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Found 151 results

  1. WebDirect display problems

    I have a FileMaker server 13.v10 database solution that changed somehow during development and now does not display several WebDirect objects properly. For starters, the text shows up as white on a white background, which it did not do before. We have been and are using the Cool Grey theme. Other problems with display: 1. 3 value lists will not display: One a regular list from a set of values, another list from a related layout, and a third a filtered list from another layout. Another value list works normally 2. A picture in a container field (locally stored, not external yet) does not show. 3. A filtered, sorted portal does not show the records, nor are they accessible in the portal. The filtering and sorting are straightforward. We have tried several things to correct the issue: 1. Made a new layout, grouped everything together and paste it on the new layout. 2. Made a new layout and made the fields and portal from scratch. 3. Simplified and changed the relationships to the portal 4. Substituted simplified relationships for the value lists (just for testing. 5. Tried the db on FM Server 16 and made most of the changes above, nothing was different. 6. Used Dropdowns, Popups, and radio buttons, no change in behavior 7. We had FMDiff examine the db for corruption, but they found no problems, so file corruption is not an issue. We also compacted the db in order to reindex all indexed fields, but that did not help. Everything works fine using FM client. Only WebDirect has problems. A photo showing the problems on WebDirect is attached, as is a photo showing the fields properly displayed in FileMaker Client. Please forgive the look and feel; the photos show the layout as we made changes and are troubleshooting. Has anyone seen this before? Do you have any ideas how to fix it? Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi all I have a layout with a portal and the portal isn't displaying any records. I've tried changing the theme (based on solution I read on another thread here). What am I missing? P.S: I'm a beginner, so excuse the blind ignorance.
  3. Hi, I am going to migrate my FileMaker server from one server machine to another and I am in the process of testing the transfer. However following the test transfer I have discovered that accessing database files in the new server via WebDirect is not functioning properly. I wonder if the community can offer some advice? Normally upon entering the hyperlink (i.e. <host>/fmi/webd/), I would be presented the default WebDirect screen asking for my credentials before presenting me with the list of database files available. However when the files are hosted on the new server, I only get the default WebDirect screen but no requests for my credentials and no database files are displayed. I also tested access using the server machine's own web browser via localhost/fmi/webd/ but got the same result. On the other hand, I have tested access via FMP and FMG and they are all working fine. I'm at a lost as to where the settings went wrong or where to start with, and I would really appreciate if the community can offer some advice and suggestions. Many thanks for your time and help. The MacGuffin
  4. Good morning. I apologize for my english by google translate. I created for the first time in years a db to use a browser, with FMwebdirect. Known but some flaws that I did not expect given the experience I had with FM and I do not know what to depend on. 1-not work drag and drop images, if the load by the "insert in the container" from my mac it does, from the client pretends to load and then does not display images. Even to win. 2-The first screen is made with navigation icons, perfectly visible in local, disappeared from the web version. Whether they are png or jpg. Using FM 13 advanced, the client have server and 10 accesses thanks for your help ps Attaching screenshot that gives when I try to move an image from one container into a portal to a card: says "select a valid file to be uploaded"
  5. Webdirect does not seem to respect the aspect ratio of a video (at all). It resizes it to the dimensions of the container field both horizontally and vertically. Turning auto-resizing off is no solution either, because different movies have different aspect ratios - it's impossible to size the container field to match all movies stored in it. Does anyone know a cure for this...? See images attached. PS: the obvious is a given - "maintain original proportions" is checked. PPS: I just installed FMS 14 and FMP 14 to see if maybe they resolved this. Go figure... sometimes I really wonder. REALLY wonder.
  6. Hi - I'm using filemaker pro advanced and working with webdirect layouts, But I do not find URL to see the filemaker layouts on Browsers. Is it possible to see this pages without hosting fm application to fm server. Thanks in advance for your reply
  7. How many users in simultaneous

    Hello I would like to know how many users can access my web direct in simultaneous. I read somewere only 5 users can access the database on remote mode. This can be aplyed to web direct? Thanks
  8. Our jurisdiction is exploring options on providing public access to certain information within Filemaker. We do not have a PHP designer on staff, and the third party estimates we are getting for this work has been quite a bit higher than we anticipated. I will likely be leading this project for the foreseeable future, (I am the in house FM coordinator), with almost zero web development experience. My question: is WebDirect an option I should even consider, given it's limitations? We have a CMS website developed and hosted by a third party, and our IS department is on board with helping in anyway they can. I know that WebDirect is not a long term solution, due to the concurrent use license cost and limitations (50 users) - but it seems that it might allow me to do a "proof of concept" fairly quickly, find out how citizens use the service, and then we might just be able to justify the costs for full development. Thoughts?
  9. I'm trying to find out if its possible to create a web based FileMaker 13 solution (WebDirect) where I can remotely upload files to the db and someone else can remotely download those files. All the reading that I have been doing with regards to WebDirect doesn't touch on containers at all. Is this scenario possible and what would be the basics of making it happen (how to initiate an upload or downlaod, contain setup, etc) Jason
  10. In Webdirect, when i press a button that initiates a script, i usually see a message for a flash of a second saying something like "Wait for the script to be executed". Occasionally FM decides not to display the message and just executes the script. Is there any way to tell Filemaker not to show these messages ? Thanks for the advice.
  11. Hi would like to have a url load my ebay purchasing history . It needs a username and password so how do i set this up in the web viewer so the page loads automatically. Is this the best way to do it. Thanks Col
  12. Hello. I have an a solution with some web direct layyouts for my customer. In On Open file script, when customer enter the layout will create a global variable $$Loginname and after that on all layouts they should see only their records related to the $$Loginname. Right now i use a portal with filter Customer = $$Loginname. Question: What is faster? List view with script on enter that will find related records or portal with filter. Really the problem is that my customer have a big latency( because they live in Russia, and my server in China) and when they scroll portal there always an a processing bar in center of browser. Or you have other options? Thank you.
  13. Do's and dont's for WebDirect on Android

    First a disclaimer. I'm well aware that WebDirect (FM13) is not build or supported for iOS or Android tablets. I've read the specifications. And yes, things should probably be done in PHP instead. Which is no doubt, what will happen eventually. But for a number of reasons, I'm involved in a couple of projects, where we have decided to examine the borders of WebDirects compatibilty first. So I would like to hear any concrete findings from other crazy persons who have been experimenting on the wild side with WebDirect. What kind of functions and design methods work for you. What should we avoid in striving for a solution to best survive in e.g. Chrome on an Android tablet? Any experiences with Raspberry? Why is this interesting? Well, unless you publish your WebDirect solution on an intranet or another very controlled environment, there will always be users who will try to use whatever browser is at hand. So we might as well prepare and try to recognize and understand the things that can and will go wrong in those situations. Maybe we might even collect some useful feedback for the good developers at FMI. ;-)
  14. So, We have a unix admin working on our Mac OSX server. I specifically instructed them not to break our Filemaker 13 Apache install. Well it looks like they worked on the machine but broke one thing. Does anyeone know where I should look to fix this? What works: Webserver servers files fine from the Filemaker HTTP Folders. Filemaker WebDirect works fine. PHP is working. PHP is indicated as ON in FMSA Admin. Admin pages at http://localhost:16001/admin-consolework fine. Admin screen shows green on Webserver. Indicates PHP is enabled. This is the only thing that is not working: Previous PHP pages which has successfull connection to databases no longer connect to the database. I assume that a reference to filemaker somehow got removed from one of the php config files, but I don't know where. Can anyone give me an idea where to look?
  15. We have a development that if accessed by regular Filemaker Pro the button (via Open URL) that links to a document (word file) it does open the application (MS word) resulting a very satisfactory behaviour for users. But the same stuff when running with WebDirect the Chrome gets an "not capable of opening the window; please deactivate the popup window blocker and try again". Well needless to say that that blocker is not active (under preferencies) and the IS manager of the net also verifies it is not blocked at her level. Also firefox, same machine, is not able to open the application; in this case with no alarm / action at all. Any clues?? Thanks!! Client - Windows 7 professional, SP1 - Chrome: Versión 41.0.2272.118 m - Firefox: 36.0.4 - FM Server:
  16. I'm looking to setup a solution for sales reps via WebDirect to where each sales rep can login but only be able to view records assigned to them. How difficult would this be to setup? Right now I have a layout that has a drop down with each sales rep name. Could I make additional layouts and have some sort of identifier for each sales rep and then when they log in with their user, that user is only allowed access to that layout/records?
  17. Hello there, I've set few text boxes per layout that work as "tutorials", with one button called "help" that changes one global field [tutorial] from Yes to No (and vice versa), commits the record. When the global field "tutorial" is set to yes, all the "text boxes" should hide, when it is set to no they should apear. It works perfectly in the fm client but when I got to the web even if I change the field to Yes or No in the client and save the record, the web still shows all the text boxes. It looks like the the "hide when" is simple not working. Using table::tutorial = "yes" Did a test having the a tex field for the tutorial showing on the layout, it looks like the webdirect is not seeing the field content at all. It shows as empty on web and Yes or No on the client.
  18. i hope somebody can help me with below Question. Does Show Custome Dialog Works in WebDirect ? Thanks, mikey
  19. When I login to the database in webdirect I have a white space where the toolbar would normally appear at the top of the home page. If I click a button to any another layout, in this case my contacts or tasks, the white bar / missing tool bar persists. Strangely, when I click the "home" button (on contacts or appointments layouts) and go back to home the white bar where toolbar would normally be is gone. Now, when I click the menu button a second time to go back to contacts or appointments the toolbar finally appears. It seems that returning to the home layout triggers something tells the toolbar to either load or not load based on the navigation script, rather than just leaving the white bar but I've been all through the scripts (removed or added "show/hide toolbar/menubar". These buttons are simply going to the layout not script. Any ideas on what could be telling it to behave one way when the database first loads, and another way when I go back to the home layout? To Illustrate... Webdirect loads..... (Homepage, white space / no toolbar) >> (Contacts, white space / no toolbar) (Contacts, white space/no toolbar) >> (Homepage, no white space) (Homepage, no white space) >> (Contacts, toolbar appears) After toolbar loads it persists on all layouts Any hints or help is appreciated, Chris
  20. I have my todo list popup into a new window with a script. Works fine on desktop. I would have thought it would translate to browser the same way. In webdirect instead of popping up into a separate window it goes to another page. Does webdirect support the function I'm looking for? Thanks, Chris
  21. Hi, Can somebody tell me how to set up a webdirect solution or what i need to prepare to put a solution on a web through webdirect ? example , do i need web domain address ? , fixed ip address , etc... can it be work from my home computer ? wouldn't it be problem , my home computer's ip address is keep changing ? or does anybody know where to get a documentation regarding how to set up a webdirect solution on a web ? thanks, mikey
  22. To log out Webdirect solution , if i use exit application script , will it log out ? or is there something else to log out ? mikey

    Hi , In a WebDirect , Does Global field work same as regular Filemaker ? For Example , if 2 users are logged in and if there are on same pages and if there are one global field which both users are using , can that global field will hold different values per each users ? thanks, mike
  24. Hello, I am building a database to store potentially both interactive and static files numbering in the thousands. I am confused as to whether I should create a dedicated thumbnail container field or to use FM Native thumbnail feature. What are the pros and cons for each method? Much of the inputting could be done on WebDirect and I wish to pay attention to performance issues and stability. Any guidance is much appreciated. Thank you.
  25. When I look at my database in web direct it is not rich in colors or text. What setting am I missing? (see attachments)

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