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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I am working on an older FMP 11 database and trying to create some new features while we wait to migrate to FMP 14. I setup a layout with some basic data collection, where some of the fields are simple YES/NO drop down selections. The data gets populated into another layout for printing and exporting, and I have a few fields where the visibility needs to be based on the result of the YES/NO response. That seems to be available with the inspector in FMP 14, but all of the users are on FMP 11 for a unknown amount of time. I assume this needs to be created using a script trigger on the layout, to run at OnRecordLoad. Something like If table::record = YES, display this text result. But I am new to FMP and learning the functions. Any help would be very much appreciated!! Thank you in advance!
  2. Hiya Can FMPerception show the elements that have script triggers that call a specific script? Thanks, -Joel
  3. I'd like to keep the user on the currently selected tab even when the user leaves for another record. I have a script that identifies the currently active tab and another that restores that tab state. I can trigger the latter via layout script trigger "OnRecordLoad" but how do I trigger the "memorizer" - even when no changes have been made to the record? I am on FM11 so I don't have access to the new Tab-script behaviours.
  4. Any time the user updates a field, or enters a new layout, I run a script. This works fine on FileMaker Pro and WebDirect, but the script triggers stopped triggering on Go. Not sure what is causing this, because they did work for a time. Buttons still work, but the requirements don't allow for the user to have to press a button every time they change the search parameters. Does anyone know what could be causing this behavior?
  5. Aloha All, DISCLAMER I'm not a programmer nor a technical writer and also is ESL. So my writing is tailored to me or someone like me aka noobie as F* (toward me not you). Detail and step by step and as clear as possible. Please let me know if i’d missed something or grammar correction. System: As of 04-20-2016 (not potting around) macOS 10.11.4 (yeah I’m using macOS name form now on instead of OS X), iOS 9.3.1, Filemaker Pro Advance 14.0.5 and GO 14.0.4 OBJECTIVE Make merge variable to show the slide control panel's object name (the name of the front most slide panel). So when the file is open the merge variable will show the name of the from most slide control panel letting you know which slide you're on. ISSUE Merge Variable does not show value on open first window. Please read entirety below. WORKAROUND Although it's a lame hack that I prefer not to use but it does the job. I'd included these two ugly steps in the script Go To Object [ Object Name: "Panel2" ] then Go To Object [ Object Name: "Panel1" ] to have the merge variable show Panel1 name on opening of the file. # the number symbol or the hashtag is to comment as a note to yourself and others about the script line(s) (ignored when the scrip is performed functional line). Set Variable [ $$panelName; Value:GetValue ( Get ( TriggerTargetPanel ) ; 2 ) ] #The "2" is the result value which is the name of the objectName that you gave it in the inspector panel. Number "1" will return the number of the panel. As in 1 (which is the first) of 3 panels or 2 (which is the second) of 3 panels or 3 (which is the third) of the 3 panels. Go to Object [ Object Name: "Panel2" ] Go to Object [ Object Name: "Panel1" ] #Refresh Window will work the same but I think it'll refresh the whole layout. FYI: "MVpanelName" is the object name of the merge variable "<<$$panelName>>." Refresh Object [ Object Name: "MVpanelName" ] ENTIRE HOW TO Create a new file. Choose File menu > New Solution… https://www.filemaker.com/help/14/fmp/en/html/create_db.8.5.html Enter Layout Mode. Choose View menu > Layout Mode or press COMMAND + L keys. https://www.filemaker.com/help/14/fmp/en/html/fmp_basics.3.7.html Insert Slide Control. Choose Insert menu > Slide Control https://www.filemaker.com/help/14/fmp/en/html/create_layout.9.42.html Name the each slide panel. Choose View menu > Inspector or press the COMMAND + I keys. Choose Position tab > Enter Name field. Press the Enter/Return key to commit the name to the object. http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6147/~/naming-objects-in-filemaker-8.5-and-later Choose the next slide and repeat. Create a script with the above script. Choose Scripts menu > Script Workspace… Type or copy and paste the script in the code box above in the the WORKAROUND section of this post. https://www.filemaker.com/help/14/fmp/en/html/create_script.14.3.html Choose Insert menu > Merge Variable. Name it the EXACT same as the name use in Set Variable objectName ($$panelName). https://www.filemaker.com/help/14/fmp/en/html/create_layout.9.35.html#1064499 Set File Script Triggers. (not a 100% sure this is needed) Choose File menu > File Options... Choose Script Triggers tab > click checkbox OnFirstWindowOpen > click Select button > choose your script > click OK button > click OK button. Set Layout Script Triggers. (not a 100% sure this is needed) Choose Layouts menu > Layout Setup... Choose Script Triggers tab > click checkbox OnLayoutEnter > click Select button > choose your script > click OK button > click OK button. Set Object (slide control) Script Triggers. (this is a must) Right click on the Slide Control Panel object > select Set Script Triggers... Click checkbox OnPanelSwitch > click Select button > choose your script > click OK button > click OK button. Enter Browse mode. Choose View menu > Browse or press the COMMAND + B keys. SEEKING HELP Please reply if you have a better solution to this terrible workaround. Mahalo All!
  6. Hi guys, Wondering if someone can point me in the right direction. I am working on a POS system (only small) and at the moment all is progressing nicely. I have a touchscreen keypad that I have implemented not the in built one and am wondering how I would tell filemaker or more succinctly the cash drawer to open say if they pressed a button called open drawer (for arguments sake). I'm assuming that each cash drawer might be different in how this works buts let say it requires the F9 Key to be pressed to open it. How would one simulate this through the open drawer button? Thanks in advance.
  7. In this article I demonstrate how you can use image maps with web viewers in FileMaker. In doing so, you can display images that, when clicked, can report the coordinate chosen back to FileMaker to handle in whichever manner you wish… Read the Full Article Here…
  8. I have a Contacts Table and an Addresses Table within FM12 Advanced. Each Contact can have multiple addresses flagged as Home, Work, Billing, Etc... I need the following behavior to be implemented: 1. Only One Address can be the primary address with all the other ones automatically flagged as Secondary. 2. When the first Address is created, it is automatically flagged as a primary address. 3. If there are multiple addresses, only one can be Primary. 4. When an address is changed to primary, all the other addresses related to the particular contact must be changed to secondary. 5. When viewing the related addresses within a Portal in the contact Database, They must be sorted so that the primary address is always on top. A good example of this can be seen by clicking on the "Core4Web Demo" link at http://www.core4crm.com/. What kind of table structures, field setup, calculations, script triggers (unless there is a more elegant way) do I need to create to make this possible. I am a FileMaker intermediate user and familiar with relationship structures but am not an expert. Any help would be much appreciated. Ganesh
  9. I have Radio Buttons that I would like to disable or audit if a particular event has happened. If the fields were Checkbox Sets or a regular Edit Box, I could set a Script Trigger to run a Script OnObjectEnter. But it seems that if I attach a Script Trigger to a field with a Radio Button Set, and the user clicks directly on one of the options, the data changes to their new selection, and then the script runs -- so I can't capture what the original data was. How might I disable or audit fields with Radio Button Sets -- based on an if particular event has happened?
  10. I've been searching for some clear answers on db vulnerability, specifically related to scripting. We have a particular solution running in FMP13, with EAR. This is a peer-shared file design, which has hundreds of installations in peer-shared environments. User access accounts have been severely limited in released versions (no admin, no [full access]), limited menus, etc.. Users are heavily striated by account privilege set. I've read bits here & there mentioning that initial opening scripts (onwindowopen, etc) at startup are particularly vulnerable, but haven't found anything definitive. 1. is an opening script trigger a legitimate security flaw?? We use it to determine layout paths, check/confirm licensing, etc, so if it is 'hackable', what alternate option is there? 2. I noticed that even attempting to bypass script triggers, the system requires a full access name/password.. BUT it also displays the name of the particular script (seems like a point of weakness to me)... Is there a way to prevent this?
  11. Could anybody suggest me a good way to trigger a script when the user is exiting the record? I need the database to check if a particular field has changed and IF NOT to trigger the script when user exits the record to remind him/her that this didn't hapen. At the moment i am thinking of creating a global field that would fill when record is modified then using OnRecordLoad to trigger the script that would warn the user in case that this field is not empty and further empty the field when the particular field mentioned in the first place HAS changed. Not the most elegant way to resolve this, i would think that there has to be some better way.
  12. Is it possible to set a trigger on the tabs that sets one global field/one variable? For example: I have seven tabs: Monday, Tuesday....Sunday. Clicking each tab would set a variable: Mon, Tue... and so on accordingly. But I can't assign script parameter to each tab - it sees it as one script with one parameter. I can name each tab as object, but how do I extract object name and use it for changing data in the field/variable? I hope it's clear...
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