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  1. I can ping my PDF document server from Terminal, I can connect to the PDF document server from all browsers apart from Safari, my default web browser is FireFox, I also tried to change to Chromium and Opera as the default web browser. WebViewer has the same symptoms as Safari, server not found. $ ping -nc 1 document PING document ( 56 data bytes 64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=64 time=0.002 ms --- document ping statistics --- 1 packets transmitted, 1 packets received, 0.0% packet loss round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 0.002/0.002/0.002/0.000 ms FileMaker says ’Couldnot c
  2. Hi, As a complete novice to FMP, I'm attempting my very first database. We rely on storing our contracts on Google & Dropbox. I've been trying to either embed the pdf's into a "tab", or (my preferred option) to have an "Add URL" button to link to the online pdf. I tried adding a field and copying and pasting the URL, but it's not clickable, and I'd need to add another field for each pdf/contract. Is there a better more efficient way to do this? Thanks Steve
  3. What I am tring to do is add a css field that has all the css in it and the same for javascript. there are two fields one is named css and the other js 2. I must be missing something because the webviewer is not diplaying all the css. I know very little about html. Thanks "data:text/html," & "<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">" & "¶" & "<head>"& "¶" & "<meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">"& "¶" & "<tit
  4. Hi everyone i'm new in filemaker, i'm using filemaker 17 and currently i'm involve in a proyect but i have a problem that i can't resolve, maybe someone of you have had the same problem. I'm saving images in base64 format in a database to show them in a layout with web viewer,that doesn't has any problem, the problem is that i'm using a portal and i didn't know that portals don't support web viewer. I have to display those images but i can't remove the portal since i didn't do that layout and it has scripts using it along with the portal, is there a way to show images saved in base
  5. Hi, I have a database with +1000 records, each with a long list of long/lat coordinates that need to be reversed to lat/long. The amount of decimal numbers is not fixed, yet every longitude value starts with an opening bracket "[" and is separated from the Lat value by a comma ",". Each coordinate ends with a closing bracket "]," and a carriage return. I guess if it were just one coordinate I could do it with left, middle and right. Hope someone can ease me towards a solution. Best, Daniel
  6. Hi I am experimenting with Treemaps using the D3.js and D3plus.js libraries in FMPro Advanced 15 and the Webviewer (OSX 10.11). D3plus.js is really nice as it makes it much much easier to implement a Treemap using a simple JSON object containing your data. But sometimes thing don't work as expected and I don't fully understand why: - I invoke D3plus code in a FileMaker global text field, as a data:url, iincluding the D3 and D3plus libs in an external reference (I don't include the complete code in the text field). So these are loaded at runtime. - this works fine, but sometimes
  7. I have a web page that I want to display in a web viewer. It uses an HTML5 Canvas and Javascript to display a map. The page loads fine in a browser but in a webviewer the HTML loads but the referenced javascripts never run. Does anyone know why? or how I can get it to work? link to the page I am trying to load in a webviewer Any insights would be appreciated.
  8. One of the sites that my database uses has recently started spamming ads. This eats up my personal hotspot bandwidth and messes up the user experience no end. Is there a way to install an adblocker extension into the browser used by FM? I'm a Mac, still using FM v14, but will probably upgrade soon if that matters. Does it use Safari or is it its own browser? Do folks have other solutions to this type of problem? Thanks in advance! (I'm not a pro; I'm just somebody that has programmed a bunch of stuff into my own FM databases.)
  9. Hey Fellow Easy Sync-ers. I have an idea for improving the speed of the Sync Check step. Instead of comparing UUID lists in loops, we can retrieve a UUID list from server, and compare it to the client UUIDs using a couple lines of JavaScript in a webviewer. I've tested this and my Sync check time comparing ~23000 records, over 18 sync tables on a shared server has gone from 5-10 minutes down to a few seconds. No plugins necessary. Process: Get UUIDs_client. Get full UUIDs_host list from server Format both as JavaScript arrays and put them into a web viewer to be co
  10. The script which I am using (kindly provided by another user) is: "http://www.publishersmarketplace.com/pm/search?ss_q=" & Contacts::First Name & "+" & Contacts::Last Name & "&ss_c=dealmaker" Using this script, I am able to generate the URL that I wish. The URL is different depending on who I am searching for, and as such each URL is unique to a specific record. I currently have a field set to perform this script - the problem is creating a button capable of going to this calculated URL. Trying to enter it as the URL to go to leads to me searching for Contacts:
  11. Has anyone been able to scrape facebook for posts? Is there a successful or better approach other than using webviewer to grab html? Thanks
  12. Thru versions of Filmaker going back at least to FM12, I've heavily used webviewer on my layouts. 1000s of records with stored urls without issues until recently. Some, but not all records with urls crash Filemaker when accessed. A fair number of my records include urls to articles in NY Times. It seems as if the older ones find the NY Times pages and work ok. Perhaps NYT website is doing something differently. For the past couple of weeks, nearly every NYT page whose url I store causes FM to crash. Non-NYT urls aren't doing this. It happens both on 32 bit desktop as we
  13. I'm using a web viewer to display a html webpage that allows the user to interact with it via java scripts. The web page works on a Mac running FM13 and FM14 with Mac OS X 10.10 and 10.11. When I try to view the web page in a web viewer on Windows 7 running with IE11 installed, the webpage doesn't allow any interaction with the java scripts, and the web page renders incorrectly. I'm running FM13 and FM14 in Windows 7, and they both render the webpage incorrectly. When I copy the HTML out of FileMaker and paste it into a file and open it directly in IE11, I get a security warning on the bo
  14. I'm probably missing something obvious.... If I open the attached file in a webviewer, it works as expected. "file:/" & Get(DesktopPath) & "testpopup.html" However, if I copy the code from that file and paste it into a field codeHTML and then use the following webviewer calculation "data:text/html," & codeHTML, then the popups don't work. I'm on Filemaker Pro Advanced 13.0v3 on Mac OS X 10.10.5 The code will be changing dynamically so I'd rather not have to be exporting a temp file every time in order for popups to work. Any ideas? [p.s. the code allows you to create popups
  15. Hey All, I'm taking a stab at some custom controls and came across this example here: http://scarpettagroup.com/using-jquery-ui-filemaker-part-2/ I'm using this slider: http://jqueryui.com/slider/#steps It seems simple, but it's not rendering in my webviewer other than the title: "Donation amount ($50 increments):" Thanks!
  16. Hello, I am trying to learn FM and at the same time build myself an ebook library tool that will scrape Amazon.com to pull data like title, author, rating, etc. -- based on the user (me!) submitting a book product ID -- which Amazon calls an "ASIN." I have searched online for a similar solution or template, but have only found bits and pieces of a solution so I am trying to build one myself -- and hopefully learn FM in the process. Here's what I have been able to accomplish so far. Don't laugh... 1) Create a field into which a user can enter an Amazon ASIN (like "B00FYW9VHC")
  17. Hi all I have a web viewer in a FMP database layout. All is functioning fine in the web viewer. Inside the web viewer I have a variable which is just a string of text. I can get this variable to print on screen in the web viewer so I am sure it is performing properly. However, I would like to now take this variable and its value and pass it back to FMP for use in a search script. I have fiddled around with the FMP URL, but I can not make it work. Currently, the variable name is "msg" and the url I am attempting to use looks like this: <a href="FMP://$/MyFMPdatabase/script=isolatesea
  18. I'm displaying PDFs in a webviewer off of the server on my LAN without difficulty on OSX. Is there anyway to script the viewing formats? I'd like to be able to control the scroll, or at least the "autosize" feature or zoom in / zoom out. (my pet peeve: annoyingly a single page PDF will always default to scrolling to the bottom of the page) Any thoughts?
  19. In Filemaker 8-13, if you direct a webviewer to a file or folder, you would set the webviewer to something like... "file:\\yourserver\somefolder\somefile.txt" In Filemaker 14, "file://///yourserver/somefolder/somefile.txt". In addition, If the path doesn't exist when the layout loads, you then create the path/file, filemaker fails to find/display it (even if you call reset,reload or set the URL.) Oddly, if you enter layout mode and then return to browse mode the webviewer does reload the contents.
  20. I'm upgrading a solution from FM 8.5 to FM 14 and moving the server from our LAN to a Hosting Company (we will have a stand alone server). One of my tables has a folder associated with it to hold documents. (See Attached File, uses a webviewer to display the documents folder and send event to create it.) This has worked well for me for years and will continue to work IF I want to leave these files on our LAN. (Why I posted example file, someone may find it useful.) I do not really want to leave these on the LAN. I want to move these "into the cloud" and need advice for the best way to do t
  21. The address for a web viewer object using Google API is as follows: "data:text/html, <html> <head> <iframe width=\"" & GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "webviewer_1" ; "width" ) - 20 & "\" height=\"" & GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "webviewer_1" ; "height" ) - 20 & "\" frameborder='0' style='border:0' src='https://www.google.com/maps/embed/v1/place?key=[APIKEY] &q=" & address::address_line_1 & "+" & address::address_city & "+" & address::address_postcode_aec & " '> </iframe> </body> </ht
  22. Hi, I have run into a standstill here where maybe someone could point me in the right direction. This is for a large personal project that I have been working on for a few years. I have considered all the possibilities with FM and looked at add-ons, but this is the first time I think I cannot find an answer. I have used the Webviewer just to navigate through a website to get to a certain page to scrape. That works great. In this usage, I want to do more than just scrape. I want to load the page in FM (on the webviewer), take the "content" (client-side HTML), run it through a compa
  23. Hi,  I am using Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced and when I put a custom URL in Webviewer, the pages don't load. The little "time" bar at the bottom of the page advances very slowly and then gets stuck.  Here's an example of a URL I want to load: http://www.Omron247.com  Here's what I have in the Webview box:  "LinkedIn Database MASTER 2015::url"  The problem occurs whether I have " " marks around "LinkedIn Database MASTER 2015::url" or not.  Not sure what the problem could be. I've used many times in earlier versions of FMPRO and never had this problem.  Thanks, Â
  24. I'm trying to use TinyMce in a webviewer in FileMaker but save the resulting HTML into a database field. I am aware of the standard practice of using an fmp:// link with a script & parameter, but that won't work in Windows (the html content returned as the parameter will likely exceed the 2048 character limit). I am using a javascript function to change the HTML DOM by putting the contents of the TinyMCE editor into another div on the page when the user clicks "Submit" inside the webviewer. However, when I use `GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "webviewer" ; "Content" )` it shows the content
  25. So I want to export a text field to a website. The text field has many, many tab characters to set up alignment of lists, indented paragraphs, etc. However, it appears as though GetAsCSS() completely ignores them. However, I know GetAsCSS() sees them, because when I tried to Substitute() them with an html entity, the text becomes full of "&tab;" or "&nbsp;&nbsp;..." or whatever. Does anyone have any solutions about how to handle this? I haven't been able to find anything. Any ideas are appreciated.
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