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Found 50 results

  1. Not sure if this is the best neighborhood for the question, but it is tied to network/db security. What method is used to best determine how a user is logged in? Is Get(MultiUserState) the best method for determination of who/how someone is accessing a locally shared (peer-shared) database? For licensing purposes, we run several authorization scripts during login, and it is helpful to know how the access is working.
  2. Am a bit lost on what (I think) should be a quite simple script: Field 1 has a value list on layout. Field 2 is a general text field for typed data entry.. My goal is to use Field 1 to trigger/manage a script which does severla things, but then leaves the mouse/selector inserted into Field 2, for ease of use... So... When I select an item in that value list, an OnObjectExit triggered script: sets a variable from that, then clears that field inserts a calculated value (based on the variable created) in another field. Then it SHOULD "go to Field 2"... as in, after the script is done, the cursor should be inserted into Field 2 with a blinking cursor... My problem is, this isn't working. the first two parts are working flawlessly - it creates and acts on variables, as it should.. But it refuses to 'go to field' (or "go to object", if i try it that way).. What's happening instead is this: the script runs, but the selector/mouse jumps on forward to the next object (if that object is in a tab order), or (if NOT in a tab order), it goes nowhere (it operates the script, but dies before setting mouse to the field or object)..... I also tried OnObjectModify and OnObjectSave.... No dice on either.....The mouse simply refuses to "go to field".... additionally, i tried triggering ANOTHER script (which works on its own) - - simply "go to field 2".. but even that doesn't work.. thoughts? My guess is that the script (as an OnObjectExit trigger) runs, then FMP assumes that after the script ends, the next object should be selected (rather than ending wherever I told it to end)... anybody?
  3. FileMaker cURL Options

    One of the most important and wide-reaching updates in FileMaker 16 is the ability to set cURL options in the Insert from URL script step. This allows FileMaker to natively integrate with innumerable services across the web, including Google Calendar, Google Maps, Microsoft SharePoint, and many other services. FileMaker cURL Options David Happersberger dbservices.com
  4. Hey, I have a Tab-Separated Text File which I want to import to a database that I just created in FileMaker Pro 15. The text file essentially is a log of events, for instance, one line describes an order, another line describes a payment that has been made. The problem is that I somehow need to import all these lines into different tables. I want all lines in the log file that describe a payment in a table called Payments, and all lines that describe an order in a table called Orders for example. I'm just starting out with FileMaker so forgive me if there is an obvious solution that I'm not aware of. I have a background in software development, so the only solution that I can think of is writing a small program myself that does all the parsing for me and creates separate text files that contain all the orders and payments and other events that have been logged in the file. Then I could simply import each file into the table I need all the data in. So to sum everything up, my main question is if there is a way to somehow parse the text file before importing it. I know that you can create custom scripts in FileMaker but I'm not sure if what I need to do can be done just with that. Thanks in advance, Mike
  5. Have you ever inherited a system built by someone else, changed a field’s name and everything stopped working? The issue, hardcoded names used in indirection, makes the system fragile. FileMaker provides developers many methods to add flexibility using indirection. However when these instances of indirection are not treated properly they will raise all sorts of problems. In this article you will learn best practices regarding indirection that will help you build a dynamic and robust FileMaker system! Includes free sample file! Building a Dynamic and Robust FileMaker System David Happersberger www.dbservices.com
  6. I have a simple Applescript that works in Script Editor tell application "Keyboard Maestro Engine" do script "Search the Web" end tell I add this same script (with escape chars) to my RESOURCES::A_SCRIPT field inside FM. The RESOURCES table is not connected to the other tables in the graph. "tell application \"Keyboard Maestro Engine\" do script \"Search the Web\" end tell" I've tried this with this field being defined as a Global Storage Field or not. Similar problems with both. I have an FM Script called EXECUTE: Perform Applescript (RESOURCES::A_SCRIPT) When I run this FM Script I get an error message: "Error: -2741" / "Expected EOL but found Command Name" I've have tried rebooting my Mac. Any ideas?
  7. I am having difficulty removing the .JPG extension from the file name of my imported pictures. The Pictures are actually students pictures saved with the student's ID Numbers. Example SLT-098-00034.jpg , SLT-088-11123.jpg I am trying to extract the real ID Numbers from the File names which should be in this format SLT/098/33322 Accomplishment So Far.. Using the Substitute function, Substitute (text; searchstring; replacestring) , I have been able to convert the file name from SLT-098-00034.jpg to SLT/098/00034.jpg Now, I want to remove the .jpg extension, but can't achieve that using the Substitute function.. Please is there a better way to achieve this?
  8. I have a solution that syncs at the end of a "shift". The shift report says what happened during the shift. But I want to add a time card component that syncs when anyone starts work and ends work which doesn't always match the "shift" that one or two guards are covering. So, I want to keep the main Sync with Server script intact for the end of shift report but I want to dupe it, rename it and hardcode it to sync one or maybe 2 tables only. Since there will be only 1 or 2 records it should be fast. That way the timecards are always up to date and the shift reports are sent as a whole. I'm going to try and edit line 4 of "Sync with Server" to look for a Table Occurrence that starts with "ESS" and rename those Table Occurrences to start with "ESS." Not sure it would work with "ESS_PUSH_Etc"? Any thoughts on that or is there a better way of doing this? Dan
  9. I am scripting the import of data into some 400 tables already established. I have the corresponding 400 seperate data files (excel cvs). The script step "import" doesn't seem to allow the selection of the "current table specified by the layout" as a target. I goto the different layouts right before the import but the import does not change to the table that is used by that layout. When writing the script I do select the "Current Table "mytable" " as the target, thinking that this would change during execution. Nope it don't. Soo, 1) Can I have a dynamic selection during script execution of target table for data imports. 2) How does FM select the table when doing an import. It seems that the choice is very explicit. 3) Recommendations on other ways to accomplish the task. Cheers
  10. When I set a variable this way: Set Variable [$StudentIDs = ""] the actual value of $StudentIDs is 0, not empty or blank. So it fails the IsEmpty test. Is this by design, it is a bug or am I doing something stupid? - Brad
  11. Dear FileMaker Pros, Perform Script on Server (PSoS) Doesn't Run I run FMP 13 (on Windows.) I import records to my Hosting FM Server from my Client. Running the script steps from the Client works well, but its a time consuming task of more than 4 hours, the records are big, almost one million. To save time, I switched the script to Perform Script on Server, (wait for completion, unchecked.) The script does not perform Import records, as it did without PSoS. My script steps on the hosting Server Db: ScriptName:"Import A" > Go to Layout ["Part_A"] > Go to Field [Select/perform; Stock_A::Field_A] > Go to Record /Request/Page[First] > Import Records [No dialog;"Receive_Gen"Add;Windows ANSI] My Perform Script on Server on Client: > Go to Layout ["Part_A"] >Perform script on Server ["Import_A"] > Go to Record/Request/Page [Last] Note: Unchecked - wait for completion Would appreciate your comments. Thanks in advance Lawrence
  12. Hiya, 1st of all - I have personally refrained from posting for help on a forum as I wanted to try and read, learn and solve my problems using trial and error! I am learning the FMP platform from scratch and am currently in week 2 of it. My question relates to a file I have attached to this post - the products area. For each product I have a number of 'size options' within it and each with their own unique SKU (stock keeping unit). Each SKU needs its own barcode. My job now is to produce a method to easily assign an 'available' barcode to a specific SKU. Barcodes are purchased from GS1 and are globally unique. I have a table hosting a pool of barcodes that I have available to me. They can only be assigned to one SKU and once assigned, needs to be removed from the available selection of barcodes in this pool. Issues I wanted to set a placeholder text for 'EAN-13' field in the product layout (this is the barcode). This field is a button! When clicked it can perform a script to open a popover or window containing all barcodes that do not have a 'ProductOptionID' assigned to it. How do I structure this script? Click the EAN field button - this sets the 'ProductOptionID' variable globally (is this correct to do) - [$$productOptionID] The script then opens the object 'Barcodes'. This is a popover button with a portal inside filtering all barcodes from the pool that do NOT have a productOptionID value in the foreign key field The script must then pause whilst I manually select a barcode and set a $BarcodeID variable? Or should I script it to pick a barcode at random from the pool of available barcodes (i've already set a script to give available a figure of 1 and unavailable a figure of 0) Then the script must put the BarcodeID variable in the product option record Is the above the right way to go about it? I also need a way to un-assign a barcode from a product and therefore remove the value from the product option id field in the barcode pool I have one more query. I have a relationship between Product Option table and the Barcode Pool. This relationship is O2M the barcodeIDpk with a lookup for the actual EAN (barcode) value on the Product Option table. When I set a barcode ID in the Product Option table - shouldn't the ProductOptionIDfk field update in the Barcode pool with the ID of the product option that the barcode is assigned to?? I am convinced I had it working earlier - but not anymore and cannot see to figure out why? See my relationship graph below and the solution attached. Thanks, Luke CRM Trial barcode.fmp12
  13. I was lucky to have gotten an example file, which was based on designing a Subscription system. I think eos was behind it because of the file name. However, the subscription system was based on just three types 1 month, Six Months and 12 Months... I have tried to modify the scripts so that I can have more types like: 1,2,3,4,5,6... Months ( Basically all the months), I end up messing the whole system up. Please what values can I actually modify with respect to the required month I want? Here is a copy of the file.. LDprototype_subscription_eosMOD.fmp12
  14. Greetings, Your expert advice and solution would be greatly appreciated. Based on the Invoice Starter Solution, is it possible to have a script that will automatically add all products from a specific category into an invoice?Of course not everything in one line item but each product in its own line item? The trigger will be set by checking a check box. The process should also not duplicate the item if it already exists. Many thanks for your support. Kunal
  15. Using omit record script step

    I am not really good with scripting. I want a situation where by contacts with status as inactive are always omitted on entering the contacts layout. My challenge is to script this using the omit record script step. Secondly, another approach I want to implement is to have a check box field called HIDE which when checked, immediately removes (or hides but not deleted) that contact from the list, assuming I am on the contacts list layout... I don't really know if I have explained my question well... Thanks
  16. How to Lock Down Record

    I have been trying to set up a means of locking down a record so that it can't be modified again.. For example, I want a record in the contacts table to become unmodifiable (locked down) by the user once the person must have entered his date of birth. Please how can I achieve this?
  17. Hello, I continue developing the POS and so far I have almost got everything to work as desired. However, there is still a functionality I will like to add. Right now I have a portal on the left which shows all the products pictures in grid, and when I click on the picture the script trigger adds the related item to the line_item table on the invoice. So far the script looks like this: Allow User Abort [ Off ] #--------------Set Variable Product ID Set Variable [ $PRD_ID ; Value PRODUCTS::ID_Product ] #--------------Add new item to portal Go to Field [ LINE_ITEM||id_invoice|::Product ] Go to Portal Row [ Last ] Set Field [ LINE_ITEM||id_invoice|::id_product ; $PRD_ID ] Go to Field [ LINE_ITEM||id_invoice::Quantity ] END So what I would like to achieve now but I am not sure how, is to set the script so before it adds the related record to the line_item portal, it will check if the product has been already added and: a) If it is not, then it should add it with quantity set to "1" b) if it is already in, instead of adding it as a new row, it should add +1 unit to quantity. Is this possible? Thanks a lot for your help! Luis.
  18. FileMaker 14 SVG Icon Helper - Rev 2 | FileMaker 14 Training http://youtu.be/nk1lWHZ0AhI Download the FileMaker Pro 14 & FileMaker 14 for Mobile Devices Training Videos athttp://www.learningfilemaker.com Please Visit Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/FileMakerVideos Please Subscribe While There. This updated Revision 2 (August 2015) features Claus Lavendt, of DataManix, showing a free FileMaker solution that helps customize SVG icons for use on FileMaker 14 buttons. Download a free copy of the SVG Icon Helper Tool here: http://fmstartingpoint.com/market.html Richard Carlton Consulting, Inc. provides customized database development services for business, government, and non-profit organizations. Our core competency is FileMaker Pro, where we hold FileMaker's highest certifications. With a team of 27 staff, we are capable of deploying both small and large solutions for a wide variety of customers. We service all modern versions of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, and FileMaker Go (for the iPad and iPhone). We also deploy FileMaker databases to the web, and offer PHP/Web Development, iOS Programming, FileMaker Server Support, and Hosting Services. http://www.rcconsulting.com/ Please feel free to contact us at support@rcconsulting.com Looking for FM Starting Point free software download: http://www.fmstartingpoint.com For More Free FileMaker Videos Check out Http://www.filemakerfree.com Please Comment, Like & Share All of Our Videos. Feel Free to Embed any of Our Videos on Your Blog or Website. Watch a FileMaker Training Review Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reoBiKXlv54 Follow Us on Your Favorite Social Media https://www.facebook.com/FileMakerVideos https://twitter.com/filemakervideos https://plus.google.com/+FileMakerVideos/videos
  19. I use FMSP from Rcconsulting. really love that product and very grateful to Richards and his team. The above script scans bar-codes items (my products) for sales. Now the issue is this, each scan of the same item suppose to add an increment in the quantity of the item and not adding the item on a new row thus having multiple lines of the same item. basically one needs to manually enter the quantity of the products after scanning instead of continuous scanning with the scan gun. Is there a way this can be fixed? I really need help.
  20. I've been inserting small bits of data from Filemaker Pro into other systems we've written for some time using "OpenURL". However, this approach works, but leaves you with a browser window open, and isn't able to see what the other system returns. So moving to the "Insert from URL" script step instead. This seems to work fine when the "Insert from URL" is the only step in a script, but it doesn't complete satisfactorily when "Insert from URL" is one of multiple script steps. What could be happening? My first thought was that perhaps the script step isn't given enough time to complete, but now I'm not sure that's the answer.
  21. grabbing user password

    Is it possible to grab the current users password via script just like Get(accountname). I know this might sound like a strange request but the scenario I want to try and achieve is to re login from a mobile database to server with admin privilege run a script then relogin with the user account and password for the actual user. I would like to do this hidden and seamless. Yes i know i can run a script with full access privilege its just that my sync routine is only working with admin login not other user login and i just cant seem to find the solution as to why, however, this workaround does work as I have tried it albeit i manually typed the password back in for the user just trying to avoid that part.
  22. I recently created an inventory solution from scratch (actually from video tutorials and from the contributions of the good people on this forum). It has been a fantastic project for me and I really appreciate all your help. Right now, I want to integrate my barcode scanner, so that i can easily make sales for customers by just scanning the barcodes of the product items. The products have barcodes already printed on them. Please how do I go about it. I am not really good in scripting, but thats the fun part for me (its all about learning) I will be attaching a copy of my file shortly.. thanks for your anticipated assistance shevy-INVENTORY.zip
  23. I’m working in a database that needs to be moved to the top of the display when a certain layout is entered. Obviously I’m using a OnLayoutEnter trigger to call a script including the step Move/Resize Window [Current Window; Top: 0]. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work reliably because almost every user has a multi-display setup and places the database on the larger (not necessarily primary) display. So, when it sets the window top to 0, it uses 0 from the primary display, which is only very rarely identical to 0 on the display where the window actually resides. Anyone have any bright ideas for moving the window to 0 on the relevant display? (Note: cross-platform, FM13 solution.)
  24. Set dynamic Next Serial Value?

    Okay, so here’s the deal: my client wants a system that will allow him to recover all his FileMaker 11 databases within half an hour, in the event of a crash. It’s all working beautifully, all run out of a tiny database that simply imports the most recent data out of the Source File (e.g. the one that just crashed) into the Target File (e.g. last night’s backup). It’s very modular, less than 1 MB, with only about 400 script steps in the whole thing—and about 40% of those are a bunch of If/Else Ifs to import each table appropriately. Obviously, after each import, I want the primary key in that table to be updated appropriately. I can’t perform auto-enter options while importing, because the modification account names, timestamps, etc. are very important to their versioning process. (Okay, I could import each table twice—once with auto-enter options on, once with auto-enter options off—but that will significantly increase the time it takes to run.) So, I decided to use Set Next Serial Value to update each serial number after the import. Here’s the problem: while Set Next Serial Value has the same options as Set Field—specifically, “Specify target field” and “Calculated result:”—they don’t seem to be working the same way. With Set Field, you can leave the first option blank and it will operate on the active field on the current layout. Trying to do the same thing with Set Next Serial Value returns an error #102, “Field is Missing.” Can anyone confirm that this is expected behavior? If so, does anyone know of a workaround besides the obvious, i.e. placing an explicit Set Next Serial Value step after each of the already explicit imports? Thanks!
  25. Save Selected Printer within Script

    I work in a print shop, so there are many, many printers around here. Pretty much everyone with a desk has his or her own printer, not to mention the dozens of other printers around the office and on the shop floor. I have a script that prints multiple forms in rapid succession, generally using other scripts as subroutines. I would like to have FileMaker show the Print dialog when the first form is printed, so the user can select which printer to send the forms to. However, I’d prefer if the user weren’t presented with the same dialog for each of the multiple (potentially many) forms to be printed, since the printer selected in the first dialog will always be the printer selected in the second, the third, the fourth, etc.. I know I’ve somehow accomplished something like this for one of my previous clients, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how I did it. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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