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Found 15 results

  1. We have been using 360Works Email Plugin for several years to great success. The grad school recruiting team sends messages to admitted students that include both standard and custom-created PDF letters as attachments. The email script runs in the FMP client machine and we are using a special SMTP server address alias reserved for automated mail messages from on campus devices. This has worked well from both wired and wireless clients until the campus network managers started using NAT-addresses for wifi clients. Now we discover that a machine on the wifi network cannot reach the designated SMTP server address, but the Email Plugin error message says that the email addresses are invalid, rather than complaining about not connecting to the SMTP server. We can get the connection failure message by changing the EmailConnectSMTP entry to a bad address. Fortunately, we have other SMTP servers to use which will work with wifi users. But we chased the wrong error for so long, I thought I should report this. Gary
  2. We're assessing the demo version of the Email plug-in 3.02 with Filemaker Pro Advanced v16 as a potential replacement for our existing plug-in. We're unable to connect to the smtp.office365.com server using port 587 and TLS. The documentation is light on detail, particularly the secureConnection and forceTrust parameters (or arguments?) as there is no reference to them at all within the text. I've found a posting on forceTrust here, but no information on secureConnection. We've tried every combination we can think within the parameters and arguments, but have had no success. There is one or two postings here relating to Office 365 and SMTP, but the detail was either never added or has been removed. We've finally resorted to entering the following into 360Works Email Plugin Examples_16+ file: SMTP Host: smtp.office365.com:587, SMTP User and Password (which are correct), StartTLS selected, Force Trust SSL selected This final test was carried out on a Mac, the intention is to use this within Windows, and the attached file is the Mac log file, which should only list a single attempt to make a secure connection to the server. Note, the actual user name within the log file has been replaced by username@domain.com. Our Outlook365 account is using our own domain, hence user names are based around this. We'd appreciate your earliest response, as this won't be an option to us unless it is compatible with Office 365 SMTP or are we just missing something very obvious? Many thanks Andy SMTP Connect.log
  3. Hi all I've switched from the 360works scriptmaster plugin to baseelements for sending emails. Since then, subject lines that contain spaces have tabs in as well. The tabs are not necessarily in place of the spaces, as subjects with many spaces have just the one tab. In subjects with just one space however, the tab replaces that space. I hope the picture shows what I'm experiencing. The header of the email contains the following: Subject: spaceatfortiethcharacterspaceatfortieth characterspaceatfortiethcharacterspaceatfortiethcharacterspaceatfortiethcharacter So it appears as though it may be adding a carriage return? Any ideas? I've just double checked that it is OK with 360works and it is indeed! The only difference I can think of in the way the plugin talks to our exchange server is that BE requires there be no credentials but 360 requires credentials.
  4. Hi, Â I've set up a few buttons than run scripts to send emails out with pdf invoices attached. All is working fine and as expected but I'd like to include an option to add a personal note to the email. Currently I've got it set up so that you click the button to send the email, the script runs and then a window pops up to ask if you're sure you want to send the email. Â I've got the email message populated with data from the invoice but there are times when I'd like to add a note to my standard message. I'm using gmail and couldn't get Filemaker to open gmail in a browser to send the mail so opted for the SMTP route. The problem is that you never see your email, it all happens in the background. Â What I'd like to be able to achieve is to click my 'Send' button in Filemaker and then for my 'are you sure' pop up to include a box you can input an additional message into the body of the email. Â No idea how to go about it though! Any ideas? Â Thanks, Chris
  5. myFMbutler AutoSender 3.2 the easiest way to send e-mail, text messages and faxes from FileMaker Server 12 Ghent, Belgium - August 6, 2013 - myFMbutler today announced the immediate availability of myFMbutler AutoSender 3.2. About myFMbutler AutoSender 3.2 myFMbutler AutoSender is a messaging solution robot that allows you to automatically send e-mails from your FileMaker solutions, based on the status of a FileMaker field. You can easily manage several files from which to send e-mail. Supports plain text as well as HTML e-mail, and mixed plain/HTML messages Logging of date and time when e-mail was sent Communicates with FileMaker Server using either JDBC or XML Runs a background process (a daemon on OS X - a service on Windows) What is new in version 3.2? Added the possibility to cycle logs and limit the size of the log files Mailjet support Memory optimization Java 7 compatibility Fixed an issue where invalid statuses wouldn't be updated [OS X] Status light was always green System Requirements FileMaker Server 11 or FileMaker Server 11 Advanced FileMaker Server 12 or FileMaker Server 12 Advanced Windows 2003 Server or higher Windows XP SP2 or higher Mac OS X 10.6.8 server or higher Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher Pricing and availability AutoSender 3.2 is available today for EUR 249,- or about USD 330,-. The upgrade is free for registered users of version 3.x. The new version is available on the myFMbutler download page (www.myfmbutler.com). FileMaker DevCon 2013 myFMbutler will again have a booth at this year's conference. Those who are attending may want to drop by the booth to get a demo of one of our products. You are all welcome on our vendor session about SQL in FileMaker Pro 12 on Thursday the 15th of August at 2:00 PM. About myFMbutler myFMbutler is an initiative by SHpartners, a longtime FileMaker FBA Platinum partner. SHpartners currently have 7 FileMaker 12 Certified Developers among their staff and received a "FileMaker Excellence Award for FBA Business Partner of the Year" at DevCon 2008. myFMbutler's goal is to provide a wide range of tools that help FileMaker developers create better solutions. "Whether it be through the use of our plug-ins, or some of our other solutions that extend on the capabilities of FileMaker, we want to offer developers a way to improve their products, and help them finish their projects faster."
  6. FM Server version running on Windows Server 2008 R2, with 30+ FM Pro licensed Windows clients & IWP. I have several scripts with a Send Email step that is configured as "Send via SMTP Server" (there is no Outlook or any other email client on the server). These scripts work fine for all FM Pro clients (in fact, IWP users as well), except for one user. In any script that calls for a Send Email via SMTP Server, he is given an error message: "The connection was refused by the SMTP server." The error would seem to be related to his client machine/install, because when another user logs in with his credentials, they are able to send an email. How could I go about isolating the cause of this error?
  7. First, a little background...  We discovered that after upgrading to Office 2013, FileMaker (both versions 12 and 13) will hang when the attached email script is run. This calls up the default email client, populates the Subject field, and then if you enter a TO address, some text in the body, and click the "X" to save a draft in Outlook, FileMaker freezes up and won't respond, resulting in having to kill the FM.exe process in Task Manager. The email draft is successfully saved in Outlook 2013, however, but FM doesn't seem to get a response back from Outlook and hangs in limbo.  All this works fine in Outlook 2010 but just not in 2013.  I'm wondering if the 360Works Email Plugin would allow us to call the default MAPI client (Outlook) and handle the back and forth communication between FM and Outlook more efficiently.  Looking at the demo code for the 360Works Email Plugin, I can successfully send email using it, but those outgoing messages aren't saved in Outlook (Draft or Sent Items) for the user to later reference. The demo code just seems to relay the email off the Exchange server.  Basically, is it possible to call up Outlook using this plugin, or should I be looking at a different solution entirely?  Thank you in advance!  Andrea Lain
  8. On EmailConnectSMTP for both Gmail and iCloud, I get this error when trying to use TLS. Is my syntax wrong, or is there a bigger issue here? EmailConnectSMTP( "smtp.mail.me.com:587" ; "XXX@me.com" ; "XXX" ; "tls=true" ; "timeout=10" )
  9. There is another thread on this topic from September 2015 . Thought I would give the problem/solution its on thread to easily help others. this had me baffled and scratching my head as everything seemed fine in the script.... then Don Bahash wrote: "OMG ... I just got it to work! So, for me, the solution was to remove all the references to field "id_constant" in the SMTP dialog box in script "0783 Send Email by Parameter" So following Don's solution ... I hard coded each of the smtp fields that referenced the prefs table and it solved the problem. I then went back in and undid each change one at a time and tested. I saved the password field for last because I suspected that was the problem child. Bingo..,. it is the culprit... after careful review of the displayed fields on the email tab in Preferences, I realized that the password field was actually the password display field. once I changed that to the password field and entered in the password ... problem solved! 4.5v2 now sends emails via smtp in the Contacts module hope this helps others! Robert Bloomfield
  10. Hi All, I am running into an issue sending email through Filemaker. I am working with Filemaker Pro v11.0.3 and can not seem to get an email script I tried to create (copied from starter solutions database) to work. When I created a script to email FM records to the person who will actually make the purchase, I thought it was pretty straight forward for email through SMTP, but it will only work with in our network here on our campus but not off-site. Also, when I can send an email no record appears in the body of the email. I have tried to setup the email function to work with sending a email through the user email local email application (this method is preferable since it would allow the purchaser to know who sent them the email), but this wants to create a pdf and we don't need pdf's just the record in the email. Any ideas how I can get this done, or where I can find out how to get this done? Thanks, Anthony
  11. Help! We have a database used by about 20 employees throughout the country. Half of them work in our HQ using a client copy of FMP, the others connect via Citrix Presentation software (XenApp). Originally, our db was built in FMP7 which allowed SendMail script step to open the client's email program and populate the text generated by my script. This worked great when all of our engineers were located in our HQ building. Now since everyone has updated to FMP10, I built a new email client system which uses the new SendMail via the built-in SMTP system. This works perfectly, except for one issue. The emails have incorrect messageID headers which trigger spam filters to block the emails from our system sent to customers. We have had two customers who are unable to receive these emails thanks to this issue. Specifically, here is an example of the MessageID header for emails sent via SMTP to our customers: FileMaker.4e9c3c79.c.bb8@. because there is nothing after the @ symbol, spam filters treat the email as spam. It seems Filemaker is aware of the issue, but i have not seen a solution or a resolution/bugfix for this issue. Does anyone know anything else, my search takes me back to the bug reports, but nothing further: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/7ee880eceb http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/5e4749e6e2 I am aware of Dacons Mail.It plugin, but am not quite satisfied with this solution - too expensive for a 25 user license and I don't entirely like Dacons ever since their latest version of Scriptfire screwed up my script-box. Are there any other cheaper email plugins that are stable. I only need the plugin to send, not anything advanced like receiving email or attaching files. Thanks guys! - Mike
  12. The environment is Windows Server 2012, with FileMaker Server 13 v1x64. I've got a script that sends out an e-mail to multiple recipients. When I run the script through FileMaker Pro 13, it sends the e-mails with no issues. However, when I schedule the script to run, it fails. I had the schedule send me an e-mail after the task was done and got this: Looks like 1506 is an SMTP error, but I have no idea why it's failing when it's ran from the server but not from my local desktop. Any help is appreciated.
  13. Hi All, Having been shown the bug in 10.11.6 and FMP by bcooney I am setting up the Send Mail script to send via SMTP. This works OK in the Invoice table but I can not get it to work in the Quotes table. There does not appear to be anything in the mail setup script that is capable of creating the error and I have tried three different smtp server addresses with the same result. I have used all three smtp server addresses on the Invoice table as well and they all work. Can anyone assist please.
  14. I am really confused with trying to get Send Mail as SMTP working with a Google Apps email address (i.e. office@mydomain.com as a gmail e-mail address). I have been doing a lot of research on Google and FileMaker forums and can't understand why I can't get it working (as so many others have gotten it work with settings I have tried). I was hopeful when I found Savvy Data's amazing "SMTP Send Mail Interrogation" tool, but the results it produced two times are copied below. Does Send Mail as SMTP have to be run on a hosted file? That doesn't seem to be my issue, but I'm not sure. Does anyone have Send Mail as SMTP working with a Google Apps email address? If so, can you please share what settings are working for you? Thank you very much in advance! Elapsed time: 0:08:16 Out of 189 iterations, 189 failed and 0 succeeded. Unsuccessful count by Error#: ============================= Error# 1501: 2 Error# 1502: 171 Error# 1503: 3 Error# 1504: 1 Error# 1505: 0 Error# 1506: 12 Error# 1507: 0 Other (not tracked): 0 Error# Legend: ----------------------------------- 1501 SMTP authentication failed 1502 Connection refused by SMTP server 1503 Error with SSL 1504 SMTP server requires the connection to be encrypted 1505 Specified authentication is not supported by SMTP server 1506 Email(s) could not be sent successfully 1507 Unable to log in to the SMTP server
  15. Hi, Probably a junior error so apologies in advance but I cannot get my clients DB to connect to their Office 365 SMTP relay. Hostname: smtp.office365.com:587 StartTLS=1 Username = username Password = password Username and password are those for the login to Outlook Office 365, I assumed these would be correct? But I'm getting "authentication failed, please check authentication info" Log attached, any ideas???? Best regards and thank you, Simon 360Plugins_FMAdvanced.log UPDATE: This has now been resolved however I'm getting an error 'Exception Reading Response' ...
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