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Comparing Layouts in a file.

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So I'm new to this tool and have what may be a simple question. How do I best compare the differences between two layouts in the same file? I duped a layout and made some changes and now I want to compare this newly worked on layout to the original. I'm finding that somewhat more problematic than imagined.


Any ideas/experience?



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Dave Ramsey    1

Currently, the diff tool is not designed for that use case.  It kind of depends upon the kinds of changes you're interested in examining....

Option 1: Open the same DDR twice.  You can open a new DDR browser, and point it at the same DDR again.  Then, you can have 2 windows that are both looking at the same file, but at different layouts.  This is still a visual comparison, but it does also give you access to the information in the Detail if that helps.

Options 2: You can save (for example) the list of layout objects from each layout to a CSV.  Then, you can compare those two files.  Personally, I use BBEdit when doing there, but there are all sorts of text-file-to-text-file diff tools.  Granted, this won't tell you if one of the objects was resized, but it'll get a lot of the large, functional elements.  You could also dump both CSVs into FileMaker and create something more fiddly comparison-wise, depending upon what you're trying to find.

If these won't help, perhaps some more details about what you hope to find in your comparison would be helpful.

Dave Ramsey

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Option 1 sounds good, I did a number of things like option two before devcon using bbedit to compare the xml nodes for the two layouts; not that productive.

I would be great to have the diff tool compare any two valid xml nodes... which in no way takes away from the awesomeness of the tool.

I did try the FileMaker opening csv exports, but it would need two exports for each of the layout categories, and I think the time would be too long going that route.

Basically, something happened on one layout that causes a significant delay when popovers close for the first time. So I am going way old school and removing massive sections on copies until the delay is found....

Thanks for the thoughts.


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