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Our calendar displays all our To Dos, is it possible to filter the calendar to the items assigned to a particular person?


I figured out a way .. I have a script changing the show flag when the calendar is activated so the user only sees the items they created.

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The Calendar in the Latest version of FMSP (4.6.8) already has this functionality, and it has had it for some time. There should be a DropDown List of all Staff entered in your database located at the top center in the newer (4.6) versions of FMSP and on the top left in the earlier (4.5) versions. when a staff is selected it will show all To Do items for that Staff for the month you are looking at.

If that is not working, I would be sure you are using the "Magnifying Glass" search button to relate a Staff member to a To Do.



Jonathan Hogle


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