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Found 13 results

  1. Heads up: Our users have found that value lists in popup menus that formerly ignored pre-pended characters for sorting, now respect them. For instance, in FileMaker 12, values that were pre-pended with an asterisk were displayed in Alpha-numeric order by default — and the pre-pended asterisk was ignored: Now, in FileMaker 13, these characters are included in the default sort order, so all of the pre-pended values are now together at the top of the list: If anyone has suggestions on how I can restore the previous behavior (short of reverting back to FileMaker 12!), I'm all "ears". Thanks in advance, - - Scott
  2. I'm trying to find a way to create a field with a value range of 100-200 (that's the easy part) and I want to use a sliding volume-control type method for the user so they can click on the slider knob or button and drag the slider either left or right to pick the value. I'd like for the user to still be able to enter the value manually as well. FMPro 13's slider doesn't do what I need, so I'm looking for a slider type button or such. Any suggestions or plugin ideas are appreciated. Thanks. I'm using FMP 13 advanced. ~Rich
  3. I have stumbled upon a strange bug in one of my Databases concerning a value list. We have a table containing part numbers, which is related to a table containing "revisions" for the part numbers, which is related to a table of inspections for the "revisions". On a layout of the Inspections table, I have a value list. This value list selects the UUID of the revision, but displays the Part Number for the user. This has worked perfectly for several months. However, this morning one of my users discovered that he was unable to located "0000194" from this list. At first I thought maybe the UUID's somewhere along the line had become disconnected from their respective foreign keys on related tables. This was not the case. I then tried deleting and remaking the value list. This did not solve my problem. Then I figured if I deleted and rebuilt everything related to 0000194 that would fix it. This was not the case either. As a last ditch effort I restarted our FileMaker server, to no such luck. So then I began playing around with various aspects of 0000194. First I changed the company name, but it still didn't show up on the value list. Then I changed the part number to "TESTPART", and it showed up perfectly. So I tried "0194" and that showed up. Same for "00194" and "000194", but as soon as I add a fourth zero making it 0000194, it disappears from my value list. I'm 95% sure that this part number used to show up on the value list just fine, as we've already done inspections using this part number. So I'm thinking this bug has something to do with the leading zeros. I'm unsure of how to debug this or if there's any workarounds for this issue. Let me know if I need to supply any more information. Thank you in advance for any help you all can offer! [SOLUTION] At some point one of our scripts was run by a user without full permissions. The script added part number "0000194" to another customer, which I never noticed. Since Value Lists are indexed, it was not showing "0000194" because it was not a unique value. Deleting the second occurrence of "0000194" cleared my problem up.
  4. Hello, I have a field I have that will only need to display either "100" or "50". What would a script be that could allow me to click on this field and the value inside changes from "100" to "50" or vice versa. Cheers.
  5. Has anyone seen this? http://cloud.zerobluetech.com/image/1C421A0p0F47 Is my field corrupt? See how due2 returns the proper value. I manually copied the date from due to due2.
  6. Hi Guys, I have only started working with FileMaker for the last 2 months or so, and I didn't like the way that the API is very procedural driven, so I decided to make a class which would help me. I have got a function which I have made which interacts with the FM PHP API (Official) which I am trying to get sorted. The idea to the whole class is to save time writing each function over and over again, but basically I have got this function which I am having problems with which is to get the FileMaker Layout Fields and Values of those fields and put them into an array. Here is my code: /** * Selects data from a FileMaker Layout from the given criteria * * @author RichardC * @since 1.0 * * @version 1.2 * * @param string $layout * @param array $arrSearchCriteria * * @return array */ public function select( $layout, $arrSearchCriteria ) { $arrOut = array( ); if ( ( !is_array( $arrSearchCriteria ) ) ) { return false; } $findReq = $this->fm->newFindCommand( $layout ); foreach ( $arrSearchCriteria as $field => $value ) { $findReq->addFindCriterion( $field, $value ); } $results = $findReq->execute(); // Adds all the fields in the layout to the array $this->fields[] = $results->getFields(); if ( $this->isError( $results ) === 0 ) { $records = $results->getRecords(); //Set the last used layout and object $this->layout = $layout; $this->lastObj = $records; //Loops through the records retrieved foreach ( $records as $record ) { $arrOut[] = $record; //Here I want to Get the Layout FieldNames and Values into an array -> example : $arrOut['user'] = 'DarkMantis' } } else { $arrOut['errorCode'] = $this->isError( $results ); } return $arrOut; } As you can see there, I have commented in that I want to get the Details into my array. If you have any ideas on how to do this it will be greatly appreciated. [Edit] I do apologise for the messy code, it was more of a PoC. [/Edit] Best Regards, DarkMantis
  7. Hello, Full disclosure: I am very new to scripting in FM. I am trying to hide an object based on 2 criteria: Leads::IsOnlineProposal = "No" and PatternCount ( $$Permissions ; "ViewOnlineProposal" ) = 0 When the Value for Leads::IsOnlineProposal is "Yes" I wanted my object ( just a big square to hide the customer data on the screen ) to hide everything on the screen. That part works great. But I wanted to give some users permission to still view the customer info ( or continue hiding the object ) when the permission is checked even if the value for Leads::IsOnlineProposal = "Yes". Thus the second part of the hide scripting in the hide section of the inspector. I cannot seem to figure out what to input into inspector to achieve this. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Any help is much appreciated. Hope it all makes sense! Thank you in advance, sorry if I posted in the wrong section!
  8. Use Case: I've got a graphic (in this instance, a complete human body). I want to mouse-over and click on say, the hand, and have that trigger a script, with a parameter. I'd hope to simply have a single script, read the parameter (which would in fact grab the value of the tooltip), and have that passed into the script. It seems to me that the various flavors of "get(objectname), etc don't seem to have a way to grab the actual text that's in the "tooltip" or "object name". Am I missing something in there? I'd love to be able to create 50 graphics, name each one by tooltip (or object name), and not have to create/modify a script for each and every single graphic. thanks for any help! EDIT: as a temp work-around, I've manually dropped the objectname into the script parameter, then have the script punch that into appropriate fields.. It's annoying to set up, and takes 5x's as long, but that's currently the only method I've got for this. Any further options?
  9. I currently have a form that contains a portal. In the portal there is a value that will either be "Accepted" or "Rejected". I'm wondering if there's a way to parse through this table to check if any related values have a "Rejected" or if they are all "Accepted". Then using that outcome, decide if the form should display Rejected or Accepted. Please let me know if I need to provide any more information and/or images. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer!
  10. Looking for a hero. I have searched for an answer to this online and if one already exists, please point me to it. Otherwise, I'm hoping there's a FMrock star out there capable of identifying what I'm doing wrong. Am trying to create three levels for conditional value lists to identify the location of assets. Consider this a library inventory sytsem that tracks: multiple locations where items are held, multiple aisles within each location, and multiple shelves on each aisle. The goal is to enable users to enter an asset record and select from a value list of LOCATIONS. That's a straightforward list from the LOCATIONS table. Works fine. Next the user should be able to select from a value list of AISLES contained within that location, as defined in the related AISLES table. That, too, works through a value list relationship that filters by id_location to only display related aisles in the value list. Works fine. So far so good. Lastly, the user should be able to select from a value list of SHELVES contained within that aisle, as defined in the related SHELVES table. This is where my conditional value list logic breaks down. The value list displays numerous shelves, but not the records related to the AISLE record selected in the AISLES value list above. As perplexing is that when I add a portal to the layout for data entry of the locations, aisles and shelves themselves, the relationships hold up and the layouts function correctly. It's only when I try to take that data and present it as individual value lists during data entry of assets in that layout that the third value list doesn't work, though the first two value lists do work. File with this problem is attached. Looking for a hero to tell me where I went wrong. CVLTest2.zip
  11. FM 16. I would like to have new field entries automatically be added to the value list for the same field. I tried searching but wasn't able to find any references to this. Apologies if it has been previously addressed and appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  12. I hope I am submitting this in the right place. Also I thought I already did this but cannot find it anywhere. I looked in my profile console and did not see any messages. So maybe I did not submit it like I thought. I have a database that is not letting me put anything in the field. I am getting this error: "This field cannot be modified until "Room" is given a valid value." I read up on it and it says something about a matching field. Cannot figure it out. I attached a sample database so you can see what is going on. Thank you. Inventory_ForumUpload.zip
  13. The database has table1 with “Sample No” field relating it to table2 with “Sample No” field. Table 2 has a portal on a layout with Table1. Each portal row has the Category field with one of 3 values (MF,BP and CC). There are about 7000 samples. Each sample has from 1-12 portal rows displayed with 1 or more occurrences of the 3 category values one of the values shows the count of each value per sample. The question is how do I write a script so that every sample has all 3 category values (MF,BP and CC)? I have the following scripts for when there is only one value/portal - one for each of the 3 values (3 scripts are the same except that “Molecular Function” is substituted for BP or CC and “Molecular Function” = MF): Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Transcript Database::Regulation: “=test” ] [ Restore ] Perform Script [ “Sort by Sample No” ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] Loop Go to Portal Row [ Select; First ] If [ GO_GOT::Putative Gene Function Category "Molecular Function" ] ≠ "Molecular Function" ] ≠ If [ GO_GOT::Putative Gene Function Category Go to Portal Row [ Select; Next ] Go to Portal Row [ Select; Last ] Set Field [ GO_GOT::Putative Gene Function Category; "Molecular Function" ] End If End If Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next; Exit after last ] End Loop I can not get a script to work on a portal with only 2 categories so that only one of the 3 categories is added per sample. Transcript Database v05 test.fmp12
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