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Found 57 results

  1. I have setup through the PHP site assistant to be able to fill out a questionnaire online and the info submitted is entered into a new record, then the same info is emailed to me. About a month ago this process was working perfectly and now I was going back in to finish one last thing and come to realize that when I hit submit it sends me blank emails. But when I go into my database the information is there in it's own record. And when I run the SMTP Email Script from within the database it will then email me the all the information in the record. I have created new forms, pasted in old code that were back when it was working and nothing seems to get it back to the point where it emails me the sumbitted info. Any ideas of where I can start looking to fix the problem? I have several files of php code for this setup that I can attach if needed. Just didn't want to clutter the post with a bunch of code.
  2. I have a Layout in Table Mode as (partially) shown in the attachment. (Note: First row will have a Country Code in it - not shown in attachment) I want to "fill-down" the last country code in all rows (in the Country Field) UNTIL the country code changes. Then I want to similarly do it for that one. Until I reach the end of rows. My database will grow from 500 to 10,000 rows of text/number data. I am uploading in batches from Excel. Is this possible? I've tried various calculations and scripting without much success. Thanks! I'm trying to get something like this: COUNTRY IT IT IT IT IT IT IT IT ES ES ES ES ES AU AU AU AU AU IN IN IN IN .......etc
  3. Navigation of portals in FileMaker is a pretty simple affair, you either have a scrollbar, or you don't. In this article we demonstrate another way to navigate portals using a pagination style. We also demonstrate how it can be implemented at the relationship level, or the portal level using filtering. Read the Full Article Here…
  4. Hi. I'm using FMPro 12 Advanced. Creating a database for our community centre and I need to add a membership number to contacts - but not all of them. I've created a separate table for Membership numbers (as not all contacts will have one, so serial numbers aren't appropriate). Each membership has a number of details fields. It's probably a REALLY logical and stupid problem I'm batting against - but I need to: Select a contact>go to their details>add a membership number (go to a floating window layout, enter the details to the serial-number-derived membership) and have the details including the number show up in a tab on the contact's details layout. I've created a relationship between my contacts file and my membership file via the Contact_ID>Contact_ID_fk and have played around with other relationships. I've also created a simple script from a button on the Contacts membership tab to go to the Membership Layout window and create a new record. But it keeps creating a new record in the Contacts, not Membership - even though the relationship only has to create new records in the memberships side. I'm now running around in circles - please can anyone help me out here?????
  5. Hi All, I am fairly new to FM, but am an experienced developer of .net applications and have used access in the past also. I am building a form that will need some business logic. Basically, upon update of field A or field B I need to create logic that checks that both field A and B are populated. If they are both populated I will then need to take both those values and execute a query (using A and B values in the where clause) to return a value. That value I will then display on my form. Ok so in C#, F#, VBA or SQL I could knock that up in a matter of minutes; but In FM The solution is not readily apparent. I can see a trigger point to execute script but wanted to run by the pro's to see what mechanisms might be most efficient. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  6. I want it to be part of a script that assigns fks to a child table. I'd like to check if the user has already inputted. To avoid a duplicate record upon the second time a user might accidentaly or in a change of mind re-enters another choice in the field.
  7. Hello FM Pros Would appreciate some tips for the following script problem: I have a situation here where my scripts in FM 13 Pro Adv takes more than 5 hrs to complete a calculation. OS: This is Win 7 Pro. with 16 GB RAM (i5 Processor.) I have Field "A" which is a 7 digit code numbers FIELD, which most often are repeating numbers, from 200 different types. (And I have upto 80 million records, in this field.) Code examples: 1234567, 2345678, 5678012,... Fields "B" to "Y" (are global Fields) provides a reference number for each type of the 7 digit codes from Field "A". For example the code 1234567, as above, the reference is, eg. HH/2015/Jul/132, Code 2345678 the reference is, HH/2015/Sep/314,...etc Field "C" list the reference numbers from Field "B" in the order of the records from Field "A" I use the following scripts in Field "C" If [Field A="1234567"] Perform Script [Replace Field Contents Field C;Field B] Else If [Field A="2345678"] Perform Script [Replace Field Contents Field C:Field B] Else If (...until 200 lines of the references from Field) End If The script runs well. However, it takes more than 5 hrs to complete the entire 80 million records.) Would appreciate your suggestion to speed run the scripts. Many thanks in advance. Lawrencex
  8. I have two tables, A & B, with similar fields. I want to write a script that will search table B for records that match the fields that are entered in table A. I am not sure how to do this. Any suggestions?
  9. I'm trying to develop a Sports Competition Management System, which ties in with a few other features for my sports association. We have a number of leagues, based on Gender, Age, etc. which vary in team numbers, for example some leagues may have 12 teams, other only 7. Some teams play each other only once per season, other two + times, it depends on the size of the league. I have a few scripts which combined build the schedule of games (Time, Date, Round of Play) and my next step is how to create a Balanced Schedule for an Even Number of Teams, or a Cyclic Schedule for Odd Number of Teams. Obviously, an IF function determines which Scheduling Algorithm to use, based on the number of teams in that particular league. My problem now is to automatically assign the teams participating in the matches, in a way described at the following links I assume it involves a rather complex calculation at some point in the script, but after searching high and low for some inspiration, and a few trial and error attempts... Nothing tangible to show for it. Even # of Teams (Balanced) Odd # of Teams (Cyclic) My file can be downloaded from this link https://www.dropbox.com/s/3onnzm4w75s08r2/Association%20Admin.fmp12 Thanks in Advance
  10. Hi there - Miss A! here..... I have a script that search through records to find a record for a Tour with current date and create an invoice record(For that Tour) on the Invoice layout. When i run script through debugger it is ok but when script auto runs on server it creates invoice records for all tours in the tour list, even when there is no Tour with a current date. See script in file attached, am unable to upload script within. Please help - Many thanx, Miss A! Script.pdf
  11. Hello, I have created a task list for our company and I created fields that allow the users to enter a date on which they would like to receive an email reminder for that task (i.e. meeting scheduled, call so and so, etc.) I had everything set in place, and originally used various triggers to set off the script. First, I had a button that needed to be pressed daily (quite annoying). Then I had it set as a script trigger for when the first person opened the database on a given day. That still wasn't working out well. Any ideas or guidance for setting a scheduled script to go off at certain times of the day? Is that possible? I am working in FileMaker Pro 11. Thank you!
  12. Hi - I'm new to FMforums, but have been reading in here for some time. My challenge is a database, where I need to display some points earned by members in different categories and display their individual points so far - and finally have a tab/layout/button, where new records of points can be entered Plz find file attached. Any help will be appreciated Martin TølbøllClubPoint-vers.-2013.11.05.01.zip
  13. I have two users who cannot use ANY scripts in the database. This is a file we've had for about 5 years. Once a year we make a copy of the file and it's our new database for the next fiscal year. We've never had a problem. I'm using FM 11.0v1 on a Mac using OSX 10.9 and everything is fine and dandy. No issues. Another user on a Mac is also fine. However, I have two users on Windows (one user on Windows XP sp3 and another on Windows 8) using two different versions of FM (8.5v 1 and 11.0 v1) who cannot run any scripts. If you start any script, it doesn't run. I've even tried creating simple scripts that simply change a field to "9" and they still don't run. Yet, everything works fine on the Macs. The file we're using is hosted on FileMaker server and we open remotely. I've tried also opening it locally and it still doesn't work on the Windows machines. It doesn't seem to be the version of FM - I'm wondering if Windows issued some patch that affected this recently. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  14. I've been doing merges for years using the "Merge Mail" script. It is a handy tool. To date, when I wanted to include a url, I just had the url be part of the e-mail. Currently, I'm trying to send a note with a *lot* of links, and want to hyperlink the actual text. But I can't figure out how to do it! Searching the web has proven fruitless. Any FM gurus out there who can shed some light on this?
  15. Hi Sorry, new here so please forgive me if I am in the wrong area! I have a file which relies totally on externally provided data. I cannot link directly to the data and have to download the individual .xls files manually from the internet and I store them in a child-folder called "Lincs" in the My Documents folder using a direct path name. Problem is, this will be used by other people in other countries and the route to their My Documents folder is differnet to mine. To get round this problem I used the following in my script: Set Error Capture [ On ] Set Variable [ $file; Value:"filewin:" & Get ( DocumentsPath ) & "namefolder" & settings::globaltextnamefilewithextension ] Import Records [ Source:“$file”; Method:Update existing; Character Set:“Windows ANSI”] [ No dialog ]I f [ Get ( LastError ) = 100 ] Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "Error"; Message: "File Does Not Exist"; Buttons: “OK” ] End If This seems to work OK. Query: When I set the filepath manually within the script (ie [file:../../../../../Temp/BostonRD.xls]) I click OK, then select 'Sheet 1' of the x.ls file, and then select 'data' as the 'First Row Option'. Then, when I click on 'Specify Import Order', the source fields are displayed which I can match up. I can also select 'Don't Import First Record (contains field names)", and then click OK again. Then click on 'Import Options' and select 'Import'. All works great. However, when I use a variable to import the file, I am not given the 'Sheet No' option and when I try to specify the import order no source options are displayed. Also I cannot choose to omit the first record containing the field names. It works in principle, but imports the 'title fields' or a blank record from the .xls file. Also, how does it know which fields to match up? As I say, it works in principle but I don't understand why and how can I stop it importing the 'title fields' from the .xls file? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Chris
  16. Hi All, I'm struggling with a script and count see what I'm doing wrong. The frustration is its a simple script. For some reason the script will not action the second option. If red it will run red script if blue it will run blue script, but if green it moves down to the blue if and runs the blue script. I'm so confused. The script is just a trigger to run another script all three of which are the same just with different layouts. Any advice appreciated.
  17. Hello, I have more than 10k executable files, each EXE export data to a single table, inside of an unique MySQL. I created a FM database to manage all data (ODBC), but I didn’t solve how to trigger a script from an external EXE, without looping for new data each minute. Questions: #01: There is way to trigger a script in an open database, without looping ? #02: Runtime solutions can be used with parameters? My best idea, at this time, is to create a runtime solution and a relationship, and call it from the EXE. I do think is a "stupid idea" and there must be clever solutions out there. Thanks for all INFO: I am using windows 10 | FM Pro 15
  18. Hiya, 1st of all - I have personally refrained from posting for help on a forum as I wanted to try and read, learn and solve my problems using trial and error! I am learning the FMP platform from scratch and am currently in week 2 of it. My question relates to a file I have attached to this post - the products area. For each product I have a number of 'size options' within it and each with their own unique SKU (stock keeping unit). Each SKU needs its own barcode. My job now is to produce a method to easily assign an 'available' barcode to a specific SKU. Barcodes are purchased from GS1 and are globally unique. I have a table hosting a pool of barcodes that I have available to me. They can only be assigned to one SKU and once assigned, needs to be removed from the available selection of barcodes in this pool. Issues I wanted to set a placeholder text for 'EAN-13' field in the product layout (this is the barcode). This field is a button! When clicked it can perform a script to open a popover or window containing all barcodes that do not have a 'ProductOptionID' assigned to it. How do I structure this script? Click the EAN field button - this sets the 'ProductOptionID' variable globally (is this correct to do) - [$$productOptionID] The script then opens the object 'Barcodes'. This is a popover button with a portal inside filtering all barcodes from the pool that do NOT have a productOptionID value in the foreign key field The script must then pause whilst I manually select a barcode and set a $BarcodeID variable? Or should I script it to pick a barcode at random from the pool of available barcodes (i've already set a script to give available a figure of 1 and unavailable a figure of 0) Then the script must put the BarcodeID variable in the product option record Is the above the right way to go about it? I also need a way to un-assign a barcode from a product and therefore remove the value from the product option id field in the barcode pool I have one more query. I have a relationship between Product Option table and the Barcode Pool. This relationship is O2M the barcodeIDpk with a lookup for the actual EAN (barcode) value on the Product Option table. When I set a barcode ID in the Product Option table - shouldn't the ProductOptionIDfk field update in the Barcode pool with the ID of the product option that the barcode is assigned to?? I am convinced I had it working earlier - but not anymore and cannot see to figure out why? See my relationship graph below and the solution attached. Thanks, Luke CRM Trial barcode.fmp12
  19. I am running FileMaker 14 on a Win 10 machine. I have a set of records that each have a field with a starting number and a field with an ending number. I have to perform a find that locates the record where the find criteria is greater than or equal to the starting number AND less than or equal to the ending number. I need to write a script that will just let the user enter the find criteria in a edit box and then go to the record. This will theoretically be only one record that would match from the dataset. Can anyone point me in the right direction with this? Thanks RDW
  20. Hi all not sure if this is the right area for this post however,any Help appreciated in a design that i am working on for a small point of sale i have an issue (or challenge) the normal price is set as a Retail Price (all good) however I have been asked to now fulfill this next part. A Multi-buy concept. so e.g. a bottle of wine would normally sell for $12.99 however there is a promotion where you can get 2 for $20 ea (or a breakdown of $10 ea) Now I have put a field in inventory table for multi buys i.e. fields 1. a checkbox for whether it is a multi buy item. 2. a field which indicates the qty of item that is applicable as in the above example 2 3. a field which indicates the multi buy price. 4. A field which calculates the individual price as in the example above $10. (multi buy price / qty) and just to throw a little more into it there is the possibility of a situation whereby it could be 2 OR MORE. so I have created a field which is a further checkbox which indicates whether OR MORE is applicable or just the base qty. I guess the question is how does one tie this into the POS where an item would usually under normal circumstances be scanned and price picked up from the inventory table I am just a little lost on this. I thought of a script that checks for multi buy applicable then pops the qty and price into variables which could somehow be used back at the POS screenoveriding the "usual price". Then the issue of OR MORE came into play and that is just for me draining my limited grey matter. or am i looking at this completely wrong and is there a possible better way ie use of a related table etc. Any Ideas would be appreciated. I hope this makes sense.
  21. Hi everyone, Here is my issue : I would like to create a runtime solution that : - would be shown full screen (completely full screen, without the menu bar, like Chrome or Firefox full screen options) and - would work with keyboard shortcuts (actually the user should be able to launch some scripts : command + 1 for example) I thought about 2 solutions (which don't work) : - creating a "normal" runtime solution but I can't find how to remove the menu bar (for going full screen) or - creating a Kiosk runtime solution but then I can't use the keyboard Would you have a solution ? Thanks :-) Phil
  22. Hello, We have a simple Filemaker solution which tracks stock we order from suppliers (Item ID (unique Key), Description, Category, Invoice, Serial Number, Date, etc) which we used to track stock and print labels from. (Table: Stock Items) I would like to make an improvement to this by adding a stock take functionality. As we barcode the items and print the Item ID I would like someone to be able to walk around the shop and scan each barcode and then we can generate reports from there. The barcode scanner is setup to add a carriage return at the end of the scan to move on to the next line. I have setup a table called "Stocktake". We just want to enter the Item ID and then other fields can be looked up. (see attached screenshot). The issue I have is that I struggle for FM to create new records. What I have setup is created a script which makes a new record, and sets the focus to the field Stocktake:Item_id - New Record/Request - Go to Field [Stocktake::Item_ID] I have then added a trigger to the Item_ID field which on "OnObjectSave" runs this script. I have two problems: 1. If I type in a stocknumber the record is entered into the table, the script runs (can check it using tools), a new record is created but when the script finishes the focus is not on the Item_ID field. In fact there is no field that has focus applied. However, if I manually click on "New Record", or manually run the script the focus is on the field Item_ID for entry for the next item. 2. I notice that the record only is recorded if I press "Enter" on my numeric keypad. If I press "Enter" on the main keyboard it will not save the record. I am aware that on a Mac these keys are treated differently. What do I need to configure here? The scanner we use for barcodes has been configured to add a carriage return but this appears to be the same one as the main enter key and does not enter records. I must just be doing something simple wrong. If anyone could give me some guidance it would be greatly appreciated. Platform is Filemaker 12 Advanced running on Windows.
  23. The intro to my problem is going to be long because I think it requires a degree of explanation. I apologize in advance for the length. I have a project that involves, at present, designing restaurant and industrial kitchens (it may expand to all food areas). I have listed several hundred different pieces of equipment and have a file of printouts of their "overviews" and "cut sheets", or specifications. When drawing blueprints, each piece of equipment must be shown (to scale) and sequentially numbered. A copy of the Overview (general description and picture) and the applicale cut sheets, in sequential order, must accompany the primary set of blueprints. Having this list greatly simplifies a designers job because no two kitchens aree alike - Customer size, construction budgets, etc. So, what i want to do is to be able to 'pick and choose' which pieces of equipment I will be using and, from there, print the appropriate forms in the correct sequence. And that's where the problem arises. I have scripts that do almost everything I need - except that, after creating a "To Print" list which shows the total file, I have a radio button field (Yes, No) to determine whether or not to include in printing, and a second field to set the order of printing (to correspond to the equipment sequence numbering of the blueprint. The problem is that I can't get the two fields to clear or revert to blank status so that I can establish a new printing order. I've worked around the Yes, No by replacing the field contents to No, but that's a kludge, and am not happy with it. Are there script steps that will allow me to clear both types of fields before displaying the complete list? Thanks for any help, and thanks too, if you have sat through and read the whole thing.
  24. I have a script that runs on open. It insists on selecting a non-modifiable field even when I end the script with a go to object command. How do you get a file to open in a neutral state - ie with no active field?
  25. Hi All~ My latest dilemma involves writing a script that will find all the records that were created by a specific user. Basically it breaks down like this: User logs into the database. User wants to know what POs (records in this case) they've made and are still active (Y/N radio button). User runs script that pulls in all records that match these criteria. I can do all that. Easy with one user and one user ID. My issue is that in the script, how do I make a find step that will read the current user? many thanks! I've attached a file with the script I'm trying to make work. This is just a work file. NOT PRETTY! POs test.fp7.zip oh and since it's user specific I had to make each one password protected. the login and passwords are sb/sb once there you can make your own user/password
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