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Found 25 results

  1. I've attached two files. The first one is INVOICE, that is generated by every establishment when you purchase, and is in xml format. The second one is XSLT file, that is provided by government fiscal institution and is used to "translate" xml. PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: when I try to decode xml using attached xslt scheme on any online xml-converter website the output looks fine. BUT when importing to Filemaker, I receive an error: "XML parsing error: invalid document structure". I would appreciate any help with the issue. Thanks. XML input.xml XSLT scheme.xslt
  2. Hello, I've done quite a bit with FileMaker in the past, but have never jumped into the XML arena. Now I have a need to do so, and I'm really needing some help with something I'm sure is quite basic...but still foreign to me. I have an external data source which export XML in a very specific format (see attached). I need to import that into FileMaker so I can manipulate the data, do some various lookups, etc. Once I've made my changes in the data, I need to export in the exact format it was when imported so the external data source can properly import. Not sure if it makes sense to i
  3. I need some help in determining if I am missing something crucial here or if there is a limitation or bug in the function BE_ApplyXSLT from the BaseElements plugin. I am using version 3.3.4 (which is the latest) on Mac OS X 10.11.6 using FileMaker 15 Adv. and 16 Adv. I am unable to get any output from the transformation, nor any error. According to the documentation, the command shall return either 0 when successful or an error. Link In my testing it only returns blank, and gives no error even when no output file is generated. It should not return blank in cany case according to
  4. I am having some trouble getting my XSLT file to work. I have followed many of the posts on here and have referenced https://www.w3schools.com/xml/xsl_intro.asp https://www.w3schools.com/xml/tryxslt.asp?xmlfile=cdcatalog&xsltfile=cdcatalog I seem to be able to get the examples to work and have had success with the example files for metars.cache.xml weather meter readings, but can't see why my own isn't working properly when it looks the same to me. Any guidance would be gratefully received. I am not new to Filemaker but this is my first attempt at importing and exporting
  5. Hi everyone. Could someone help me? I am so close to having this working and we've spent the last two days trying everything, and we're stumped. We built this xslt template and it's associated xml file... and filemaker opens up like it's all good, allows me to map the fields, all good, then we hit import and it only does one file and there is no data in any of the fields. These two files are the short sanitized version of the data, the original xml has 600 records... but this is exactly the structure, and I'm wondering if anyone can tell us what we are missing.? Again, no data arrives in
  6. Version 1.0.0


    XSLT to convert Filemaker's REST web-service XML response into clean JSON https://twitter.com/alantrewartha 2017-03-06 Adapted from the original Six Fried Rice XSLT here http://sixfriedrice.com/wp/products/filemaker-to-json-converter/ Changed: * single quotes to JSON-standard double-quotes * removed "fieldDefinitions" block (personal preference) * stopped every field value being presented as an [ array ] even when not a "repeating field" * added whitespace escaping code The white-space escaping code was entirely cribbed from https://github.com/doekman/xml2json-
  7. View File fmresultsetjson.xsl XSLT to convert Filemaker's REST web-service XML response into clean JSON https://twitter.com/alantrewartha 2017-03-06 Adapted from the original Six Fried Rice XSLT here http://sixfriedrice.com/wp/products/filemaker-to-json-converter/ Changed: * single quotes to JSON-standard double-quotes * removed "fieldDefinitions" block (personal preference) * stopped every field value being presented as an [ array ] even when not a "repeating field" * added whitespace escaping code The white-space escaping code
  8. This is an XSLT stylesheet to convert from FileMaker's fmpxmlresult to sitemap and vice-versa. https://github.com/TyrfingMjolnir/fmpxmlresult2sitemap
  9. I have a xml export via XSLT working successfully to generate the correct XML file. I've noticed the XML file has no indenting which makes it hard to read - I was wondering if there's an easy way to include the indenting in the result xml file as part of the XSL file? Here's what the XML looks like now: <rss version="0.91"> <channel> <title>Latest News</title> <link>http://localhost/</link> <description>Recent news articles</description> <language>en-us</language> <item> <title>Slashdot</title> <link>http://s
  10. I am beginner to xml /rdf /xslt . I have an XML file and want to transform into RDF file using XSLT.i did not get the desired rdf format by xslt file. Please help me to improve my xslt file My XML file is <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?> <Events><Event xmlns='http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event'> <System> <Provider Name='Application Hang'/> <EventID Qualifiers='0'>1002</EventID> <Level>2</Level> <Task>101</Task> <Keywords>0x80000000000000</Keywords> <TimeCreated SystemTi
  11. Hi everyone, I am new here. I just began working with a project that has been using FileMaker Server 9 and Pro 9. The current architecture uses one machine deployment but the machine is quite ancient and doesn't support any micro-frameworks that eases my web development duties. I wanted to split this architecture to a multi machine deployment this ancient machine having only the Database, another better machine having a webserver and/or a web publishing engine. The reasoning behind this being that I can use a webserver(Gunicorn + Flask) and use PyFileMaker to obtain my data from the DB
  12. I've spent the last couple of days learning XML, XPath, XSLT trying to make this work. I feel like I am really close but something simple is off. My XSLT is not quiet right and I need some expert input. For testing I set it up to only pull in the first field. Once I have that right the rest should be easy. Below I have added the XML, XSL, and Transformed XML. You can see in the transformer portion that there is something off with my data. When trying to import into FM it just creates a blank record. I am trying to import the "Y" from the "BTK-security-complete" field. XML <?xml ve
  13. Hi! I have this persistant problem when I try to import my XLM data into filemaker. I use various XML inportations in my filemaker database and they all import perfect with the msdso_elem.xslt file, but not this xml type! I don't know what I'm doing wrong... I made this XSLT document, but when I try to import it, the actual record fields are empty!!! This is the XML document I would like to import: <Order url="https://api.fortnox.se/3/orders/3" urlTaxReductionList="https://api.fortnox.se/3/taxreductions?filter=orders&referencenumber=3"> <AdministrationFee>0</Admini
  14. I'm trying to import the following XML data: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <customers xmlns="http://acme.com/schema/v1_2/customers.xsd"> <customer ID="1"> <city>Monterey</city> <name>Herbson's Pices</name> <orders> <order ID="ORD2"> <num>1</num> <date>12-01-2002</date> <amount>23.54</amount> <items> <item> <productID>ABC123</p
  15. Hi, I have optical store and I made Filemaker database to manage inventory of optical frames and lenses. Now I want to implement fiscal printer into same database so I can print receipts directly. Fiscal printer read xml files but files needs to be in some particular format, Filemaker does not export it that way. So I will attach two files, One is example of what it should look like to be readable by printer and the other one is example of how file maker export it from my database. This is sample what is what: DATA BCR= Sifra Proizvoda VAT= PDV stopa PRC= MPC AMN= Kolicina Could
  16. http://bluefeathergroup.com/blog/importing-xml-data-into-filemaker-using-xslt-xsl-style-sheets/ I've written a new post about how to create XSL Style Sheets so that you can import data from XML data sources into FileMaker. Please let me know if you have any comments.
  17. [Edit: added xslt example] Hi all, Given I have an xml like this: <row1> <node1>text1</node1> <node2>text2</node2> <node3>text3</node3> </row1> <row2> <node1>text4</node1> <node3>text5</node3> </row2> Where node1..n are matched to fields 1..n accordingly, how do I force the xml-import to create an empty field2 at second row instead of putting the value of node3 into it? I have tried constructs like this: <xsl:choose> <xsl:when test="(/results/issues/issue/coverDa
  18. Below I have pasted my XML and below it my XSLT, I am new to XSLT and hope that I am close to fixing my problem. When importing to filemaker, only the first 3 fields are importing, how do I get all of the fields to import? <Meta> <Attribution Url="http://www.this.org">Content provided byThis</Attribution> <ContentType>Article</ContentType> <CopyrightOwner DocID="This Copyright">2ff58aea-95</CopyrightOwner> <DocID>ART-2004</DocID> <UpdateDate>2013-03-27</UpdateDate> <PublicationDate>2013-03-27</Publi
  19. This may not be the best way to do this OR describe the issue ....... but I feel like I'm ever so close. I can almost get the output but I have one section coming in as blank. Also I'm sorry for the length of this post. Just trying to give all the needed data .................... I hope. I'm exporting 4 records with 4 fields ... but only using 3 fields per line in the exported file.. (Posted at the bottom is an example of the FM export data) My desired output is a tab delim. text file with headers such as this : sku id status Parent-SKU1 0123456789 Update Parent-S
  20. Hello guys, I have a big problem importing data from a xml file to my FM database. I have a XML file that is given from a provider and it doesn't have the structure of my FM database (find attached a example of the XML file). I've created a XSL file to catch some data from the XML (find attached a example of the XSL file) but when I start to import data it doesn't works and I don't get any errors or messages. In the other hand, I think I'm able to do the XSL for the header ("cabecera" in spanish) of the XML file but I'm lost with the rest of the file. Could someone help me? Thanks
  21. So this may be a novice problem but I don't have enough experience yet to know how to do it using a Filemaker script. If I can't do it using a FM script can I call program in another language from a FM script that can do it. I don't have control over what is installed on the computers our software is run on so I'd like to do it without having to install yet another piece of software to make it work. I need to take the XML created by FM Export and convert it into another XML file and save it to a specific location on the local computer. I want to do this by taking the XML created by the
  22. I'm attempting to import a single XML record set (see attachment)XML_In.bmp. I've tried using the example XSLT provided by FM msdso_elem.xslt.txtwhich works fine for records that have even the simplest hierarchy. If I add another layer to the incoming XML , for example, AccountRecord like this: <Account> <AccountRecord> <AvailableCashBalance> . etc. . . </AccountRecord> </Account> then the sample XSLT works fine. The XML stream that I get form HTTPS however does not have this kind of hierarchy; I'm always given the structure tha
  23. Hallo, ich habe leider noch absolut keine Erfahrung mit FileMaker, müsste aber dringend ein XML-Dokument importieren. Mittlerweile weiß ich, dass ich dies erst mit XSLT in ein bestimmtes Format transformieren muss. Habe mir auch die Beispiele die FileMaker mitbringt angeguckt. So richtig weiter komme ich leider trotzdem nicht, da ich auch mit XSLT noch nicht ganz soviel zu tun hatte. Zum einem würde ich gerne mal Wissen für was jeweils die einzelnen XML-Templates in der *.xslt sind? Zum anderen, kennt jemand einen guten XSLT Online Parser? Hab mal versucht die Beispiele mit den je
  24. I am doing XML exports from multiple tables and the resulting XML is working well when I concatenate the XML data into a single file. I have done a lot of reading here about exporting related tables from grandchild to parent and vice versa and it gets a bit over my head fairly quickly. Given where I'm at right now, it seems most efficient to use document() to combine these XML exports via XSLT but I haven't found any examples of how to do that. Could anyone share a simple example of that using FMPXMLRESULT? Thanks.
  25. I am attempting to import records from an XML feed formated like this (the sample is showing 2 records based on the <ItemOut> element): <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <ItemFeedResponse> <Feed> <Source type="list">6948232</Source> <PageSize>50</PageSize> <Offset>0</Offset> </Feed> <FeedResult feedSize="1198"> <ItemOut valid="true"> <ItemId>01661918</ItemId> <ItemAvailability> <ItemStatus code="SH" available="true"/> <ItemStock code="I"&
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