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Found 5 results

  1. Thought I should post an experience I had with using EasySync (which I love by the way), and pasted text containing hidden characters, that can cause an issue with synchronized data. The issue observed :: Upon doing an initial sync, I noticed some fields in the recipient db had text in fields that did not correspond with that in the master database. Looking at the master data, I noticed a "notes" field contained text that looked like it was pasted from another source (in most fields I control the text input, cleaning it to remove things like, formating and spaces and returns at the end of single line data fields). This "notes" text was part of the data that was ending up in fields it should not have been in, so that was where I started. I then copied the text into my favourite text editor (currently TextWrangler), and noticed an upsidedown ? in the spot where line returns should have been, and these were in the spot where the text was breaking up, and ending up in the wrong fields. Using the FileMaker Data Viewer, I pasted the character into a ' Code ( "?" ) ' calculation [ ? = copied/pasted text ], this showed the Value to be 8232. The following calculation ' Substitute ( NoteText ; Char ( 8232 ) ; Char ( 13 ) ) ' when run on the text fixed the problem. All following sync's put the data into the correct fields. Conclution :: The text turned out to have been copied from an email recieved. The ' Char (8232) ' characters were the line returns in the email text. So it would appear some characters can cause undesirable effects in EasySync. I have since put the calculation into a text cleaning function, applied to multiline text fields in the db. It would also be good if anyone with better knowledge of the internal workings of EasySync, could enlighten me (us) to what other characters could cause problems, they could be added to the text cleaning function. Best Regards Mark Chettle Australia
  2. I feel like I'm missing something obvious. I'm trying to write some SQL to get an ID list for deleted records in a syncing solution. I'm finding that its slower than I'd like and this method feels like it's not efficient at all, anyone have a better idea? To explain what I'm doing I'm getting a list of ID's where the creation timestamp is before the last sync and then I check to see if it doesn't exist in the other file. The problem is that for every record I'm running rather large select statement within the EXISTS(). The table SP stands for Sync Projects and Q stands for Questions, I'm using SP to get only the questions that are attached to the projects on the client file. Get the ID's in the local file: ExecuteSQL("SELECT id FROM Q WHERE zCrTS < ? AND NOT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM H_Q WHERE Q.id=H_Q.id)";""; ""; $$LastSync) Get the ID's in the hosted file: ExecuteSQL("SELECT H_Q.id FROM H_Q , SP WHERE zCrTS < ? AND H_Q.id_project = SP.id AND NOT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM Q WHERE H_Q.id=Q.id)";""; ""; $$LastSync)
  3. I have already posted here: https://community.filemaker.com/thread/170677 and have some thoughts in mind, but I will copy what I put in there, here. Avoid FMGo Connection Interrupted Server Timeout Disconnect In the attached links, it goes back to questions that I had that dealt with a file on an iOs device, making sure it stays live and up to date. So what I have done is worked on a local file that syncs to the one on the server. That seemingly works, however there is a problem that just recently came up when I was testing. When the local file tries to reach the file on the server, it doesn't always connect. In talking with others there is two consensus of what might be the cause: The Wireless access point is blocking access File security permissions are not working (File Access tab in Security) "Reset All" temporarily works (on the server file) Deauthorizing and Authorizing sometimes works (on the server file) Turning off the File Access requirement doesn't seem to help (on the server file) I do have File Access on the local file, but I haven't tried turning that off. Since I can't debug exactly what is going on, on the iPad this makes it harder. (I have put in some custom dialogs to see some things.) The local file with the syncing to the server file works on my desktop, but that is a wired connection. (I could try the same wireless connection.) It could be that I'm making a duplicate of the local file and putting that on the iPad, which makes the file not work. (I put on the duplicate file on the iPad newly each time for testing, because I need a file without certain info on it, which will be filled later [dealing with Get(PersistentID)].) Is there something I'm not thinking of? To my knowledge, it had been working until recently. I'll try a few more things, but hopefully get answers in the meantime. Thank you
  4. Our Zulu has completely stopped working with Google...it's not syncing in either direction. We have rebooted the server but it has not corrected the problem. Urgent...Please advise!
  5. I have a solution that syncs at the end of a "shift". The shift report says what happened during the shift. But I want to add a time card component that syncs when anyone starts work and ends work which doesn't always match the "shift" that one or two guards are covering. So, I want to keep the main Sync with Server script intact for the end of shift report but I want to dupe it, rename it and hardcode it to sync one or maybe 2 tables only. Since there will be only 1 or 2 records it should be fast. That way the timecards are always up to date and the shift reports are sent as a whole. I'm going to try and edit line 4 of "Sync with Server" to look for a Table Occurrence that starts with "ESS" and rename those Table Occurrences to start with "ESS." Not sure it would work with "ESS_PUSH_Etc"? Any thoughts on that or is there a better way of doing this? Dan

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