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Found 73 results

  1. Background... Worldcloud routinely resales FileMaker licensing to it's clients. Other than our monthly and/or shared server clients, it is a better value for our clients to purchase AVLA licensing as opposed to renting licensing monthly from Worldcloud. This in fact is part of the reason why FileMaker created the FBA program. Once a year we renew the majority of our FileMaker licesning with AVLA licensing. This year, our annual PO is due on Dec 22, 2013. Normally, our users would not care when our licensing renews, as we can resale new licensing at any time through the FileMaker FBA website. The 'catch' this year is that FileMaker has been particualrly generous with the 'conversion' of FileMaker Server Advanced licenses. Not only is the least expensive SKU to get 25 concurrent licenses, but they are also allowing us to increase of these licenses as long as the increase is done on the same aggreement as an existing FileMaker Server Advanced AVLA order, placing us in a unique position to make 'awesome' deals to our clients. Offer... Since Worldcloud has the ability to purchase multiple FileMaker Server Advanced / FileMaker 13 Server + 25 Concurrent license on Dec 22 under FMI's current upgrade policy, we are offering 'almost half price' on a license which FMI normally sells for $1,848. This is a one year, AVLA license. Offer #1 $999 for FileMaker Server 13 + 25 Concurrent licenses think of it as WebDirect/ Go for under $28 per user!!! for use on any FileMaker Server- including your local servers offer expires Dec 21, 2013 Offer #2 $799 for FileMaker Server 13 + 25 Concurrent licenses think of it as WebDirect/ Go for under $20 per user!!! when ordered with a Worldcloud Dedicated FileMaker Server** offer expires Dec 21, 2013 Offer #3 20% Off on Annual Service Plans at Worldcloud Shared, Dedicated, and/or virtual clients expires on Dec 31, 2013 Why... We have our own reasons: We realize the number of licenses we purchase from FileMaker is part of the critera used to determine whether a vendor may be considered for FBA Partner status If we sell enough of these licenses, we can get better 'Tier pricing' on our entire order and will save us money on other licenses on this order. It's a way to promote Dedicated FileMaker Servers from Worldcloud It's a way to stop (some) of the compaining about FileMaker's new pricing It makes us money - not much, but about what we would normally make off reselling a FMI Server license It's an oppotunity to sell additional licensing- we give (modest) discounts on all FileMaker licensing- call/email for quote We are in a position (as an AVLA FileMaker Server Advanced license holder) which many other users do not qualify Normally, we do not go into the specific details of our license renewals in a public forum; however, in this case we felt that if users understood the situation they are more adpt to beleive the creditbiltiy of our offers... ** see Worldcloud.com for pricing of dedicated servers, price not included as part of 'Offer #2'. Monthly and annual pricing available http://worldcloud.com for more info 865-384-8353 sales joe@worldcloud.com
  2. I have an FM solution where the checkbox is minimized to its width and in webdirect it still shows the "1". FM: http://cloud.zerobluetech.com/image/1B2z1J353L1O Webdirect: http://cloud.zerobluetech.com/image/421H1Q2i171g Then I went down in font size and at 18 it actually works, with a width of 20. Just wanted to let you guys know. The other thing is a button on a portal row. It fits perfectly well in FM and works. In webdirect I had to put it in the front and remove the fill color.
  3. Just porting a FM11 database into FM13 Server. When I access the database through a browser (Safari or Chrome) and try and scroll down a list of records a) I don't see a scroll bar along the side and using my mouse scroll wheel, the scroll is slow and disjointed. I also have a Next 25 and Previous 25 button and they too function very slowly. Any suggestions ? Am I supposed to see a scroll bar? Thanks.
  4. Hi Folks, I am a sysadmin but a new user of FMP13 server and at our university we use InCommon SSL certs (they are free to us), which are widely accepted and have worked well for websites, etc. However, at first glance it does not appear to be possible to use an InCommon cert with FMP13 Server -- am I correct about this? It appears Filemaker only supports these certs: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/11413/ Please let me know if I'm correct or incorrect about this...and if there are any workarounds! Thanks, Dan
  5. I hope some one must have come through this and have solved this type of issue. We are trying to provide public access to FM files in web direct using an external IP. But the External IP doesn't seem to work. While Checking the ports mappings of the system, and came through that the port 80 is been blocked by default web service. So is there any way to map the correct ports to filemaker so that we could be able to access the web direct files using an External IP without affecting the other web services using those ports ? Any suggestions....
  6. When on webdirect I copy/paste text into a box, but when I click away the text is automatically reformatted with double spacing. Is there a way I can prevent this from happening. If I copy/paste into the desktop software, or even via webdirect on the computer hosting the server, the double spacing doesn't happen. Thanks!
  7. I have a solution that uses WebDirect to publish a list of files stored in a container. Is there a way using a url to direct download a file stored in a container?
  8. Your FileMaker Calendar in a Browser Our Pro Calendar now includes a second set of scripts and layouts tuned for WebDirect in FileMaker Server 13. The v2 rev of FileMaker Server 13 made a lot of small improvements to WebDirect and we're pretty stoked about what we've been able to accomplish. The WebDirect calendar has almost complete feature parity with the calendar in FMPro. Filtering, resource scheduling, and even Gantt Charts all work (screenshots below). And since this is all done with unlocked, straight forward FMP layouts (some of the techniques here even come from FM 8.5) you can modify all this without getting into any crazy javascipt, php, or web publishing stuff. Learn More: Demo, Movies, and Screenshots Get what you need here: SeedCode Calendar for Pro, Go, and WebDirect New to SeedCode Calendar? Buy the Pro Calendar and follow our instructions to link it to--or embed it in--your file. Already Using SeedCode Calendar? Good news: the WebDirect add-on consists of layouts and scripts you can paste into your existing copy of the calendar. Purchase the Upgrade Follow our instructions for adding these features to your copy. If you purchased the calendar since March 1st we've already sent you a free upgrade. (Please let us know if you missed it.) - John
  9. Hello folks I am experiencing a peculiar behaviour, which is creating a user case problem, in a solution that is utilizing the Data Separation Model and WebDirect. I need to know if this behavior is normal, a bug, or if my implementation is incorrect. I've got an interface file and a data file. Each file has two Privilege Sets defined (in addition to [Full Access]); call them Floor and Manager. Floor has very restricted access, and Manager has more liberal access (but no where near Full Access). Scenario 1) I've made a script in the interface file which performs a re-login. A user logs in as Floor privileges via WEBDIRECT. User then performs the script and enters credentials for Manager. The interface file successfully performs the re-login and gains the privileges associated with Manager. However, the data file does NOT change, it does not re-login, and it still exhibits the behaviour of the Floor privileges. I know this is an incorrect implementation. Which brings me to: Scenario 2) I've made a script in the interface file which collects the account name and password from the user (show custom dialogue), stores them in temporary global fields and as local variables, clears the temporary global fields (keeps the variables), then performs the re-login using those variables (which works). The interface file gains the new privileges as expected. Then, that same interface script calls a re-login script in the data file, passes those login credentials to it, and then performs a re-login there in the data file as well. This works perfectly in FileMaker Pro Advanced, but it does not work in WebDirect. WebDirect still exhibits the same behaviors as described in Scenario 1: interface file does gain the new privileges, but the data file remains unchanged, retaining the original login's privilege set. Thus, how can I make WebDirect act like FileMaker Pro in regards to getting both parts of data separation model to perform a re-login? Thank you
  10. First a disclaimer. I'm well aware that WebDirect (FM13) is not build or supported for iOS or Android tablets. I've read the specifications. And yes, things should probably be done in PHP instead. Which is no doubt, what will happen eventually. But for a number of reasons, I'm involved in a couple of projects, where we have decided to examine the borders of WebDirects compatibilty first. So I would like to hear any concrete findings from other crazy persons who have been experimenting on the wild side with WebDirect. What kind of functions and design methods work for you. What should we avoid in striving for a solution to best survive in e.g. Chrome on an Android tablet? Any experiences with Raspberry? Why is this interesting? Well, unless you publish your WebDirect solution on an intranet or another very controlled environment, there will always be users who will try to use whatever browser is at hand. So we might as well prepare and try to recognize and understand the things that can and will go wrong in those situations. Maybe we might even collect some useful feedback for the good developers at FMI. ;-)
  11. I had to update my FM Server Mac to Yosemite and I cannot seem to enable web services. During deployment I get the message: Test web server ( Connection refused (Please note that this is different from 'ports are in use' which is the other common error;-) I can install and deploy FM Server 13.05 without a problem, I just can't enable web services. I did a lot of testing, de-installed, manually deleted the Library-FM server folder, etc. Re-installed, etc. (when I re-install I did get the message port 80 and 443 are in use, and did choose disable web sites) Also tried port 591 as suggested by FM, same error. (also tried 8000, to be honest I don't care on which port it is web serving, I can remap that in the router) The problem seems to lie in Yosemite switching off access to port 80 (and others). I also have Apple Server Tools so I tried the following: I switched on Web services and then I can access the ports on my local network and you get the default website. (before somebody warns me that I shouldn't use Apple Server, I first tried to get it to work without Server tools installed. And when I was still using 10.8 they co-existed very peacefully, as long as you did not switch on Apple's web services, I need them for some other stuff) When I try to deploy FM Web direct while having on Apple's web services, I get the correct 404 error because the ports are in use (by Apple's web services) When I switch off web services again then I get error 403 (instead of connection refused) but that means almost the same. (forbidden) When I then try to access port 80 from my local network it says 'websites are turned off'. kind of suggesting that the ports are closed on the server now. Please note it is not a firewall issue, I am deploying FM Server from the same mac as it is running. (localhost) I have no (software)FW enabled on that Mac. I guess I am looking for a unix command to tell Yosemite that it should allow access of ports 80 and 443... Any suggestions, work around, unix commands are appreciated... I have wasted almost a day now... Daniel
  12. I have yet to come across a means of customizing the WebDirect login screen for a database, despite searching for every relevant term I can think of. Does none exist? None at all?
  13. Is there any way to get the list of scripts that having webdirect incompatible script steps in FMPerception? It will be helpful when converting the existing FMP layout/scripts to webdirect.
  14. Webdirect does not seem to respect the aspect ratio of a video (at all). It resizes it to the dimensions of the container field both horizontally and vertically. Turning auto-resizing off is no solution either, because different movies have different aspect ratios - it's impossible to size the container field to match all movies stored in it. Does anyone know a cure for this...? See images attached. PS: the obvious is a given - "maintain original proportions" is checked. PPS: I just installed FMS 14 and FMP 14 to see if maybe they resolved this. Go figure... sometimes I really wonder. REALLY wonder.
  15. I am investigating moving my database to web direct. To do so I need to get scribe working on fmphost. I have added a script step to register the plugin - which works fine in self hosted or fmphosted but I still get an error telling me that I need to install the plugin when I try to run it in webdirect. I have be speaking with fmphost who reported "It turns out the Scribe plugin also needed to be enabled in the FileMaker Server Admin Console. We have enabled the plugin, so it should be working now.". I am wondering if my license wont work with web direct. My license is described as "360Works Scribe 2.15 / Upgrade from Single User License to Scribe Workgroup License (Upgrade)". Any ideas?
  16. What is the simplest way to export a found set of related records as a CSV file (using Export Field Contents script step) that includes a custom header row?
  17. FileMaker Pro 15 Launch Center connects to our AWS instance with no problem. But then it reports No files are currently hosted on AWS instancename. Well, there ARE files currently hosted. We access them via WebDirect, so they must be hosted. Moreover, when we launch a local copy of the file, FileMaker offers to open the remote copy with This file has previously been uploaded to FileMaker Server. Use Hosted Version? It even displays the proper address for the hosted file. However Use Hosted Version returns this error: The file “filename.fmp12“ could not be opened. (Extended privilege disabled) So, we created a privilege set that extended privileges for fmwebdirect, fmapp and fmxdbc. On the next launch of Remote Version, we got this: FileMaker cannot share a file because FileMaker network sharing is turned off. So, we turned on ODBC sharing, and on the next launch, we got this: FileMaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using FileMaker Pro on this computer. I’m going in circles here. Are these errors related? What am I doing wrong?
  18. I have forwarded ports 80,443,5003 and i have checked to see if they are open . FM server 13 is updated to the latest version . I have a static IP also. FM Go and FM Pro (Remote access from WAN) is working fine Please help Binu
  19. Hi everyone, The problem I met is about record set is difference between the FM Pro 15 and it behaves at webdirect. Here is the scenario : Table : Contract, Salesperson, User Relationship: User <--[pk]----user_id----[fk]--> Salesperson Contract <-[fk]----sales_id----[pk]--> Salesperson Privilege set : [Manager] - For record, table "Contract" (view) is limited to Salesperson::dept = $$DEPT For layout, view access is allowed [Salesperson] - For record, table "Contract" (view) is limited to Salesperson::user_id = $$USER_ID For layout, view access is allowed Flow: 1) Once login-ed in, the script is triggered to load certain users' info. to global variables(e.g $$DEPT, $$USER_ID) by using the Get(Accountname) and table User 2) After entering the layout which load the contract data, records showed should be limited according to privilege set Problem is I could have the expected result at FM Pro 15 but not at webdirect with the same source. E.g With [manager] privilege set, (FM15) I could load the contract record within the whole department which assigned at table. (WD) No matched record With [salesperson] privilege set, (FM15) & (WD) I could load the salesperson corresponding contract. * I could only found out that no Salesperson info. could be read / related to the contract layout, when the privilege set is [manager]. I would appreciated it if anyone could help.
  20. I am rewriting our 15 satellite offices to be on one web server, instead of individual FMP software solutions. I am rewriting anyway because my files are large and too much code and layouts are not used that happens from 20 years of adding on, it is just time... They will be able to share the database direct, but when it comes to iPad and iPhone, just downloading Filemaker Go and then emailing them the revised smaller designed layouts will give them the data access to the server database, correct? There is no need for webdirect. I would also like to have our customers forms update directly into our database from our website. So, my plan is to use PHP to connect the web data into the same Filemaker Server. Again, no need for webdirect and no need for those additional licenses, correct? Upgrading from Filemaker 12 to Filemaker 13 does not require us to use webdirect? Thanks
  21. Hello, I would like to make my Webdirect solution to only be able to save(commit records) with a button, the problem is, it saves whenever I click anywhere else than a field, on a computer I could live with that, but on touch-screen controls it gets really annoying, I've already disabled the auto-save feature in the layout setup, because on my tablet it literally saved after every letter I typed in. So in short, I'd like to make my webdirect solution so, that you can only save records with a save button, in pro & pro advanced I used the empty web-viewer technique, but that obviously doesnt work in a browser. So i'm open to any-and-all suggestions. Thanks In advance, Gerth.
  22. I downloaded Filemaker Pro 13 and Filemaker 13 Server trial versions running on Windows 8. I have an app I developed in FM 12 that I want to host on FM server 13 using WebDirect. The server install on Windows 8 went well but I get an "Registration with directory service failed" error message when I test the directy service settings. I have the following questions with regard to this installation: Do I have to install Active Directory on Windows 8? Which IP address do I use to set in the Entry Point: The Filemaker Server, Web Server or the Web Publishing Engine IP address? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  23. Hello. I have an a solution with some web direct layyouts for my customer. In On Open file script, when customer enter the layout will create a global variable $$Loginname and after that on all layouts they should see only their records related to the $$Loginname. Right now i use a portal with filter Customer = $$Loginname. Question: What is faster? List view with script on enter that will find related records or portal with filter. Really the problem is that my customer have a big latency( because they live in Russia, and my server in China) and when they scroll portal there always an a processing bar in center of browser. Or you have other options? Thank you.
  24. I have a CWP solution in PHP that gets price data from FMP, then posts a form for Authorize.net for credit card payment. To avoid heavy PCI rules, we refer to Authorize.net only, and use their form for customers to enter credit card information. I'd like to migrate this to a WebDirect solution, but can't find a way to POST the required data to Authorize.net's website. Does anyone have a way to open a URL with a browser using POST data from inside a Filemaker WebDirect solution? Gary
  25. I'm running Filemaker 16 and Filemaker Server 15. In my Webdirect report with subsummaries, there are seemingly random horizontal lines/rules that don't appear in when the report is viewed using the client software. I don't see anything in the layout that would cause this. Any ideas? Below are screenshots. Thank you. Webdirect view: Client view:
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