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Found 7 results

  1. I have a Number field «Kontakttyp_enum». It contains multiple (!) number values, depending on what the user has deemed to select (see picture). It works great — numbers appearing and disappearing in this field, depending on which checkboxes are clicked upon. Now, I’d like to set this field with the «Set Field» script step — but I can’t figure out how. I can read specific values (for example with the function «Position ( Kontakttyp_enum ; 6 ; 1 ; 1 )», but I don’t know how to add or remove a specific number. Has anybody any insight on this? It’s quite interesting. Even though it
  2. Totally not sure if I've put this thread in the right topic category, as I'm not even sure how to go about this. First, I'd like to be very clear on the fact that, if possible, this will be done without scripting. I'm hoping for some kind of calculation. IDK. Anyway, I'm trying to copy or Calc one field from an older record to its newest match (using BatchNum field to match). The two fields are different fields (FormNum is the ID number field) (RefID is the the reference field for FormNum ). RefID would allow the user to find the last time the same arrangement of data (FormNum being its ID num
  3. Hi, I am trying to set fields in a related customer record based on a choice made in a payments table portal row. The scenario is that in n the Payments portal row, the user will select a PaymentType from choices governed by a Value List. The Type chosen, will then set either one of two fields in a related Customer record via an attached script trigger - currently onObjectExit. if paymentType "Annual Membership" is selected, the Customer::Membership StartDate will be set with the date of the payment. But if paymentType "Monthly" is selected, the Customer::SubsLas
  4. Hello All, I want to script a find based on two fields. One field is based on a global field and is used 'straight' - I mean the global field's value is "Wider Life" and I want to search for all records with the value "Wider Life" I have another global field which is user selected {"Awaiting Confirmation"; "Confirmed"; "Rejected"}. I need to convert this to a single letter {"A"; "C"; "R"} using a Case in a calculated result of a set field like this: Go to Layout [ “CPD Attendance” (CPD Attendance) ] Enter Find Mode [ ] Set Field [ CPD::CPD Type ; CPD::gTypeFilter ] Set Field [ CPD Attenda
  5. I have a portal in Members. The portal field contents are the object of several scripts for error checking, input etc... One script issues a command: Set Field[Dues::Status; "Late". The problem is (and I can watch it happen in the debugger) when this line is executed, not only is Dues::Status assigned a value of "Late" but the Dues::Date field is assigned a value of 02/09/2012 (Or whatever todays' date is) Huh? Help is greatly appreciated. I have never run across anything as weird as this.... Thanks Ron
  6. I once remember reading that it is unreliable practice to use Copy / Paste in scripts. I have a looping script that copies data from one table and paste it in another as it as it creates 150-200 new records. I notice that here and there, a few records are missing their pasted data. Should I replace 'Copy' with 'Set Variable' (Using only one $ for that script?) and should I replace all the 'Paste's with 'Set Field'? Or is there a more reliable way to do this? Thanks so much and a very happy new year to you!
  7. I've got a script that runs using global fields. Once a task is completed, I want all globals to be cleared. I've got a step: Set Field [committee::g_report_begin_date;""] but the field isn't clearing. The global is defined as a date field. Is this why it won't clear - the calculation result isn't a date? Is there another way to do this?
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