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  1. I'm a 10+ year FileMaker vet with good HTML/CSS skills. But I have no experience with Custom Web Publishing / PHP...nor FM Data API) I need to find someone to assist w/setting up online form. Here is a link to brief project specifications: After reviewing the specs you should have enough info to provide bid. Thanks! The link also provides contact info. Please reply via e-mail. https://dbase-form.webflow.io
  2. FileMaker Developer & Problem-Solving eXpert IMMEDIATE OPENING – USA Based 1099 Remote Independent Subcontractor We are looking for a disciplined, self-motivated, talented, eXperienced, independent FileMaker sub-contractor who can tackle poorly developed and designed eXisting solutions and whip them back to good working order. Also create beautiful new FileMaker applications too! PLEASE NOTE: We are specifically looking for an independent individual sub-contractor who is USA-based and wants to be part of a team, but wants to remain a freelancer. Not interested in outsourc
  3. Looking for someone to help setup a simple connection to a sql database on cpanel for our Ranch to connect to cattle listings on our website.. I'll be using fmp12 server or content for now just establishing a connection via fmp12 client on windows 7 pro machines. Specifically I am having trouble establishing a DSN connection from any of my machines and have opened ports / given access in cpanel to my static IP. I have also updated MS ODBC drivers on one of the machines to see if that made a difference. It may be something quick for an expert with experience or it might end up being
  4. I have a pretty simple document generation and management solution to which I would like to add an email capability. I would like to be able to have my email attachments dealt with FileMaker so as to be given a unique name and allow me to save them to my HD all in Macintosh. Any body interested in taking on this task for me? I will buy whichever plugin will do the best job or suits the successful consultant. Management_Clone.fmp12
  5. Good day, We are currently looking for a Filemaker developer who can work for us as an independent freelancer/contractor. We are a mid-level Filemaker Developer who needs assistance with maintenance and limited customization on our solutions. Our headquarters is based in northern NJ. However, this is a position that can be remote. Looking forward to hearing from this community, and thank you for the help.
  6. San Diego, CA – November 9, 2018 - Productive Computing, Inc., a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, is proud to announce a new Maintenance Support Program for FileMaker users. This program is intended to provide FileMaker customers a low-cost alternative to time and materials billing when performing “fix it” type programming and regular maintenance on their systems. Support plans are designed to improve the performance of a FileMaker app by fixing nagging issues that users create workarounds for, reducing the costs associated with upgrading from one version of File
  7. Good day looking for local filmmaker developer , not sure if i should be asking in here though , I'm based in north west uk liverpool area
  8. We require a Junior FileMaker Developer to assist our Development Team to work on our growing custom development business. The position would be based at our central London/King’s Cross offices. The candidate must have the right to live/work in the United Kingdom. Full details can be found here: https://www.datatherapy.com/juniormidlevel-filemaker-developer Any questions can be directed to myself - Ben Fletcher (ben.fletcher@datatherapy.com) or call +44 (0)20 7700 0044.
  9. We are getting ready to launch a large web based project and need some help getting across the finish line. There will be some light work to be done on the FM database, but the primary dev will be on the JQuery/PHP frontend. It will be on a contract basis now, but if the launch goes as expected there is massive room for growth in the company going forward. There is plenty to be done, but specifically I need a few "modules" if you will, to be looked at with a fresh pair of eyes. Specifically, I need to work out some bugs with my authentication system and handling session variables. It is workin
  10. Job Summary Blue Feather (https://bluefeathergroup.com) is looking to hire a FileMaker database developer. This is a client facing position where you will be gathering requirements and developing solutions to meet client needs. We’re looking to find someone with strong FileMaker experience that we can train to become a very advanced developer, becoming proficient in complex integration solutions and technologies outside of just FileMaker. Work is about 80/20 FileMaker and web/php/other. Daily work will primarily consist of business application development and design using FileMaker s
  11. Linear Blue are looking for a full-time FileMaker Consultant to be based out of our UK office. Must have the right to live and work in the UK. Please see link for details https://www.filemakerjobboard.com/job/filemaker-developer/38164355/ or email hr@linearblue.com
  12. I need a few simple scripts made, and do not have time to do them myself. Can you let me know your rate, and contact info?
  13. Hello, We are in need of a FileMaker developer to assist with a custom database application project. Please private message me for details and have at least three comparable FileMaker projects available to show along with your bio. This is for a company in South Florida, but we can work remotely with anyone in the USA (sorry, no international at this time). EDIT: For clarity, this is for a one time project. PM me for details on what would be the scope for comparable projects. What I can say publicly is that this project entails a rewrite of an existing database application to in
  14. Hi, I am going to be doing a mini project with FileMaker where an excel sheet is going to be distributed to bidders for some work. My plan is to then import the data from completed spreadsheets into FileMaker using Scribe. The Excel sheets aren't going to be the most complex Excel ever but there are some special things. So, we feel we need an experienced Excel person to take care of that. So, we are looking for recommendations for an Excel consultant who might be able to help us out. Ideal person is: -Based, like us, in the UK. US is OK though. -Able to stick aro
  15. We have need for a filemaker developer/consultant to make modifications to an existing Filemaker 12 database. The database makes use of a number of scripts to "synchronise" records with a second Filemaker database hosted on a windows web server. Changes to be made to the database include debugging the existing scripts and fixing bad design in the table relationships. The primary database is hosted in north queensland, Australia. However due to the remoteness of the location we are expecting that it will be necessary to work remotely with a developer. Access can be provided via VNC or
  16. Keller Interiors (http://www.kellerinteriors.com) is looking to hire an I.T. Support Specialist with an interest in FileMaker database development. We are a 25+ year steadily growing flooring installation/construction company based in Charleston, SC with many other offices throughout the South, Southeast, and Midwest. We are looking to add a highly motivated, positive-minded, service oriented, and experienced individual that is looking to support and help to expand the needs of our I.T. Department. Daily work will primarily consist of supporting our existing I.T. infrastructure along with
  17. "The San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP) seeks a contractor to support our team of FileMaker developers in the development, maintenance, and improvement of SDWP’s custom software suite." Quotes are due by 16 June 2017 at 5 p.m. PDT. http://workforce.org/rfps/2017/06/06/rfq-filemaker-pro-consulting-services
  18. We are Americans who are a non-profit and have a school for squatter children in the slums of the Philippines and would like to create student attendance database that provides various rewards. Our goal is to encourage the kids to attend school who otherwise wouldn't and provide them with a reward point type of system. Each day they attend school, they get 5pts. If they remembered to wear their school uniform they get additional 5 pts. At the end of the day or the end of the week, they can use their points and trade them in for rice, milk, things that will help them feed their family, g
  19. Looking for someone who provide a step by step process to issue a license for a runtime after a paypal transaction. Something i can replicate with copy paste and a few changes in code following your instructions. Prefer not installing on my webserver any additional software but open to using an api with a paid monthly service. Also possibly the simplest way to populate a fmp basic contact us dbase without using iwp. None of this is active yet and likely will remain a manual process for now but trying to think ahead and have a solution in place. I know there are alot of w
  20. Developed a project that i dont have time to manage updates / potential sales / email traffic. Potentially the project needs fmp go or some sort of web access eventually for some clients as well as various improvements to take advantage of newer fmp versions (currently fmp12) Prefer an intermediate developer to man any email inquiries / investigate and setup a way to issue licenses for a runtime / Pay commission on sales if there are alot of inquiries / pay hourly on actual fmp work. Am looking for a trustworthy USA based individual to partner in this endeavor! Regards
  21. Blue Feather (https://bluefeathergroup.com) in Johns Creek, GA is looking to hire a FileMaker database developer. This is a client facing position where you will be gathering requirements and developing solutions to meet client needs. We’re looking to find someone with some FileMaker experience that we can train to become a very advanced developer, becoming proficient in complex integration solutions and technologies outside of just FileMaker. Daily work will primarily consist of business application development and design using FileMaker scripting, calculations, and layout tools. Our
  22. See https://san-diego-workforce-partnership-1.workable.com/jobs/431628.
  23. Looking for an intermediate developer $45 to $75 depending on Experience. I would expect a developer with any amount of experience to be able to pretty accurately quote each module that i have allocated. The list is getting shorter but i still have a pretty good bit of cleanup and some modules to ad to this project. FMP12 remote work to my server. I've got a small budget for the right individual who loves filemaker development and would like a little cash to boot. As you can imagine there have been alot of flakes inquiring but i am looking for a dependable / long term relationship
  24. I am with a Los Angeles based television production company that is looking to hire someone to help us develop an asset/inventory tracking system using Filemaker. Below are a few of the features we would like to include. Inventory each item (with its own tracking #) To be used for tracking computer, camera, furniture, media, appliances, etc Check items in and out. Assign a work number to each item at time of check out. Generate inventory reports. Date of availability for each item (automated reminders)
  25. Short on time and have a couple small family Ranch operation files one for sure that i want to migrate from 9ish technology to 12. All REMOTE work via my ranch server. I've got a small budget for the right individual who loves filemaker development and would like a little cash to boot. The main file is a repair/service log for all of our equipment and it has the potential to be shared with thousands of likeminded farm and home do-it yourselfers so if you are interested in eventually making more public friendly in order to sell / share our efforts it has gained ALOT of interest f
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