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Found 18 results

  1. I'm not completely certain if this is the right section for this problem / question. I have a situation where I need to make sure that a field in one of my tables has a unique number under certain circumstances. I have student information system which has a lottery module I built so that they can manage student applications for the coming year. Each student once entered into the database is assigned a lottery number and associated with a specific lottery which is associated with the school year and the grade they are applying for. When each student is entered they are given a lottery number, starting at 1. The problem is I need to make sure that that number is not assigned again for the current lottery they are associated with. There may be other students assigned the number 1 (for instance) within that field but they are associated with lottery's of years past, so I cannot simply check the Require Unique Value option. It has to be unique based on the foreign key of the lottery they are associated with. Any suggestions? I really appreciate any insight! ~ Chris
  2. Greetings, I have a global field that is acting as a search bar to perform a find with the data stored in it. I have set an OnObjectKeystroke script trigger to the field to activate a script if the user presses the enter key while inside the field. Since most users are used to hitting enter on their keyboards to perform a search and it's much quicker, I've adopted this method as opposed to a search button. I would like to prompt the user with a warning dialog if they press enter while inside the search field, but happen to leave the field empty. The custom dialog would tell them to type some search criteria in, instead of leaving the field empty to avoid performing a blank search. So far most of the script I came up with works, but for some reason it gets stuck in a loop during the last simple steps and I can't get out of it. I'm trying to have the following occur: - Exit the search field, and make it lose the focus. - Show a custom dialog telling the user of the error and prompting them to press "OK". - Upon pressing OK, enter the search field again and bring it into focus to set the cursor in the field so that the user can retype a correct value. The default FileMaker field validation that is found in the field's Options settings performs something very similar to what I described above. I'm trying to achieve a similar effect, but using a script instead to have more custom control and flexibility with the warning dialogs. Any help much appreciated. Custom validation - Search field.fmp12.zip
  3. My driver's get bonus income when they reach a certain plateau during a trip. These bonus levels change with increased mileage. Because of this, the bonus levels are entered manually by the driver. On my Driver Pay layout I have a calculation field (TotalMileage) that states the number of total miles on that trip. Basically "EndingMileage" - "StartingMileage" = "TotalMileage" I want to trigger a script upon exiting the TotalMileage field that will look at the data and popup up a reminder for the driver to enter a bonus level IF the total mileage is above the first bonus level. My question is; what function step will handle this for me. IE; your total mileage is over 450 miles for this trip. Don't forget to add your bonus level. Thanks...
  4. I have a Personnel table with a "Last" field. On a a related table's layout, there's a field that displays all "Last" names from the "Personnel" table in a drop down (Safety Clearance:Worker 1). I would like to set it up so that the following happens when choosing a name in the "worker 1" field: (for user who's Personnel::Last = "Smith", and Account Name = "jsmith", 2nd user- "Doe", "jdoe" respectively ) Initially, the "Worker 1" field with the Personnel::Last dropdown is empty. Initially, jdoe is logged in instead of jsmith (or anyone besides jsmith) IF Worker 1 = Personnel::Last for current user THEN commit record, go to next field ELSE Revert record to blank Prompt user to log in I'm not sure how to write a validation calculation or script that can 'Get (AccountName)' then validate the entry based on that users Personnel:Last. Also, I want to make sure that the only two outcomes of the script or calculation are having the currently logged in user's last name entered in the Worker 1 field, or having it reverted to blank, no matter what the user does. I've played around with it a little and it seems like the user can click cancel on the login prompt and/or on the script. If I just use validation only, then there won't be a prompt to log in. I want jdoe to get a pop up saying "You must be logged in to add your name as a worker", then be presented with the login screen. If I try it with a script then the user can click cancel when the log in screen comes up and then cancel on the script. I just want to make it secure so that no one can add someone else name, effectively making the name in the block a digital signature. Once it's there, and someone else is logged in, it should remain with the previous users name and not be editable.
  5. Hello all, I'm sorry if this is not the place to post my question but I've searched for a section for this topic but I couldn't familiarize it anywhere. I was currently hired to create a solution for a company that would like to sell the solution to people/ companies, they want to have a licensing system where people will buy let's say 1 license / 10 licenses / 50 licenses / etc. What are the steps I should take to build a system that will be secure to validate licenses bought, what is required to do this transition, what I need in order to perform this task. For now all I know is that I should have another server hosting licenses with their own system to manage them, but I would like to hear more inputs since I'm 100% sure there are a lot of different solutions to this and better ways. Thank you very much in advance.
  6. Hello all, Happy New Year and all that! I'm back at it already and have hit my first hurdle with using ESS (now the DSN is working that is!) I have several SQL views on a read only DSN which I'm pulling through to FM. The first view has data relating to our customers and this is pulled from our ERP, which is the system of record, hence the data is read only. The problem I have is that there are four fields that are showing as "required values". The first 3 are indeed required and will always be populated, the fourth (ID of parent account) however is only likely to be populated about 10% of the time in the ERP data. Of course when I edit any local fields which I've added to a layout using a related FM table, the solution validates the data from SQL and complains that the parent account ID field is empty, but of course I can't fill this in as the data is read only and set to can't edit... vicious circle! -worryingly I originally typed viscous circle which is a completely different thing! Can anyone advise why this field is insisting on being populated - does it come from the SQL data, e.g. some kind of primary key? If I remove the "required value" bit from the field in manage database it just reappears. Thanks for any help you can offer. Regards, Tim
  7. I need help creating a validation for a text field to ensure user enters data that matches an existing record's field in another file. Am failing to create a validation calculation or do i need a script? Many thanx.
  8. I would like to limit the size of any photo a user may upload to a container field to a maximum size of to 300 kb. Is there a way to set a maximum allowable size? Field Validation? How would I implement this? Thank You, Greg
  9. Hi, I have being trying to work this out, but I am finding the following problem: - I would like to have a field that would contain info about account numbers for payments. However, the account number should be generated when it is feeded from the combinations of 5 different fields which should contain a max. number of characters, such as 4. When entering the data into these fields the desire behaviour should be that if I am in field 1 and write the first 4 characters, when I enter the 5th one then it should jump to the next field. I have seen this for example when you enter a serial number for a software or at online banking when asking to write the IBAN number. So far, I have set the max. number of character for each of the sub fields as 4, but when I enter the data and exceed the max. number of characters I get a pop up message saying if I would like to overwrite this validation. The question here would be if it would be possible that instead of getting a warning saying that I am exceeding the max. number of characters, it would just jump to the next field. Thanks a lot! Luis
  10. I have two fields: Closed Date & HW Platform. Goal: If the user selects the HW Platform field and Closed Date is empty pop a custom dialog. If Closed Date is not empty then no message. I have tried a few ways to use field validation to perform the check and post a message but no luck so far. I know I could do this easily with a Script Trigger. My question is can this be done with validation? And is one or the other method better? Validation or ST? FileMaker 12 FileMaker Server Adv 12
  11. Ok, I found this calculation for validating a phone number when it get entered for desired formatting--(330) 555-1234. This works. The problem is that it inserts the error message into the field (as it should according to the script...) when incorrect number of numbers (say that again) is entered--012, 012345678901, etc., so I would like to have an error dialog box pop up instead...how do I go about doing that? AS IS NOW: Case(Length(CustomerPHONE) = 7;Left(CustomerPHONE;3) & "-" & Right(CustomerPHONE;4); (Length(CustomerPHONE) = 10); "(" & Left(CustomerPHONE;3) & ") " & Middle(CustomerPHONE; 4; 3) & "-" & Right(CustomerPHONE;4); "Must enter 10-digits") Maybe this is really elementary, but not for me at this point Thanks! PS Don't be surprised as my number of posts go up exponentially in the coming days! Also, if anyone has GOOD youtube tutorials/training links, please advise...I think I have the uncanny power of finding the LAME ones Order Copy_20130106.fmp12.zip
  12. I have a large database with a multitude of fields where a value list via drop down is associated. However, when we set out to develop this, we didn't know what many of the values in these lists would be comprised of, so we didn't have any strict validation in place. Users were allowed to edit the very basic lists we came up with and we didn't have validation on any of the fields. So now what we have is a ton of fields and records with data that doesn't match the associated value list, meaning there's lots of redundancy (some records will have "Black & Blue" in a field while others will have "Black + Blue" -- and the value list has just "Black & Blue"). We've obviously reached the point where our value lists are fairly well determined and we need to really start policing what people are able to enter. So I'm curious if there's a way to retroactively find records that do not match exactly to a value in a given value list. I've tried some things using PatternCount and IsValid, but neither have given me the results I was hoping for (PatternCount, for instance, searches for words rather than exact matches, so "Black & Blue" and "Black + Blue" are both being validated). I'm stumped at this point and, like I said, its a large database which means there's a lot of fields. If it was one or two fields, I could probably kill a day manually sifting through the records and making the changes manually. Thoughts?
  13. This is FM 11 Go, but I'm not sure if newer versions correct this or not. I've got a form that is filled out via FM 11 Go and the file is hosted on a server, therefore an internet connection and a VPN tunnel is required in order to use the form. Also, in this form I have an auto-entered serial number being used and tons of validation before the record is saved. Now on top of all of this, it has been brought to my attention that gaps are appearing in the serial number, and the appearance of gaps is frowned upon by auditing. The behavior is easily reproduced by doing the following: Setup a FM file on a server with an auto incrementing serial number and some form of validation (a required value for example) Connect to file via FM Go Create record Do not meet minimum validation to save record Disconnect device from network Connected to Database on another device and look at the auto-enter serial's next value and notice it is incremented The other portion of the complaint is that the user starts a record, and any data entered is lost if they haven't met the minimum requirements and the internet connection is lost. Now I can see several things to blame here and a few ways to attack it. Blame the internet connection and make sure the connection is stable before proceeding (this is a hard requirement to expect end-users to maintain) Blame the VPN and try to find a better solution than the VPN built into IOS (this will incur extra cost as well as more R&D) Blame the server based file and build some hybrid local file that will transfer it's data to the server upon a solid connection (Complete rebuild and adds more complication than what is necessary and a lot more R&D) So I'm not really sure how to logistically approach the problem as it seems to be a two part problem with variables that are way out of my control. How is everyone else dealing with mobile data entry on these devices?
  14. Task: Recieve input from user (using keyboard or barcode scanner) Lookup in Table_1 to see if the value exsists in the field "EAN" in any record If NO: show my error message (Other than numeric characters found or too few/many digits). If YES change the value of the field "Status" in the found record from "Inactive" to "Active" I need to validate the input to ensure that the format is excatly 13 digits (EAN-13 barcode). The barcodes in Table_1 is stored in text format. P.S. It would be nice to ask the user if the scanner returns only 12 digits: "Error! 1. Edit by keyborrd? 2. Add leading zero automaticly? 3. Cancel? P.P.S. Please excause my clumsy english; it's not my native language.
  15. I have two tables, matters and individuals, which are related by an individual's name. That is, a user can select in the matter layout for a given matter any existing individual to assign to the matter, via a drop-down box value list. This works great, unless the individual doesn't exist yet. Previously I had required the user to go to the layout for individuals, enter the new individual, and then go back to the matter layout and select the newly entered individual. I therefore improved this workflow by having a button in the matter layout, which when selected, permits a user via a popover to enter a new individual and his/her relevant information in the individual table. This also works great, with one caveat. Individual names are validated as unique, so no two individuals can have the same name. In my popover, if a user enters non-unique individual name, FM throws up an error indicating this, and asks if the user wants to revert. I would prefer to have my own error handling approach. What I'm doing now, therefore, is in the popover, the user first enters the individual's name for the field in the matter. Then, I have a script that is triggered which searches all names in the individual table for this same. If it doesn't find any (which is going to be the case at least most of the time), then the script creates a new record in the individual table for this person, and the user is returned to the next field in the popover, which is the phone number for the newly created individual (in the individual table). If the script does find the name in the individual table, the user is given an option to assign this person to the matter, to enter a new name, or to cancel completely. All this works great as well -- except there's just enough of a delay when the script is doing its magic that I don't like it. I assume that the issue is the searching the individual table for a name. Therefore, it would be preferable to just trap the failure of validation. I.e., I could have the user enter in the individual name in the individual table directly, and *if* there's an error, I could handle it. (or, I could still have the user enter in the individual name in the matter table, and when my script tries to create a new record in teh individual table, trap the validation failure at that point) Is there any way to trap a validation error? Either in a script, or not in a script?
  16. This should be easy but I can't find how to handle it: On any layout, If you click anywhere outside of the fields (any empty space) FM triggers a validation. It could be something like ''please enter customer number'' or whatever. I find it very frustrating as I would like to see nothing happen if you are not actually clicking into a field or trying to exit a record. My fields already carry the validations I need. Is there a way to turn this behavior off? I'm on FM 11 Advanced
  17. I have a uniqueness criteria for a particular number field, but the uniqueness is based on a combination of the number field with a state field (e.g. the number must be unique within all records for that state). I built a custom function to return a boolean if the number+state combination already exists in the database, and that CF uses a simple SQL query, Issue is that the CF seems to work flawlessly when tested via Data Viewer, but when inserted as the field validation calculation, returns a validation failure for any value entered. Can anyone enlighten me as a to a limitation here I may not be aware of? My work around path is a field level trigger to a validation script, but do feel like I am missing something. Cheers, Juz.
  18. Hey guys, I'm trying to import contacts/customers from an excel spreadsheet, and I want it to ONLY add new records and SKIP matching records. This seems simple enough, but it seems the import options allow everything BUT that.... So instead, I thought I would settle with updating matching records as long as I don't lose data. This may actually be preferable since peoples' email addresses may have changed, etc. However, the source file is like swiss cheese, and I want it to skip empty fields when updating a record, but still update the rest of the fields in a record. Now I'm seeing that in Validation options, the "not empty" validation is THE ONLY TYPE that causes the import to skip an entire record!!! This is so frustrating. I'm close to just letting it skip records that find empty fields and calling it a day, but do you guys know how to perform an import either of these two ways?? 1) import while skipping matching records 2) update matching records, skipping empty fields BUT updating the rest of that record thanks very much, everybody
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