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Found 9 results

  1. From "Triggered" Script B, I want to "Resume" Paused Script A. But putting a "Pause/Resume" step in Script B Pauses Script B rather than "Resuming" Script A. The only Script B step I have found that will end the Pause in Script A is "Halt Script." But this discards Script A's local context (variables, original layout, etc.), requiring "globalization" of Script A's context if I want Script B to "complete" Script A's steps before Halting. Am I missing another approach (without Plug-ins) to a Script B completion of Script A's Pause? Here is my understanding: If Script A contains a Pause (for controlled user input), Script A is ONLY "Resumed" if the user - clicks "Continue", - presses "Enter", or - utilizes a "Resume" button I add to the layout. Now suppose: - Script B is triggered during Script A's Pause. - Script B "needs" to "Resume" Script A's Pause. Here is my approach: - Separate the remainder of Script A into Script C ("globalizing" context information as necessary). - Use "Perform Script [script C]" as the only step after the Pause in Script A. - Conclude Script B with these two steps: - Perform Script ["Script C"] - Halt Script // (to end/"Resume" the Pause initiated by Script A). Is there a downside to this (other than needing to "globalize" the context information in Script A)? Is there a better approach? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, I want to create a script trigger which opens a layout based on account name ,create new record and put cursor in first field of the new record Now, I was able to direct user to specific layout and also created new record using New Record/Request function but somehow it doesn't put cursor in the first field , instead it selects whole record . Note: I also have script triggers attached to first and second field which runs on exiting the fields. (I don't think they affect anyways , but just mentioned to give idea)
  3. Greetings, I have a global field that is acting as a search bar to perform a find with the data stored in it. I have set an OnObjectKeystroke script trigger to the field to activate a script if the user presses the enter key while inside the field. Since most users are used to hitting enter on their keyboards to perform a search and it's much quicker, I've adopted this method as opposed to a search button. I would like to prompt the user with a warning dialog if they press enter while inside the search field, but happen to leave the field empty. The custom dialog would tell them to type some search criteria in, instead of leaving the field empty to avoid performing a blank search. So far most of the script I came up with works, but for some reason it gets stuck in a loop during the last simple steps and I can't get out of it. I'm trying to have the following occur: - Exit the search field, and make it lose the focus. - Show a custom dialog telling the user of the error and prompting them to press "OK". - Upon pressing OK, enter the search field again and bring it into focus to set the cursor in the field so that the user can retype a correct value. The default FileMaker field validation that is found in the field's Options settings performs something very similar to what I described above. I'm trying to achieve a similar effect, but using a script instead to have more custom control and flexibility with the warning dialogs. Any help much appreciated. Custom validation - Search field.fmp12.zip
  4. Environment: FM13 with FM13 Server, mix of Windows 7 and 10. Is there a way to set a script trigger on if this portal row is new? IE, a script to run if this new child/portal record is new. We have a parent record, and portal to Children records. The children records have 2 fields: Profile Name and Process type. Our user would like to enter a new child record (profile name and process type). if the process type already exists, we will need to archive the existing record (matching the profile type). There is more bI want to start with this first. I see script triggers to the layout "OnRecordCommit", but no similar script trigger for portals. Any ideas on how to handle this? Or am I going to have to add a button to go to another screen to accomplish this? Thanks. I hope i gave enough info for you to help me.
  5. I have set up a database that allows employees to log in and out of tasks throughout the day so that we can track productivity and use the data to better bill. One of the features of the database is an "In Progress" button that allows department managers to, with a single click, see what employees are actively working on. It all works well except for end of day tasks. Every couple of days, an employee will leave without first logging out of their task. So the next morning, the supervisor will have to manually adjust their time. In an ideal world, each department manager would check the "In Progress" task before heading home to catch them right away, but we don't live in an ideal world. What I want to do is, at a specific time each day, send just these select few managers a quick notification that says "there are five open tasks in your department" (and if there are no open tasks in their department that day, they wouldn't need to receive anything). But because of the volume of users, I want the script to run on the client side rather than server side. I think the actual script is pretty straightforward: If [ Get (AccountName ) = "Manager" ] Go to Layout [ "Layout Name" ] Enter Find Mode Set Field [ Task End Time; "==" ] Perform Find If [ Get (FoundCount) = 0 ] Go to Layout [ "Home" ] Halt Script Exit Script Else Beep Show Custom Dialog [ "Message"; "You have two open tasks in your department." ] Exit Sccript End If End If (I do realize that setting it up this way would cause whatever the person is actively doing to be interrupted by this script. I haven't quite thought of a resolution to that just yet.) But how would I set such a script to run on the client side at, say, 4:00 PM Monday thru Friday? Is there a plugin available or can it be done with the tools and script steps FM has built in?
  6. Hello everyone I am currently working on a database, which HR-Managers can access via WebDirect using login-information, to accede or resign their employees. I have made 6 possible option types for the HR-employees to enter data into, set by an unique ID, but with the use of the same fields. So... X fields with option type 1 (Accede) Y fields with option type 2 (Resign) Z fields with option type 3 (Maternity leave / leave) .. Etc. 6 option types in total. Now, based on my project description, a couple of the fields will have to be validated / not empty, which the HR-manager is prompted to enter before the record can be committed. Now, I am aware of FileMaker has it's own Field Validation, but I think the built in feature is bonkers..... (Sorry FileMaker..) Therefore I was thinking of making a script to each of the different fields, which needs validation, and is this even a good solution Question one; how do I do this, the most easily? Is it possible? I have 8 required fields for validation, fields are global. Fields such as; Company Name, HR-manager name, HR-manager e-mail, employee SSN, employee name, employee surname etc. I don't want the scripts to interfere with the other option types ( X, Y, Z ) which each is set by an unique ID, as well as fields, although the fields used in these option types are from the same table. Please see attached images of my setup. Hope you can help me, for the best possible solution. If you need more information, let me know. /Cheers P.S. The language/text on the layout is Danish, although shouldn't be considered an issue for understanding my problem.
  7. Hi, I'm new to the forum so apologies if I have put this question in the wrong section. What I am attempting to do: I want to create a 'home page' that each consultant sees when the database opens on an iPad. The home page should have two pop-up menus, Client and the other Contact. For context, each Client with have multiple Contacts (generally employees and contractors) The consultants in the office want to be able to navigate to a Client they select from the pop-up menu on the 'home page'. The same process applies to the Contact pop-up menu. Many thanks if anyone has ideas how to achieve this.
  8. In FM 12 Advanced I cannot get the Tab Panel Script Trigger script to return a Tab Panel Object Name using either of the Get functions: Get(TriggerCurrentTabPanel) or Get(TriggerTargetTabPanel) I have used the GetValue(Get(TriggerCurrentTabPanel);2) but it returns nothing. Using the same function GetValue(Get(TriggerCurrentTabPanel);1) returns the Panel Tab Number. I've watched videos of people doing this and I've copied examples but cannot get it to work. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks, Jesse Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced Mac OS X 10.8
  9. Purpose: To capture the contents of a field before it is changed. Compare the before to the after. Highlight the after and screen capture then export. I can't get past the first sentence and it's getting frustrating because it seems extremely simple. 1 Field: OnDeck_t (text) - The OnDeck_t field data = On 2 Field: OnDeck_before (Where I want to capture the OnDeck_t before it's changed) I have an OnObjectEnter script trigger on the OnDeck_t field that runs this script: Set Field By Name [substitute (Get (ActiveFieldName); "_t"; "_Before"); Get (ActiveFieldContents)] If I do this it works fine. (But I don't want it hard coded. I will be using it for all the fields on the layout): Set Field [OnDeck_before; Get (ActiveFieldContents)] I have divided the Substitute (Get (ActiveFieldName); "_t"; "_Before") and Get (ActiveFieldContents) into separate lines in Data Viewer and both return expected results. Why doesn't it work when it's part of a 'Set Field by Name' script step? Thanks.

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