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Found 29 results

  1. How do I do a search if I want records where the field is blank?
  2. Greetings, I have a global field that is acting as a search bar to perform a find with the data stored in it. I have set an OnObjectKeystroke script trigger to the field to activate a script if the user presses the enter key while inside the field. Since most users are used to hitting enter on their keyboards to perform a search and it's much quicker, I've adopted this method as opposed to a search button. I would like to prompt the user with a warning dialog if they press enter while inside the search field, but happen to leave the field empty. The custom dialog would tell them to type some search criteria in, instead of leaving the field empty to avoid performing a blank search. So far most of the script I came up with works, but for some reason it gets stuck in a loop during the last simple steps and I can't get out of it. I'm trying to have the following occur: - Exit the search field, and make it lose the focus. - Show a custom dialog telling the user of the error and prompting them to press "OK". - Upon pressing OK, enter the search field again and bring it into focus to set the cursor in the field so that the user can retype a correct value. The default FileMaker field validation that is found in the field's Options settings performs something very similar to what I described above. I'm trying to achieve a similar effect, but using a script instead to have more custom control and flexibility with the warning dialogs. Any help much appreciated. Custom validation - Search field.fmp12.zip
  3. I have a table of 200 clients related to a table of each client's visits. The visit table has the date of the visit plus other fields not involved here. These monthly visits numbering 1000 range across all visit records from 2003 through 2013. I put the visits in a portal on the client layout. It all works fine. What I'd like to do is show only those records that have visited recently. The business rule is: If the client hasn't visited since Jan 2008, he's abandoned us and is not longer interested. Of course I'd not delete those abandoned cases but I want FM 11 to show me only those records with a visit from Jan 2008 to now. I've tried doing this with the simple FM 11 menus using the "Date_of_Visit" field which is all I have. I can't use "> */*/2008" becuase that includes all records back to 2003. I can't use "< 12/31/2007" because that again includes all records which I don't want. Perhaps I don't know the sequence of joining a ">" find to a "<" find. How do I filter these dates?
  4. Hello Everyone, I'm having a hard time working out how to do a search and replace. How I have my FM project set up is; I have three tables. The first is Staff, it has these fields: id, staffID, firstName, lastName, fullName (caculated). The second is Assets, it has: id, staffIDFK, dn, make, model, etc... The last is Resources, it has: id, staffIDFK, assetsIDFK, addItem. What I have is on the Staff page I have two tabs, the first tab shows all of the staff members information, the second tab has a portal showing all assets assigned to them. Above the portal I have a field(addItem) from the Resources table and a button. What I'm trying to do is have the ability to type in the DN into the "addItem" field and press the "Add" button to add the device to the current Staff member. DN stands for Device Number specific for each item, its like the id for the item but I was told i should always have an id field in each table. How I was hoping the logic would go something like this: If (content from Resources::addItem is found in any Assets::DN fields ) Check Asset to see if Assets::staffIDFK is empty If NOT, Message box: "Currently Checked out to "Staff::fullName" do you wish to add anyways?" Yes/No If YES, Set Assets::staffIDFK to Current Staff::id Else if (Resources::addItem is not found) Message Box: "No Item Found." I really hope this makes sense. Thank you for your help in advance!
  5. I have a database that we use to update our website inventory. A few years ago we began offering customized merchandise that gets dropshipped direct from suppliers. Suppliers give us data feed files with their inventory levels, pricing, etc. and this file manipulates the data. It takes our current web database, compares values and exports those products with their updated values. Importing the data and exporting used to take less than hour but now it takes several since the size of the web database has grown and the number of suppliers has grown. Everything is automated through scripts. In the main table (web database), the proposed quantities, pricing, leadtime, variations, etc. all use unstored calculated fields to determine the new value. I then have a separate field which is used to flag items that need updating. The major bottleneck of the entire process is the searching of this field. It can take sometimes over an hour to search this field. Other steps like exporting the changes can take a while, too. I have done some things to optimize the database but it still seems that these unstored calc fields are what is dragging everything down. I have tried replacing some of those calc fields with text/num fields with "replace field contents" script steps (or auto entry) but it does not seem to make a difference because of the indexing. The database is not hosted or shared and my computer has decent specs with an SSD HD. I've got a simplified design chart attached for reference. I am not sure that this is what comes with a large complex database file or if my design is flawed. The only two things I can think to try to reduce the processing time is: 1) Rewrite the scripts to update the supplier/inventory table records instead of replacing the records fresh each time. 2) Use a looped set field script to set the "change flag" field and/or the other updated price/qty/etc fields Any thoughts or advice is much appreciated.
  6. I am happy with being able to create a dynamic list from relationships. What I trying to solve a away to be able to search through (or filter) a Value List of SerialNumbers from a user input of text. Both the search input of text and the calculated value list (calculated SerialNumber field) have a variable number of characters. A user would therefore enter a text string into a field (which can be a related global storage field), then I need the value list to filter based on that string. I can get this working from a exact match (ab=ab etc), but need to know if there is a way of creating a value list based on an index of SerialNumbers? To simply this to explain another way, if I have items: a, ab, abc, e The user would type 'a' into a field and the value list would return all items with an a (a, ab, abc)
  7. Hey guys, I am trying to create a script that will preform a search and pull up a record in my FM database with a barcode scan from CMS Barcode. I have already setup CMS Barcode so that the barcode number imports into a text field in my database with a scan, however from there I am stumped. The script can't be that complex, and CMS only offers limited information. Any help would be appreciated! Tomio
  8. Basic question.... Where do I find help on partial word searches? I've been ...searching.... for a good writeup on FMP search operators that cover this to little avail. I need a expression that will search, get to a character, and then ignore/wildcard from there. So a search on "Chicago" will return: Chicago Chicago-IL Chicago-001 and so forth.....
  9. This was taken from filemakerhacks.com website as i just did not understand what Matt was saying. Can someone please tell me what exactly he is saying here? My question is, Where do you do the loop set var : $searchString : value: test::note; Enter Find Mode set field : test::note $searchString; perform find [] Here is attached link to article: http://www.filemakerhacks.com/?p=3501 -ian
  10. FM 13 Is it possible to search a pdf document within an interactive container field or within a "supercontainer" without exporting the document? And then have the pdf within the container scroll to the found text?
  11. Hi all, new article just posted over at FM Weetbicks, blurb and link below, cheers! Link to full article here
  12. We have a table of job reports which displays the following fields: 1. Job number (unique number) 2. Job Title (text which is autofilled using the job number) Portal results showing a list of work done: 3. Work Done (number) 4. Hours (number) 5. Cost (number - based on an fixed hourly rate multiplied by Hours) Beneath the portal it then shows a total field: 6. Hours Total (Total of all hours displayed in the portal) 7. Total Cost (Hours Total multiplied by a fixed hourly fee) --------------- I want to create a new table with a portal search that I can type in multiple job numbers in a search field and it will display a list from the table above in the following format: 1. Job Number, 2. Job Title, 6. Hours Total Then I will create a couple of fields at the bottom which will add all the hours and give a total cost. The problem is I cannot work out how, or if it is even possible to search for multiple job numbers in a field to display the relevant results in a portal. Is it possible or do I need to go about it in a different way?
  13. I am a novice at layouts and filemaker language, So this is what I am trying to do and I thank anyone who helps me figure out how to get this completed. I am trying to create a database search filter that will be able to return any and all records that fit the filter but can have an unlimited number of search criteria that are based on "and"/ "or" strings. I'm not sure if using a portal can solve this but this is what I'm talking about. example, search: first name="" , and, age<"" , and, height<>"", + or last name="" , and, team="" , and, record>"", + + The plus signs are buttons I would like to have to automatically add to the search criteria to tag as an "and" string or an "or" string. So when you go to click one it adds a box to enter the "field" from the database then the command "<=>,<>" then the "value/comparing field" I'm not sure if I'm asking/trying to do something complicated here or this is a walk in the park, but any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Okay… here’s a toughy. I’ve got a corrupt file, so we need to get all the data into a clone of a known-good backup. Obviously I can import it directly, but to be absolutely certain we’re getting rid of all corruption, my supervisor has requested that I export the data to merge files and then re-import it into the known-good clone, which sounds great to me. Unfortunately, there’s a snag: a lot of the data includes formatted text, which is very important to maintain. So, here’s the solution I came up with, repeated for each table in the solution: 1) Export all modification information (mod account, mod timestamp, etc.) to a merge file. 2) Loop through each field of each record of the current table and check for formatted text, using the following calculation: GetAsCSS ( GetField ( $FieldName ) ) ≠ GetAsCSS ( TextFormatRemove ( GetField ( $FieldName ) ) ) Any data that returns True is replaced with its CSS equivalent. 3) Export the data to a second merge file. 4) Import the data from the second merge file into the backup. 5) Perform step 2 in reverse, using a slightly modified version of Christopher Gauntt’s CSStoFMText custom function. 6) Import the modification info from the first merge file into the backup. I’ve gotten the script to the point where it’s working perfectly, but it’s taking forever: it’s been running step 2 on a particular table (62 fields, 2.3 million records) for over 12 hours and is still only about 60% complete. Once it’s done, it still has to run the remaining four steps on that table (I expect step 5 to take as long), then process the remaining 33 tables (most of which are smaller, but still). Any thoughts on what I can do to optimize this further? Perhaps some method of finding formatted text? Thanks!
  15. After converting my database file from its FMP 11 version to the version compatible with FMP 14, a normal behavior no longer functions as it did. In Find mode, a certain field is supposed to autocomplete the search string based on a specified value list. This no longer happens. Instead it functions like the default, which is that typing a letter scrolls down to the first entry in the value list that begins with that letter but does not use autocomplete. I attach a short video to illustrate. Does anyone have any thoughts on why this might have changed in the upgrade/conversion? Thank you! FMP_14_autocomplete_problem.mov
  16. Hi I am cleaning up a messy list of doctors names and addresses. I have got a lovely clean and accurate its in a new table. The old table is very unreliable, with inaccurate placement of the data for address1,address2,town, post code etc. This means post code could be found in any of the fields or not at all. My idea is to break out the search terms by "exploding" all the words in all the address fields and using these to search in the clean file. I want to score the results so more finds gets a better score. I can then use this as a threshold to match the records and then store a foreign key. Finally I will replace the links to the messy data from the main application with the key to the clean data. TO ILLUSTRATE Address1 Address2 Town Post Code Messy file 20 High Street Birmingham Clean 20 High Road Birmingham B1 1AA Score 1 +1 +1 =3 Questions Is this a sensible approach? Or is there a better way? I can generate a multiple line search but this will find every High in Birmingham. I think I need to loop into repeated searches and use this to count the results ? Any guidance gladly received. Thanks John
  17. Hi guys, it's that time where I think I am way over thinking something and so I have stopped to ask a question. Put simply I am working on a POS for a small business that may have up to 4 terminals in use at any one time. My question is this as layed out by the following scenario. Terminal 1 and 2 and 3 are in use (for example). All terminals are operating and putting customers stock through the checkout. Terminal 1 and 3 both perform a search for product through a search layout, both have results that need to be returned to the terminal and entered into the current sale they are respectively working on. How do I achieve this so they return to their respective records and not each others (if this makes sense). I have a persistant ID for all terminals and currently the result is a scripted return of the EAN (number) via copy into the relevant record on the terminal. ( Simple in it's theory and it works for a single user. I think there could be a far more elegant way of doing this) however, going back to my original question of the multi user scenario how would I make this work? Hope this makes sense.
  18. Hi there, at first I was struggling to find some data which I knew was present and couldn't figure out why... Data in text field (real example): A 0111 B0111 B0116 TZ0113 [...] Search string (quotes not part of search): "0111" finds "A 0111" but not "B0111" etc. But I figured out how to adjust my search so FileMaker will pick up these records accordingly by wrapping it in stars like *TERM* so it performs partial matching: "*0111*" finds "A 0111" and "B0111" Now my question is: How can make this the standard search mode / feature without extensively writing scripts for every layout? I am working with a search layout which includes a lot of fields and I would like to just be able to set "partial search" as default for selected fields or – if that's not possible – for all fields on the search layout, knowing that this can be achieved by using a search script which wraps every input in "*" but that seems kind of over the top. Thanks for your input!
  19. Hello, I'm running FileMaker Go 15 on iPhone 6 (iOS 9.3.2). I had this same issue on FMGo 14 before I upgraded. When I click Create New Find and enter find mode, I enter data into the fields I'd like to search, but the "Search" button in the top right corner is grayed out/unavailable and clicking "Done" or "Go" in the native keyboard doesn't perform the find. I've attached an image in find mode so you can see what I'm talking about. I even have admin privileges and it doesn't work. The Quick Find search seems to be the only thing working. Any insight would be helpful! Thanks in advance! Arbel
  20. Announcing fmSearchResults 5. This latest download delivers new features with simple implementation. And it's free! fmSearchResults 5 adds fast, multi-table searching to your FileMaker solutions by importing a few scripts and pasting a simple search field on to your layouts. It feels like the type of Google search that all your users are already familiar with, and it’s far more powerful than FileMaker’s Quickfind feature, because it searches across multiple tables and has data-type awareness. Read more about the new features and download it now! Implementation is so simple, watch me do it 5 minutes (and 12 seconds).
  21. Hi gurus, I am sure I’m missing something simple, but for the life of me I can’t figure this out. I have a database with tickets. What I want is when a new ticket is created I want to see a popover (see attached) then I want the user to type in the top box and as they type I want to filter the list below (a portal) and once they client is shown they would select it and a ticker is created for the client. I sound a script and modified to fit my needs but can’t get it to work. Can someone stretch a helping hand? BTW the filtering is working but its not reflecting in the popover its reflecting on the layout.
  22. Good evening. Once again I find myself stumbling over something that I think will turn out to be very simple. I seek the help of our Filemaker mentors for assistance. I have a table with about 3000 records in it. One of the fields is called "Type" and can contain any one of 7 different values" Another field is "Gender" (containing one of there values: Male, Female, Unstated") Another field ("Duration") is a numeric value that can be anything from 0 to 300 I want to Find records whose Gender is male (easy), the numeric value in a range (also easy), but exclude all records whose Type does NOT equal "Assessment". I found that I can Omit the "Assessment" records OK, but then unable to then constrain the set to show just Gender=Male and a Duration value of choice. After the Omit works, running a Find on the remaining records seems to undo the Omit. So, I tried the Omit stage after the Find of Gender and Duration - still no luck. It seems that a Find cancels out a previous Omit. One cannot do a Find on something that "does not equal" - it has to be an omit process. I am not going to do a Find on the other possible 6 values either - thats not a clean solution. I have been unable to find a solution through Googling on the correct procedure and usage of the Find/Omit tools to achieve what needs to be done. I'm sure it can be done, and I'm just missing something simple. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Greg
  23. I am building a custom solution for my company that tries to replicate the functionality people are used to in a series of text-based documents. One of the things I have been asked to produce is a method for highlighting specific text on screen when viewing historic log notes. In some cases, we have decades of notes for a customer, so simply looking through those records is impractical, and the users want to be able to view the found note in the context of other notes, chronologically, so I can't just have them perform a find for the specific text. Is there a way to jump to the specific row of a portal that contains a specific text string without actually filtering the portal results? I am using Filemaker Pro 15 on Windows 7.
  24. Hi guys, Would appreciate your help. I have a database for a university, basically I have students that enroll to a subject and can either : win, homologate, fail, or cancel the subject. I must make a report that shows every student that has failed, canceled or hasn't seen certain subject. The catch is that if the student has seen the subject two or more times and for example the first time he failed it but the second time he won it, that student appears on the report even though he shouldn't because he won the subject on a second try. So, how can I make a report that excludes a student that has enrolled a subject more than one time and has failed and won that same subject?
  25. I have a database that tracks submissions we get from our VFX Vendors. I have a field in this database that I import all of the vendor submissions into. I would like to know if there is a way to search for multiple submissions through a custom dialogue. I have successfully created a script for searching for one submission. Is there a way to expand upon what I already have? Here is what I have so far: Go to Layout [ "VFX Notes Original" (VFX Notes) ] Enter Find Mode [ ] Show Custom Dialog [ "Vendor Submission Notes" ; "Enter the vendors submission name down below." ; VFX Notes::VFX Notes_CompDateRecieved ] If [ Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 1 ] Perform Find [ ] Go to Layout [ "Vendor Issue Notes" (VFX Notes) ] Enter Browse Mode [ ] End If If [ Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 2 ] Enter Browse Mode [ ] Go to Layout [ "VFX Counts" (VFX Counts) ] End If Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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