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Found 21 results

  1. Ralph Schwegler

    Showing value of variable/global

    Hello I have some buttons which allow me to define some values which will help choosing the kind of report which should be created. The button sets a variable value (for instance to "details", "daily", "monthly") and the script acts accordingly. My questions: • is there a way to show the value of the variable on the current layout? (found it after a much needed coffeebreak... ) • would it be wiser to use a global to store the choice? Thank you for your short answer. Cheers
  2. I’m tying to make a script that creates x number of records. That number relays on a variable. Is it possible to populate a variable directly? I mean is it possible to make that the script asks me... how many records do you want to create? and let me enter a value, or do I need a field (so a table-layout) to set the value to populate the variable? Thank you.
  3. I am sure this is one of those simple ones… that has me bamboozled for nearly 2 days now. I need to limit access of my users viewing only a limited set of "Company" records after they log in. The companies that they are allowed to see are listed in each respective user's profile. My opening script goes to the user's profile and creates a global variable for each company that they are allowed to view. When I go to the "Manage Security > Edit Privilege Sets > Records > Custom Privileges > Limited > Script", and use any of those variables (e.g. $$Company01"), the records table returns no records at all (i.e. as if there were no matches). When I test the script and use text for any one (or several) of those companies by name (e.g. "ACME PTY LTD"), the access rules work perfectly. To be clear: The global variables themselves are correct. I know this this because they work in other scripts absolutely perfectly, so the variables DO match the names in the field. The script looks like this: $$Company = Table Manufacturer or $$Company01 = Table Manufacturer or $$Company02 = Table Manufacturer or $$Company03 = Table Manufacturer or $$Company04 = Table Manufacturer or $$Company05 = Table Manufacturer In every respect, the variable matches the actual text, but I can only imaging that there is a problem with my syntax? Please advise. Many thanks
  4. Hi all, I'm stuck, I hope you can help me. On the internet I came across a great tool called ; Dynamic Portals in Filemaker Pro (
  5. CircuitBoards11

    Creating an Email List

    I am having trouble sending out automated email reminders. I currently have a script run overnight for a particular database. The goal of the script is to gather email addresses of people who are responsible for items that need work performed to them in the next 2 weeks. So it needs to go to a layout perform a find, a sort and a loop to gather the email addresses into a variable and then exports the list of items due and email it to each employee.. The script goes into the file, performs 2 different finds, one for 7 days and another 14 days and then performs a sort. It then saves records to a pdf. I then do a loop building up a list of email addresses into a variable once done with the loop it will email the list out to each person in one large email.. The issue is that it fails to email out to anyone, only time it works is if I have it email to each person individually with one address in the Send mail per time. So I am curious is there a maximum number of email addresses you can place into the Send Mail? I have only about 10 email addresses that need to be sent per week... Also I have placed the variable into the body of the send mail and I reverified that all the addresses are there.
  6. I am using a custom function to format a number into currency format ( two decimals ). RoundDecimals(11.0) = 11.00 The problems occurs when I use a variable: $amount = 11.0 RoundDecimals($amount) = 11.11 Similarly, I get the same error using a string: RoundDecimals("11.0") = 11.11 Is there any tricks to get around this issue ? This is the custom function that I used (I replaced the comma for a dot and defaulted second parameter to 2): https://www.briandunning.com/cf/974
  7. I'm sure there is a way to do this more efficiently than I am doing this. An outside application is passing data back into FMP on the clipboard. This data needs to be massaged before it can be used and the way for me to do this is in a script variable. The current solution is to 'paste' the data from the clipboard into a global field and then to set the variable to that global field. Is there a way, some function I am missing, to set the contents of the data directly into the variable without having to use a global field as a staging area? Thanks in advance for the forum's thoughts.
  8. I'm trying to collect the correct answers from a test exam. For example, 35 questions, a, b or c as possible answers. I've made a script with a variable into a loop that collects the data such as: $Var [ question number & "space" & correct answer & "carriage return" & $Var ]. With it I get something like this: 1. a) 2. c) 3. a) 4. c) 5. a) 6. a) ... Is there a way I could make this appear in columns? Like 1. a) 4. c) ... 2. c) 5. a) 3. a) 6. a) or 1. a) 3. a) 5. a) ... 2. c) 4. c) 6. a) Thank you.
  9. I have a button on a portal that calls a script "Show_Container": Line 1: Set Variable [ $Param ; Value: Get ( ScriptParameter ) ] (name of container field is passed thru script parameter) Line 2: Set Variable [ $Path ; Value: Get ( TemporaryPath ) & GetContainerAttribute ( $Param ; "Filename" ) ] Line 3: Export Field Contents [ Table::Field ; ""$Path"" ; Automatically open ] Wanting to reuse this script in multiple places, I need to be able to replace the "Table::Field" in line three with a variable, but can't see how to accomplish this. Any ideas? Thanks, John
  10. I'm surte this is quite a simple task ... for someone expert I see I can export Record content using a Variable as the new filename for the exported file. I have more than 1200 records in my db and I hope to export 3 fields using one [fieldname: Title] as a filename. The path for my db is as follows file:/Macintosh HD/Users/Claudio/Documents/Synch Test Copy Copy.fmp12 Thanks a lot
  11. I am attempting to use the following script in a Database: Set Variable [$supplierCount; Value: ValueCount ( List ( Suppliers::UUID ) )] Set Variable [$month; Value: MonthName ( Get ( CurrentDate ) )] Set Variable [$suppliers; Value: List ( Suppliers::UUID )] Loop Set Variable [$i; Value: $i+1] Exit Loop If [$i > $supplierCount] New Record/Request Set Field [Month::Month; $month] Set Field [Month::fk_Supplier; GetValue ($suppliers ; $i )] End Loop When I run it, however, it creates zero New Records within my "Month" database. I'm not sure what the issue is. My only hunch is that the List function isn't properly creating a List of the "Suppliers::UUID" field, and is causing the ValueCount taken of it to return 0. Please let me know of any additional information I can provide, and thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer!
  12. Hi Everybody, I am newbie with FM and I have a global variable that contains several values in different lines. I would like to insert automatically these text values in a field as a value list with checkboxes, could anyone help me to solve it? Thank you very much, Wardiam
  13. Hi, I have a field called 'mytournament1'. I also have a field called 'mytournament1played'. With a form, I create the variable $tournament to bring 'mytournament1' to my results page. $tournament = $_GET['tournament']; I'd like to force the results page to search for the field 'mytournament1played' for each record by using the variable $tournament and combining the word 'played' or the variable $played. $played = 'played'; $tournamentplayed = $tournament . $played; $tournamentplayed2 = $record->getField('$tournamentplayed'); (I want it to deliver) $record->getField('mytournament1played'); I know the 1st '$record->getField' line is wrong. Can I combine 2 variables that spell out a database field name (mytournament1played) that can be used to call up a field in a search? i.e. if ($tournamentplayed2!='1') { thanks in advance for your help!
  14. Hi All, I can never seem to get my head around file paths and even more so when we need to use variables. Can any of you help me with the following please? What I have is an inventory system that has been adapted from the starter solutions, I have created a new field called colour. I have a folder system set up with lots of different colour folders i.e. black, blue, yellow etc... I would like to add a button that performs a script that goes to the correct colour folder so that I can select the correct part. The folder path containing these colours would be "/Users/USERNAME/Documents/FOLDER/FOLDER/FOLDER/FOLDER/HERE ARE THE COLOUR FOLDERS" if that makes sense.... I know this involves a variable using the colour field but cannot get my head around it. (I am aiming to then further this later on by being able to go straight to the part code within that folder without having to manually select one. I think I will be able to complete this once I have got used to doing the first part) Thank you to everyone who can help.
  15. I have searched all over the forum and internet for and answer and I have not been able to find one yet. Hopefully, someone here can help. I have created a massive filemaker database/program that I am in the process of converting over to HTML and PHP using Filemaker PHP API. I have a script that takes certain field variables in a layout and sets them as global variables so that I can reference those variables in scripts that will be run within the main script. Basically, the script takes a unique record identifier ($$) and if it is still AM ($$) and it runs through different scripts to determine if certain health care services need to be scheduled for this record. I would like to be able to use the script that I have created and working in the filemaker database and not have to create a new PHP file that manually does what the filemaker script does. My question is: Can you set multiple filemaker global or non-global variables in Filemaker PHP API and if so how? I have attached a picture of a bit of the script with the global variable steps highlighted. Thanks!
  16. Hi, I'm having problems with an applescript that tells Phone Amego to initiate a phone call. I've got it to work with a phone number hard coded into the script, but I can't get Filemaker to insert the field's content (phone number) into the script. Table name: PhoneAmego test Telephone number field (text): PhoneNumberGen Mac OSX Mountain Lion Filemaker 11 adv. The plain applescript is: tell application "Phone Amego" getURL "tel:555-555-xxxx" end tell I tried to write a calculated applescript: "tell application "Phone Amego"¶ getURL "tel: (PhoneAmego test::PhoneNumberGen) "¶ end tell" It will launch Phone Amego and display the screen pop, but it shows the number it's trying to dial as "PhoneAmego test::PhoneNumberGen". No call goes through. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  17. Friends, I have had it for today... can't seem to get it right... I'm writing an Excel sheet using the MBS plugin. The plugin let's me set FORMATS so I can underline or center cells etc. For every FORMAT I declare a variabel i.e. that gets a value from the plugin $$Format1 = 89 $$Format2 = 90 I pull data from FMPro and 'filling' up an Excel Template with field values. Some of these field's need formatting. Since all data is dynamic, my script needs to handle this accordingly. I 'build' the excel sheet row-by-row, therefore pulling data from FMPro, row-by-row. A VARIABLE is handeling the data in the LOOP...The variable content looks like: "7" & "|" & "FM08_SAMPLE::ID_NUMERIC" & "|" & "FORMAT1" & "¶" & "8" & "|" & "FM08_SAMPLE::FM08_Sample_date" & "|" & "FORMAT2" & "¶" & "9" & "|" & "FM08_CUSTOMER::COMPANY_NAME" & "|" & "FORMAT1" In the script the data is pulled apart, set to the right CELL and a FORMAT needs to be applied. Now, here's my question, I need to have this function filled: MBS( "XL.Sheet.CellWriteText"; $$MBS; 0; ROW ;COLUMN; VALUE; FORMAT) Where format of course should not be "FORMAT1" but "89"... I tried things like: Let ( [ STRING = GetValue ( $$D ; $$Tel ); COLUMN = Middle ( STRING ; 1 ;Position ( STRING ; "|" ; 1 ; 1 )-1) ; WLENGTE = Position ( STRING ; "|" ; 1 ; 2 )- Position ( STRING ; "|" ; 1 ; 1 ) - 1; WAARDE = GetField (Middle ( STRING ; Position ( STRING ; "|" ; 1 ; 1 )+1 ; WLENGTE)); FORMAT = Middle ( STRING ; Position ( STRING ; "|" ; 1 ; 2 )+1 ; 10); VAR = "Let ( $$" & FORMAT & "; ")" ] ; MBS( "XL.Sheet.CellWriteText"; $$MBS; 0; $$R ;COLUMN; WAARDE; Evalueren(VAR) ) ) But It does not work... where do I go wrong?? Thanks, Jeroen
  18. Hi, I just started using this function, it's very helpful. I have a calculation that returns some transactions for this year. ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT n_transactionAmountGross , t_transactionModel , t_FirstName frmt FROM Transactions WHERE FamilyID_CustomerID = ? AND c_transDate_frmt = 2013 " ; " : " ; "" ; FamilyID ) ) I'd like to substitute the current year for the hardcoded year by using a variable, however this doesn't work. Let ( [ _yr = GetAsNumber (Year(Get(CurrentDate)) ) ] ; ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT n_transactionAmountGross , t_transactionModel , t_FirstName frmt FROM Transactions WHERE FamilyID_CustomerID = ? AND c_transDate_frmt = _yr " ; " : " ; "" ; FamilyID ) ) What simple thing am I missing here? Edit: came across the pinned topic that speaks to tables with underscores in the name and tried the suggestion from there to no avail . . . as well as just removing the underscore from the variable name, and also then trying to quote the variable. Let ( [ _yr = GetAsNumber (Year(Get(CurrentDate)) ) ] ; ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT n_transactionAmountGross , t_transactionModel , t_FirstName frmt FROM Transactions WHERE FamilyID_CustomerID = ? AND c_transDate_frmt = " & Quote("_yr") & "" ; " : " ; "" ; FamilyID ) ) Thanks, jim
  19. I am trying to use FM Go to initiate a payment procedure with a financial app. Through callback I want to get the result of the transaction back into FM Go. This process works fine, except for the fact that I do net get the result back into FM. I have used the barcode solutions I have found on this forum as an example. I have tried both the get script parameter and the variable option. Also tested both FM Go 11 and 12. Here is an example of the URL I generate (in the application it is properly URL encoded, here I have used the original characters to improve eligibility). The Adyen app returns the following URL (I have deleted some info returned to improve eligibility) script=process_var&expiryYear=2016&....&cardScheme=7&%24Data=result&checksum=48&......... AS you can see the app returns result=APPROVED, the URL also contains the script and the variable I defined. The script in FM Go gets triggered through the callback. However the script does not write the actual result into a field, but the word result. So the place holder in $Data is not replaced by the actual result. Any ideas on why this is not happening (or why this is not possible) would be appreciated. Joost Kingma
  20. Karlos Fandango

    Setting a variable

    Newbie. OK, here goes... • When I make a new entry into a portal, the cursor automatically enters a text field. • This text field triggers a script. (or whenever I enter it) • I had hoped that script would set a variable called "$$todo", with the value being the record's Primary Key, which i had thought it would have grabbed with the following script... Set Variable [$$todo; Value:GetField ( ToDo_Pk )] • But I just get a "?" So in other words, I'm trying to set a variable called "$$todo"... of the record that holds within it a text field I had entered. Obviously there is something wrong with my script, but I haven't got a clue what I'm doing wrong... is there anyone out there who can point me in the right direction? I tried to embed some images, but it just isn't happening for some reason, all I'm seeing is an endless spinning icon. Thanks.
  21. Looking for a hero. I have searched for an answer to this online and if one already exists, please point me to it. Otherwise, I'm hoping there's a FMrock star out there capable of identifying what I'm doing wrong. Am trying to create three levels for conditional value lists to identify the location of assets. Consider this a library inventory sytsem that tracks: multiple locations where items are held, multiple aisles within each location, and multiple shelves on each aisle. The goal is to enable users to enter an asset record and select from a value list of LOCATIONS. That's a straightforward list from the LOCATIONS table. Works fine. Next the user should be able to select from a value list of AISLES contained within that location, as defined in the related AISLES table. That, too, works through a value list relationship that filters by id_location to only display related aisles in the value list. Works fine. So far so good. Lastly, the user should be able to select from a value list of SHELVES contained within that aisle, as defined in the related SHELVES table. This is where my conditional value list logic breaks down. The value list displays numerous shelves, but not the records related to the AISLE record selected in the AISLES value list above. As perplexing is that when I add a portal to the layout for data entry of the locations, aisles and shelves themselves, the relationships hold up and the layouts function correctly. It's only when I try to take that data and present it as individual value lists during data entry of assets in that layout that the third value list doesn't work, though the first two value lists do work. File with this problem is attached. Looking for a hero to tell me where I went wrong. CVLTest2.zip

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