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Found 63 results

  1. I have a working portal with 2 fields: Degree (holds 1 2 or 3) and Description. The description is part of a Dynamic Value List (based on degree) and it works great; sort of. The problem is a user sometimes forgets to first indicate the Degree but instead clicks the Description fields which then shows "<no values defined>". Question: "Is there a way to trap / eliminate the <no values defined> message and substitute a user friendly reminder like "You need to first supply the Degree". Thanks
  2. I need to create a value list for a drop down to be able to choose the Graduation Year for students. I'd like the list to include: this year, this year +1, this year + 2, and so forth. I don't want to do fixed values since list will advance each year. Thank you
  3. I have a checkbox set with 30 'topics' for children's games. Some games can include any topic, so I want to check all the boxes. I created a script with 'Insert Text', and listed all the topics as per the value list. which does the trick nicely to select all the topics with one button. However, as the database grows, I think of new topics, and I don't want to keep updating the value list, then this script etc etc... Can I use the data in a value list as the text to insert in an 'Insert Text' script. I have tried without luck. Thanks so much.
  4. This seems like a basic problem but after several hours of googling & reading these forums I can't figure it out. I have a regular text field (indexing turned on) set to display as Checkboxes. The value list for these checkboxes is: Dog Dog house Dog owner Cat Cat owner Automobile As you can see, some words repeat in multiple values, e.g. "Dog" and "Cat". How do I do a Find that will show me: ( "Dog house" OR "Dog owner" ) OR ("Dog house" AND "Dog owner") but NOT "Dog" ? Due to the way Filemaker searches value lists, no matter what I try (different combinations of =, ==, ="" operators, using multi-line find criteria in single find request, different permutations of multiple Find requests), I cannot seem to get the simple result I specify above. I always get records with "Dog" included in the search results, and I can't Omit them using a ==Dog operator because that only applies to records that have ONLY "Dog" in the text field. Using ="Dog", ="Dog " (with a space), etc. etc. also does not work.
  5. Total newbie questions about a simple PHP search using addFindCriterion to match checkbox value. I have 3 checkboxes in a field called "myChoices_field" containing the following choices - where "airport" is selected. [ ] air [x] airport [ ] air vent So that means that "myChoices_fld" contains only the value "airport". If I do a search via PHP looking for a record that matches only the choice "air" - this is what I would use: $findCommand->addFindCriterion('myChoices_field', "air"); I should expect it NOT to match anything since "air" does not equal to "airport". However - I'm getting back the record that matches "airport". Clearly - it's just doing a substring match. How can I search a checked value that actually just searches the whole checked value - not do a substring search? I'm I completely missing where to find this in the documentation? Pointing me to the documentation would help greatly. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, Hope yo had a great weekend! I've got a report card writing Database and been trying to get a value list working all weekend, but just can't seem to do it. I've got a table with the fields (and a few examples below) as follows; COMMENTS table -------------------------- ENGLISH CATEGORY He is smart Positive Comments He is hard-working Positive Comments etc... He is lazy Negative Comments He needs to focus Negative comments etc... His reading ability is good Reading comments His Reading is improving Reading comments etc.. ...and so on I've got another table where I am trying to display these comments in a drop down list. Creating a value list from the field Comments::English is easy, but it display ALL the comments, and I have 100 comments covering 10 categories. What I am trying to achieve is for each particular value list to only display the comments from the 'Positive Comments' Category and the next value list to only display the comments from the 'Negative Comments' category etc. I've tried creating a self-join table and then specifying the option 'Include only related values starting from' and relating the self-join table by way of category. Still no luck. I would be so thankful for any ideas or advice. Much appreciation in advance, Maria
  7. I have two tables Company & Parts. I have a one to many relationship from company::companyID -----< parts:companyID I want the user to be able to select a company from a drop down when they use the Filemaker New Record button from the toolbar. I can only see the current value list I have created if I have the customerID filled in manually, otherwise the drop down doesn't display any of the companies so the user can make a selection. Any help would be great. TIA, Nate
  8. Using a multi-criteria relationship I want to accomplish a conditional value list. pk_ID (not equal) fk_ID cTotalAmount (greater) gZero but as cTotalAmount is a calculation field it doesn’t work properly. I’ve tried with a calculated numeric field (=cTotalAmount), but this doesn’t updates automatically as a calculated field. Any suggestion?
  9. After completing an initial sync to my test iPad (starting with an empty clone) none of my value lists that reference fields are working. Instead I get a message saying "No Matches Found". Value lists with custom values still work. According to the email I received after the sync completed, all of the records required for the values lists were successfully synced. Has anyone seen this before?
  10. I've set up a database for my organization that can take our total client file (about 20,000 records), drill it down using finds to a targeted list, and export that to a spreadsheet. Easy enough. I would like to have the value lists of several fields dynamically update in find mode. For example, if I had the following geographic fields: State County Town Zip Region (we've already defined this) If I select state and region in find mode, I'd like for the drop down lists for counties, towns and zips to only include those values that are in the correct state and region. Basically, I want the current value lists for any of these geographic fields to reflect the most up to date constraints based off of the selected queries in find mode. All of the information is in one table, and I don't see any easy way to split it into several tables. Can someone help me out on how to do this using a self-join relationship? I haven't been able to get conditional value lists to work at all, even on the most basic level, so a step by step guide with specific instructions would be incredibly helpful. Thanks!
  11. I'm having some trouble with lengthy pop-up menus not displaying properly on the iPad. The dimensions on the iPad allow for ~21 choices to show at a time in landscape mode, and ~29 in portrait. For menus shorter than these lengths the values appear instantly when the menu is selected. For 2-3 pages of values the first page appears immediately and then subsequent values fill in after a delay, but for more than that (getting up into 60-100+ values) only the first page shows and subsequent pages are blank until you select one of the available values, after which the rest appear. It is driving me crazy and I can't seem to determine why it's not working properly. Hopefully this explanation makes sense. I'd appreciate any help I can get. Thanks! Justin
  12. Two tables Journalists ------ RecordID = JournalistID ------ Affiliations (very simple) 1 Value List called "ListAffiliationsForJournalist", based on Journalists, Affiliations::Name 1 Unstored calculation field on Journalists, ValueListItems ( Get (FileName) ; "ListAffiliationsForJournalist" ) All of this works - if a journalist record has two affiliations records, the unstored calculation field lists the names of both affiliations. HOWEVER: I'm worried about performance. Is there a way to replace this unstored calculation with an Execute SQL function? I just spend several hours reading up on SQL and FileMaker (I'm really new with this), and I'm not getting anywhere... I believe I just need a simple sample to get me started in the above context. Or maybe this doesn't make sense at all?? Thank you so much in advance!
  13. Hi! I have two tables: Client and Contacts. The client table has a Portal that contains a list of Contacts (Emloyees, Contactors, Consultants) What I am attemping to do is one of two things: 1. Create a Value List from the Portal so I can choose one of the Contacts who is the Key Contact for that Client, or 2. Create a Conditional Value List that will list the Contacts related to that Client. For information I have a pop-up menu on my Contacts layout where you choose which client that Contact is related to. I have tried several things, I believe I must be messing upthe relationships. Any ideas?
  14. I have a layout that (in Browse Mode) has dropdown lists that display data from another table. I would like the new record created when filling out the layout to log the date/time the value was selected and display that on the layout, adjacent to the selection that was made. This is a form that, on paper would have several people sign and date it. The dropdown would be from a table of personnel. I would like there to be a field on the layout next to each persons name that autofills with the timestamp when they select their name. There will be several occurrences of this, and will not be at the same time, so an overall time stamp for the layout/record won't work. It needs to be the time that a particular field in the record was changed. I hope I'm posting this in the right section. I'm new to FMP and this is my first post here on the forums. Sorry if my terminology is off with my description of the issue. Thanks in advance for any advice :)
  15. Hi, everybody Im new here, but made a search in forum(s) and havent found any good advice. Converting Windows fp5 to fp7 using FMP 8.5, woud like to move to 12 or 13 version. Quiet complex database with lot of scripts, value lists, butons etc. Database content made on v5 using non-Unicode fonts and special characters (like - Lācis gāja mežā dzērvenes ēst Pity thing is - Value lists and even Scripts and Field names are sometimes made with such symbols (i told them dont use it on scripts and fields... but this was loooong time ago and even i dont remember this for sure So, Database itself converting and even looks something similar. All fonts are ok, special symbols as well Simple scripts - like Find etc - works BUT special symbols used in Scripts, database fields and Value lists was not converted properly -> database dont work Any thoughts on: 1. Is it possible to solve it in automatic way 2. Semiautomatic way 3. How Thanks for any feedback regarding this !
  16. I am happy with being able to create a dynamic list from relationships. What I trying to solve a away to be able to search through (or filter) a Value List of SerialNumbers from a user input of text. Both the search input of text and the calculated value list (calculated SerialNumber field) have a variable number of characters. A user would therefore enter a text string into a field (which can be a related global storage field), then I need the value list to filter based on that string. I can get this working from a exact match (ab=ab etc), but need to know if there is a way of creating a value list based on an index of SerialNumbers? To simply this to explain another way, if I have items: a, ab, abc, e The user would type 'a' into a field and the value list would return all items with an a (a, ab, abc)
  17. Dear All, I am designing a database for my workshop. The system lets users generate LPO Master (Table) with LPO Lines (Table linked to LPOs). An LPO Master can have many LPO Lines. LPO Lines have quantity values of spares ordered (LPOQtyOrdered). After an LPO Master is made, goods ordered, goods received, a Goods Received Note (GRN is made). This is stores in a GRN Master (Table) with Bin Card Lines (Table linked to GRN Master for Stock in, Table linked to Req for Stock Out). You can order 10 bolts, receive 9 bolts today and 1 bolt tomorrow. So you can make 2 GRN Masters for 1 LPO Master. You can order 10 bolts @ 1 USD and receive 9 bolts @0.95 USD an 1 bolt @ 1.05 USD. The LPO Lines has a field called QtyLeftOnOrder, which deducts the amount received in the GRN. The LPO Master has a field called LPOStatus that calculates Case(sum(QtyLeftOnOrder)>0;Full;Empty). When creating a GRN, the first thing you do is select an LPO for which the GRN is made from a drop down list. So, Case 1: LPOLines:LPOQtyOrdered may be 10 Bolts (lets forget about the price) LPOLines:QtyLeftOnOrder is 10 Bolts At this Point, LPOMaster:LPOStatus=Full Case 2: Now you create a GRN Master and receive 9 Items, At this Point, LPOLines:QtyLeftOnOrder=1 At this Point, LPOMaster:LPOStatus=Full Case 3: Now you create another GRN Master and receive 1 Items, At this Point, LPOLines:QtyLeftOnOrder=0 At this Point, LPOMaster:LPOStatus=Empty What I want is that since there will be over 1000 LPO Master that will be created over the year, I want only the Drop Down List to only filter out LPOs whose LPOMaster:LPOStatus=Full. I want Case 1 and Case 2 display, but Case 3 not to display but currently none display if I filter the list. But somehow, FIlemaker is refusing since this LPOMaster:LPOStatus is based on a calculation and so cannot be indexed. Anyway I can work around this? In the past I have managed to de-active an LPO manually by using a switch where someone makes it active or retired, this seems to work in a value list since the field can be indexed as it is not auto calculating but rather requires me to input manually ACTIVE or RETIRED Status by pressing a button. Please let me know. Thanks, Aly
  18. I have a need for a value list that updates when I update the master list of values in another related table but does not globally update all records where the list is used. For example, I have "customer" table with radio buttons of various subscription rates that are populated by a value list in another table of "subscription rates". What I'm trying to do is when I update the table of subscription rates it will NOT affect individual customer table records and update them. It only affects new customer records created and rates from when the "subscription rates" table is updated. So every previous record before the subscription rates table is updated to new rates will reflect the subscription rates the customer originally signed up for. Right now my customer table is related to the subscription rates table with a global field that is the same for all records in both. My rates value list uses the related values from the subscription rates table but If I change a subscription rate it updates all the customer records.
  19. Hello, Here I am once again fighting my particular war with conditional value lists. I have several car fleets. Composed by cars that can have one or many owners. Where I'm stuck is when on a day plan, I select the fleet I'm going to work on, and once selected (everything seems ok till now) I want to choose (via conditional value list) any owner of that fleet. I can't accomplish this last step. As always I try to explain my idea as good as I can in english, but I don't get it all the time (sure comment is going to quarrel, hehe, it's a joke). I attach a sample file to cover the gaps of my explanation, hehe. Thanks in advance for the help. Sample.zip
  20. I have been requested to produce a report consisting of Employee Names, each with the single task assigned to them. I have a large DB table ALL_TASKS where each record is a unique TASK_NUMBER, and each record has an employee assigned to it (EMPLOYEE_NM) from a value list (unique values from the field EMPLOYEE_NM). There's also a lot of other summary data assigned to tasks, like time to complete, etc. (Tasks are added sequentially all the time throughout our work day). So far I created a new empty table for my report, REPORT_SUMMARY, where each record will be an employee name, with TASK_NUMBER and some other summarized time info alongside it. (TASK_DURATION) I want to create a new record in this REPORT_SUMMARY table for each unique EMPLOYEE_NM from the ALL_TASKS table, and then get a record for each employee using a "Show all records" from the new table. I've made a script to freeze the interface, call up all the records in the ALL_TASK table, sorted by TASK_NUMBER, and then I've figured out how to make a value list of unique employee names derived from the records displayed, so I have a value list where each value corresponds to a record that I want in the REPORT_SUMMARY table. But I am stuck - how do I create the records in the new table from my Value list? Is there another method to build the records for this REPORT table without using a value list? Each employee record in the new table will have a TASK_NUMBER and TASK_DURATION beside their name. Hope someone might have tried this sort of thing before. thanks, jamie
  21. Hello! Another post... Please help me out. I am trying to create an array from a value list within Filemaker Pro (Using PHP API) The idea is to create an array of names from a value list I have set up... Then put them into an option tag. e.g. $staff = array(FileMaker Value List) ^^ I know that's incorrect, but it shows what I want to do Then with that array I want to be able to Create a HTML option list (I know how I would do that) --- I am just really struggling with creating the array... Here is what I have $database = "comms__web"; $hostname = "###.###.#.#"; $username = "web"; $password = "################"; $layoutname = "Web"; $valueListName = "MIS"; //CREATE FILEMAKER OBJECT $fm = new FileMaker($database, $hostname, $username, $password); //GET THE LAYOUT AS AN OBJECT. $layoutObject = $fm->getLayout($layoutName); //GET THE VALUE LIST $valueList = $layoutObject->getValueList($valueListName); However it doesn't actually appear to pick up the list... Please help me out Thanks,
  22. Hi, Â I am designing a FM12 database to allow people report their progress of work. I've seen a database design that allows customizsation by the users (not just admins) to create their own question templates, which will then appear in a separate reporting page for users to fill in. Building on this design, I wonder if it is possible to give users the ability to choose which questions they would like to answer. I am however at a loss as to how to create the relationships and designs to achieve such functionality, and would really appreciate your expertise in the matter. Â From the database design I've seen, the users can essentially access a layout to create a template of their own quesitons by typing in the question, and assigning the answer type: text box, radio button, check box. For the latter two, the user will also need to provide the available options. For example in the screenshot below, Q3a is set to answer with text box, while Q3b is set to answer with radio button: Â 3a: Â 3b: Â The selections: Â In a separate layout designed for users to report their progress, all the questions, in their designated format (text box, radio buttons with options, etc.) are presented to the users to be filled in. Following with the previous example: Â 3a: Â 3b: Â This flexibility would be hugely useful to the database design. However I'd like to take it a step further, if feasible, by allowing users to choose which questions they would like to answer. For example, the user may want to answer only 3a but not 3b due to lack of information. The design will allow users to create a record, choose one question from a full list they would like to answer, which then automatically presents the chosen question with its answer box in the correct format (e.g. text box, radio button) to be filled in. Â I would really, really appreciate you and the community's help and guidance on creating the relationships and designs of such a system, even if it is only the first part. Many thanks for your time and help. Â With best regards, The MacGuffin
  23. Ok probably like a lot of folks that post here, I'm a beginner... I am having some issues exporting to xlsx files in relation to my value lists. Basically, I have foreign keys going in to text-fields, using the pop up menu for translation. However, when I go to run exports, the pop-up menus don't override the foreign keys. At this point I'm sort of at a loss, as I've come up with very little on the Google machine, in regards to this type of situation. I've tried every way I can think of to change my relationship set ups, but the dynamic nature of the value list is the only option that seems to fit my scenario. Is there some type of script, calculation field or text w/calculation that I could run that would take care of this? The folks at my work live and breathe Excel, so this is sort of a project requirement. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Ted
  24. I am very much a novice with FM so any assistance is greatly appreciated. I am using FM 13 to develop a local digital asset manager. I have one portal with a list of keywords connected to a list of assets via a join table. When a keyword (button) is selected, the related ASSETS are displayed in a second portal. On a basic level, this setup works correctly. However, I am trying to expand the ASSETS that are displayed. Currently, the ASSET portal is filtered using: global::gCurrent Keyword = Data for Keywords::ID Given this example 1 doc1.pdf 1 doc2.pdf 2 doc3.pdf 2 doc4.pdf If I enter "1" or "2" in global::gCurrent Keyword, then the expected records are displayed (1= doc1 & doc2, 2= doc3 & doc4). However if I enter a list containing 1¶2 then nothing is displayed. Any suggestions on how this could be resolved would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  25. Hi all I've created a value list that serves as an email autocomplete drop down (like the sort in an email client). This VL looks to a single text field in a single record table which currently has 3000 lines. The field is updated every 15 minutes by a scheduled server script. The 'auto complete using value list' option is applied on the field that refers to this VL. The old method was to not have a VL but to just tick the 'auto complete using existing values' option on the field. This was not ideal because existing values might be incorrectly spelled email addresses (and the user would not be able to remove them). Since switching to the new method it is slower to retrieve the values from the VL. It is not the type of slowness that locks up filemake; rather it just means the user has to wait 1-4 seconds for values to pop up when letters are typed - before this is was instant in the way it is instant in normal email clients. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to speed it up? Or whether this is expected from a single field VL? Thanks
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