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  1. I have a field named "Databases" with the following values: "CORD", "SDHS", "Y Ballet". This field is displayed as a checkbox set. I recently learned that "CORD" should have been "DSA", so I naively changed "CORD" to "DSA" in the value list but then none of the records that were checked for "CORD" were checked for "DSA", which reminded me that the values in the value list are the values of the field Databases and not labels for checkboxes. I revised the value list to again include "CORD" and its checkbox is again checked for all the records for which it was originally checked. I wrote a s
  2. How do I set a field with a value list item from a script, from a set of tick box values? .. or remove a value list item, but leave whatever else is there alone? Looks like GetValue with the name of the value list and the position # of the value, but I'm sure that also means that if I change that value list, I need to change any scripts that reference them by position # too.. Something like detecting if a string is already there, and if not add it, surrounded by C/Rs, unless it's the first item entry? For the first time a field is set, I presume I could just Set Field (field ; "
  3. The tables. Items::ID Items::Item Items::Publisher Items::Date The Genre data is already arranged like this: Genre::ID (Unique Key) Genre::Name Genre::Category_ID Genre::Category The Platform data is 'simple'. ID and Name. But each item could be multiple platforms. (Example #1 vs. Example #2) Platforms::ID Platforms::Name An item can have multiple Genre Categories related to it, and those usually have a single choice from within their Category, but might have multiples. It's supporting the possible multiples that I'm trying to work out. At thi
  4. After completing an initial sync to my test iPad (starting with an empty clone) none of my value lists that reference fields are working. Instead I get a message saying "No Matches Found". Value lists with custom values still work. According to the email I received after the sync completed, all of the records required for the values lists were successfully synced. Has anyone seen this before?
  5. Totally not sure if I've put this thread in the right topic category, as I'm not even sure how to go about this. First, I'd like to be very clear on the fact that, if possible, this will be done without scripting. I'm hoping for some kind of calculation. IDK. Anyway, I'm trying to copy or Calc one field from an older record to its newest match (using BatchNum field to match). The two fields are different fields (FormNum is the ID number field) (RefID is the the reference field for FormNum ). RefID would allow the user to find the last time the same arrangement of data (FormNum being its ID num
  6. I have 3 tables: Person, Session, and Contract where Contract is a join table. I am in the Session table layout, in a Contract portal. I have a field – Trainer Name in the Contract table – where I want to select the name of a person from a list of people in the Person table. The Trainer Name field is a dropdown list using values from the Trainer value list “Person::__k_p_Person and Person::Name_Full”. I have tried numerous configurations with table instances and I either cannot alter the Trainer Name field at all, or I get a “?”. After the Contract record is created, I want it
  7. Hi all I've created a value list that serves as an email autocomplete drop down (like the sort in an email client). This VL looks to a single text field in a single record table which currently has 3000 lines. The field is updated every 15 minutes by a scheduled server script. The 'auto complete using value list' option is applied on the field that refers to this VL. The old method was to not have a VL but to just tick the 'auto complete using existing values' option on the field. This was not ideal because existing values might be incorrectly spelled email addresses (and the us
  8. I have a Value List "Quarter" with values: "Summer" "Fall" "Winter" "Spring" I planned to loop through these values and assign to a field using the various posts in the forum, but in testing the basic steps it's not working: Set Variable [$i; Value: 1] Set Variable [$quarters; Value: ValueListItems (Get (FileName); "Quarter") Set Variable [$count; ValueCount ($quarters)] New Record/Request Set Field [Program::ProgramQuarter; GetValue ($quarters; $i)] The field ProgramQuarter is not being set to any value....
  9. Hey all, I have a table that has hundreds of records that describe archival footage based on "tape names" for a documentary I'm working on. I also have a second "in the cut" table that describes all of the clips contained in an edited episode that may have several iterations of the same tape, since we are using different sections of them. However, we want to DESCRIBE each iteration of the tape name contained in the "in the cut" table, differently. Instead of creating a field and manually typing out the description of each iteration in the "in the cut" table, is there a way to cr
  10. Ok probably like a lot of folks that post here, I'm a beginner... I am having some issues exporting to xlsx files in relation to my value lists. Basically, I have foreign keys going in to text-fields, using the pop up menu for translation. However, when I go to run exports, the pop-up menus don't override the foreign keys. At this point I'm sort of at a loss, as I've come up with very little on the Google machine, in regards to this type of situation. I've tried every way I can think of to change my relationship set ups, but the dynamic nature of the value list is the only option that
  11. Hi all, How do you set up a checkbox so that only one value is set such that selecting another value will clear the current value.
  12. Hello, Here I am once again fighting my particular war with conditional value lists. I have several car fleets. Composed by cars that can have one or many owners. Where I'm stuck is when on a day plan, I select the fleet I'm going to work on, and once selected (everything seems ok till now) I want to choose (via conditional value list) any owner of that fleet. I can't accomplish this last step. As always I try to explain my idea as good as I can in english, but I don't get it all the time (sure comment is going to quarrel, hehe, it's a joke). I attach a sample file to
  13. Hello! Another post... Please help me out. I am trying to create an array from a value list within Filemaker Pro (Using PHP API) The idea is to create an array of names from a value list I have set up... Then put them into an option tag. e.g. $staff = array(FileMaker Value List) ^^ I know that's incorrect, but it shows what I want to do Then with that array I want to be able to Create a HTML option list (I know how I would do that) --- I am just really struggling with creating the array... Here is what I have $database = "comms__web"; $hostname = "###.#
  14. Hi Guys, I seem to be having a very strange issue with a value list and pop-up menu and hope someone might have a workaround or fix? I have created a solution to manage a budget. The solution uses a dynamic value list to add category, sub-category etc. The way I have set it up is my category and subcategory value is stored as an ID from another table and a pop-up menu then shows only the second value (list name). What I have found however is when I have 2 records with different ID's but the list name for example (Income > "Business" ) and (Expenses > "Business" ) the pop-up men
  15. Hello Friends, Here I am in project for Employees Attendance. Everything is ok only I could not figure out to filter the portal table month wise. At present it is in All transactions records. I have distribute the portal by tab control for all months. Here I want report of records month wise. And also it can calculate the values of each status (Present by 1 no., Absent by 1 no., Half Day by 0.5 and extra day by 0.5). I have tried as per my best but could not reach to point. I am attaching small demo file . Samarth Attendance.rar
  16. I would like to edit a value list via a web interface- I have done this using a field ("Use values from field"), but that [I incorrectly assumed, see doughemi's suggestion below!] requires adding/editing a record for each value, while (if possible) the textarea box would allow the editing of the whole value list at once. Genx showed how to display a value list... $layout = $fm->getLayout('my_template'); $list = array_map("htmlentities",(array)$layout->getValueList('my_list')); I am hoping there is some easy way to send back an edited valuelist… We are using Filemaker Server
  17. This seems like a basic problem but after several hours of googling & reading these forums I can't figure it out. I have a regular text field (indexing turned on) set to display as Checkboxes. The value list for these checkboxes is: Dog Dog house Dog owner Cat Cat owner Automobile As you can see, some words repeat in multiple values, e.g. "Dog" and "Cat". How do I do a Find that will show me: ( "Dog house" OR "Dog owner" ) OR ("Dog house" AND "Dog owner") but NOT "Dog" ? Due to the way Filemaker searches value lists, no matter what I try (different combinatio
  18. I am very much a novice with FM so any assistance is greatly appreciated. I am using FM 13 to develop a local digital asset manager. I have one portal with a list of keywords connected to a list of assets via a join table. When a keyword (button) is selected, the related ASSETS are displayed in a second portal. On a basic level, this setup works correctly. However, I am trying to expand the ASSETS that are displayed. Currently, the ASSET portal is filtered using: global::gCurrent Keyword = Data for Keywords::ID Given this example 1 doc1.pdf 1 doc2.pdf 2 doc3.pdf 2 doc4.pdf If I en
  19. I am new to Filemaker and developing a document manager in FM13. I have spent a lot of time trying to search this forum and others to find a solution but, probably due to my ignorance, I have not found (or just missed) anything that has been able to move me towards a viable working solution. I have a master list of keywords that I am using with the intent of simplifying navigation instead of using a bunch of cascading portals or drop downs. This approach seems to be the base of my issue. From the image, the portal on the left side is the keyword master list based on the demo by 1-More-Thing,
  20. This should be easier, but I am having a small issue on how to limit records in Drop Down. Currently, I can not get File Maker from showing all my records within the Drop Down. Even when File Maker has a limited found set. See attached fmp12 file Help. Here are my records: If I click on my Pending script it creates a found set of just pending: But if you click on my DropDown you get all the records. I just want the pending records. How can I limit the Drop Down to represent only those records that I have in my found set? Thanks in advance, Chuck Help.fmp12
  21. I have been requested to produce a report consisting of Employee Names, each with the single task assigned to them. I have a large DB table ALL_TASKS where each record is a unique TASK_NUMBER, and each record has an employee assigned to it (EMPLOYEE_NM) from a value list (unique values from the field EMPLOYEE_NM). There's also a lot of other summary data assigned to tasks, like time to complete, etc. (Tasks are added sequentially all the time throughout our work day). So far I created a new empty table for my report, REPORT_SUMMARY, where each record will be an employee name, with TASK_NUMBE
  22. I have a need for a value list that updates when I update the master list of values in another related table but does not globally update all records where the list is used. For example, I have "customer" table with radio buttons of various subscription rates that are populated by a value list in another table of "subscription rates". What I'm trying to do is when I update the table of subscription rates it will NOT affect individual customer table records and update them. It only affects new customer records created and rates from when the "subscription rates" table is updated. So every pre
  23. Hello, This is the situation I have a problem with: Two tables - contacts and projects, linked by a joined table to display linked contacts/projects via portals. Many of my contacts can be present in a project, and a contact can be present in a row of projects. I got it working via manual entry of the project IDs and contact IDs. Basically this is fine, but I expect to have a large number of contacts in the database, so that it will be quite inconvenient to enter only the IDs. I made a dropdown menu with a value list, which is better, but still not ideal as I can't use the Filemaker "aut
  24. Hello! I have a list of attributes in a field that are displayed as a checkbox set. Thus, multiple selections can be made for this field. I have updated my value list for this checkbox set in order to refine it for my current needs. The value list change 1) collapses the value list to provide fewer options that someone could select (eliminates vague values leaving only the more precise ones) and 2) updates the wording of the value list to eliminate confusion. I now want to update the responses to this field by using Replace Field Contents: that is, replace entries that were recorded using t
  25. Hi - I've been trying a number of approaches to get a calculated value list using ExecuteSQL code. I initially tried putting the SQL code directly into the Value List definition but that didn't work. Right now, I've done this: I created a UnusedClaims field in a Visit table, whose value is calculated by this: ExecuteSQL(" Select \"_k1_xSAClaim_ID\" FROM \"xSA Claim Status:xSAClaim\" WHERE \"_k1_xSAClaim_ID\" NOT IN ( Select \"_k2_ClaimID\" FROM \"xSA Claim Status:VisitClaims\" WHERE \"_k2_VisitID\" = ? ) " ;""; "" ; Visits::${Visit ID} ) I then
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