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Found 11 results

  1. I'm looking to see if there's a better way to do what I'm currently doing, which is effectively making cross tab tables from a single column of data. My main data table columns are (in a very simplistic format for digestion here): Date Amount TrueFalse1 TrueFalse2 TrueFalse3 There are around 70,000 records, each with entries in every field above. Records tend to be grouped into months and I need to get columns per month on a report. To do this, I use CASE statements initially and then summarise the results: JanTotal::Case ( TrueFalse1 = "True" and TrueFalse2 = "False" and Date = "Jan" ; Amount)FebTotal::Case ( TrueFalse1 = "True" and TrueFalse2 = "False" and Date = "Feb" ; Amount)MarTotal::Case ( TrueFalse1 = "True" and TrueFalse2 = "False" and Date = "Mar" ; Amount)sJanTotalsFebTotalsMarTotalI now have 6 fields just for three months with this logic testing. I also need to have other variations on TrueFalse1/2/3 per month as well, so the numbers of fields can easily bloat. In the humble opinion of those with more FM knowledge and experience of me, is this an efficient way to do things? Is it more efficient to use a 'temp' table and have this reload data each time I need it to? Any input appreciated, thanks in advance
  2. My title may be ambiguous so I'll explain what I need to do. I have a found set of say, 18 records. Each record has a field on it which I use to sort against, in fact, there are a couple of fields, so the sort order is typically Field1, Field2, Field3 etc. I have a summary calculation returning values on a sub summary part and this is all well and good. I've removed the body part as I usually don't need it for the types of reports I do. The layout is pretty simple: SubSummary Part1 - includes fields Description, sCalculation What I need to do now is repeat the above, looping through and displaying each record twice in separate areas of the report, so that my report looks like: SubSummary Part1 - includes fields, Description, sCalcuation SubSummary Part2 - includes same fields, same description, sCalculation2 This is so I can show the records before an adjustment, in a detailed display, and then, the same records after an adjustment, but in the same detailed display. This will result in Part1 DescriptionABC 100 DescriptionDEF 200 Total 300 Part2 DescriptionABC 1000 (100*10) DescriptionDEF 2000 (200*10) Total 3000 Do I need to duplicate the records in the found set and give the dupes a second sort field? Thanks in advance for any help
  3. Hello again, I am trying to have a sub-summary field repeat only once per page. I have made several different attempts now, and I have ran out of ideas. The field is related to another group of fields. When it spans across pages, it would be nice to relist it. When the field prints every occurrence on the same page, it becomes crowded. I found two threads asking a similar question, but the answers are not very clear to me. It seems like this should be an easy thing to do, but I am out of ideas. 1) http://fmforums.com/topic/55560-repeat-sub-summary-field-new-page 2) http://fmforums.com/topic/85965-sub-summary-report-records-starting-on-new-page I also tried making an OnRecordLoad script that populates a field based on the records position in a page, but then it doesn't work while in preview mode. I'm not sure how else to make this work either. I've also tried the different settings for the part definitions with no luck. Has anyone else done this before that would share their technique? Or if anyone has any other suggestions? So, here is what I'm working with... Layout Parts: Header -- <<State::Name>> Sub-summary by State -- empty Sub-summary by Company -- <<Company::Name>> Body -- address details Footer Relationships: |Company| -< |Address| >- |Join| -< |Contact| Sample Output: --- PAGE 1 --- State B Company A Address 221 Address 222 Company B Address 231 Company C Address 241 Address 242 --- PAGE 2 --- State B Company C <-- Ideal result Address 243 Address 244 Company D Address 251 Address 252 Company E Address 261 --- END OF PAGE --- Thanks, GG
  4. Hello all, I'm having a labeling problem creating a chart in my sub-summary part. I have several demographic counts that are already counted (summary field) and converted to percentages (calculation field using getsummary() function) for all my fields of interest. The sub-summary reports are produced when I sort by the field "Case Type". I am trying to create a pie chart in the sub-summary part that shows the distribution of each trait (e.g. male vs. female, race/ethnicity distribution) for records of each case type. However, I keep getting a chart with a different pie slice for each RECORD and not for each TRAIT. That is to say, if I have 500 records of a given case type, I will get a pie chart with 500 slices, each labeled male or female, all of equal size on the pie. Can someone help me figure out my labeling issue? I don't think I'm fully grasping just how the chart feature actually pulls data to create the graph. I think my label data is "Demographics::Sex", but what should my value data be? I'm lost. The fields available are: "Case type" (a label field) "COUNT Case Type" (a count of all cases that sorts by case type in the sub-summary report) "COUNT Male"/"PERCENT Male" (and same for female) If I'm not clear in this, it's because I'm new to FM and still learning the lingo. Just ask me what you need clarification on and I will do my best to rephrase the question. Thanks for your help!!!
  5. FMP 13 - Web Direct - Improperly displaying list layout with sub-summary parts (public link for this doc) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zIbF13RSlaW230-NlYicGZxHB3FsYvQt-U0fFL9uwEU/edit?usp=sharing&pli=1 I am having a problem with Filemaker Pro 13’s Web Direct handling of a simple list layout with sub-summaries. The sub summaries, when added, seem to be cutting off the first (or last*) row of detail in the body. * If the sub-summary is above the body it cuts off the first row. * If the sub-summary is trailing the body, it cuts off the last row of detail. (this example includes 5 records which should be grouped into three groups (by ID number). Hopefully these diagrams help: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zIbF13RSlaW230-NlYicGZxHB3FsYvQt-U0fFL9uwEU/edit?usp=sharing&pli=1 I also attached a PDF version of these diagrams. FMP13-WebDirect-Improperlydisplayinglistlayoutwithsub-summaryparts.pdf
  6. I am using FM 11 Adv with OSX Lion It's been a few months since I sat down to tweak my solution and I think I have forgotten something pretty basic... (Yes, I have consulted this forum and several books; to no avail) I have a membership application. There are 2 tables: Members & Dues Members: PK_MemberID MemberLastName Dues Status (Late or Current) Dues: FK_MemberID DonationAmt SummaryDonationAmt (Summary of DonationAmt) I have created a report with a subsummary which 'breaks' on STATUS. I have sorted on STATUS. It works. But, if I bring the SummaryDonationAmt field into the Summary 'band' it seems to just include the record immediately below the 'band' .... and sometimes *not*. What am I missing? Thanks
  7. I'm preparing a sub summary report from a selection of records in my found data set. The report needs to have a detailed, record by record section at the top part and below this, summaries of the remaining records. The problem I'm facing based on the layout below is, because I need the records for Groups 3,4 and 5 in my found set in order to calculate their summarised results, they're appearing as detailed records because of the layout set up I'm currently using to allow details to show for Groups 1 and 2. I feel like I'm missing something very simple here, appreciate any help. Thanks in advance Group1 DetailsRecord1 DetailsRecord2 Summary of Group1 Group2 DetailsRecord3 DetailsRecord4 Summary of Group2 ---------------------------------------------------- Group3 Summary of Group3 (No record details) Group4 Summary of Group4 (No record details) Group5 Summary of Group5 (No record details)
  8. Hi there I've created several sub summary reports which require a column set up which needs to be aligned to the right, ensuring it's straight, good looking and professional. I have to put percentage figures alongside the values and when these are viewed on the normal layout, they're (mostly) ok. When I print preview, or when I print, the percent sign gets chopped straight down the middle, as if either the cell is too small or the padding is incorrect. I've tried adjusting both the size and the padding, to no avail. When I remove the right align on the percent cell, the problem goes. However, I need these percentages to be organised as well and so far this is not working. I've added a couple of images to illustrate, the first from the screen, the second from the preview page. Hopefully somebody else has seen this and has some advice Thanks in advance
  9. Hi there I have a found set of data which is heavily filtered to include just what I need in order to prepare a list sub summary report. A particular sub summary part has a GetSummary calculation in it to calculate the value of the figures above, based on a particular break field and date. What I need to be able to do, really for display purposes but this is absolutely necessary, is to add a further figure from outside of my found set to the GetSummary calculation. The figure is displayed via a portal right at the top of the report. It goes like this: Top Figure - A ------------------------------ Sub Summary row B Sub Summary row C Sub Summary row D ------------------------------- Sub Summary Total (Should Be A-(B+C+D)) Instead, this is B+C+D (as the summary calc correctly does it) Figure A is derived from a different summary and break field in a different area of the DB. If I manually enter the value of A into my GetSummary formula for the group total, obviously I get the right answer (600000+GetSummary(Total;Breakfield), but clearly that's no good. I need to be able to call this value when I'm on the report and use it so that FM does this automatically for me. I hope that's clear, it's quite an unusual case and due to the data set up around the sort fields elsewhere in the system I cannot change things around too much.
  10. How to show the record number in a sub-summary layout? It should start at record 1 per group, the parts of the layout are header, sub summary and body, It should look like this Group A 1 John Doe 2 Jane Doe Group B 1 John Doe 2 Jane Doe
  11. Hi there I need to put together a sub summary report from a list of data which includes several 'grand summaries'. The basic report layout would be something like this, where each record has a sorting field present to identify it as either 'Group 1', 'Group 2' etc... I'm struggling because, in order to get the Group 1 and Group 2 Summary for example, I need a further layout part against which to hold the calculation - or do I ? That's the question I'm stuck at and seeing as the same sort of thing occurs further down the page, the report is a non starter at the moment. So what I need to do is add together previously summarised results of specific groups and have the results appear in a specific row on the report. Anybody else have to do this? Do you need to create a part which is based on a field with nothing in it (which would make the new part appear under each group, which I don't want)? Very confused here, apologies! Group 1 record Group 1 record Group 1 sub Total Group 2 Record Group 2 Record Group 2 sub Total Group 1 + 2 Grand Summary Group 3 Record Group 3 Record Group 3 sub Total Group 1+2+3 Grand Summary Group 4 Record Group 4 Record Group 1+2+3+4 Grand Summary
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