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Found 154 results

  1. Hi, I created a dashboard with a bunch of buttons, attached script to every button, which allows me navigating to specific record of the Products table. Basically, every script is the same, with minor changes (only record ID field changes). The process of creating a script to every button is a very time consuming as I need to write a script that a) goes to layout b)finds the certain record 1 "Step: Go to Layout Layout: Products  2 Step: Perform Find" Is there a way to simplify the task? Thanks!
  2. Hello FM experts, this is a concept step for a more complex script but I need a script that has 2 independent features: 1: it selects the field it is attached to as a button 2: it can be attached to any arbitrary field and it does the same on that field. The imaginary script step would be this: Select field [the one I am attached to] The problem I am running into is that "go to field" can not be defined by calculation, while "go to object" gets confusing between the script and the field being grouped, as the problem detailed here [https://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/story-about-go-to-object] seems to be a complicating factor. Thanks Asu
  3. FysiOlsen

    Create record in related table

    I am new to Filemaker and have set up a simple database with two tables: "Patient" and "Journal" They are created in a one to many relationsship with the field "PatientId" in the patient table and "PatientIdFk" in the journal table.  What I would like to create is a script so I can run that script via a button on a layout called "patient" and create a new journal record (and by the same time go to the layout I have called "journal") Each patient can have more journals.  I know I can do that through a portal, but it is unfortunately not the best way for me, and I would like to do that via a click on a button outside the portal.  Hope it all make sense.  I have tried to create a script (See attachment) but I can´t seem to get it to work. It DOES create the new record and gives it a unique "JournalId" but it does not link it to the patient.  Any help is appriciated. Thanks...
  4. Hi all! First off, I have been using FM Pro for about 15 years. While I designed basic databases, I never got real deep in. That changed this past week when I decided to re-design my main DB. This DB will contain injury records for high school athletes. I have been trying to grasp relationships for the last 4 days, and I must say, its been tough for me to fdully understand them. I did create a multi layer conditional value lists using a relationship, but I'm not completely sure how I did it though it works. Now I have a new desire. I want to be able to create a script button that does the following. If a specific injury is listed (in this case, a concussion), I want a script button that will create a new record in a separate table, then bring over the name, sport, and injury date to populate the corresponding feilds. This is where the relaitionship comes into play, but after about 12 hours of trying, I just haven't gotten it done. I've read through about two dozen different threads on here to try to get the solution, but at this point, I think reading and trying so many have just lead to more confusion. Any help provided would be greatly appreciated!!! (BTW, I've tried to remove the permissions, but Guest account has full access as does the user "Bill") SOAP.zip
  5. I am trying to filter two variables but I can't make it work. Could someone point me what am I doing wrong? Thank you. Sample.zip
  6. Hi All, I have a fairly large suite of FM solutions that I host for a whole department, and I'm looking for a way to manage users more efficiently. I've explored a couple options, and was hoping for some insight on managing users remotely, from a 'stand-alone' FM solution. First off, I realize I can do external authentication via LDAP ... and am currently working to incorporate this into solutions in the long term, but have run into some road blocks with our internal LDAP authentication. I'm exploring a 'stop-gap' solution for now, which is what I've attempted to outline below: Concept: I currently have a solution which receives requests for access, and houses all the data needed to create these new users once approved. From this stand alone solution, I'd like to be able to create, edit & remove users from various other stand alone solutions. 1) Is there a way to get a list of Privilege Sets from a remote solution via FileMaker script? - I realize this may have some security implications, so a better option may be to normalize all Privilege Sets across all solutions. This would negate the need for gathering a list of Privilege Sets. 2) Is there a way to create, edit & remove users from various other remote stand alone solutions via FM script? I'm not limited to the specifics of the concept mentioned above ... really just looking for a way to remotely manage users across multiple FM solutions. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. I am using FM 12 04 advanced. I have a Membership application. This script and problem revolves around two tables:  Members -->>DES  DES is represented by a portal on Members.   I have a fairly simple script (Just a bunch of If... Else if...). It works well.  The problem is that after my script ends (I can watch it in debug), the record pointer jumps to another record (most of the time... but not always).  I have added a Commit Record. No help. I have removed the Commit Record. No help. I have removed the Goto Object command and ... 'No help'....  Has anyone any idea why this happens? Looks pretty straight forward and yet it happens... I am stuck and perplexed.  Thanks for considering this.  Ron
  8. Hello, In my current project I am using some pop-up menus that get their values from lenthy value lists (> 100). Since I am no expert neither on programming nor on FM, I was able to set up a simple "picker" based on "PopupSelectNew2.fp7" downaded from this website sometime ago and authored I think by bcooney (not sure). Since I have to use more than once the "picker· concept throughout my project, I wonder if it is feasible and worth it to modify the picker script set of the aforementioned sample so that it can be "dynamic" (not sure this is the right jargon) and usable with different tables in different parts on the same project. Finally if the answer is yes, guidance on how to achieve it is requested. Thanks
  9. I am using a custom function to format a number into currency format ( two decimals ). RoundDecimals(11.0) = 11.00 The problems occurs when I use a variable: $amount = 11.0 RoundDecimals($amount) = 11.11 Similarly, I get the same error using a string: RoundDecimals("11.0") = 11.11 Is there any tricks to get around this issue ? This is the custom function that I used (I replaced the comma for a dot and defaulted second parameter to 2): https://www.briandunning.com/cf/974
  10. Hi, I'm creating a IWP database of children's games.The games have worksheets which are displayed as images in a container field. In IWP, these images can't be downloaded to the user unless I Insert the image as a file (not stored a reference) in another field. I've got 1000's of worksheets so is there a script I can make that will essentially; Export field contents ('IMAGE' field; of Worksheet image.gif, to the temp folder) Insert file (into 'FILE HOLDER' field;of .gif just exported, don't store as reference) I have tried for two days to get this working, but I just can't do it. Or is there another way for the IWP client to download the image apart from what I am trying to do or "right-click, save image as" Please help. I am tearing my hair out Thanks so much in advance
  11. My cable company asked me to track programming to troubleshoot a problem. I have a single table file with just 29 fields and two very simple custom scripts. The "loopy" script that's a problem: Go to Record/Request/Page [First] Loop Duplicate Record/Request Insert Calculated Result [select TVSeries::Date Show; TVSeries::Date Show +7] Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last] End Loop Go to Record/Request/Page [First] The purpose of this script is to create and maintain a unique list of shows for each week. The previous week's shows are duplicated and the newly created week's list of shows gets modified manually. The list is printed weekly for the cable company. Problem: out of 34 records on a list layout it duplicated 25 records without a problem it skipped the 2nd, 11th, 16th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 23rd, 32nd and 33rd records there's nothing different or special about the skipped records I just can't see why it's not duplicating all 34 records. Can someone tell me what I'm missing here?
  12. Hello There! I work in a healthcare HR training department. We provide courses for our hospital staff. I inherited a FM database that is used to track all enrollments, attendance, test scores, etc. I have never attended any FM training myself and have not been in a position to make too many changes to the already existing database, so please be kind. Our database has 3 tables: Courses, Contacts, Registration. We have a portal linked to the Registration table which links Courses and Contacts. Courses are added to a students record and once they complete a class, the "Attendance Status" field is updated to "Attended". I need to develop some way to identify when a staff member completed a core set of courses -- not all courses fall into these core competencies. For arguments sake, let's say there are 4 courses that are required before someone is considered to have completed our basic core competencies: CourseA, CourseB, CourseC, CourseD I tried to create a calculation field which would live in each row of the Registration portal which read: Attended_CourseA -- If (CourseName = "CourseA" and Attendance Status = "Attended"; 1). I did this for each of the courses and hid the field in the portal rows. To test this, I created a small table in the participants record with Sum fields for each of the Courses: Sum (Attended_CourseA). My intention was to then create another calculation field which would read "Core Courses Completed" (or something like that) if all 4 courses returned a 1. Unfortunately, I cycled through several records and I could only get the table to return a "1" for records matching in the last portal row. For example if CourseA was in the last portal row, that field return a 1. In the next record, if CourseD was the course in the last portal row, then THAT field returned a 1, etc, etc. I could not find a record which contained a 1 for more than 1 of the core courses in my calc fields. . Obviously, I am doing something wrong. Please help! Am I on the right track? Is an IF calculation the best way to do this? Would a script be better? Please help...and please speak to me as if I am a total FM beginner. This is not my database, I am self taught with what I know (which I realize are completely beginner level work-arounds) and I 100% appreciate any help you can provide. Let me know if I need to provide additional information or if the way I described the problem is not sufficient. I don't know where else to get help. Thank you! ACAM
  13. Hi all, Hope you might shed some light on this issue. I am writing a script to sync information between Filemaker Pro & Go, but the record import process is behaving strangely. Basically, for each table I want to synchronise, I have a batch of 4 scripts. This consists of 3 "doing" scripts, and one "controller" script. The controller script simply performs the 3 "doing" scripts, in order. I have 6 tables. Each has its own set of 4 sync scripts, which are mostly identical, except of course to reference the table I'm syncing at the time. *********** Now, obviously I want a nice big "Sync Now" button. This button performs one more script, which runs my 6 "controller" scripts in order. Thus, "Sync Now" should synchronise all 6 of my tables. Here's the weird bit. If I run the "controller" script manually for any given table, the table syncs perfectly. However, if I run all 6 "controller" scripts one after the other, using my "Sync Now" script, I get weird behaviour. Specifically, my iPad manages to update the master database with its changes (step 3 below), but fails to subsequently purge and reimport the freshly updated information from the master (step 4). I put in some deliberate pauses into the script so I could monitor the progress. The iPad does appear to reimport the data from master, but once the complete Sync Now script has run, the imported data is no longer in the table. It just disappears. I would normally assume that another of my scripts was giving a "Delete All" command, but it can't be, since the same would happen if/when I run the script manually on its own. I hope this makes sense! Any input appreciated. Is there a fundamental problem with using scripts to run scripts to run scripts etc? Thanks everyone. The scripting process is as follows: ***************** 1 - For a given table on the iPad, compare records against the equivalent table in the master database on FM Pro 2 - Delete records from the iPad which haven't changed, based on a modification date and unique ID 3 - Upload all new and updated records to the master database 4 - Once the upload is complete, purge the iPad table and import a fresh set of records from the master *****************
  14. Hi everybody, I am doing a POS system and I have 2 databases. The first one has the barcodes and descriptions of the products and the second one has the ordered products. I have a layout from which I would like to read the barcodes of the products and then add their information within the other database. To do it, I have a field through which I want to introduce the barcode. This barcode can be introduced handly or with a barcode reader. I have some problems to create the script to read the barcode. Handly: I write the barcode numbers, strike the enter key and a script "1" is started (when strike this key) to capture the barcode. Barcode reader: I click on the field and read the barcode, after that a script "2" is started to capture the barcode. To separate both scripts (1 and 2), in this field I have activated the OnObject Keystroke event and I run this script: Set Error Capture [On] Allow User Abort [Off] IF Code (Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) = 13) Perform Script [“Add barcode”] Else Exit Script End If Using this script I can read a barcode and the subsequent script runs perfectly but it is impossible to write handly any number within the field. How could I keep both reading options? Thank you very much, Wardiam
  15. Hello! Just migrated from FM6 to 12 and am enjoying all the power and flexibility! I have two tables (Materials and Restrictions) that are "joined" in a many to many relationship through a third table (MatRest_JOIN). The primary table contains information on organic materials, the second table is a listing of all the possible restrictions a material might have. That middle, joined table which allows the many to many relationship can be understood as... 1. A material can have one or many restrictions 2. A restriction could apply to one or many materials at one time 3. MatRest_JOIN table has an index (ID) of it's own records and then for each record has the fields MaterialID and the RestrictionID At present, I can select one restriction at a time to be added to the joined MatRest_JOIN table via a portal. However what I'd like to give user's the ability to do is see a list of ALL the restrictions possible, choose via a checkbox beside each of the ones they want and then add all those restrictions in one step to the joined table. So back in my main layout for Materials that has the Restrictions portal, they'd see all the restrictions they chose/applied to that organic material. I do have a couple ideas how to accomplish this, such as a loop in the script that looks at each record in the Restrictions table to see if the user checked it....then as it comes across those, it creates a new record in the joined table tying the ID's of the Materials and Restrictions table records, then it continues through the Restrictions list performing the same task until it hits the last record. That seems like the way to do it, however it also seems like a might be a big clunky...going step by step through one table (which at most would only ever have like 30 records/restrictions in there) and checking a flag, and creating a new record in the joined table, on and on. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated...thanks so much! Joshua FM12_Script_MultipleRestrictions.pdf
  16. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 24U Software releases 24U Toolbox Plug-In 1.1.1 Toolbox of the most useful simple functions for FileMaker® Pro adding precise timestamps, application-wide globals, and more... now also for server-side scripts and web publishing Prague, CZ -- September 27, 2011 24U Software announces an immediate availability of 24U Toolbox Plug-In 1.1.1 for FileMaker Pro 11. The new version of 24U Toolbox Plug-In has been updated to run in FileMaker Pro 11 on the most recent versions of Mac OS X and Windows. It also sports new useful functions and capability to be used as a server plug-in for server-side scripts and web publishing on FileMaker Server and FileMaker Server Advanced. What's new in version 1.1.1: - Application-wide globals let developers shared variables between FileMaker files - Precise timestamps allow for measuring of time with microsecond precision - Value type checking can be used to check data type of values passed to calculations - Auto Update savvy version function simplifies automated deployment and updates - Server-side functionality helps creating powerful server-side scripts and web solutions Other Features include: - Execute system scripts (Bash, Perl, PHP, Python, AppleScript, BAT, VBS) - Execute SQL on the current database - Count and substitute text using Regular Expression patterns - Find out which special windows (Script Debugger, Data Viewer) are open - Merge fields and variables into text (faster than using Substitute) - Get the client's public IP address Use 24U Toolbox Plug-In to add a completely new dimension to your server-side data processing Server-side scripts can be efficiently used with FileMaker Server 11 for nightly batch data imports and processing. The powerful features of 24U Toolbox Plug-in let you make this processing much faster and more powerful by being able to use system-level scripts, access your data with SQL queries, merging fields and variables into text, etc. HOnza Koudelka, Software Division Manager of 24U, says: "For a customer project I need to download data from several websites, import the data into a FileMaker database, parse the HTML, and extract thousands of records from the imported data every day. I am using Toolbox Plug-In to trigger curl to download the web pages, SimpleFile to import the downloaded files, and then Toolbox Plug-In again to help with fast parsing and preprocessing of the data. The text merging feature of Toolbox lets me even recognize graphical symbols such as smilies and translate them to text equivalents." 24U Toolbox Plug-In is designed to help FileMaker developers in their daily work by providing a solid toolbox of the most commonly needed simple but powerful functions. Requirements and Compatibility 24U Toolbox Plug-In 1.1.1 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or newer and FileMaker Pro 8.5 or newer. Recommended is Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced. Windows XP SP3 and FileMaker Pro 8.5 are minimum requirements for using the plug-in on the Windows platform. Windows 7 and FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced are recommended. Some features of the plug-in are specifically designed for FileMaker Pro 8.5 and 9 and do not work with newer versions of FileMaker Pro. Availability and Pricing 24U Toolbox Plug-In is immediately available for download as a free fully functional 14-days trial version, which can be activated after purchasing a license code. More info: http://www.24uSoftware.com/Toolbox Download: http://www.24usoftwa...oolbox#download License for 1 user is $48, additional users pay just $24 or less! Developer license starts at $349 US limited to 20 concurrent users per site, but unlimited to a number of solutions or customers. Server-side license is available for $499 US and covers unlimited server-side scripts and unlimited web users seved by a single installation of FileMaker Server or FileMaker Server Advanced. To purchase visit: http://www.24usoftware.com/Toolbox#buy More about 24U licenses: http://www.24usoftwa...om/licenseguide Discounts are available to FBA, FileMaker TechNet, and FMPUG members. 24U Software offers solutions for people, not for computers! With FileMaker experience reaching back into the early 90's and developing FileMaker plug-ins since 1997, 24U has become recognized a key vendor of plug-ins for FileMaker Pro. Dedicated to creating the easiest to use FileMaker plug-ins... Optimizing performance of FileMaker solutions... Inventing unique iOS applications… Helping organizations to get more out of their technologies... We connect the dare of education with the experience of industry to achieve the impossible. Customer contact: HOnza Koudelka Software Division Manager, 24U s.r.o. FileMaker 8, 10, 11 Certified Developer FileMaker Business Alliance Member mailto:sales@24usoftware.com http://www.24usoftware.com Press Contact: mailto:pr@24uSoftware.com ###
  17. Hi all, I'm stuck, I hope you can help me. On the internet I came across a great tool called ; Dynamic Portals in Filemaker Pro (
  18. The biggest feature overhaul in FileMaker 14 is that to the scripting area, now known as the script workspace. This is the biggest scripting change in years and with it comes a number of areas where you can gain in efficiency when writing scripts. In this article we document all of the areas of the script workspace and list as many features as we can find. Click here to read the full article at FileMaker Weetbicks
  19. Hi. I seem to find variating answers to this topic, so here I try again. How do I use a variable to perform a find in a script? I want to use the field contents of the current record to search for similar records. Background: We send a lot of people out to different countries and I want to make a script that makes an excel sheet with various data based on the country field of the current record. Hence, if the current record is going to France, I want to see everybody that we currently have in France etc. However, we have two return dates so I need to do two searches: 1. Country+ departure date <=// + arrival date >=// 2. Country+ departure date <=// + Extended arrival date >=// Is it really true that perform find cannot handle a variable? Hope you can help.
  20. Hi there I've been banging my head all day, several days in fact, to create a sub summary report which can reuse records, have a part appear only once and allow me to assert more behaviour over the parts themselves. To complicate the matter it's in a crosstab format as well. I've seen on other posts that what developers do occasionally when preparing reports is to create a temp table of sorts to either store just what records are needed, or to store them in the way they're needed as well. The solution I have at the moment uses lots of summing up and calculations and is intolerably slow to load locally (10 seconds at worst) although it does give me what I need. I obviously want to improve this so ultimately a second table related to the parent with just what I want, just how I want it sounds good. At this point I will add I may have this completely wrong - apologies, it's an idea I'm throwing around! The whole reason I'm looking at this is because I cannot get my sub summary report to behave the way I need it, which may be a failing on my part, but it's a pretty complex report as I've said. So, in concept, is this whack or normal?
  21. Hi, I'm looking for help with creating a script to transfer amended records into an audit log. For context I currently have a separate table that any amended fields move over to, how ever this works for one field at a time, but I'm running into problems when bulk importing a bunch of new records. When I import new records I get them to match up on one common field, the rest I want to record in the audit log but only if theres been a change. So far my script looks like this: This is just for one field and there are about ten I wish to audit log if theres been a change, naturally I can just repeat this part of the script and adjust accordingly. My problem is getting it to loop for every record. Obviously I want to set the variable for the old record for every and compare it before moving onto the next, but Im just unsure how to structure it and where to put my loops as if I loop the whole thing and use move to next record, it'll ask me to import new records each time it gets to that part of the script. So is there anyway to create a loop but get it to ignore the import records after the first loop? Or do I need to approach this differently? Kind Regards.
  22. Hello, I am looking fr a way to script the otherwise manual process of going to a particular record whose number you happen to know already. In FM 14 Advanced- i go to records menu and pull down to "Go to record..." and then click on GoTo... in the submenu. I am then presented with a little dialog box which allows me to put my record number and off I go to the record. How do I script this ? I will be hiding the menu tool bar area in my solution so I wanted to put a button on the layout that would duplicate this functionality ... but cant find the step that pops up the dialog box ( NOT that dialog box, but the little one we were just talking about). Thanks Kevin
  23. Hello All, I don't seem to be able to find out why a script that I have created to change from one layout to another doesn't work. I have 3 different layouts for 3 different products that I sell. If I create a new record I have created a script that upon clicking the button "new record" it asks me if I want product one, two or three. After selection a field called "BOOKING TYPE" sets itself to product 1,2,or 3 which triggers another script that changes the layout accordingly. So far so good, but now I want my buttons "next record" and "previous record" do a similar thing: lookup field "BOOKING TYPE" and if it is set to value Product 1, Product 2 or Product 3, the layout should change accordingly. Here's the script: Go to Record / Request / Page [Previous] If [bOOKINGTYPE = "product one"] Go to Layout [product one layout] Else If [bOOKINGTYPE = "product two"] Go to Layout [product two layout] Else If [bOOKINGTYPE = "product three"] Go to Layout [product three layout] End If It doesn't work and I can't figure out why...has anyone got a suggestion? Thank you in advnace, Andy
  24. I have a script that updates my Filemaker database by importing information from other SQL databases. In this script is a dialogue that asks the user if they wish to continue as it takes a few minutes to complete. I decided to schedule this script to run from the server every couple of hours but wanted to still be able to let a user run it if they needed to update the database in between the scheduled updates. So, I left the dialogue in but wrapped it between ( If and End If ) checking for MultiUserState = 2 so the dialogue step would not execute if running on the server because show dialogue is not compatible. Well the script fails when running on the server (Schedule "Inventory & AR Update" scripting error (3) at "Inventory & AR Assistant v1 : 120.0 Update Control : Show Custom Dialog"). When the script is run from the server MultiUserState should return 1 and subsequently the Show Dialogue should not execute, correct>. I also have Set Error Capture to On. MultiUserState returns... • 0 when network sharing is off • 1 when network sharing is on, you’re accessing the database file from the host computer, and either all users or a specific group of users (based on their privilege set) have network access to the database file • 2 when network sharing is on, you’re accessing the database file from a client computer, and either all users or a specific group of users (based on their privilege set) have network access to the database file
  25. In this article the term "self-aware window" refers to a FileMaker window that can know in real-time whether or not it is the currently selected window, and act accordingly. We introduce a technique for allowing individual windows to calculate this, and some examples of what windows could do with that knowledge. Read the Full Article Here…

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