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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, Today I'm happy to announce the release of Elemental for FileMaker. This is a free fully unlocked solution containing some cool user interface and design stuff that I hope you find useful and can incorporate into your own solutions. You can grab a copy now at https://www.elemental-fm.com In Elementals first version you'll find the following: Avatars Over 20 API integrations with avatar generators. These are uniquely generated based on a name you provide so you are guaranteed almost a unique avatar in each instance. Great if you want to add
  2. I’m considering the solution bundle for a vertical market solution. One major issue looks to be the handling of user accounts. The various deployments all have lots of different internal Filemaker user accounts that are managed from within each solution by the local admins. How can one migrate those user accounts from the production version or is it something that can be recreated after the import? Advice welcomed.
  3. Hi I have been developing a software for Printing Companies that allows companies to increase revenue, and the software has matured to a point where it’s a fantastic and powerful product for digital printing companies. It’s a product that when correctly implemented, has increased profits in companies by more than 45%. This is a huge revenue increase for many companies and can lead them to a new age of business. I am looking for a partnership with an experienced and funded entity or person to help me market this product. My target countries are UK and USA. Here is a website showcasing
  4. I have a client that is looking for a FileMaker Construction management system that he can potentially integrate into his existing FMP database solution. He is interested in features like: Estimates, Bids, Proposals, Contracts, Forms, Change Orders, etc… Anything established products come to mind? Appreciate any direction you can offer.
  5. [FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] 24U offers audit service for existing FileMaker(R) solutions Managers and business owners can now easily order 24U's expert advice to have their internally developed FileMaker solution audited and prepare a sustainable long-term maintenance and development plan Prague, CZ -- July 1, 2015 24U Software announces an immediate availability of an audit service for FileMaker solutions, a new service designed to help managers and business owners to make data- driven decision about further maintenance and development of their FileMaker solutions to make them able to sustain
  6. Introducing Mail List Maker http://www.maillistmaker.com/ Here at Logicurio, we have been busy burning the midnight, afternoon, and even dawn oil and are very proud to introduce our first product to the FileMaker community...Mail List Maker. If you are thinking about adding email marketing (and you should be) then you need our products and services. Find out a little bit more about why you need Mail List Maker: http://www.maillistmaker.com/why.php Just check out what it can do...Watch our intro here: http://www.maillistmaker.com/intro.php (Also be sure to watch our Surveys and Events
  7. San Diego, CA - April 4, 2013 - Productive Computing, Inc., a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, today announced the acquisition of Adatasol's FileMaker hosting services. Under the terms of the agreement Adatasol, Inc. turned over their FileMaker hosting services to PCI on March 12th. Over the next three months PCI will be integrating those customers into their hosting and SaaS server infrastructure which is located in key data centers across the U.S. "We are extremely excited at the opportunity to bring new hosting customers into the Productive Computing, Inc. family. We
  8. San Diego, CA - March 11, 2013 - Productive Computing, Inc. today announced the release of Music Director Pro, a web-based software management tool for band, orchestra or choral directors. With this software music program directors will have the ability to track and catalog music libraries, instrument and uniform inventories, people, ensembles, lockers and schedules. This vital information is organized in one central repository and easily accessible 24/7 from your computer in the classroom, in the office or at home. It is also accessible through your phone or mobile device which is very useful
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