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Found 289 results

  1. I'm trying for the first time ever to publish a very very simple database online for our camp coordinators to enter in product information on the road. I go into FMPRO UNLIMITED and share the database and set up all of the important info to get it shared. I go into my web browser and type in the 192.168.x.x and the port number that I told it to use "84". I get the screen and it shows the database that I'm sharing...I click on it...it waits for a few seconds...and then FMPRO UNLIMITED crashes and quits unexpextedly. EVERYTIME. I've installed the webconnector files...but I'm not really sure what those did or how to use them in this instance. I'm running OS X.2.6 with Unlimited 6. The database is a very simple table with only text and a few buttons but nothing special. Is there any reason why Unlimited crashes all the time when trying to log into the database. Do I have to save the database in a special "web" format to get it to work? AHH HELP?? Thanks, Jami
  2. Hi, I am running Filemaker Pro 6 Unlimited on Win 2000, with Web Connector installed on a separate computer running Redhat Linux. I am able to access the config page (http://linuxcomputer/FMPro?Config) and from there I can see the list of databases I have shared through Web Companion. On the Win2000 machine, I can acess the database using the local web browser with URL "http://localhost", and that shows the built-in index page. I can also connect directly to the Win2000 machine through a remote web browser using "http://win2000machine/". However I am completely confused when it comes to the Web Connector... what, how, when, why would I need to go through the Web Connector instead of connecting directly to the Win2000 machine? I mean I have tried so many different URLs to be able to access the built-in page via the Web Connector machine. Is there even a need to use the Web Connector? Thank you. Pete
  3. Does anyone know if it's possible to load FileMaker 5.5 Unlimited on OSX Startup, along with any files that need to be opened? Not on login but on system startup so the program would be running without anyone logging into the computer. Thanks
  4. FMPWSC can only write one cookie per format page? Multiple cookies are allowed through the Web Companion Server? What the heck is that all obout?#@!$#@%%$@^#
  5. Can I use FIlemaker 5.5 web connector with filemaker unlimited 5.0? this version is better for os x server. I can get my lasso 5 to see the raic.
  6. Hi there, I have worked with filemaker for about 6 months so far and beginning to actually like it. Even though I would prefer filemaker to provide more and more programming features - I usually get around with what's provided. I have created some heavily loaded applications so far. Heavily loaded applications as in for example the "database design report" type of application where alomost everything is done via script and very different type of data has been scrambled into one single database. Well, now my boss wants me to create web version for them. Hence come the questions of Filemaker Unlimited: 1. Does Instant web publishing only work with Microsoft Internet Explorer? All the demo pictures that they have on their website are only for MSIE. There is nothing on Netscape. Besides, they even mention that they have some XML features which will only work with ActiveX control provided by MSIE. Hence the question, are all those nice features promised by FM Unlimited available to MSIE only? From my experience the instant web publishing looks different on IE and Netscape(looks ugly). 2. In unlimited, with instant web publishing - does your layout in Filemaker becomes the layout in WebPage? Hence, does it work in Netscape as well as MSIE? 3. If you have used FM unlimited - is there any extra satisfaction that you have other than those described in the product specification already. Filemaker unlimited seems just a bit expensive to me - but I would still commit to it if it delivers the same performance in both Netscape and MSIE. Thanks in advance, simon1663
  7. Well I needed to create my own functions for FMPro because the find and the export functions are limited. I am wanting to export two different flat files for each search result...one with fewer records than the other and a sub search of that one...i ended up figuring it out, and have included the code below, if anyone could use it...I think that it came out very well...opinions??? tell application "FileMaker Pro" set CDID_Box to display dialog "Please enter the desired CD to export:" default answer "" set CDID to text returned of CDID_Box show (records where cell "CD ROM Number" contains CDID) set number_of_matches to count records set target_file_name to
  8. I've been trying to move my FileMaker Pro Unlimited hosted web site from 5.0v3 on OS 9 to 6.0v4 on OS X. The problem I'm having is that after hosting the site with FMU 6, the validations I have been using under FMU 5 don't work any more. I have a form that is filled out online that goes to an error page if filled out improperly that works perfectly under 5, but fails every time under 6. I am using validations in the field definition, and Range, Not Empty, Data Type all work fine, but if I try to validate using a value list or a calculation it ignores the validation. I have tried using related values, caclulated values, etc. all of which were fine under 5, but will not work under 6. The form asks for "Number in Party" which I want to limit based on an event "Location" in another database. Does anyone know what has changed here from FMU 5 to FMU 6? For now I have to run 5 in Classic to maintain all functionality. Any suggestions? Version: v6.x Platform: Mac OS X Panther
  9. Is anyone aware of a site using FM to display realty property listings?
  10. I just got FMPro Unlimited, and have a huge learning curve ahead of me, but I really want to overcome and become proficient at it. I kind of have to.... Anyway, I am greatly daunted by the array of choices out there for training. I can see that the Scriptology book is the one to get for advanced training, but I will have to get some basics under my belt first. The question is WHERE? I need a very rudimentary tutorial in it, and though I loaded the tutorial that is on the program, I cannot find it anywhere for use. Is the book, "File Maker Pro for Dummies" any good.... it would seem to be dealing with basics, judging by the title.
  11. Hi, I have searching around in the newsgroups and various forums and haven't been able to find the answer I am looking for. I have filemaker unlimited 5.5 running on a windows 2000 pro computer with the apache web connector running on an rh7.1 linux apache webserver. The linux server has the public ip address and works great sending requests to the unlimited computer with the lan address using instant web publishing. I have created custom CDML/HTML pages that work great on the LAN. I am not sure however how to configure the custom pages with the web connector. I found some very good instructions here: http://forum.filemakerworld.com/viewtopic.php?t=407 I have duplicates of the CDML pages on both the unlimited computer and the linux server. When I press the submit button on the page I get the error: Access Restriction: You do not have access privaledges to perform the action: new and bounces back to the CDML page. So my questions then are: 1. How do I configure this correctly? 2. Are my ports an issue since I am using two different computers? They are both on 80. 3. What does the Access Restriction error mean and why can't it perform the action? 4. Help? Thanks
  12. I am currently running online (job) application forms for two large UK blue chips. I am using WebStar 4.3 Lasso 3.6 and FMPro 5 Unlimited. I have been running all on the same server (i know it's not the best idea!) with no particlar probs (about 100 -200 hits a day and of course they only add,edit,search-for one record each). Do any of you know approx the threshold at which point I'll start falling over. A bit of a strange request I know but I need to know when to go cap in hand to get my RAIC, extra copies of software etc. without the hassle of having to set it up in an evening because we're going down in flames!!! Ta for your help
  13. Does anyone know if the web server connector is capable of working with two or more web sites making connections to two databases? It seems that I can use the WSC with only one web site and one database at a time. Thanks
  14. Hi, We have a filemaker server 5.5 network and filemaker unlimited connects to that to share certain files to the internet. 1) Is there a maximum number of files I can share out to the web using the web companion? 2) Is there a maximum number of files that a filemaker unlimited client can have open from filemaker server? 3) Is there a maximum number of files that a filemaker pro 5.5/6 client can have open from filemaker server? 4) Is there a maximum number of files that a filemaker unlimited client can have open from their local machine? Ie not files that are served up using filemaker server? As there are certain web-only files we have that aren't stored on the server. Thanks Batfastad
  15. Hey all: We'd like to put up a couple databases with instant publishing, and one with custom publishing at the same time, on the same machine. Is this possible? With filemaker, it seems to be an "either/or" situation. Thanks, LS
  16. Hi all, I have problems configuring the Web server connector: Whenever I type http://localhost/FMpro?config my browser doesn't find a thing. My Filemaker databases are open and shared. Web Companion is set to use port 591 What am i doing wrong? Any suggestions are welcome. I have tried specifying port 591 in the server settings of my mac osx server, In the tab web service, is this necessary? when I start WSC by doubleclicking StartFMWSC.command. It innitialises FMWSC and then immediatly logs out. It says it initialyses FMWSC with following setting : port :8888 backlog : 50 etc. Yet I have specified another port? I am getting a little frustrated...... Hope someone can help, Thanks anyway, Thierry In de attachement log file i get error.txt
  17. Is Web Server Connector in version 5.5 better, than the s*** included with version 5? So far we have to program proper security for web served databases. Not it looks that the WSC in version 5 is next to useless piece of s***. We will be probably forced to develop our Security Filter with WSC functionality as well. Anyone with real live positive experience on Windows NT IIS platform?
  18. Running FM unlimited 5v3 WebCompanion v6 G4 450 256Mo Web Security 1 open Database I was running Filemaker unlimited for a couple of months without any problem, but since last week, Filmaker quits several times a day, for any reason with error 2, 3, or 10. I've tried to re-install it, scan disk, change computer, rebuild the database (export data, create new bank db and reimport), changing IP ports. It's crazy, the problem remains I wonder if I'm a victim of kind of pings attacks or something. Is there a security problem with this solution ? Thank you for your help.
  19. OK, I've looked several places for this info and have been frustrated to no end. Can someone please tell me how to start and stop a database remotely (via the web) when using FMPro 5 Unlimited and the Web Companion!!!
  20. Do the updates for FMP 5.5 apply to FMP 5.5 Unlimited? I believe FMP is up to 5.5v2 but should this update be applied to FMP Unlimited?
  21. We have FileMaker Pro 6 Unlimited. We would like to extend our web sites to be database driven, dynamic sites. I am trying to figure out the best way to do it. I used to use ColdFusion Studio as web development/programming tool to connect with SQL database and develop the sites. ColdFusion is pretty user firendly using plain English (programming per say). I am new to FileMaker. I wonder if there is any other programming tool that's similar to ColdFusion but for FileMaker Pro. Our current system -- operating: Win2000 server web hosting: external web site: static information pages (using FrontPage to update text) database: FileMaker Pro (main db), SQL server (a few small db) Can anybody give me suggestions or pro-con list of various development tools? Lasso Studio? PHP? ...? Thanks
  22. I have created a page that will reside on our www site. This page will be used to input customer info. i will then want it to be downloaded to my fmpro file that resides on my network here. Can someone give me some help doing this or can you point me in a direction that will help me out. Thank you very much. ------------------
  23. I'm trying to modify a web page. Everytime I look at it live, I'm seeing the old page. I've done the Misc. Script command to Flush Cache, but nothing happens. Is there something more radical I can do to flush the cache?
  24. I've built a website with a lot of CDML & FMPro queries in http links. I'm using web companion to serve the pages out. Problem is the pages are slow to load, it waits for FMU to finish searching the database records before it appears. My database has around 10,000 records and it runs on Windows 2003 Server. Would running FM Server help? Any help is appreciated.
  25. I'm trying to post our db via web publishing/server connector. I need some instruction or documentation on how to create custom web pages. Creating the html inside filemaker produces visually unpleasing and cumbersome web pages. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Need help.
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