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  1. My database is hosted in the cloud with Filemaker server and I have 12 FileMaker Pro users. I need help with a 2 page pdf document that gets generated with information for each client, sending that via API to docusign, and building a Docusign link that I can send to a customer to click and complete if they choose to with Docusign.
  2. I am a canadian and I work with fmpAdvanced. if you find a solution, I'd appreciate you contacting me. <reply by private topic> I am looking at a solution for inventory. One important request is that they need to be able to calculate the inventory for previous dates. E.g. the beginning of the quarter compared to today or this day last year. My thoughts so far to be able to do this is to have an article file and a stock movements file, all values and quantities of stock will be held in the movements file. Basically the last related record will be in the movements t
  3. We are working with a medical non-profit working in Latin America, running on much older hardware. Seeking older individual or group/site license seats of FMP & FMS 13, 14, or 15. We need a bunch. We could buy site license seats, or simple 1-off licenses.
  4. I'm trying to attach some files (from a container) to an invoice. The invoice turns into a pdf file just fine and the png files are attached to it OK. The pre-view of the pdf file looks fine, but can't attach it to the main pdf file. - Any suggestiones?
  5. Hi There, I am creating a Filemaker Data base to help me with my work flow. I would like to create A4 Layout but I can't find an easy option how to find it on FMP 13. I can't find an easy way to create a template with size selection for Header - Body & footer and make sure that it will be printed on A4 Size. Does anyone can help? Many thanks, Mari
  6. I'm an old developer from way back and am setting up a solution for my company. However, if there's a suitable solution out there that I could modify (free or paid) then that beats reinventing the wheel. Here's the features I'm looking for and I can obviously add any that the solution doesn't contain as long as it's fully editable. Companies, contacts, projects, tasks, invoices, payments, notes, links (assets), json import, etc. It needs to be optimized for WebDirect. Feel free to recommend your own solutions with an included link on where to read more about them and/or download a t
  7. Hello everyone, i am new to filemaker. I am developing an invoice database. Here is the situation. My idea is creating 4 tables. Invoice table, invoice line item table, line items details table and a client's table. the relationship are invoice-->invoice line item, client-->invoice, invoice line item<-- line item details table. The layout should be something like the attachment. The most difficult thing is the description part. The invoice template of the client divide the description into several parts, for example, part one, part two and p
  8. I am using FM 11 Pro Advanced on Win 10 Pro 64bit PC. In my Database Table, Records consist of 20 Fields. I need assistance, to create an additional Field, that can Automatically capture and store, a Records Modified Field Name and the Last Date that Record Field is Modified, against that particular Record. I am a Novice in relation to this aspect of handling the Database, so please, when you reply, remember I am not an Expert.
  9. I have found the time billing template in Filemaker with what I want The layout of Time Billing Details I think will give me all I want Thing is do not need all the other additional layouts etc To give you an understanding of what I am trying to create is A restaurant hire 3 to 5 the boss wants a simple system of putting in their times for the week put in pay rate then put tax deduction also any other minus money eg they bought some rice etc Next layout shows their pay slip details hit print and it prints the slips for those that worked skip the ones that did not
  10. I want to be able to license my FM DB data for a web application. A potential client requires access via an API. I don't have much experience of using FM over the web. I don't imagine they want my summaries and relational stuff, just raw data eg qty, price, description. What is the best way to configure this and secure my data? For example: 1. I think it would be more efficient to create a new DB with just the info they need - but would want to sync this automatically back to the main DB to pick up new data entry - smaller files, more protection, faster etc etc. Would I then use FM S
  11. I'll be honest: I'm new to filemaker. I needed a solution on a problem I couldn't solve with Excel. My colleague opted to try it with Filemaker (even though she never wordt with it ether). I'm sure my problem can be solved using filemaker. I'll bet it's quite simple. I just can't find it. I'm trying to make a simple database to simplify orders we regularly have to place. As you can see in the file, I've created 3 tables. (more to come) All three tables have the same titled fields. In the field: 'Amount' I can fill in how many items I would like to order. On the table 'order' I only w
  12. Surely there is a decent Filemaker based accounting etc. program. Any suggestions? I've been using a system I designed years ago in 6. Yes FMP6. It has an address book, invoicing, inventory, payables, CRM, and any report I want. Time to get something accountant-approved with tech help elsewhere and that does it all. Only Filemaker will give it the customizability I require. Is there hope for me? If I have to I can move monthly summaries into Quickbooks, as I've seen discussed on this forum, I could do that I guess but I would still need the rest of the package.
  13. I am trying to email a table. So far the only way I have found was to do and export in Excel, with the option to attach the exported file to an email. It seem like the perfect solution. Until... I keep getting; "This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Chose "Switch To" to activate the busy program and correct the problem"
  14. I have a client that is looking for a FileMaker Construction management system that he can potentially integrate into his existing FMP database solution. He is interested in features like: Estimates, Bids, Proposals, Contracts, Forms, Change Orders, etc… Anything established products come to mind? Appreciate any direction you can offer.
  15. g'day i am hoping someone can help i am looking for a script/function that runs on login to check to see what type of device i am using, and then re-direct to the appropriate layout will be accessing from the standard fare, iphone/ipad/filemaker client/web i would like to, for example, have a layout for the iPad that is different from a layout that would be used in a web browser etc i assume that this is possible? any help greatly appreciated nedKelly
  16. Hello, I found a couple of older posts about this but they haven't been addressed and so I'm posting this. I have uploaded my database onto a hosting server and discovered that images that I have placed in container field do not show, when selected via a pull-down menu. E.g. I select a certain item in filed A and in a separate field B the referring picture of that item shows. While this works at my desktop it doesn't work in IWP when I log into the database. Thanks in advance... Andy
  17. g'day i am trying to import data from an existing database into a new database & would like to retain the original databases auto-enter data ie. i would like to keep the creation date, modification date, created by and modified by from the original file when importing into the new file is this at all possible thanks heaps ned kelly
  18. greetings. i am trying to transition to FM Pro for mac, from lotus approach for windows, my legacy database system. i have several approach APR files with templates, reports/forms, with scripts, macros, formulas, etc., that i need to use in FM. please contact me if you have the expertise to do this. best way is Private Message. thanks!
  19. Hi there, I'm looking for a Filemaker Pro 14 host based in the UK. Can anyone recommend any providers who would be appropriate? We've got about 25 users, 1 FM database (about 200mb) and around 19GB of external content. Thanks.
  20. Steve (or anyone), Wasn't there a place for developers to sell solutions on FM Forums? Like an App Store for FileMaker? Is that still around?
  21. hello i am looking to create a multi-user timesheet database i am relatively new to filemaker, so hoping someone can help me or point me in the right direction here is a brief description of what i would like to do: - control access via a name/pass - users would enter time against a single/multiple project(s) - this would be done manually (ie. no need for a "timer") - use the exist filemaker security to tie the user to their timesheets - only allow each user to view only their own timesheets - have a superUser/admin who can view everyone's timesheets & run reports i
  22. I am looking for a template or something of the like to use for my accounting purposes. As I am a total novice in FMP I suspect it is beyond my skill to develop from scratch. What I need is a system that does invoices only. No bookkeeping needed. No inventory needed. All it needs to do is hold client details (Address, VAT No etc.). However I need to be able to ad VAT at different rates or to use the EU VAT diversion system (for those of you who do not know we do not charge VAT to companies in the EU that are not in the country we are in, that are VAT registered). If this is the
  23. I am looking to find the best CRM solution for my mac. I have been checking into Daylite and Filemaker. Daylite has everything I need in a CRM, however, I need a program that is also compatible with PCs. I would like my CRM to be capable of Smart Lists, Links, and blackberry synchronisation like Daylite is. When I looked into different templates for Filemaker, I couldn't find any that had the same capability as Daylite. I fear taking the time to build an enormous database of contacts, links, etc. in Daylite and then not being able to transfer the links and smart lists to a PC in the
  24. I am looking for solution for quicklube point of sale The main requirements are: - Customer Database - Car Database & history record : what they serviced , when , what invoice they pay , etc. - Employee Database : their wage , bonus per car they do , etc. - Cash Drawer - Thermal receipt printer and normal printer with auto switching. - credit card (360 plugin or similar) - via mag stripe reader or manual entry - split payment (ie $10 in cash, rest on card, etc.) - Returns, either by entering invoice # or returns without invoice. return as cc refund, or cash - Gift cards tra
  25. Hi, I am essentially looking to find out if somebody knows of a product/solution that can do this that I can buy or learn from (legally and fairly). If this is not the case, I am happy to look into paying a developer to put together a shell for me that I can dress up. Part of my job entails tracking clients' tape backups, and I need to develop something that helps me do this by recording this history of backup jobs. This in itself is not entirely difficult, however, I want to be able to be flexible in how it's displayed - this is where it gets tricky. I have a solution now that has several ta
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