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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm developing a little FMP database on Mac to help creating reports with MS Words. These reports will contain : - non changing elements : logo and address, first level hierarchy titles… - some specific datas from FMP : number and name of the affair, name and adress of the client… - the text of the report directly typed in Word by the user. So my need is : - when all the fields are completed, user clics on "Create report" then : - it creates a new folder with number and name of the affair, - creates the report file by duplicating from the report template, naming it with number & name of the affair &.doc - inserts datas from FMP (juste one record) - add the file into a multimedia field to less user clic on it to open it. All this by script of course for the user only clics on one button. So what is the best way or what is the right plug-in for it ? I'm not familiar with Applescript nor VBA so I would prefer not have to use them. Thanks all for your answers or suggestions.
  2. I hope this helps anyone that has had to put up with the ScribeDocSubstitute errors when no placeholder string could be found in a document - a problem that has had both us and our clients pulling our hair out. The 360Works Scribe help page - http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Scribe#No_occurrences_of_.5Bplaceholder_string.5D_were_found_in_the_document - offers a solution of retyping an entire placeholder due to the XML creating a split string. We've been doing this, but at times it just doesn't work and we've never seen any evidence in the XML of a split happening. However, today we hit a eureka moment and believe the main problem is not split strings, but the use of Tracking under the Review menu in Word. With this switched on there are hidden occurrences of the placeholders in the XML that are referenced by ScribeDocSubstitute. We have had documents where the placeholder(s) has been typed, retyped and typed again (etc.) but could not get around the error (we have a check that runs whenever we upload a Word template to FileMaker container fields, therefore documents that generate these errors are not allowed into the database). However, we've now been able to clear all errors within a file without retyping a single placeholder as follows: open the file generating the errors in Word, click Review, click on the arrow beside/below Accept, select Accept All Changes and Stop Tracking, save the file and test We've been putting up with the placeholder problems since we started using Scribe and hope this helps people avoid the pain we've been through. Andy - salefaith.com
  3. I need to have a solution for my article writing. I write articles for websites and for this I have records. Every record has one article. Those articles I need to copy to Word for my customer and this I can do with easy with copy paste. But now my costumer also gives me 10 articles for one website and I have to delver them in one Word file. So the 10 article fields must be copied to one single Word file. I would like to automate this because it can save me a lot of time. How can I do this with Scribe? Regards Martin
  4. Hi All, I want to use Scribe as a mail merge tool, but I don't want the result to be separate files because there quickly become too many of them to manage. I came up with a set of short apple scripts to have Word insert each file into the document as I go, but it occurred to me that it would be much faster and simpler if I could do the whole process in FM then just open the result in Word. I didn't see anything in the documentation that seemed to cover this. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. I have written the following calculated AppleScript: "tell application " & Quote ( "Microsoft Word" ) & ¶ & "activate" & ¶ & "open" & Quote ( "Macintosh HD:Users:Shared:Guild_Word_Template.dotx") & ¶ & "set theDate to current date" & ¶ & "set text of active document to theDate as text" & ¶ & "save as active document file name " & Quote ( UIN_FOCUS::GT_WORD_FILE_NAME ) & ¶ & "end tell" & ¶ & "tell application " & Quote ( "System Events" ) & ¶ & "tell process " & Quote ( "Microsoft Word" ) & ¶ & "keystroke " & Quote ( "v" ) & " using {command down}" & ¶ & "set theRange to (create range active document start 0 end 23)" & ¶ & "end tell" & ¶ & "end tell" I have a problem with the line that starts "set theRange". I actually have two more lines after this that I've tested in Script Editor irreverent from FM and they work as expected. If I remove this line in FM my script works well. Any idea what's wrong with this line? Thanks, Agi
  6. Hi there, am new to Filemaker and these forums. I've moved from working in MS Access and am loving FM so far. Problem: I am using FM as ODBC data-source for MS Word mail merge. I would like the merge source to have data from multiple related tables. In Access this would have just required using a query as the data source. However, FM as ODBC only appears to allow use of tables and not layouts. Is there a way to setup a layout as an ODBC or do I have to create a behemoth table which has all the data I need? Alternatively, am open to any other suggestions. I don't think using Form letters inside FM is suitable as I need to be able to edit comprehensively (Hence using MS Word) before sending.
  7. I have an export script that exports a "Merge" file of data for use in a Word merge document. The script exports using Windows (ASCI) method, and outputs a comma delimited text file with the field values in quotations. On the Mac clients, Word will use this file to create the merge document with no issues. On the Windows machines, however, the file is not useable for merges because it contains two record delimiters. I suspect that FMP is using a LFCR delimiter to end the record, instead of just a CR. However, I cannot figure out how to solve the problem on either end. I cannot how to get FMP 11 to export with just a CR instead of the LFCR it uses - or how to tell Word for Windows (2010) that the end of record delimiter is LFCR or 2 CR's or something similar. There is no problem on the Mac side - everything works as intended.

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