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  1. Dear Friend, Here I am facing a very small problem. I have two files A and B. Both are independent files and having no relation with each other. But I just want that, whenever a user try to open file B without opening file A, then he should be given a message that first open file A than only after that user will be able to open file B. I mean no user can open file B without opening file A. And one more question that, How can I get the name another file from a file without having any relationship between them.? Thanks in advance. Waiting for positive reply as soon as possible.
  2. Please, can anybody inform me in layman's terms about the upgrad/downgrade rules of Filemaker Pro, Advanced & Developer. Is it fx.possible to upgrade from Filemaker Pro to Filemaker Advanced ? Or from Filemaker Pro to Developer? What is possible and what is not? Thank you.
  3. Hi: I'm running FileMaker 6.0 Unlimited. I have a pulldown menu when searching for user names in the database. When I search on the name "Noteboom S" it finds all the records for that user. When I search on "Noteboom N" it finds all the records for both "Noteboom S" and "Noteboom N". And now here's where it gets weird. I have two other users with the same last name ("Smith R" and "Smith T") and different first intitials, but their searchs work perfectly. And even weirder: If I change "Noteboom N" to "Noteboom L", it works. "Noteboom Na" works. . . just not "Noteboom N". Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Tim
  4. Help! I need another copy of FMU6. I'm desperet to buy one since I have problems mixing FMU5.5 and 6. Could anybody help me? ...
  5. I will buy a legal and registered copy of FileMaker Pro 6 Unlimited and pay full retail price for the CD. I am an end user and will not resell or redistribute the copy. I need it for my own system upgrade.
  6. I have used FM 6 Unlimited's Web Server Connector (WSC) successfully on a G4 Xserve for a few years to put a database online in a dynamic web page. I recently upgraded to an Intel Mac Xserve and found that I could not run WSC. When installed it breaks Apache and gives an error saying it cannot load the module. Can someone confirm that WSC is broken on Intel Macs before I waste time trying to troubleshoot this? Thanks!
  7. Occasionally we have to close our databases that our opened on Filemaker Unlimited in order to do maintenance on them and things of that nature. Now every time I reopen the databases I have to go back in and reset all the web companion options. None of the options under “Set up views” seem to remain after the database is closed and reopened. Is this normal behavior? If not what I am doing wrong? Btw, using Filemaker 5 Unlimited.
  8. Ok... i have a database set up using filemaker unlimited (i think 5.5) and I am doing custom web publishing using CDML. I have a form that is just one drop down box and it is set to submit onChange(). so everytime the drop down menu changes the form submits, normally it works fine. the problem occurs if you are in the drop down box and accidently hit the scroll wheel on the mouse. it cycles through a bunch of the options really fast and I guess this causes it to submit multiple times and this ends up locking up the databases in unlimited and they have to be restarted. Has anyone else run into this issue, and if so have you found any way around it?
  9. Hi, I have a server runs FileMaker Unlimited 5.5. I am working on a new filemaker 8 file now. i want to update records over internet. Is is possible to import records from filemaker unlimited 5.5 with xml query? How? Thanks Osman
  10. Hi I have a database being served from Filemaker 6.0v4 with Web Companion 6.0v3. The data is published via CWP CDML pages. This was working just fine from stored URLs but has stopped working since the number of records in a found set has exceeded 100. The interesting thing is if the -max tag is set to 74 or less the data is returned, if I set it to 75 it returns no data. I am using the following URL to access the page, http://myurl.com:591/Research/FMPro?-db=Research.fp5&-format=Research2.htm&-lay=Web&-op=eq&List=1&Heading1=Index%20to%20online%20resources&-SortField=Heading2&-max=10000&-error=search_error.htm&-find This works when I substitute any other Heading 1. But when finding the "Index to Online Resources" heading it returns no results unless I change the Max to 74 or less. This is not an option as there are 102 headings under this header. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I cant solve this by tomorrow I am going to have to convert is to FX.php. Thanks in advance Zip
  11. I have tried several times to setup Web Services Connector on a machine running Win 2000. I can get to the first logon box but it only asks for a user name for admin. It does not ask for a password and later when I try to change things a box pops up asking for username AND password. Nothing works. I have set clear text passwords on the server. Called Filemaker and they said they don't support FMP 6 anymore. Suggested I upgrade but I have lots of CDML pages and no time to learn XML. Thanks in Advance.
  12. From time to time (1-2 events per week) FMU - as a client retrieving data from FM Server 5.5 - serving data via web crashes and connection to the web interface of course is broken; I can't figure out * why FMU crashes and more important * what tool to use to monitor and restart FMU if necessary... Setup of Server Environment: FMS55(Win2000Svr)-FMU604(Win2003Svr)-WebBrowser Brgds Harald
  13. Hi!. I have installed FMWSC on Webstar (Mac OSX) and FMPU 6.0.4. When I perform a search the system is a little slower than if I would access the database directly without using FMWSC. The problem comes when I try to save information to the database using FMWSC. If all fieds contain little data, it works ok. A little slow but OK I guess. But when one or more fields contain large amount of data, the tystem times out and nothing happens. The data does not get uploaded to the database. If I try to upload it directly (web companion 6.0.3), without going by FMWSC, it uploads no problem. I wonder what the solution is. Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be fine tuned? Is the problem in Webstar or FMWSC? Did anyone face that problem? Thanks Aerocan
  14. I am hoping someone can help. We have been running FMP Unlimited 5.5 on Mac OS 9 on a Blue and White G3/400 for several years without any problems. We have about 24 databases open. The primary means of access is from our webserver which is using Lasso 6. This week, I moved all the databases to a different hard drive (installed in the same machine - removed the old one) which is running Mac OS X 10.3.5 with FMP Unlimited 5.5 still. It has been crashing about once or twice a day since. I have a crash log, but it might as well be in chinese - if it would help, I'll provide it. Any ideas on what might be causing the crash? I've bumped up the cache to the max. I've added memory. I'm at a loss as to what to try. Thanks -Gary
  15. I need help. I have purchased a copy of FMP 6 UL. I want to use the WSC with Webstar 5.4. I have installed WSC following the instructions. My problem is I do not know how to make it connect to Webstar. I do not know where to put the CDML files for them to be handled by Webstar. Cannot find any litterature or instructions on it. Please help. Thanks Aerocan
  16. HELP. have a webserver iis and fm6 unlimited on another machine using Web Server Connector. when I added more virtual websites to webserver I cannot longer get web pages containing CDML tags. I do get the html pages from webserver but when calling http:....FMPro?-db=testdb&-lay=web&-format=search.htm&-view. I get "Page not found". I replicated all html pages both on web and fmp unlimited server. Any ideas. Thanks in advance.
  17. I just install os 10.1 server and wanted to install the os 10 version of the web server connector that came with my FM version 5 unlimited but I keep getting an error, " missing or old bill of materials" Does anyone have any idea what this means and how I can fix this problem. Thanks
  18. I have FM Server 5 serving a FM5 Unlimited and a FM6 Unlimited machine, all running W2K Server. The web connector machine I just discovered today is running XP not W2K. It all runs very smoothly until there are too many people for XP's IIS. I want to move on from W2K but not to the extent of buying 1 copy of W2003 server so I decided to set up a Linux box and put the Web connector on that with Apache rather than IIS, it is supposed to work... has anyone else had success with it ? Allegedly on the FMWSC CD there should be [color:blue]fmwsc.pkg.tar but it ain't there, or at least I can't see it in W2K or Linux, contacted FM which was as much use as I have come to expect. Does anyone know where else or how I can get hold of it ? Dom Walton
  19. Hello I'am having troubles with a field that need a required value. I use a radio button so the customers need to accept our terms of delivery. The button only has a value "Yes" and is standaard unchecked. When I send my form with the button NOT selected so there is no input, the databases accepts it. How come? My Text fields wich also need required input does work the right way. When you do not enter any data in this kind of fields a pop-up box shows and tell you that field xxx needs input. So does anybody know why it doensn't work with radio buttons! Greetings Jukkie
  20. Sorry for my confusion, but this is all relatively new to me, and I need a bit of help. I have Filemaker 5.5 server running on a windows 2000 box. I also have a separate copy of FM 6 Unlimited. The plan is to setup a new database that will have both FM access and web access, for more than 10 users. Do I install FM 6 Unlimited on a separate box & have it point web access to my 5.5 databases? (writting the new one in 5.5 I suppose). Or do I install FM 6 Unlimited on a separate box, write the new database in 6, & have FM6U host the database and handle the web access as well? (FM 7 is, unfortunately, not in the company's plans anytime in the near future.) Thanks to all for your help Nan
  21. Hi, Customer recently moved to windows server 2003. Since then, randomly, the Fmp process just disappears !! My customer is becoming very stressed, as this can happend few times a day No event view messages, nothing consistent in the web logs... I haven't got the slightest clue what could cause this... Any suggestions?
  22. I have a windows 2000 server running apache web server. I would like to (temporarily) configure it to serve filemaker databases through wsc, while my other server (IIS) is being overhauled. There is a problem, however: the wsc installation does not recognize my setup, it is expecting to find IIS, and aborts the installation. Can anyone please help?
  23. I am currently running Filemaker 5 Server and Filemaker 6 Unlimited on an Mac OS X machine. I have them both on the same machine. The Filemaker 6 Unlimited was set to open up a file hosted on the 5 Server. But, for some reason the file was getting corrupt. I think I have narrowed it down to Unlimited was corrupting the file when somebody accessed it via the web. Is it possible to run both of those programs on the same machine? Am I asking for trouble? If I move the Unlimited to a different machine, but continue to access files hosted on the Server machine via Unlimited for web access will I be okay?
  24. I have a web forms system which I created at home, and now want to host live from work. At home, I have a DSL line and just needed to plug my computer in and use my static IP in order to let people access the page. Now that I have moved the system to work, we can only get to it using the internal IP (192...), but not from outside. We have FMP set to use port 591 and have given that port a place on the firewall, but it looks like we have done this incorrectly. Are there certain steps to follow to be sure we are configuring the IP and port correctly? We are using sonicwall and are supposed to be LIVE by Tuesday! Any help would be AMAZING!!
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