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Found 18 results

  1. Sorts are taking too long for me on FileMaker Cloud. A database solution on a local machine (no network) sorts 400 records in less than one second; the same sort via FileMaker Cloud (no Webdirect, no browser, just FileMaker Pro Advanced) takes 30-40 seconds. None of the usual suspects (such as unstored calculations) is involved. It just takes way longer. Richard Carlson says that FM Cloud (like WebDirect) forces all sorts to take place on the server. Does this mean that our AWS server is simply slow, and we have to live with that?
  2. Is there any way to not keep records in sorted order when using the script step "Sort Records by Field"?
  3. Based on a large DB I have created a summary report (I'm not interested in the detail) which extracts products according to certain criteria and groups them under sub-summaries. The product at the top represents the most sales, and the product at the bottom - the least. I wanted to obtain a ranking no eg No1 at the top and had thought to define a field which would accept this number by inputting the rank using Replace Field Contents with a serial number. However, it inserts incremental numbers through the whole file rather than just for the sub-summary. For example: say, I have a file of 2000
  4. Hi, After the weekend races and all the results are imported into FM, I mark (now by hand) the “Key Races”. I’ll find each horse who either won or finished 2nd. As in this screen shot of Cherry Summer you can see he won his last race on Oct 3. (1) Then I mark the preceding race. (now I’m using a ‘K’, but I intend to change it to a number — different problem). The point is to show which race produced winners. The screenshot shows I have put a 'K' in Cherry Summer's race on may 31 and changed the 4 to a 5. Then I find matching records for RaceID (31may15tok5) on the record I just tagged,
  5. When FileMaker sorts records it happens on the client machine. Consequently, sorting can be a very painful process for users over a slow connection to a database. In this article we show a very fast way in which records can be presented to the user in descending creation order, without sorting delays... Read the Full Article Here…
  6. Hi there I'm working on a task at the moment which involves sorting around 65000 records on a data table. The table itself has many occurrences but I only need to sort on this particular occurrence, therefore my sort criteria (ClientID, Date) are based on this occurrence. The issue is that when I sort the data on my local PC, it takes maybe two seconds to sort, calculate and display. For the task in mind, this is perfectly acceptable as I won't be doing it too often. However, now this has been deployed on a server which is more than up to the task and exceeds the recommended spec, the sor
  7. I am running into an issue of some records not sorting the same way. The user's UI has a portal viewing some related records; this portal is sorted by two fields. However, it doesn't appear that the 2nd field is having the correct sorting affect. This same table, when viewed in Table view with the same found set, and then sorted by these two fields, does appear to correctly sort. The relationship for the portal isn't itself sorted, so I can't seem to discern where the issue is. I have attached screen shots of the Table view (along with it's applied sorting options), and the portal (showin
  8. We have a portal in a layout for scanning in items for wholesale invoices, displaying records from another layout 'Wholesale Line Items'. Everything runs smoothly when scanning and entering items. A sorted packing list is printed, and we use this physical copy to pack the goods in boxes for customers. Many times, it would inevitably be necessary to change the item numbers of some items on the packing sheet, as we do not have some of them in stock and other items are substituted. For example, we scanned in the following items: Item No. Description 32249
  9. Heads up: Our users have found that value lists in popup menus that formerly ignored pre-pended characters for sorting, now respect them. For instance, in FileMaker 12, values that were pre-pended with an asterisk were displayed in Alpha-numeric order by default — and the pre-pended asterisk was ignored: Now, in FileMaker 13, these characters are included in the default sort order, so all of the pre-pended values are now together at the top of the list: If anyone has suggestions on how I can restore the previous behavior (short of reverting back to FileMaker 12!), I'm all "ea
  10. This seems like it should be simple, but I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks to this solution http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/68663-sorting-titles-ignoring-the-a-an/ I created a field that stripped all of the leading articles from titles I'd like to sort. The calculation works properly, and the resulting "Sort Field" with no leading articles looks right. Then I ran a sort on that field... and found that the titles still aren't sorting properly. This sounds so basic, I'm not even sure how to explain it any further, but the sort I'm getting is only slightly different than what I ge
  11. Hello Is it possible to capture the fields sorted by in a variable? I have a sub-summary report with multiple sub-summary parts. The script will be set to Sort Records with dialog so users can take out or rearrange the order of the fields. I'd like to capture the actual sort order and use the variable as a header in the report. I see sort state as a get function, but don't see a get function for sorted fields. Is it possible to capture? Thank you.
  12. Ok, I'm pretty new to PHP, so please be gentle with me :-) The page that I'm working on shows events listings by date. When the user initially comes to the page, all events that are in the future show on a results table. Said another way, all past events are already filtered out. By default, the events are shown in date order. The page has drop down menus to filter the results further. The drop down menus are dynamic from the Filemaker database, and they only show data from events in the future (not the past). The filter at issue here is the one for the Type of Event (conference, webi
  13. Hi folks, I've been searching everywhere for a solution to what I am trying to accomplish and have not found one anywhere, so was hoping someone out there would be able to help. I am trying to create a custom sort in a solution. As in allow the user to choose any number of column headings and be able to sort in whatever order they wish. Now I know this is what you can do when you click the sort button. However, I don't want the user to use Filemaker's sort window as it will get very confusing for them to try and figure out some of the field names. My thought process so far is that I ca
  14. I have a list which is generated from two separate tables, and consists of letters and numbers - for example Table A gives the list: 2, 3, 4, 4A Table B gives the list: A, B, 1 I would like to concatenate the lists and then sort them into order thus: Concatenated and sorted list; A, B, 1, 2, 3, 4, 4A Filemaker's sort mechanism allows you to sort records based on a value list. I can get them into this order with a sort using a value list like this (I've missed a few values out!) A, AA, B, BA, C, CA, D ......Y, YA, Z,1,1A, 2, 2A, 3, 3A ........24, 24A, 25 Has anyo
  15. Hello, this is my first post. I have a table (Employees) that contains some employees. Another table (Qualifications) contains some qualifications. The third table (EmpQualRelate) relates the two tables mentioned above, but also includes a "ranking value". Example: John Doe, has been related to the qualification "PHP" vith the ranking "3", and "HTML" vith the ranking "1". Jane Doe, has been related to the qualification "PHP" vith the ranking "2", and "jQuery" vith the ranking "4". I have a layout for Employees records, containing a Portal with the EmpQualRelate records. Everything working
  16. Seems like I used to know how to do this... And I'm sure it's been answered, but I can't seem to come up with the right search string. I've got a table w/12,000 records in it.Ton of fields, several unstored calcs. It sorts rather slowly using the Sort command. Solution, I thought: set up a self-join TO with the sort set up in the relationship. GTRR to the TO. It does seem to be quicker. (The self join is by a numeric field crossproduct relationship) But... it doesn't retain it's current location in the found set. That is, I want to sort with record X selected, and after sorting
  17. I have a portal showing all the students and their birthdays. I want to display only the children who have a birthday coming up this week. I tried filtering the portal with the following calculation; Students:Birthdate ≥ Get(CurrentDate) AND ≤ (Get(CurrentDate +7)) .... But no cigar. I have also tried sorting the dates by Students:Birthdate but it sort by year, then Month Name (which is not the mlnths in order) Mmm, got a few ideas about teh sorting but no clue about the filtering. Any help would be greatñy appreciated. Thanks so much
  18. I have a sub-summary part that provides summary data about my database according to record type. On the main database overview page, I created a portal with a self-join relationship (displays records from the same table as the layout it appears on) with relevant fields inside. Everything looks great, but the portal records are not also segregated by record type between the sub-summary reports. I have the records sorted by record type within the portal, but that just groups them. Right now, the portal looks identical in each sub-summary report. Is it possible to filter records so they only appe
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