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Found 10 results

  1. I am trying to create a list of dates from multiple tables to create a gantt chart. My projects have Shipping dates, Installation dates and task item dates. Each of which come from their own tables. Is there a good way to import all of these dates into one table related to the project, each with it's own record of Start date and end date. I'd rather have: Project | Item | Start_Date | End_Date| than: Project | Install_Start_Date | Install_End_Date| Ship_date | Ship_Arrive_Date | Task_Start_Date | Task_End_date
  2. Hello everyone; i am trying to figure out the virtual list technique by BruceR, but all i see is a writeup on FMLAYOUT.com. Which to be honest with you doesnt make too much sense. questions from html page i have: = from site http://fmlayoutmode.com/wp/?p=1799 Then you need to do a replace on the index field for those records, using a serial number, starting from 1: "Ok, but are you gonna be doing this everytime or can this be automated, if so, scripting?" In Browse Mode on a layout for the VirtualList table (not the printout one we created), you need to create a whole pile of records. I created almost 20,000 records — well, okay, I created a script to do it for me. "Ok, thats fine and dandy, but that means the field; displayVariable cant be a calculation, it will have to be a text field that has calculation enabled? I am just very confused by this article in general. Perhaps it is not for new persons coming to filemaker! Perhaps. Can someone either give me some links or perhaps BruceR's direct comments. thanks, -ian
  3. Hey guys I came back from devcon this year looking to try my hand at some virtual lists to possible make our solution a little more elegant. What I want What I'm trying to do is populate a single portal with a client's activity (that comes from multiple tables) and ultimately make the portal records "click through" so I can then jump to a particular record . I thought I could possibly do this with virtual lists, but now I'm not so sure it's a doable solution. Currently on the client screen we have a bunch of portals showing their activity in each table, which is really clunky and an eyesore to be honest. What I did I have a Client table, and initially it was related to my temporary/scratch table set up for the virtual list records by a cartesian join so all the records would show. I had the temporary table setup with an index field (1 to N basically) and the unstored calc for the virtual list to pull the data from it via getvalue ( $$virtuallist; index ). There was an onRecordLoad script trigger running the script that went to the different tables and performed the finds and then populated the global variable (my virtual list). Oh crap that didn't work right The problem I immediately caught on was that this is in no way a multi-user solution. Since it's a temporary scratch table anyone looking at a client's layout would be shown whomever the data from the client who was the last person to go to that layout. Not a good solution. A bit of duct tape later So my workaround was to have the temporary/scratch table be linked to the client by the client ID, so that client's information is the only thing that get's deleted/reprocessed instead of the whole table. The unstored calc is now gone and it's an auto-enter calc field to add the info at the time and leave it in there. It works, but I think I'm somehow missing the point of the virtual lists? Not to mention I still have to stuff an identifier in there so I can then do some somewhat complex parsing trying to figure out where it came from and how to find the right activity table to start with. Tail between my legs? This really get's me thinking, should I even bother? It seems like maybe the virtual list technique is best used for displaying text on the screen (or for printing), but not anything that you want to interact with. It's like filemaker needs an entire global table where it's temporary/scratch data for just that user. Am I missing some core functionality? Am I missing the point of virtual lists? It seems to me, for my specific purpose, that it would be easier just to build a "dumb" script to: goto services A > search for client activity > loop > copy IDs and dates and descriptions > goto scratch table > paste current service type, activity information > loop if more than one record for that activity > otherwise goto next service table and repeat process But it seems that I'd be losing the speed advantages of using the virtual lists by doing this, though I haven't tried it out yet.
  4. bcooney

    Multi-window Virtual Lists

    I have a popover portal that displays a virtual list. My client would like to have two or more windows open at the same time. (ugh, i know). Currently, if the user has two windows each with a popover portal displayed, they are parsing the same $$vlist, and so one popover's portal is showing the wrong data. My options seem to be: find a way to make the $$vlist window specific find a way to close the first popover if the user makes a different window active (both popovers do not need to be visible at the same time) hide one popover by storing a key in the virtual list that compares the record to this key in the $$vlist, and if the key isn't there, the portal hides. (don't like this UX). Thoughts? Is there a switched window trigger??
  5. Chris Scalzi

    Searchable Virtual list

    I'm not sure if this has been answered before but I'm trying to figure out if there is any way of making a virtual list searchable. I can create buttons that will modify the eSQL search and add parameters to the search in a fairly complex way but I'm talking about just hitting the search button and searching within the table. I know that calculation fields cannot be searched, I have also attempted to make a text field with a calculated result with full indexing and it seems to still not be working. Any thoughts?
  6. This is my Interpretation of the Virtual List technique and the absolute basic use. Enjoy
  7. File Name: MultiPage Letters File Submitter: Ocean West File Submitted: 21 Apr 2013 File Category: Samples FM Version: 13 Concept uses a large text block for data entry, the script will parse for paragraph returns and then uses the Virtual List technique to print the multi page letter. Also will allow for a scanned image of a signature to be appended and will slide up to the bottom of the body copy. Also allows for manually inserting a page break by using <break> in body of text. Click here to download this file
  8. Is there a way to make a popover open with a script? I see a "Close Popover" script step, but I don't see one for opening a popover. I'm trying to make a window pop up for creating a new record when someone clicks on a link in the Virtual List Sidebar Menu I've got going. Maybe I'm supposed to just use a floating window for that? I want a window where someone clicks in the menu, the window pops up, and they have to deal with it – either filling out the form, or cancelling – before they can move on with anything else. I'm thinking maybe it can't be done because...where you going to stick the popover in layout mode? But if I can't do that, what's next? Floating window? Modal window? Thanks, in advance, for any input. -- Rick Horowitz Filemaker n00b
  9. Ocean West

    MultiPage Letters

    Version v4.01


    Concept uses a large text block for data entry, the script will parse for paragraph returns and then uses the Virtual List technique to print the multi page letter. Also will allow for a scanned image of a signature to be appended and will slide up to the bottom of the body copy. Also allows for manually inserting a page break by using <break> in body of text.


  10. TJ53

    Virtual list using JSON

    On a separate thread I asked Bruce Robertson if the new FM16 JSON functions could be used together with the virtual list technique he created. I haven’t experimented with it but I wonder if JSON adapt well to this great technique. Any thoughts? thanks!

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