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Found 20 results

  1. We have a Filemaker 17 Server set up and running on a mac mini (sorry, I can't get on right now to find out which OS it is running). We have set up everything so Web Direct can be used to access a web page for making appointments and filling out forms. We have several different versions running on several different servers (eye doctor's offices) but this one won't work. We have ... Set up web direct on the server, installed the certificate, gotten an external ip address, forwarded the ports, turned off all firewalls and it still doesn't seem to work. I have used fmsadmin to see if web direct is running. When I try to start it, fmsadmin says it's running. Yesterday when I was comparing the processes running on the mac mini FM Server is running on to a different mac mini running FM Server I noticed there are a lot fewer processes related to web direct running on the computer that the web page won't open on. Does anyone have any ideas that can help me figure out what is causing this? And, if you need more information, let me know
  2. Hello, I am using FM Server 15 on MacOS (10.11.15), and trying to get SuperContainer to work with Web Direct clients. I am having several issues using the Web Direct clients, so I hope someone can help me. 1. First of all, which installation option do I use? I am referring to the SC Documentation http://docs.360works.com/index.php/SuperContainer#Option_1:_Using_SuperContainer_as_a_standalone_server_application: Option 1: Using SuperContainer as a standalone server application Option 2: Installing SuperContainer with FileMaker Server In both scenarios, I can see FM Server being depicted. What are the pros and cons of using each one? 2. Which http port to use? Option 1: port 8020? Option 2: port 80? Do I specify port 80 when I run SuperContainerServer.jar? I get the error message "Could not start/stop SuperContainerProtocol handler initialization failed: java.net.BindException: Permission denied:80." What is the reason for this? Is it because I am using the trial version? I followed the instructions for Option 2. I am unable to use the Mac installer in the SuperContainer zip file. The installation hangs: "Installing latest 360Works Admin application. Installing 360Works Tomcat daemon...". Then I tried to follow the manual installation instructions. I copied the SuperContainer folder into: /Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/jwpc-tomcat/ . Then I added 2 lines into the mod_proxy.conf file in /Library/FileMaker Server/Admin/admin-helper/WEB-INF/conf/: ProxyPass /SuperContainer ProxyPassReverse /SuperContainer According to the documentation, this is supposed to "modify the tomcat configuration files to serve SuperContainer content on port 80". Are the steps correct? According to the documentation, adding these two lines is supposed to Modify the tomcat configuration files to serve SuperContainer content on port 80? The reason I need help to check with the installation is because I am having issues using SCSetBaseURL and SCGetInfo on my web clients. (I did copy the SC companion plug-in into /Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/cwpc/Plugins.) Thanks in advance for some guidance!
  3. When accessing a database via web direct from my iPad I am unable to type into any calculation field while in Find Mode. The field behaves as it does when in browse mode. Any letters typed into the field immediately disappear.
  4. Your FileMaker Calendar in a Browser Our Pro Calendar now includes a second set of scripts and layouts tuned for WebDirect in FileMaker Server 13. The v2 rev of FileMaker Server 13 made a lot of small improvements to WebDirect and we're pretty stoked about what we've been able to accomplish. The WebDirect calendar has almost complete feature parity with the calendar in FMPro. Filtering, resource scheduling, and even Gantt Charts all work (screenshots below). And since this is all done with unlocked, straight forward FMP layouts (some of the techniques here even come from FM 8.5) you can modify all this without getting into any crazy javascipt, php, or web publishing stuff. Learn More: Demo, Movies, and Screenshots Get what you need here: SeedCode Calendar for Pro, Go, and WebDirect New to SeedCode Calendar? Buy the Pro Calendar and follow our instructions to link it to--or embed it in--your file. Already Using SeedCode Calendar? Good news: the WebDirect add-on consists of layouts and scripts you can paste into your existing copy of the calendar. Purchase the Upgrade Follow our instructions for adding these features to your copy. If you purchased the calendar since March 1st we've already sent you a free upgrade. (Please let us know if you missed it.) - John
  5. I have a file designed for web direct that is connected to multiple different files on my server. Is there a way to hide all of the files except for the one designed for web direct? The website I'm referring to is https://<server ip address>/fmi/webd.
  6. Mac Yosemite, Fmp adv 15.02, safari The same layout and the same pop over: As you can see the option list in a Global field has different look, with the client look good, on web direct is a garbage. What i can do? Many thanks WebDirect FMP
  7. Somehow java updated (probably by mistake) and it killed web direct. Simply down grading java does not work. I've went as far back and un-installing java and then FMS. Then rebooting and performing a clean install of FMS. FMS 16.04 on windows server 2012 R2 My hunch is something is wrong with all the site settings in IIS from uninstall and re-install. I get this error during deployment when trying to use web direct: Test web server ( Error code = 404 What are the complete steps to restore web-direct? Thank you
  8. I am exploring accessing my solution through web direct using fmphost. solution works fine in server mode. however in web direct it says I do not have a sufficiently new version of scribe: I need > 2.15. problem is that I’m running 3.08 on my local Mac. is this an issue about file locations? Do I need to upload scribe or something?
  9. Hi, I wrote a script in FM Pro, which reads a list of files from given directory, searches through a set of records, and uploads each file into a container field of a matching record (the matching occurs by file name = unique record id). The script works great.... in FM Pro.... but not in Web Direct I need your help in finding a solution for Windows system. Thank you!
  10. Has anyone had any trouble with value lists displaying in web direct? I have a value lists from an external data source that will not display. I have tried it as a popup menu, a drop down menu, radio button set, and in a popover button with radio buttons. Then I have another value list that is also from an external data source but defined from a field and it loads.
  11. FMP 13 - Web Direct - Improperly displaying list layout with sub-summary parts (public link for this doc) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zIbF13RSlaW230-NlYicGZxHB3FsYvQt-U0fFL9uwEU/edit?usp=sharing&pli=1 I am having a problem with Filemaker Pro 13’s Web Direct handling of a simple list layout with sub-summaries. The sub summaries, when added, seem to be cutting off the first (or last*) row of detail in the body. * If the sub-summary is above the body it cuts off the first row. * If the sub-summary is trailing the body, it cuts off the last row of detail. (this example includes 5 records which should be grouped into three groups (by ID number). Hopefully these diagrams help: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zIbF13RSlaW230-NlYicGZxHB3FsYvQt-U0fFL9uwEU/edit?usp=sharing&pli=1 I also attached a PDF version of these diagrams. FMP13-WebDirect-Improperlydisplayinglistlayoutwithsub-summaryparts.pdf
  12. I have a setup with fms13 running on a network that is using an Airport Extreme as router, wifi and firewall. It has worked perfectly for years. However it started playing up recently so I tried to setup a new configuration for the Airport Extreme where I opened all the ports that I thought needed to be open for FMS13 to work : 80, 443, 5003, 389. What is weird is that if I install the new setup in the Airport Extreme web direct does not work. I know that it actually functioning in FMS as I can test it locally. If I install the old setup in the Airport Extreme web direct does work, however after a few minutes the Airport Extreme becomes inaccessible, and I fear unreliable, as you can see in the attached image. Would someone know what I am missing here?
  13. I want to remove the layout option on the menu header bar since, basically, I do not want the user to be able to change layouts except through the my built in navigation. Is this possible?
  14. Hi All I'm putting in field in a web direct layout with a script trigger that activates on field exit. The field is set to 'go to the next object' with tab/enter/CR The field is used to search/filter so that a user enters a search/filter criteria and hits enter/CR - which activate the search/filter script. This of course works well on FMP client, but NOT on web direct On web direct using enter/CR on the same field - the field will 'go to the next line' which results in the in-ability to user enter/CR to activate the script. I've tried to change the field type to 'number' with no success. I've tried to create HTML search filed, but don't have enough HTML knowledge to post the content of the filed back to FMP to trigger the script I've gotten far, but not far enough :-) tried using: <form method="post" action=action="fmp://my.server.com/Filenamel?script=test" id="search"> Would love your ideas/suggestion/assistance. Thanks in advance. Eran
  15. Hi everyone, We have a newly deployed OS X 10.10.5 Server with FMS14 installed with only 3 databases hosted, all accessible via Web Direct. Now some of our customers are experiencing difficulties with even accessing our solutions, which we have narrowed down to local network problems at our customers. The problem is, the login window is not showing, and therefore they can't access the databases. Now, the problem is somehow browser based.. I went through the login process with a customer, which was sitting with Windows 8.1 / IE.. Now when trying to connect to the database the customer gets the following message "Failed to load the bootstrap javascript ./VAADIN/vaardinBootstrap.js" I then tried to connect to the database through Chrome, which worked perfectly fine! Is there something I can do for the customer or on our Server, to prevent this message for future customers? Best regards Christoffer
  16. This question might be a bit lame, but i spent last 24 hours trying to figure it out with no success. I installed FileMaker Server 13, the trial version, on a MacBook Pro machine with OS X Version 10.9 (Mavericks), 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5, 4 GB RAM, 1333 MHz DDR3. Installation whent smooth, i allowed everything that was required by the process, got to the Admin page and configured the server. Everything seams to be working normally and i have no problems connecting to the sample file and a little file i added using FileMaker 12 client, i can open them and work with them with no issues. Now when i try to open these files using a browser only a blank webpage appears with a text "FileMaker Database Server Website" and no files are listed on this page. Could anyone tell me why is this happening and what should be a normal behaviour of a Web Direct page, maybe i was to tired and missed something small but important late Friday evening yesterday, while trying to configure the new server technology. I am doing all of this locally, no public IP is used yet.
  17. Initial test showed that iFrames with webdirect seem to work this changes a few things for my clients and gives us an easy way to link a database to website.
  18. I have a few questions about the new Web Direct, I am new to FileMaker and has only been using it for development in 2 months. We have acquired FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced recently but without a server. Now from what I understand is you can CWP with FM 12 but will need a server. You also need FileMaker Server if you go with WD too right? And which one is better? I was trying to test Web Direct in FileMaker Server 13 Trial but is having no luck since I am having a "Database not available" error whenever I try to open my database or the sample one. Can anyone help me out with this?
  19. Fms 15, elcaptain, macbook air client ipad mini 2 ios last update browser safari i set the numeric keyboard touch for a numeric field. it work using filemaker go, using web direct the keyboard is always the standard alfanumeric keyboard. I tested some other filemaker example and the numeric keyboard doens't came up. does it is normal or is a web direct "bug"?
  20. I am posting my database to Filemaker cloud. I have tested my solution on FM Go 16 without issue and wanted to begin to test on Web Direct. After configuring the file in FileMaker Advanced for Web Direct and testing successfully on my Mac, the file is no longer available in FM Go 16. Should you be able to run a file over Filemaker cloud and access via FM Go or Web Direct as the user chooses, or is it one or the other?
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