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  1. Have been fighting my way uphill in getting an SSL certificate, and I'm almost there. But now: - I used the fmsadmin command to generate my server request, but when I copy the hash out of serverRequest.pem and send it up to GeoTrust, the import fails with the message country code is not valid. Anybody know where to set the country code in FMS14?
  2. Hi Folks, I am a sysadmin but a new user of FMP13 server and at our university we use InCommon SSL certs (they are free to us), which are widely accepted and have worked well for websites, etc. However, at first glance it does not appear to be possible to use an InCommon cert with FMP13 Server -- am I correct about this? It appears Filemaker only supports these certs: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/11413/ Please let me know if I'm correct or incorrect about this...and if there are any workarounds! Thanks, Dan
  3. Hi, I am trying to connect to a exchange-server using IMAP with: EmailConnectIMAP ( "exchange.server:993" ; "user" ; "*****" ; "ssl=1" ) and the connection fails with this error: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target how do I solve this .... regular emailclients connect to this server without any trouble (same account-settings), so I'm pretty sure I should solve this on the Filemaker-/Plugin-side .... only I don't know how. regards, Menno
  4. Hope my experience can help some searching soul out there. I got there in the end. Recently, we upgraded our FMS 12 setup to 13. In the process we had to switch off Server.app's Websites function which we used to serve our php web pages through https with certificates from an external authority (Comodo). I moved our existing php files to the httpsRoot subfolder, which is where they should go. As expected, the URL in the browser was still confirmed as starting with 'https'. But the https connection now came up as untrusted by our own (and our customers'!!) browsers and our expensive green padlock had gone. The FMS 13 Getting Started Guide just says to refer to 'your web server's documentation' for installing a certificate. That is easily said, after FMS13 disabled the Server.app's with all of its convenient features! Just as others describe elsewhere in this forum, I was taken by total suprise when FMS 13 fully took over Apple's and our standard web server setup. What was the easiest way to get the certificates back? I was hoping a slight edit of some configuration file could do the trick, since the certificates were still present on the machine and I could see them in Keychain. Over 48 hours of trial and error followed, in which I tried editing the various Apache commands in FMS's http-ssl.conf file to get them to point to the existing certificates in the /etc/certificates directory. This just resulted in the web server not starting unless I reverted to the original version of the .conf file. I looked at the CERTIFICATE and CERTIFICATE IMPORT fmsadmin commands which can be issued through Terminal. They are described in the final section of the FMS Server Help documentation. It would have been really nice had the 'Getting Started Guide' mentioned their existence, since they are your ONLY workable course of action! Ocean West's post elsewhere in this forum section provides a good step by step description of the process. However, he installs a new key/certificate pair instead of trying to get one to work which is already on your server machine. It did point me in the correct direction though. I tried exporting the key/certificate files from Keychain, converting them to the requered .pem format through Terminal commands that I found. I renamed the key file as serverKey.pem, moved it to the CStore directory, and issued the CERTIFICATE IMPORT fmsadmin command providing exported .crt file as the required certificate. This raised an error stating that key and certificate did not match, and dashed my hopes. It would seem that the serverKey.pem file which you can create with the CERTIFICATE CREATE command is FMS-encrypted, and FMS will correspondingly encrypt the .crt file during import. This probably means that unencrypted files of your own are a no go, and you are stuck with using the CERTIFICATE fmsadmin command set only with a freshly generated/ordered key/certificate pair. Which is ok if you have not already bought a certificate, but our situation is that we just want the old web server setup back so we could continue where we left off. No expenditure, no waiting on external validation - which I remember was time-consuming because we had to file business documents and wait for a phone call to verify our identity. This is beacuse our customers require that we have the safer and pricier Extended Validation version. I decided to log on to our CA, Comodo, and noticed that we could replace our certificate based on a new .csr file. This brought the solution, which was so uncomplicated that Filemaker should just have documented it! Here it is: 1. Use the CERTIFICATE CREATE command first, entering your domain name. 2. Upload the text from resulting serverKey.pem file to your CA. 3. When the certificate file arrives by email, use CERTIFICATE IMPORT + the .crt file's path. Pointing to its folder as Ocean West did, did not work for us. 4. Restart your server machine, ensuring that you have first properly closed all databases and shut down the Database Server. The folks at Comodo were really helpful, not only by providing a free replacement service, but also by springing into immediate action when I raised an urgent ticket well before the official 48-hour leadtime had passed.
  5. Oyseka


    Hi All, I am viewing a records location through What3Words and the web viewer performs as expected on OS X 10.10.x and 10.11.x but when I put the file on OS X High Sierra the web viewer gives the error, "SSL Error, Unable to create a secure connection to the server". All connections are from the same location. Can anyone assist please
  6. To summarise the problem, we have deployed part of our solution in IWP using HTTPS and have a problem downloading any file from a container field using Internet Explorer versions 7 & 8 (the other common browsers are fine). When clicking into a container, the file download appears to start and then you get an error stating that "data.file" cannot be found. I've been searching around the Internet looking for a solution to this problem - I've found a couple of threads, but found nothing useful. (you may find my posts at the bottom, before I decided to try and amalgamate the threads here). http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/56723-iwp-pdf-downloads-over-https-fail-in-ie7/ http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/67123-internet-explorer-could-not-download-pdf-in-container-field/ http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/d6404f1366 (between myself and FileMaker support). Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated, if I can find or hear a solution, I will post the answer (or a link) in this thread.
  7. I purchased my license to FileMaker Server 14 yesterday and it installed perfectly on my clean Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 virtual machine. In the course of saving my progress I restarted the server a few times making snapshots and everything was working fine each time I logged into the Admin Console. Then, I used the fmsadmin command to create a certificate request and purchased a GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium certificate and using the fmsadmin tool installed the certificate. The command line tool gave no errors and I could see that serverRequest.pem, serverKey.pem and serverCustom.pem were all created in the FileMakerServer\CStore forlder. I restarted the entire server and now when I log into the Admin Console there is an error that says "Another copy of FileMaker (FMS14 (fms14.austinmichael.com)) is already running with this license. This copy of FileMaker Server will not open any databases, but will allow updating the license key or configuring for standby server." There are no other copies of FileMaker Server on the network and FMS14 is the server I'm trying to setup. The license key is conflicting with itself. When I remove the .pem files from the CStore folder everything works, except of course I don't have a CA signed certificate. GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium is listed as compatible on this page (with FileMaker Server 13 at least): http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/11413 Does anyone here use custom certificates to secure your FileMaker Server 14 server? If so, where do you get them from?
  8. We've got a client using IWP for a client area on their system - this is deployed using HTTPS. Unfortunately this has caused problems downloading files from container fields with IE (as normal, all* other browsers work properly). Could somebody confirm that switching to SuperContainer would solve our issues? Thanks, James. * Well, the other browsers in the top 5!
  9. I have an OS X server (10.10.3 running Server.app) which is accessed two ways: via an internal LAN network using FileMaker Pro, also via WebDirect to the public via a WAN connection through a firewall. What I wanted was to have this setup: LAN / FileMaker Pro : no SSL (since this is a secure network)WAN / WebDirect : SSL Using a cheap-o $15/year Comodo-reseller SSL certificate.My first try was to install FMS14, and then enable SSL and install the certificates using the Admin console / Database Server / Security / "Import Certificates" button, where I imported the Key as well as a PEM file that I hand-made that included the Certificate first, and intermediate certificates immediately after. Although this imported, FileMaker server put up a warning that the SSL certificate wasn't from an approved vendor. Fair enough. Then I restarted FMServer but it wouldn't serve databases on the LAN via FMPro to FM Pro 14v1. Disappointing, but as expected. Here's the weird part: I couldn't figure out to un-do that certificate installation, so ended up doing a complete uninstall and re-install of FMS14 from scratch. This time I did not enable SSL or install any certificates. The magic is this: LAN / FileMaker Pro : files are served to FMPro and SSL is off.WAN / WebDirect : SSL ! YES - the certificate is good and verifies.Using a cheap-o $15/year Comodo-reseller SSL certificate.Somehow, it looks as if my install/uninstall/reinstall steps accidentally let FileMaker's HTTP/WebDirect server keep usingthe SSL certificate, while preventing FMServerd from using it at all. Just like I wanted. Bizarre, but I'll take it.
  10. My client had to renew their SSL certificate this morning, after which they received this error: Could not connect to SuperContainer server: SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details: error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed They've been running for many months with no issues. The certificate is from GoDaddy. I've already implemented the suggestion from this thread, to no avail: This is on FMS 13, Mac OS X, 3-machine deployment. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. Does anyone know of a way for FileMaker Pro 11 to call a secure URL (https://) for an XML data import? Thanks in advance! -Kent
  12. I'm having a devil of a time getting FMS14 in good shape. I'm looking for help installing a certificate, but also including a couple of details in case they inspire any other good advice. FMS is hosting my twenty databases and my organization's employees are reaching them without a hitch. It's also true that I can see a sample database via WebDirect. FileMaker customer support has told me that that means the software is installed correctly and there's nothing else they can do to help me. It's also true that when I use Remote Desktop Connection to remote in to the terminal, I can administer FMS (because I'm effectively sitting in front of it) . . . but that I can't administer it from a browser window in my own terminal. One of the browser errors I get involves Secure Connection Failed, so I'm hoping that an SSL install will solve the problem. I'm in over my head, though. In the WinServer 2008 IIS Manager, I have generated & installed a self-signed certificate. In the same interface, I'm using the command Create Certificate Request to generate the CSR to send to GeoTrust. I have no idea what value goes in the field Common Name (which I guess would be a domain, right, if I were tied to DNS? Is it the terminal's MAC address?) I don't want to take a stab in the dark.
  13. Just upgraded to FileMaker Server 12 Advanced. Installed SuperContainer 2.864. Have my SSL Certificate installed and verified. IWP is working fine. I can upload and download files using IWP. I can also access the SuperContainer via web browser, I can upload and download as well. But when I load the SCSetBaseURL on my script and check for an error, this is what I get. "Unable to connect to https://myserver.com/SuperContainer/Files. The SSL certificate on this server could not be verified." So I cannot use the companion plugin inside my FileMaker solution. Is there anything I need to reset so that the plugin would recognize that the SSL certificate is valid? Please help, thanks!
  14. I have an Active Directory for user authentication for our FMP users. I, however, must use unencrypted connection because otherwise it does not work. I have tried and tested the same parameters on other solutions to authenticate against AD, and they work, but with FMS, it works only unencrypted. I read the Manual, it says that I must use a certificate, but my domain is '.local' and I don't understand why it needs a supported certificate for this matter. I did install a certificate for FMP so in order to avoid the annoying web direct security statement. All said, I have a Windows 2008 R2 level domain, with 3 servers to authenticate against. A dedicated FMS windows 2008 r2 server that belongs to the domain. What must I do?
  15.     How To: FileMaker SSL Network Encryption Security - 2015 Download the FileMaker Pro 13 & FileMaker Go 13 Training Videos at http://www.learningfilemaker.com Please Visit Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/FileMakerVideos Please Subscribe While There FileMaker Inc. has recently changed their recommendation on SSL Point-to-Point Encryption for your FileMaker databases.  Claus Lavendt (of DataManix) shares his expertise on the topic. Download DataManix's free FileMaker Certificate Install Guide & Tool http://www.datamanix.com/downloads/ Richard Carlton Consulting, Inc. provides customized database development services for business, government, and non-profit organizations. Our core competency is FileMaker Pro, where we hold FileMaker's highest certifications. With a team of 27 staff, we are capable of deploying both small and large solutions for a wide variety of customers. We service all modern versions of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, and FileMaker Go (for the iPad and iPhone). We also deploy FileMaker databases to the web, and offer PHP/Web Development, iOS Programming, FileMaker Server Support, and Hosting Services. http://www.rcconsulting.com/ Please feel free to contact us at support@rcconsulting.com Please Comment, Like & Share All of Our Videos Feel Free to Embed any of Our Videos on Your Blog or Website Follow Us On Your Favorite Social Media https://www.facebook.com/FileMakerVideos https://twitter.com/filemakervideos https://plus.google.com/+FileMakerVideos/videos
  16. We are using FMSA 12.05 on OS X 10.8.5. We have configured the server to require secured connections (i.e. use SSL) for the FMP client. However, we don't appear to always be getting secured connections when clients log in. We have an 'open' script that runs when clients log in, finding various information about that user. I included a step to set a global variable to the connection state when a user logs in, and that is displayed on a layout. 90% of the time when I log in (local account, full access) it shows that I am connected via a secured connection (state=2). But, the other 10% of the time, it tells me that I am on an unsecured connection (state=1). This is the calculation (done to make it more human readable when displayed): Case ( Get ( ConnectionState ) = 0 ; " 0 - no network connection for the current file " ; Get ( ConnectionState ) = 1 ; " 1 - non-secured connection " ; Get ( ConnectionState ) = 2 ; " 2 - secured connection using FileMaker Server’s default SSL encryption" ; Get ( ConnectionState ) = 3 ; " 3 - secured connection with a fully verified server name in the certificate " ; "No information available." ) How can it be giving non-secured connections, if the server is configured to require secured connections? It apparently is dropping the user to an unsecured one if it can't establish a secure one, is my guess... but why would it do that instead of throwing an error and informing the user about the problem? (Yes, we could do that ourselves in our login script I suppose.) I haven't been able to narrow down or replicate the problem consistently. If I notice it, and log back in, chances are high that I will get a secured connection the next time around. Not always though; there have been times when I logged in a few times and still ended up unsecured. But then co-workers would log in at that same time and get secured connections. Any ideas as to what's going on and how the decision tree about secured connections works? Thanks, Justin
  17. Hi, I've just upgraded to Filemaker Server 16 and installed an SSL certificate for client/server communications. However, I am confused by the documentation when it comes to communication between the Server and the Filemaker XML API. We're currently making these calls from another server over http, and would like to ensure they are secure. I've attempted changing these requests to be over https but this seems to fail - I haven't investigated where exactly (if it's a limitation of the PyFilemaker Python library we're using or the fact that the connection is not actually secure). Would enabling it for clients also provide security on the API side? Could anyone provide some guidance on where I can look for information on this? Thanks in advance!
  18. Client has been using 360Works Plastic for years to process credit card payments. They just recently started getting the error: The transaction failed because of an error: SSL peer shut down incorrectly. They say ' It happens intermittently and if you wait for a bit it will eventually go through.' Any thoughts on what this could be due to? Thanks!
  19. Are there instructions posted anywhere on how to install a 3rd party SSL cert to be used by WebDirect instead of the self signed FM one. I have a single server deployment that I would like to use SSL with and don't want users to have to deal with the SelfSigned error when accessing the database.
  20. Hi all We have discovered a possible issue with the Admin/Config app. We'd appreciate your thoughts. We turned on SSL by checking the SSL box in the enclosed screenshot. When attempting a sync the client received "The MirrorSync URL returned an unexpected response. Check your URL, verify that the server is running properly, and try again. Address: https://mirrorsync3.oda.state.or.us/MirrorSync/sync". So we went thru the config again and found the SSL box unchecked. We cannot get the SSL checkbox to stay checked. We did modify the MirrorSync Customization script to set the $$MIRRORSYNC_URL with https and that worked. We are however, wondering if there is something awry with our install or this specific Configuration. We are running MirrorSync 3.1. Thanks, Mark
  21. I just installed FMS 15 on a Windows 2008 R2 machine - everything checked out and the install went smooth. I then purchased a Wildcard SSL certificate from Go Daddy. I generated a CSR from the FMS Admin Console and pasted the encrypted text into Go Daddy's text box to setup my SSL. Here is the problem: The CSR generated from the FMS Console set the domain as mydomain.com instead of fmpserver.mydomain.com Where does Filemaker Server Console get the information used to generate the CSR? How do I get FMS to generate a CSR with the correct sub-domain? It is a FQDN (sub) that resolves directly to the Public IP on my server. Thanks in advance for your help! Jim.
  22. I have just created an e-commerce site and is it required to encrypt SSL certificate to it. Are there any free options for it?
  23. I'm happy to report that FileMaker Server 14 seems to work just fine with OS X 10.10.3 / Server.app 4.1, and the experience overall is better than with 10.9 and FMS13. Here are my tips & hints: During installation, you will be asked which Ports to use for HTTP and HTTPS. Since OS X server already uses 80 and 443 by default, you should pick different ones. You can see a list of which ones to avoid here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202944 (Note: usually ports below 1024 require root permissions. I chose two in the 8000s and it worked fine)During Deployment, on the step where it tries to Test the Webserver, it fails. I think this is just a bug in the Deployment Assistant - it has happened to me twice now. The solution is easy : Cancel out of Deployment and Reboot the Mac. After rebooting, resume the deployment by navigating to http://localhost:16001/admin-console and the second time the web server test works fine.Using a different SSL certificate for WebDirect is quite easy: Do NOT configure the certificate inside the Admin console. Instead, you can make these changes:Copy your Certificate and Private Key to the folder /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/conf/ Edit the file /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf with these changes: and Restart the web server by executing the following command in Terminal:
  24. Gday, In an effort to figure out how SSL works with filemaker I have enabled the default SSL cert that comes with filemaker. Unfortunately I am still presented with an SSL error when I connect to the databases hosted on the server (see image). What steps am I missing in order to get this certificate to work? I understand this is a "not for production" certificate however it is in date and valid and we are using it to see how a production installation would be achieved. FM Server 16, FMPro 16 Windows server 2012. In order to reproduce the error we: 1. Enabled SSL on the FM server 2. Restarted the service 3. Checked SSL certificate in FM admin console 4. Connected to server using client Any help appreciated.
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