages of upgrading to a new server utilizing FileMaker 13 and Excel 2013 and have run into an intermittent issue. When the problem occurs, FileMaker gathers the data correctly, and Scribe populates the Excel template as designed. However, when the Excel macro tries to open the newly populated template file in Excel 2013, it hangs. If I manually try to open the template file in question, it gives me an error message stating "We found a problem with some content in xxxxx.xlsx. Do you want us to try to recover as much as we can? If you trust the source of this workbook, click Yes." If I select Yes, it opens the workbook and displays another message stating "Excel completed file level validation and repair. Some parts of this wrokbook may have been repaired or discarded." It doesn't give any specifics on what "parts" it is talking about, and the file looks like I would expect it to. If I then copy the corrupted Excel file to a different machine and try to open it in Excel 2010, I get a similar message. This process has been tested succesfully using FileMaker 12/Excel 2010 (Mac), FileMaker 12/Excel 2010 (PC), and FileMaker 13/Excel 2010 (Mac). But it breaks when using FileMaker 13/Excel 2013 (PC), so it seems to me the issue might be something with how Scribe populates or saves the initial Excel file. And, as I mentioned above, the problem only happens intermittently. Sometimes the process correctly in FileMaker 13/Excel 2013 (PC). But then other times it breaks when run under the same conditions for the exact same dataset. Has anyone encountered this situation or something similar? On the new server, I have set the folder that houses these template and macro files as a Trusted Location in Excel. And I have even tested it out after disabling Protected View but haven't yet been able to come to a successful solution. Any help you all can give is most appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Hi All, This should be a simple one ... I'm using 360Works Scribe to populate data into an Excel spreadsheet template. The solution is hosted in FM Pro Server using Instant Web Publishing. After the user has examined some dynamic data on the screen, they may download an Excel spreadsheet containing the data. To do this, I open an Excel file that serves as my template using ScriebeDocLoad. I then populate various fields into the spreadsheet using lots of ScribeDocWriteValue commands based on what the user is viewing, then save the file using the ScribeDocSaveFile function. I use SuperContainer to house the file and the FileMaker Open URL function to allow the user to download the Excel file. My problem is that the script works the first time download file is created, but fails every following attempt with an error in the ScribeDocSaveFile function. The error is "java.io.FileNotFoundExceptions: (my URL)/filename.xlsx (Permission Denied)". My suspicion is that permissions on the file do not allow the ScribeDocWriteValue function to overwrite a file that already exists. Yet the file was originally created by Scribe. If I delete the file that was created and run the script again, it works fine. Only when there is a file in place does it fail. Does the ScribeDocSaveFile function not allow an overwrite? If not, I don't see a file deletion function. I could use AppleScript to delete the file if IWP would support it. I may have to use 360Works RemoteScripter -- but I'm hoping this is something simple I can fix. Thanks.
  13. I am investigating moving my database to web direct. To do so I need to get scribe working on fmphost. I have added a script step to register the plugin - which works fine in self hosted or fmphosted but I still get an error telling me that I need to install the plugin when I try to run it in webdirect. I have be speaking with fmphost who reported "It turns out the Scribe plugin also needed to be enabled in the FileMaker Server Admin Console. We have enabled the plugin, so it should be working now.". I am wondering if my license wont work with web direct. My license is described as "360Works Scribe 2.15 / Upgrade from Single User License to Scribe Workgroup License (Upgrade)". Any ideas?
  14. Is it possible to specify any formatting (html/css) when using scribedocappend (with the scribe plug-in) i am trying to add text on the fly that is centered. any solutions? thanks so much!
  15. I’m running into a problem with FMP not recognizing an Excel file I saved using the ScribeDocSave() function I’m using Scribe to read an xlsx spreadsheet, search for a value in the first row, and change the value in a cell. Reason being- I plan to import this file using the Import File script step and I need the field name to match exactly (it’s not always in the same column in the first row). That part works perfectly and was easy to implement. Then I save the modified file to a temporary directory. The trouble is, if I try to import the modified file into FMP I get the following error: The selected Excel workbook has an unsupported file format. Please convert the workbook to the Excel 2007, or Excel 2008 file format and try again. Is this a known issue, and is there a workaround? I’m on a Mac (OS X 10.9.3)
  16. Hi everybody and thank you in advance for the support. I am trying to use scribe in a filemaker application to create a huge word document with several text and many images. I would need to insert some dynamic page breaks, which position depends on the report that I am creating, but I couldn't find anything useful in the scribe help. Is there a way to do this? The app is built in Fm16, the plugin version is updated.
  17. Hi All, I want to use Scribe as a mail merge tool, but I don't want the result to be separate files because there quickly become too many of them to manage. I came up with a set of short apple scripts to have Word insert each file into the document as I go, but it occurred to me that it would be much faster and simpler if I could do the whole process in FM then just open the result in Word. I didn't see anything in the documentation that seemed to cover this. Any ideas? Thanks!
  18. Hi, I am looking for ways to update a HTML file stored in a container field. Could Scribe be okay to handle the search and replace? I am trying to update a html file stored in a container field by using the Scribe plugin. Would this be possible. Thanks, Oliver
  19. 360works Scribe can take data from a pdf form and import to filemaker. Can scribe take data from filemaker and import to a field on a pdf form?
  20. I'm trying out Scribe for a project that will involve writing to an Excel template. The template has a 'summary' sheet that will total values from other sheets etc. I need to be able to write formulas to this sheet in order to have it create the summaries, e.g "=SUM(Sheet1!M2:M125)" Scribe can write that text into a cell, but somehow it doesn't get recognised as a formula. I have to click into the cell, move the cursor to the left edge, and hit the backspace, at which point it is recognised. Any ideas on how to remove the need for that last step? Many thanks
  21. Have created a Word docx with text and a small table placed into a first page only header. When I try to load through Scribe, it creates the local appdata folder, but fails to populate it, and returns a java error. When I create a docx with the text and table in the body, there is no error when scribe loads it. Is there a fix for this? I am trying to construct a policy manual and the first page only header/other page different header is necessary.
  22. Hello, we use your plugin Scribe for editing Excel files in our Filemaker solution. Since a few days we get an error message when calling the method "ScribeDocLoad" (see appendix) for newer Excel files. Older Excel files from the beginning of 2018 are not affected. So we wanted to ask if there might be a problem with the error in Scribe. We are currently using: Filemaker Pro Advance version Microsoft Excel 2016 Ver. 16.0.9029.2253 64-bit Scribe version 3.08 In the appendix you will find an Excel file that throws an error message when opening with Scribe. With kind regards Christian Chojnacki Click to choose files Mappe1.xlsx
  23. I hope this helps anyone that has had to put up with the ScribeDocSubstitute errors when no placeholder string could be found in a document - a problem that has had both us and our clients pulling our hair out. The 360Works Scribe help page - http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Scribe#No_occurrences_of_.5Bplaceholder_string.5D_were_found_in_the_document - offers a solution of retyping an entire placeholder due to the XML creating a split string. We've been doing this, but at times it just doesn't work and we've never seen any evidence in the XML of a split happening. However, today we hit a eureka moment and believe the main problem is not split strings, but the use of Tracking under the Review menu in Word. With this switched on there are hidden occurrences of the placeholders in the XML that are referenced by ScribeDocSubstitute. We have had documents where the placeholder(s) has been typed, retyped and typed again (etc.) but could not get around the error (we have a check that runs whenever we upload a Word template to FileMaker container fields, therefore documents that generate these errors are not allowed into the database). However, we've now been able to clear all errors within a file without retyping a single placeholder as follows: open the file generating the errors in Word, click Review, click on the arrow beside/below Accept, select Accept All Changes and Stop Tracking, save the file and test We've been putting up with the placeholder problems since we started using Scribe and hope this helps people avoid the pain we've been through. Andy - salefaith.com
  24. I've been using Scribe a LOT lately to automate filling out PDF forms. What I do at first is open the form in question, put in some sample data, and then run a script that finds all the field names and the values with which they're populated, so I can then develop an appropriate script to fill out that form (that's my big tip). However, what I've learned is -- man, I cannot believe how various forms name fields. My favorite thus far is a patent office form that for a patent application number names the field some boilerplate text that runs to about a paragraph (!). You don't ever see this unless you're doing something like with Scribe, but wow.
  25. I am using Scribe to extract text from a pdf. The pdf has a filesize of 705542 so it is fairly large. The Scribe result is fairly good but it has a serious problem: a space is inserted into words; see example of words like NE W YORK AND NEW JERSEY, airp orts, Inte rnational, Internat ional Why does Scribe do this? Is there a way to fix it? (It is close to a dealbreaker if you can extract text but then not use the text that's extracted) Many thanks in advance for your replies, as I certainly hope I can use Scribe since I've used 360Works products for years and Textractor before Scribe. Carole
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