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Good day everywhere

As it will be needed starting 2018, I tried to create QR codes for my company's invoices.

Matthew Greger has a good example database, which uses Google Chart API and 360Works' ScriptMaster.

While it works with his file, I couldn't move it to another database. It must be easy, but I couldn't figure it out. Can anyone have a look at the attached file?

Thank you so much

QR minimal.fmp12

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Hello Ralphonse,

The file is simple but it contains two custom functions. Those functions aren't in standard Filemaker and that's probably part of the problem.  The file also appears to use the ScriptMaster plugin for Filemaker Pro. It's a freebie I think and available here:


To get those custom functions into your database you need to use Filemaker Pro Advanced and copy the functions from the QR Minimal file into your own file.

Be aware that I only did a cursory examination of the example file. There may be more at work here.

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