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Found 61 results

  1. Customize Login Screen

    I have yet to come across a means of customizing the WebDirect login screen for a database, despite searching for every relevant term I can think of. Does none exist? None at all?
  2. Hello, I'm testing FMS16 WebDirect with a two files solution (an interface file that loads a data file). When the inteface file opens, it doesn't load the data file. My FMS license has a limit of 1 user connection, that seems to be the issue. Does this means that a two files solution will use two connections per user that opens the solution?
  3. Hello, I installed supercontainer on my Windows server at aws Amazon. I also installed the companion plug-in. It shows up on Filemaker Pro no problem. But it doesn't show on webdirect. Any idea? Here is my configuration: - FMS 15, Windows 2016 server. - SuperContainer 2.94, build 9234. - I have the companion plugin put inside "..\FileMaker Server\Web Publishing\publishing-engine\cwpc\Plugins". - The plug-in I use is "SuperContainer_Companion_Plugin.fmx64". Thanks. P.S.: I will send an email to 360works. But just want to post it here so we can all share the solution. Thanks.
  4. FileMaker Pro 15 Launch Center connects to our AWS instance with no problem. But then it reports No files are currently hosted on AWS instancename. Well, there ARE files currently hosted. We access them via WebDirect, so they must be hosted. Moreover, when we launch a local copy of the file, FileMaker offers to open the remote copy with This file has previously been uploaded to FileMaker Server. Use Hosted Version? It even displays the proper address for the hosted file. However Use Hosted Version returns this error: The file “filename.fmp12“ could not be opened. (Extended privilege disabled) So, we created a privilege set that extended privileges for fmwebdirect, fmapp and fmxdbc. On the next launch of Remote Version, we got this: FileMaker cannot share a file because FileMaker network sharing is turned off. So, we turned on ODBC sharing, and on the next launch, we got this: FileMaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using FileMaker Pro on this computer. I’m going in circles here. Are these errors related? What am I doing wrong?
  5. Sorry for my poor english I made an application in FM15 that is used on the Web The application shows some HTML paginated data and then print with the print command of the browser used. I have no problem with Safari and Chrome, while Firefox will not let me see the contents of the Web Viewer. In the web viewer content is so: "Data: text / html, <Html> <Head> . . . . </ Html> " Firefox in the web viewer frame does not see anything if I open the source of the frame it makes me see the HTML text content but it does not render HTML Some idea? Paolo Cognetti
  6. My client is using FM Server 14. On it I have a web form that is accessible to the public. It requires no user name or password...it's entirely open via guest login. I have server scripts that import the data entered into a broader ticketing solution that is locked down. The tickets are then deleted in the guest-accessed file. We are now looking at upgrading to FM Server 15 and the new licensing model. I have a sinking solution that this kind of approach is untenable with FM's new paradigm. Is this approach broken w/FM Server 15...requiring me to use something like Google Forms for data capture?
  7. WebDirect -- how secure?

    I currently have a Filemaker 15 solution running on Filemaker Server 15 Advanced. We are currently accessing the solution on Webdirect via VPN connection. I would like to open ports 80/443 so that users could access the solution without connecting to VPN. However, my IT department has flagged security concerns. My question is how real the security concerns are. I know that Filemaker Server 15 Advanced should be encrypting the data. Would that make a non-VPN connection secure? Thanks for any advice.
  8. Is there any way to get autofill in the browser to autofill the username and password? I've created a guest landing page for the user to be able to input their login info, but it still doesn't autofill. It is the number 1 complain of the users of my solution. I really wish that I could solve it. (Please don't tell me it's a security issue, even both of my BANKS let me save my user id, if i'm so inclined)
  9. Hi Wonder if anyone has come across or developed a chat/ inside messenger that would work for webdirect users. FMChat form Seedcode is gr8 but can not be used for the webdirect users which are the majority of my users . would appreciate your comments
  10. There are two IP addresses I use to access my FM solution on FM Server -- for the first, I need to be connected to my company's VPN and for the other I don't. However, I'm only able to access the file via WebDirect using the one with VPN, but not the other. xxx.16.xx.36/fmi/webd -- requires VPN and works. xx.xxx.118.36/fmi/webd -- non-VPN and doesn't work. Any insights into why only one of these IP's works for Webdirect while they both work for client access? Thanks, Mo
  11. When on webdirect I copy/paste text into a box, but when I click away the text is automatically reformatted with double spacing. Is there a way I can prevent this from happening. If I copy/paste into the desktop software, or even via webdirect on the computer hosting the server, the double spacing doesn't happen. Thanks!
  12. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but when I check the version of the RemoteScripter 1.82 plugin from WebDirect client browser, I get the "?". The FMSA15 is installed on OSX El Capitan, inside FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/Publishing-Engine/wpc/Plugins. Restarted the server. I wrote a script that registers the plugin and I invoke the registration from the WebDirect client browser. And what I get is "?" from Version, Error or License Info check. Can someone help me? THanks.
  13. Hi everyone, The problem I met is about record set is difference between the FM Pro 15 and it behaves at webdirect. Here is the scenario : Table : Contract, Salesperson, User Relationship: User <--[pk]----user_id----[fk]--> Salesperson Contract <-[fk]----sales_id----[pk]--> Salesperson Privilege set : [Manager] - For record, table "Contract" (view) is limited to Salesperson::dept = $$DEPT For layout, view access is allowed [Salesperson] - For record, table "Contract" (view) is limited to Salesperson::user_id = $$USER_ID For layout, view access is allowed Flow: 1) Once login-ed in, the script is triggered to load certain users' info. to global variables(e.g $$DEPT, $$USER_ID) by using the Get(Accountname) and table User 2) After entering the layout which load the contract data, records showed should be limited according to privilege set Problem is I could have the expected result at FM Pro 15 but not at webdirect with the same source. E.g With [manager] privilege set, (FM15) I could load the contract record within the whole department which assigned at table. (WD) No matched record With [salesperson] privilege set, (FM15) & (WD) I could load the salesperson corresponding contract. * I could only found out that no Salesperson info. could be read / related to the contract layout, when the privilege set is [manager]. I would appreciated it if anyone could help.
  14. I have a client that just moved from FM 9 to FM 13. This is a school that has many teachers that used the database via IWP, so now they're using WebDirect. FM 13 is new for me, and I'm not a Windows person. So far, I haven't done any modifications of the layouts that were used via IWP. Other than the error below, everything seems to be working. I've just gotten reports that users are unable to copy text in Word and paste it into a database text field, if they use the 'control-v' keyboard command. They are running Windows 8, and a variety of browsers (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox). I had them try it via the browser 'edit' menu, and they were successful. I have Windows 7 on a virtual machine on my mac, and the keyboard shortcuts work for me. Does anyone have any idea what might be happening here? I've searched, and haven't found anything related to this on the internets. Many thanks in advance!
  15. Open URL with Post data

    I have a CWP solution in PHP that gets price data from FMP, then posts a form for Authorize.net for credit card payment. To avoid heavy PCI rules, we refer to Authorize.net only, and use their form for customers to enter credit card information. I'd like to migrate this to a WebDirect solution, but can't find a way to POST the required data to Authorize.net's website. Does anyone have a way to open a URL with a browser using POST data from inside a Filemaker WebDirect solution? Gary
  16. My users are getting this error "database not available" when attempting to access a solution (the only solution) on this server. I get the error on a Macbook with Safari, they get the error with a PC using IE. I notice when searching for this error that some solve it by redeploying the server, or rebooting the server, or removing the "spaces" in the name and replacing them with "_". I've tried all that. Still getting the error. I'm not sure what else to try. FMS / WS 2012 R2
  17. I want to remove the layout option on the menu header bar since, basically, I do not want the user to be able to change layouts except through the my built in navigation. Is this possible?
  18. Hi, I am working with FMS and OS X 10.11.2. My setup has been working perfectly for over a year, however since upgrading the system to OS X 10.11.2 from OS X 10.10, web direct no long works. I get a message saying that the server can't be found, when the server works perfectly for those who connect as FMP clients. I have verified all the conditions in troubleshooting Webdirect as presented in the following link Would anyone have any idea what the problem is and whether there is a workaround?
  19. I have an FM solution where the checkbox is minimized to its width and in webdirect it still shows the "1". FM: http://cloud.zerobluetech.com/image/1B2z1J353L1O Webdirect: http://cloud.zerobluetech.com/image/421H1Q2i171g Then I went down in font size and at 18 it actually works, with a width of 20. Just wanted to let you guys know. The other thing is a button on a portal row. It fits perfectly well in FM and works. In webdirect I had to put it in the front and remove the fill color.
  20. I'm happy to report that FileMaker Server 14 seems to work just fine with OS X 10.10.3 / Server.app 4.1, and the experience overall is better than with 10.9 and FMS13. Here are my tips & hints: During installation, you will be asked which Ports to use for HTTP and HTTPS. Since OS X server already uses 80 and 443 by default, you should pick different ones. You can see a list of which ones to avoid here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202944 (Note: usually ports below 1024 require root permissions. I chose two in the 8000s and it worked fine)During Deployment, on the step where it tries to Test the Webserver, it fails. I think this is just a bug in the Deployment Assistant - it has happened to me twice now. The solution is easy : Cancel out of Deployment and Reboot the Mac. After rebooting, resume the deployment by navigating to http://localhost:16001/admin-console and the second time the web server test works fine.Using a different SSL certificate for WebDirect is quite easy: Do NOT configure the certificate inside the Admin console. Instead, you can make these changes:Copy your Certificate and Private Key to the folder /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/conf/ Edit the file /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf with these changes: and Restart the web server by executing the following command in Terminal:
  21. Video in WebDirect

    Hi, is it possible, in any way, to display a video recording on a WebDirect page?
  22. Hi, I am going to migrate my FileMaker server from one server machine to another and I am in the process of testing the transfer. However following the test transfer I have discovered that accessing database files in the new server via WebDirect is not functioning properly. I wonder if the community can offer some advice? Normally upon entering the hyperlink (i.e. <host>/fmi/webd/), I would be presented the default WebDirect screen asking for my credentials before presenting me with the list of database files available. However when the files are hosted on the new server, I only get the default WebDirect screen but no requests for my credentials and no database files are displayed. I also tested access using the server machine's own web browser via localhost/fmi/webd/ but got the same result. On the other hand, I have tested access via FMP and FMG and they are all working fine. I'm at a lost as to where the settings went wrong or where to start with, and I would really appreciate if the community can offer some advice and suggestions. Many thanks for your time and help. The MacGuffin
  23. Hello. I have an a solution with some web direct layyouts for my customer. In On Open file script, when customer enter the layout will create a global variable $$Loginname and after that on all layouts they should see only their records related to the $$Loginname. Right now i use a portal with filter Customer = $$Loginname. Question: What is faster? List view with script on enter that will find related records or portal with filter. Really the problem is that my customer have a big latency( because they live in Russia, and my server in China) and when they scroll portal there always an a processing bar in center of browser. Or you have other options? Thank you.
  24. Has anyone come across this behavior? See image attached... it appears that WebDirect is unable to render objects placed in the tab area of a tab panel. Any ideas/recipes/workarounds?
  25. Webdirect does not seem to respect the aspect ratio of a video (at all). It resizes it to the dimensions of the container field both horizontally and vertically. Turning auto-resizing off is no solution either, because different movies have different aspect ratios - it's impossible to size the container field to match all movies stored in it. Does anyone know a cure for this...? See images attached. PS: the obvious is a given - "maintain original proportions" is checked. PPS: I just installed FMS 14 and FMP 14 to see if maybe they resolved this. Go figure... sometimes I really wonder. REALLY wonder.

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