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Found 357 results

  1. I've added a script trigger on entry to a specific field. If the user does not have permission to edit, they're provided with a dialogue and can't enter. However if they do have permission the field is selected and then exited. How do I let authorized users remain in the field and continue editing? Here's the code: If [ Get (ScriptResult ) = Null ] Show Custom Dialogue ["No permission to edit!"] Halt Script End If Much appreciated.
  2. Hello, I would like to match records from one table with records from another one. The problem is that all records in both tables are products with different names, packages, e.t.c. I have created a relationship and manually enter the record id of table1 to products of table2 and then with portal table view the match, but I would like also to perform a search to find similar records from these two tables based on some criteria that I established. For example, I created a field in each table with mixed information from various fields of each table and I would like to see whether there is any match or not. Thank you very much
  3. I have a quiz that I got from www.soliantconsulting.com . How can I have the answers to the questions cleared after the database is closed?
  4. I have a portal, and , if I change the data in the main table, in the portal the value of data have the old value, but if I reselect the data in the portal, iI have the new correct value. How can UPDATE the data in the portal automaticaly by a script? THX andy
  5. Might be a stupid question but how can I execute a script from a calculation function? Thomas
  6. I'm trying to do something that seems like it might be pretty common and ought to be fairly simple. Let's say I have a Table called Artworks and another Table called Keywords, which holds 1000's of records, a big lexicon of Art terms. I'm building a system where I can tag various artworks with any number of keywords. The tags will be kept in a join table between Artworks and Keywords. So, I would like to have a little textbox where the user can begin typing a keyword, and in a portal underneath, the Keywords beginning with the typed characters are displayed, and this list will get smaller as the user types. For instance, if the user types "pa" the filtered portal might show parade parrot pastel . . . and then if he types a further "r" the word "pastel" would disappear. My thought was to (1) create a filtered portal when there relationship betyween Artworks and Keyords is defined as: Artworks::Textbox = Left( Keywords::Word ; Length ( Artworks::Textbox ) ) and then (2) set a Script Trigger on the Textbox field "On keystroke" that simply performs a "Refresh Window; Flush cached join results; Flush cached external data". So, this isn't working. Is it the right idea but I'm missing a detail, or is my approach just wrong?
  7. I know this is simple but I am missing something and therefore cannot figure out what to do. Everything I try doesn't work. I want to create a script that will transfer me from Table A to Table B staying on the related record. That's it. I have a relationship that works between the two tables but just cannot figure out how to move from Table A to B. I am assuming it would be a find script with a set field by name? but I cannot get that to work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  8. Not sure if this is the right forum. What I need is a way to capture the date and the exact time in a field. Here is what it is for. It is a tardy calc I am trying to build. I have a field with a value list and a drop down box. The user can choose between 1st - 7th period. Then there is another box that the date and the exact time needs to be put in. Can this be done automatically? In other words the user clicks on the field titled "Date/Time" and the date and the exact time is inputted in the field. Then I need that field saved forever. Because that same student could come back tardy again but on a different period. So I would need to be able to use that "Date/Time" field again.Hope this makes sense. Please advise.
  9. Can I script to have my database open another database then close that database when finished so the user is back in the primary database? Example: Building an eCourse in the primary database. I want the user to be able to take a quiz. There is a free quizzer that was built in Filemaker Pro 12 advanced. So when the user gets to the part to take the quiz, that database opens and when they are finished with the quiz that database closes and goes back to the original database at a layout I define. Is that possible? Thank you.
  10. Hello all: I have a problem that I'm having a hard time getting out of. I have an "OnLayoutEnter" trigger and inside this trigger I have a script that goes to a New Window, does some processing, and returns. The issue I'm having is that when the script hits the New Window command the focus goes back to the "OnLayoutEnter" trigger and starts to run that again. I'm just confused as to why it would jump back to the "OnLayoutEnter" trigger script and is there a way to avoid that from happening. Dom
  11. Hi, I have made a couple of buttons which give my users a nice way to deal with managing accounts (creating and deleting user accounts, changing passwords, etc). I have attached scripts to the buttons that do the desired action--for example, the Add Account button provides a prompt for a username and password that the user can specify, and then adds this new account to the list of accounts. However, the problem is that I want my users to have data-entry only account privileges. (I don't want them to have full privileges so that they cannot edit the layouts, etc.) However when I try to run the script from an account with data-entry only privileges, I get an error when I try to run the script that says that I do not have the priviledges to run it. (The script runs fine from an account with full privileges.) I tried to make my own custom privilege set that will provide data-entry only privileges as well as the ability to run these scripts, but I cannot seem to find which setting would allow my users to run them. Any thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  12. Hello I am stuck here. I would like to play a music mp3 file while my user is in a certain layout. When they change to another layout I would like a different file to play. I would like it to loop and play as long as the user is in a layout. Ideally if it is somehow possible I would like it to fade in when it plays the first time. But loop if the user remains there. I am assuming it could happen in the background by a script trigger. Could I ask for you help here please? Thanks
  13. Howdy, I'm trying to create a script trigger. I have several fields and associated "comment" fields. Like this: abc abc_comment defg defg_comment The trigger would be if the abc_comment field has text in it, put a "Y" in the abc field. I'm sure it can be done, but I'm not smart enough to figure out how to read just the first part of the field name and parse out the "_comment" part. I'm currently using the function below to get the name of the active field. GetFieldName ( Evaluate(Get(ActiveFieldName))) Any help is greatly appreciated. P.S. I guess I could rename all the fields so that they have the same length before the "_comment" and use the LEFT function, but if there is a simpler way...
  14. Hi All, I would like for the following to happen: In windows 7 using FMP 11: Event: a file is exported from a program to a specific folder called C:/programname/export I would like that event to trigger FMP11 to open and run a script. Using a plug-in would be fine if you know one that will do this. Of course, better if I don't need a plug-in Thanks for your help. Jeff
  15. Hi All, I need some help with a trigger.... I think!! :-) I have created a field that has a value in it. Not all records have a value in the field. I need to have a "Pop-up Message" appear when a user loads a record that has a value in the field. Any ideas? Thanks..MG
  16. Hello, First post, sorry if I've posted in the wrong area, or if this information can be found elsewhere. Here's what I'm trying to do: I have a table into which I import a status report from a vendor… one of the fields imported is an "estimated completion date". Each week, I'll have a new status report (excel file that I import) from the vendor, with new/updated estimated completion dates for each record (along with other information), that I import using "update matching fields". What I'd like to do is create a separate field that displays the PREVIOUS estimated completion date once the NEW estimated completion date has been imported/changed. I originally created a script that would just "set field", with the "current estimated completion date" being copied to the "previous estimated completion date" field, and then import the excel. The problem with that script is that it would perform this copy for ALL records, even the ones where the date doesn't end up being altered by the new excel import, thus wiping out the old "previous estimated completion date". I'm assuming I need some sort of script trigger that can be used to, before the new value has been saved, copy the old value into my "previous estimated completion date" field, and then go on to save the new value in the "current estimated completion date" field, and only do this on dates that are actually changing. Any thoughts on which would be the right one to use or how that script might look? Thanks,
  17. Hello, I am gonna describe a scenario where total automation needed using only barcode scan, please bear with me: I am creating operator timesheet layout for product lifecycle in list-view. Each operator has a list of unique barcodes(printed sheet) for each production function. Every activity(function) of print production is assigned code (barcode) that represents function type as well as operator name: For eg. if John is working on new plates function for Press he'd scan barcode 301-1 but if Marc is working on the same function , he'd scan 301-2 , Now '301' represents new plates function and number after hyphen(-) represents operator. In John's case 1 and Marc 2. So, on the interface(list view of functions) , when an operator scans barcode of function it will set time-in field value and name of operator in their fields based on calculation from code. I don't want STOP button for each function to set value of time-out (because it requires user interaction), rather, I want it automated. I am looking for some sort of script trigger that runs on every new code scan and search for last record with similar operator name and set time-out value as current time in that record and set the same value as time-in for new function record. Thank you
  18. I want to perform a script on records created in the last 90 days. I would start out the script with a Perform Find command, based on the date created field, but now can I format this to show only records from the last 90 days. I tried using the "Todays date" symbol ( // ) and subtracting 90 from it and then doing a range ( ... ) from that calculation to the current date, but that didnt seem to work (syntax error).
  19. We have need of a notification queue, to alert people when certain records have been modified. For instance, we used to have a shared spreadsheet (pre-filemaker) and when changes were made, someone would change the cell background to Red. Then when someone responsible for making the change in their particular project (not part of the spreadsheet), as they looked through the spreadsheet, they would see the red, and know they needed to change it. They would make their physical change in their project, then put the cell color back to normal in the spreadsheet. I am hoping to implement something similiar in filemaker. Someway for someone to see that a change had been made. Then a way for them to acknowledge by turning it back to normal. It would have to be per certain designated records, because it could be any record that changes. I heard script triggers may be good for this? But not sure if it is overkill, maybe someone knows a simple way to do this in Filemaker, that works well.
  20. Is there a method to set a script to run based on time - say every 15 minutes? Specifically, I would like to setup Filemaker to import all images that reside in a server folder - and I'd like it to check that folder at regular intervals. Is there a way to set this up in FM - or with a 3rd party plugin? Thanks much.
  21. I have solution with many layouts, including Main Menu layout, Data Entry Layout, Repots Printing Layout How can I make the solution to go back to Main Menu after closing Data Entry or Reports Printing Layout.
  22. Im having trouble with a script that involves calculating a month. I have a field called "Assigned" that contains a date. What i am trying to do is create a script of all records that were assigned 1 month ago, 2 months ago, 3 months ago. So far, i have been able to figure out how to get the current date and take the month to subtracy by one like so: Month (Get (CurrentDate)) - 1 Now if i were to set that calculation as a variable of lets say $1_Month, how would i tell the program that i want to see all records whose assigned dates meet the criteria of the current month - 1, which would be July? Thanks
  23. Howdy, all: I'm trying to create a script trigger so when a user enters lowercase text into a two-letter State (text) field FMP will change the text to uppercase. The problem is users will unconsciously enter the state's identifier in lowercase so it'll "stick" in the field instead of the uppercase ones already set up in the value list. I don't want to change the field to a pop-up menu since that'll be unsightly and unwieldy with such a long list (states plus US possessions and Canadian provinces.) Before tweaking, I had it set up so the user received a custom dialogue message that he or she should use only uppercase letters but that was kinda clunky; I'd rather have FMP automate the change. I tried using the command, Upper, by itself but it "masks" the text to look like uppercase--the original text remains in lowercase. I'm close but not quite there. (See the attached) The first letter is changed after I enter the second letter of the two-letter abbreviation but the second letter isn't changed unless I enter a third letter. Not good. What do I need to tweak the script so the second letter is automatically capitalized? Pee Ess: I thought of using OnObjectModify instead of OnObjectKeystroke but since there's a tab order set up in the layout what happens is that the following field's (ZIP code) text is changed to the State's text. Not good, either! TIA for your help. test.fp7.zip
  24. Hi. I am looking to achieve a realtime filtering process whereby I have a drop down list displaying records of a field, and as the user types something only records with contents matching that in the field are displayed. For example: 100 records with a field called "name" (very original I know). As I press "j" only records that have "j" in that field are displayed - not just the first letter but "j" in that records field. I then press "a" and the list shrinks as it finds "ja" etc etc. I have seen a plugin demonstrate this (Fusion Reactor) but Im damned if I can get it going. Whilst I now use FmPro 10 Advanced, many clients of mine still have version 9 so will stick to this version for this question. Has anybody written scripts or functions or the like that do this? Please advise. Greg
  25. Hi,  I hope someone can help me. I've create a script (posted below) which uses the Get(AccountName) function to look up the users account name in a table and return the department they sit in (as a FK). I then use this to perform a find on my layout and return only the records that the person has access to view.  This works, however, instead of just returning the 5 or so records I want (as it does if I were to perform a find on the actual layout manually) it returns all the records but has <No Access> populated for all the other records.  Can anyone tell me if I've missed out a step in the script or something else so I can figure out why it's not working.  Many Thanks in advance.  Â
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