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Found 8 results

  1. I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this, but thought I'd ask anyways since I wasn't able to Google an answer... Is there a way to switch between different themes using a script? Specifically without duplicating a layout, changing the theme, and switching between the two layouts?
  2. I'm about to start a solution that needs quite an amount of layout forms and I would like to create a consistent design based on my own custom theme that has already been developed in a separate file. I use Material Design specs as style guideline and the solution is build under the separation model, so all the data is in a hosted file. I'm considering one of these two strategies: Create a repository of interface elements (text fields, tab controls, combos, portals, etc.) in a separate file (that's mostly done) and copy generic elements into my solution as I build the needed layouts or Create layouts quickly, overlooking style and apply my theme when all of them are functional I see a drawback on the first option: if I want my element repository to continue useful I will need to keep the theme updates simultaneously in both files The second option looks more practical because it will allow me to focus on the data and just worry about the look at the end of the process. What do you think is the most productive strategy?
  3. FileMaker Themes Best Practices In an earlier article we discussed FileMaker WebDirect and how to optimize your solution. This optimization relied on using FileMaker Themes. In this article, we explore using FileMaker 13's new feature to create custom themes and styles. A custom theme will allow you to create a custom appearance in your application while maintaining an optimized solution. Theme optimization will benefit the entire FileMaker platform including FileMaker Go, Pro, and WebDirect.
  4. One of the things that you need to do to take advantage of FileMaker 13 styles and custom themes is to apply styles to objects. It will go faster if you can select the objects you want quickly in a batch and then do something with that batch like assign the default style or another style. ​Cmd-Option-A will select all fields. That's nice but it would be so much more helpful if it was a little more precise like - select all the fields with drop-down menus. I was thinking that maybe a special keyboard shortcut with an extra key held down might do this. Hope springs eternal. I've tried Cmd-Shift-Option-A but no luck there. I tried Control as the extra key too. Anyone know of a way to do this?
  5. I know this is lower priority than some of the other wishes but I can't help but just mention it ... If we go to Manage > Themes, we see a list of themes loaded in this file and it also indicates how many layouts are assigned to that theme. But it would be nice if we knew which layouts were assigned to a theme and even had the ability to ... yeah I know ... probably never ... but to GTRR (so-to-speak) to those layouts or see a list of them at least. Manage > Layouts certainly has room to list its theme along with the table and menu set. If nothing else, this would make life easier for us. When a solution has 150 layouts, it can take quite a bit of time to go through them all to find the few layouts assigned to a theme needlessly. And each theme (even themes unused), load all definitions and take up quite a bit of space. For instance, a recent example - file had 13 themes but on 3 were used. By converting them all to the single theme, I saved 1.7MB right off the top and it took 15 minutes. So a way to quickly jump to layouts according to their theme would be helpful. Or ... am I missing something here? Are there ways of seeing a list of layout names per theme? Thanks everyone for listening and hopefully providing a solution of which I was unaware. Otherwise I'll provide FileMaker feedback about it. Also, there is a Custom Themes forum for FM12 but there isn't one for FM13. It might be nice to remove the 'FM12' portion from the forum title so we can put FM13 questions there as well ... or ... create another forum for Custom Themes in FM13. I prefer the former. Thank you!!
  6. Hi all, I'm using a single CSS theme for all layouts in a given file. I'd like to know if there's a quick way to identify any styles in that theme that aren't being used anywhere in the file. Thanks in advance! -Kent
  7. I am new to using themes and styles. I have chosen the onyx theme for my new project. My issue I am having is for tab controls I put in the layout are not formatting when I change object attributes. I have set fill and line to no fill and no lines yet it still shows up with borders and a bar behind the tab selection area. I use transparent tab panels for a lot of user interface objectives and have wasted hours trying to figure out why it won't change when I make them in the inspector bar
  8. I thought this Article might be of interest to those who are considering creating their own Themes. http://help.filemake...tail/a_id/10880 Which makes you wonder why they would put this in the help? http://www.filemaker...ustom.23.9.html Oops, sorry, this was a help for v11. However, the tech article is still worth heeding.
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