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Found 11 results

  1. Filemaker Pro Adv 12 running under Windows 10. Trying to "Send Mail" with two (2) attachments. The specified attachment files are defined as $Path1 (from_map.png) and $Path2 (to_map.png). Both files are located at C:/Users/{user id}/AppData/Local/Temp/S<n>. The Specified files are entered as: $PATH1 $PATH2 However, when Send Mail is activated only $PATH1 is shown as an attachment. Can't seem to get past this problem, help please.
  2. mbarrett65

    timestamp on email sent

    I am using a "Perform Script on Server" step to send email via SMPT. For some reason, the date stamp is four hours earlier than the actual time. My IT department has confirmed that the date and time on the server running filemaker is correct. I'm wondering what setting is being used to generate the email such that when it arrives in my outlook email client, it's four hours earlier. The reason I am using Perform Script On Server is my IT department doesn't want to allow email relay from the client machines. So, I put the relevant info in a log which the script can access when running on the server. That part of the script works fine, it's just the date stamp that doesn't.
  3. MariaAux

    Email attachment 'Specify' Greyed out

    I searched for hours and found threads such as this one ; The threads explain nicely how to export files to paths and then attach them, but I have a far more simple problem. In my 'Send Mail' Option window, the 'Specify' Attachment is simply greyed out. (See attachment - no pun intended) Thus, I cannot specify a field - I can only choose one file to attach. What have I done wrong? Thanks so much in advance
  4. myFMbutler AutoSender 3.2 the easiest way to send e-mail, text messages and faxes from FileMaker Server 12 Ghent, Belgium - August 6, 2013 - myFMbutler today announced the immediate availability of myFMbutler AutoSender 3.2. About myFMbutler AutoSender 3.2 myFMbutler AutoSender is a messaging solution robot that allows you to automatically send e-mails from your FileMaker solutions, based on the status of a FileMaker field. You can easily manage several files from which to send e-mail. Supports plain text as well as HTML e-mail, and mixed plain/HTML messages Logging of date and time when e-mail was sent Communicates with FileMaker Server using either JDBC or XML Runs a background process (a daemon on OS X - a service on Windows) What is new in version 3.2? Added the possibility to cycle logs and limit the size of the log files Mailjet support Memory optimization Java 7 compatibility Fixed an issue where invalid statuses wouldn't be updated [OS X] Status light was always green System Requirements FileMaker Server 11 or FileMaker Server 11 Advanced FileMaker Server 12 or FileMaker Server 12 Advanced Windows 2003 Server or higher Windows XP SP2 or higher Mac OS X 10.6.8 server or higher Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher Pricing and availability AutoSender 3.2 is available today for EUR 249,- or about USD 330,-. The upgrade is free for registered users of version 3.x. The new version is available on the myFMbutler download page (www.myfmbutler.com). FileMaker DevCon 2013 myFMbutler will again have a booth at this year's conference. Those who are attending may want to drop by the booth to get a demo of one of our products. You are all welcome on our vendor session about SQL in FileMaker Pro 12 on Thursday the 15th of August at 2:00 PM. About myFMbutler myFMbutler is an initiative by SHpartners, a longtime FileMaker FBA Platinum partner. SHpartners currently have 7 FileMaker 12 Certified Developers among their staff and received a "FileMaker Excellence Award for FBA Business Partner of the Year" at DevCon 2008. myFMbutler's goal is to provide a wide range of tools that help FileMaker developers create better solutions. "Whether it be through the use of our plug-ins, or some of our other solutions that extend on the capabilities of FileMaker, we want to offer developers a way to improve their products, and help them finish their projects faster."
  5. Hi Can anyone send me some examples of Send Mail(SMTP Server) function using Found Set records to populate To, CC, BCC? Also is there any ways to capture status(Sent, failed,, MessageID) of Send Mail function? Thanks in advance. H I
  6. Just installed FMPA 14 two days ago and running it through its paces. I may have found a bug but not 100%. I have a script that will email my clients their account info and password by Send Mail via Email client. This IS performed with dialog so I am expecting to see a window pop up with the email I am sending - however nothing happens. When I run the script on the 14 platform (tried in both Pro and Advance) no dialog appears and I get a -1 Unknown Error when the Send Mail script step is fired. This script works flawlessly in 13. The file is hosted on Filemaker Server 13 Advanced (waiting for the kinks to get worked out before I upgrade); Windows Server 2008 r2 64 bit. The client machines are all 64 bit Widows 7 machines. Is it the "B" word or is there something new to configure/sort out that I'm not aware of? Thanks in advance - Jim
  7. Hi, My database has a Send Mail script that creates an email for each contact. The Subject and Message are filled in automatically based on their respective global fields, which are editable by the users of my database. However this option is not available for attachments. My original idea is to have a global Container field where my users can insert a file, and then use the script to send out large number of emails with the inseted file as an attachment. Is there anyway I can make Filemaker create emails that also attaches whatever file my users chose automatically? The rationale behind this is that the users of my database have almost no training in Filemaker, and we often have to send emails (with attachments) to hundreds of people in one go rapidly. Any suggestions are much appreciated, thanks! MacGuffin
  8. DDDan

    mac Send email and include name

    Hi, I am familiar with the send mail script step. What I'd like to do is include the first an last name when sending an email. In that way the receiver can choose 'add to contacts' and the first and last name plus the email will be added to contacts. If you make a calc field with firstlastnamefield & " <" & emailaddressfield & ">" and copy and paste the contents of this field into the 'to' field in Mail, it will include the first and last name together with the email address. However, if you use the same field in the script step Send Mail in the 'To' field, it recognises the email address, but skips the first and last name. Any idea how to make this work? Thanks, Daniel
  9. I've not used FM Pro in some time and need help. Just upgraded to FM12. I have a check box list that user chooses to select which vendors will receive request for bid on new jobs entered. What I want is a way to grab names from chosen check boxes and find corresponding email from a separate vendor list and then send a separate email to each vendor (I know how to set up email). Unclear how I can accomplish this with check box. In the past I've used buttons for each vendor (yes, long list and lots of work to set up) that triggers scripts. However, the check box list would make it much easier. Appreciate any help that can be provided, and remember I'm a novice so please break it down.... Thanks.
  10. Hi I am upgrading our Filemaker 10 Server to Filemaker 14. Which was smooth but been told not to use mail.it plugins instead use Send Mail function. So have to redesign all the codes. So is there any thing that I should be aware of. Lots of thins like MessageID in mail.it functions that cannot be implemented in Send Mail(did not find any articles).
  11. Oyseka

    SMTP send error 1506

    Hi All, Having been shown the bug in 10.11.6 and FMP by bcooney I am setting up the Send Mail script to send via SMTP. This works OK in the Invoice table but I can not get it to work in the Quotes table. There does not appear to be anything in the mail setup script that is capable of creating the error and I have tried three different smtp server addresses with the same result. I have used all three smtp server addresses on the Invoice table as well and they all work. Can anyone assist please.

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