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  1. Updated script triggering plug-in for FileMaker Pro 17 adds script triggering via a URL. Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands, April 23, 2019–Troi today announced the immediate availability of Troi Activator Plug-in 5.0 for FileMaker Pro 17. What is Troi Activator Plug-in? Troi Activator Plug-in is a very powerful tool for triggering scripts remotely. All from within FileMaker you can: trigger a FileMaker script on a different computer (remotely) trigger a FileMaker script over internet use the built-in security to prevent
  2. I am trying to create a button that deploys a script that opens a corresponding server folder based on the value in a particular field of the current record card. Here is what I have so far, but I can't figure out why it is not working: Set Variable [ $jobno ; Value: Project File Server Locations::_4_digit_Job_No. ] If [ $jobno ≤ "100" ] Perform AppleScript [ "tell application "Finder" activate make new Finder window set target of Finder window 1 to folder "Projects 0001 - 0100" of disk "TRG Projects" end tell" ] Else If [ "100" < $jobno ≤ "200" ] Perform
  3. Hi, I've got a form that using check boxes to update a summary text box with information based on which check boxes have been checked. However, if one is checked in error and then unchecked I would like to remove the text from the summary text field. I've tried to use the Substitute the text with just a blank and all it seems to do is keep the text but put it in lower case. I had bullet points but then removed these to see if that would help but didn't I'm not sure where to go from here. Ideally I would like to keep the bullets but if they need to go that fine. Any hel
  4. Hi all My scheduled server scripts call up my onwindowopen startup script, which is great. I specify that the startup script exits if it is being run from the server. The actual scheduled script then runs fine. However I don't want any of my scheduled scripts to run if the plugins are not enabled on the server. I thought I could achieve this by utilising the 'halt' script step on the startup script in the event that the plugins were found not to be enabled. While it does halt the startup script, it does not also halt the script that called it up (the scheduled script). I'm
  5. I am updating an old database that I haven't used in awhile. I used to use EventScript plugin to launch a script from a calculation, but have lost it and it doesn't seem to be available anymore. Is there a built in way to accomplish this now? My calculation is just an if statement that checks if there is an entry in a related table, and if not, launches a script. Thanks
  6. Hello All, Below is my script for my webdirect layout ; I want to include a dialog saying "No record Found" if a user is searching and nothing is found. Freeze Window Set Error Capture [ On ] Allow User Abort [ Off ] Perform Quick Find [ Preferences::gSearchField ] If [ Get(LastError) ] Perform Find [ Restore ] Else Sort Records [ Restore ; No dialog ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] End If Go to Field [ Preferences::gSearchField] Thank you. LoLa
I put a Triggered Script on a Container Field (in a portal row record) to run when it Validates (OnObjectValidate) and while it runs fine if I use the Insert File command to put content in the container if I just Drag and Drop the Triggered Script never runs. In other words am I correct in saying Drag and Droping content into a container field wont Trigger a script to run? 

Any suggestions for a work around?
  8. HI, Need some help / wisdom ... I, the solution provider never have a "Global" issues as being stated below ... I have a solution that some, not all of the solution global fields are not populating when the script writes to them ? A client had to move their DB to another server and upon upload, soon afterward, I was getting notification from the client that some of the solutions safety conditions were triggering messages where certain events won't happen ... upon further investigation, I've discovered that the "Users" global fields were not writing when the script would write to
  9. Hi all We have a web based tickets portal which creates new messages in our filemaker database - this is for customers' use. It does this using the PHP API (the website was developed by a third party). We would like the owners of tickets to be notified when the customer has added a message to one of the tickets that they are in charge of. Is there a way for filemaker/filemaker server to trigger a 'send email' script when a new record is created via the web portal? Or would it be simpler for this action to occur on the web side? Many thanks
  10. Hi, I'm aksing myself how I could make the trigger functionality of the fmstandards package work. When I call the CF TriggersAreActive, I get True(1) as a result (in the Data Viewer or inside a Set Variable script step). When I call TriggersDisable and then TriggersAreActive again, I still get True(1), so Triggers are still active. I could simply use a $$ variable to save the trigger state, but I don't want to, because that can lead to problems using subscripts. What am I missing? Thanks a lot for your help, Gary
  11. Perhaps I'm tired...but I would like a refresher on the subtle difference between these two triggers. In my use case, my script enters find mode, sets fields, and finds the target record (a scripted gtrr). Now that I found the record, I'd like to set all the default button bar $$active_segments, and perhaps nav to certain panels. At first I tried OnLayoutEnter, but apparently that doesn't fire in Find mode. I could add all the setting of stuff to the script that does the find, but it occurs to me that perhaps OnRecordLoad is the better approach. Thoughts?
  12. Hello, I am working on an older FMP 11 database and trying to create some new features while we wait to migrate to FMP 14. I setup a layout with some basic data collection, where some of the fields are simple YES/NO drop down selections. The data gets populated into another layout for printing and exporting, and I have a few fields where the visibility needs to be based on the result of the YES/NO response. That seems to be available with the inspector in FMP 14, but all of the users are on FMP 11 for a unknown amount of time. I assume this needs to be created using a script trigger
  13. Is it possible to set a trigger on the tabs that sets one global field/one variable? For example: I have seven tabs: Monday, Tuesday....Sunday. Clicking each tab would set a variable: Mon, Tue... and so on accordingly. But I can't assign script parameter to each tab - it sees it as one script with one parameter. I can name each tab as object, but how do I extract object name and use it for changing data in the field/variable? I hope it's clear...
  14. I read in help: "OnRecordLoad Triggers a script to run after a record is made current or entered, such as after a user or script switches to a layout, switches records, opens a new window, creates or deletes a record, or performs a Find operation." How do you find this Script trigger, and how do you apply it? My aim is to trigger a script for each record I look through. What do I do, to see it available when I choose Set Script Trigger?
  15. Hi, I would like to know which is better: Using scripts trigger on layout enter Our through regular scripts that is attached to navigation button. I currently have a script set to go to a layout and sort all records. Would it be better if I put a on layout enter script to sort records so that it's always sorted? Would this slow the performance? I apologize for the text being centered. I'm posting from my phone and I can't find the option to correct it.
  16. Hey all! I’m returning to FileMaker after many years away, and my brain is still dusty. I’m trying to figure out how to solve this problem: I have a table called Recipients, full of people I’ve emailed a drip campaign. Besides their name and email address, each Recipient record contains a set of fields that indicate the date when each stage of the drip campaign was emailed to them. These fields are named Date Sent 1, Date Sent 2, Date Sent 3, etc. When a person responds to an email, I want to manually enter the nature of their reply into a text field called Response. As soon as I edi
  17. Environment: FM13 with FM13 Server, mix of Windows 7 and 10. Is there a way to set a script trigger on if this portal row is new? IE, a script to run if this new child/portal record is new. We have a parent record, and portal to Children records. The children records have 2 fields: Profile Name and Process type. Our user would like to enter a new child record (profile name and process type). if the process type already exists, we will need to archive the existing record (matching the profile type). There is more bI want to start with this first. I see script triggers to th
  18. FM 12 Adv. I'm trying to use a layout trigger on record load. The script goes to related records on another layout to perform some operations and then returns to the layout. So, when I load a record, the script triggers, goes to another layout, returns to the original layout, and the script fires again. An endless loop! Any suggestions on how I can get around this?
  19. Hi, I am trying to set fields in a related customer record based on a choice made in a payments table portal row. The scenario is that in n the Payments portal row, the user will select a PaymentType from choices governed by a Value List. The Type chosen, will then set either one of two fields in a related Customer record via an attached script trigger - currently onObjectExit. if paymentType "Annual Membership" is selected, the Customer::Membership StartDate will be set with the date of the payment. But if paymentType "Monthly" is selected, the Customer::SubsLas
  20. Hello, I want to create a script trigger which opens a layout based on account name ,create new record and put cursor in first field of the new record Now, I was able to direct user to specific layout and also created new record using New Record/Request function but somehow it doesn't put cursor in the first field , instead it selects whole record . Note: I also have script triggers attached to first and second field which runs on exiting the fields. (I don't think they affect anyways , but just mentioned to give idea)
  21. I have a data base of records I do a search for the found set I need then I try running the following script but it only duplicates one record. What's going wrong? I checked and the records are starting at number one. The only record that gets duplicated is record one. Here is the script. Loop Duplicate Record/Request Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last] End Loop Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  22. How do I do a Filemaker script that deletes a file in Filemaker Go ?
  23. Hello, I am gonna describe a scenario where total automation needed using only barcode scan, please bear with me: I am creating operator timesheet layout for product lifecycle in list-view. Each operator has a list of unique barcodes(printed sheet) for each production function. Every activity(function) of print production is assigned code (barcode) that represents function type as well as operator name: For eg. if John is working on new plates function for Press he'd scan barcode 301-1 but if Marc is working on the same function , he'd scan 301-2 , Now '301' represents new
  24. I have two tables Temporary and Real, the procedure is that contacts are created on the temporary table, probably by the contacts themselves. then once they have been confirmed as Clients (ie after their details have been verified by our staff), I would want to move them from the Temporary table to the Real table. Please how can I achieve this?
  25. I am trying to copy selected line item records from one table to another as part of an intended 'recurring transactions' structure. For some reason if I perform a find on line items for that transaction and attempt to import into the recurring line items table it wants to import all records (12000) and not the found set (1-20) as I would expect. I have just conducted some tests with other databases to confirm I have an issue with this database only. The test databases would only import the found set from table to table as expected. Is my db corrupt or is there some setting somewhere that
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