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How to make FMS run scripts as Administrator?

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I'm am using BasicElements BE_ExecuteSystemCommand via PSOS to run different commands and commandline tools for different purposes (PDF and image handling etc.) - and it works perfectly.
However some commands needs to be run from an Administrator account or even Domain Administrator account, but FMS uses the NT Authority/System account for running scripts.

How do I get around this? Is there anyway to change which account FMS is using?

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It's an option when you install FMS.  You can also change it by going to the services control panel and bringing up the properties for the FMS entry, go to the 'log on as' tab and change the info there.

Obviously, giving any service the privileges of a Domain Admin should be carefully considered.  There's probably a more secure way by creating an AD service account that has just the right privileges...

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The FMS service - off course.... Now why didn't I think of that myself  ;)

Created a special domain account (not domain administrator) for this.

Thanks Wim.  

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